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									                              Marfin Investment Group
                      First Annual Investor Day – 12 May 2009
Marfin Investment Group (MIG) invites you to an Investor Day, which will be
held in London at The Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge at 12 mid-day on Tuesday,
12 May 2009.

This event will give the international investor community an opportunity to meet
with management from MIG, as well as with the management of its subsidiary and
related companies. Key discussion topics will include updates on the progress
made within each of the Group’s main business areas, as well as discussion on the
Group’s ongoing corporate strategy.

The day’s events will be scheduled as follows:

    12.00          Lunch and refreshments
    12.55          Jeeho Park               Investor Relations      Welcome remarks
     1.00          Andreas Vgenopoulos      Vice-Chairman           MIG
     1.05          Dennis Malamatinas       CEO                     MIG
     1.10          Spyros Theodoropoulos    CEO                     Vivartia
     1.30          Petros Vettas            CEO                     Attica
     1.50          Themistoklis Charamis    CEO                     Hygeia
                   Alex Comninos            CEO                     Mitera
     2.10          John Karakadas           CEO                     SingularLogic
     2.30          Antonis Simigdalas       CEO                     Olympic Airways
     2.50          Thimios Bouloutas        CEO                     MPB
     3.10          George Koulouris         Corporate Development   MIG
     3.30          Andreas Vgenopoulos      Vice-Chairman           Closing remarks
 for up to 3 hrs   Q&A session*

* Question and Answer session
This session is provided so that all guests will have the direct opportunity to ask
the CEOs of each MIG Company any questions that they may have.

Live Webcast and Conference call
For those who wish to join the meeting remotely, an electronic copy of the
presentation will be available on our website,,
from 12 May 2009. A dial-in will also be available; further details and phone
numbers will be released closer to the event.

For further information:
Marfin Investment Group
Jeeho Park, Group Head of Investor Relations
+44 207 054 9282
+30 210 350 4000

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