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									  Why join this expo:                         Famouscompaniesfromvariouscountries
                                  15,000m2 exhibition area
                        Support of authority departments

                                                                                    Sent by: Zhoujun 13391109977
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                                                  FLOOR EXPO 2008
            The Fifth China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry
                       Expo & Technical Seminar 2008


   The Fourth China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo achieved great success in Shanghai New
   International Expo Centre, and attracted nearly 200 famous manufacturers and merchants home and
   abroad to participate in an exhibition area of almost 10,000 m².
   Experts from domestic and overseas famous enterprises as well as for the industry held several seminars
   which benefited the participants a lot. Meanwhile the inaugurating meeting of China Building Materials
   Industry Association Floor Branch and its first plenary meeting also came to a successful end in Shanghai
   Shuangyong Hotel.
   In this expo, 88% of the exhibitors have shown their satisfaction with the number of the visitors, 89% of the
   exhibitors have shown their satisfaction with the quality of the visitors, and 91% of the exhibitors have
   shown their satisfaction with the field services of the sponsors. All exhibitors believe this expo is one of the
   major annual events in the floor industry that cannot be missed.
   With the rapid development of China’s economy, China has become a production base of floor products in
   the world. In order to promote a healthy and stable development of the floor industry, “The Fifth China
   (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo & Technical Seminar 2008” sponsored by China Building
   Materials Association Floor Branch, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai
   Pudong Branch is coming back to Shanghai New International Expo Centre during Nov. 26~28, 2008. By
   then, the “FLOOR EXPO 2008”, a grand event in the industry and a gathering of famous brands will surely
   provide wider space and new opportunities to the domestic and international exchange and cooperation of
   new and hi-tech.
   We are looking forward to seeing you in The Fifth China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo
】In brief
Show days: Dec. 2-4, 2008
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road)
Show area: 15,000m²
Exhibitors: 250
Estimated visitors: 30,000
China Building Materials Industry Association Floor Branch
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai Pudong Branch

Official media partners:
China Floors magazine
 Why join this expo:                         Famouscompaniesfromvariouscountries
                                 15,000m2 exhibition area
                       Support of authority departments

China Floor Industry Web(


Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Company
Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd.
】Advantages and characteristics
◆Heavy advertisement promotion Careful and comprehensive visitor invitation
     With remitting efforts for integration and development, Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd. has become
one of China’s major trade exhibition organizers. It joins all forces to organize great shows and establish their
brands and seeks to bring the exhibition to a higher level and provide in-depth services. After years of
professional accumulation, it has now established a large database of industry buyers. It provides
comprehensive services to exhibitors and professional visitors, so that the brand name of the exhibition can
leave a deep impression on all participants and expands to all over the world. Before the exhibition, various
forms such as telephone, fax, E-mail, website, mail, invitation, visit etc. are used for inviting national
organizations such as government, industry associations; domestic and overseas research, manufacturing
and application units of floor materials, floor construction machinery, floor testing instruments etc.; leaders,
managers and science and technology workers from manufacturing, designing, application, inspection,
supervising and distribution units; representatives from branches such as electronics, medication, foodstuff,
chemicals, cigarettes, hospitals and recreation places etc.
◆Elaborately planned promotion activities and extensive media advertisement provide you with
high-value services
1. Sponsors and supporting organizations have high-quality professional visitors groups of the industry;
2. Exhibition Preview, which is well-compiled before the exhibition, concentrates on the introduction of
   participating enterprises and products, and will be delivered to important buyers
3. The exhibition will be advertised on over one hundred medias home and abroad such as newspapers,
   magazines, websites, radio and TV stations etc.;
4. Invitations will be sent to manufacturers, merchants and visitors in the large databases of supporting
   organization in the form of mail, fax, E-mail etc.;
5. http://www.floor-expo.netis the official website of the sponsor of “The Fifth China (Shanghai) International
   Floor Industry Expo 2008, which uses internet and modern telecommunication technology to publish the
   latest information, guide for participation and exhibitors information. It strengthens the communication
   between organizers and participants, and provides a comprehensive and professional services and help
   for participants.
】Exhibition details
    Floor materials:epoxy resin, solidifying agent, sealing agent, hardening agent, floor coating, self-leveling
    mortar, cement, floor glue;
    Floor types: artistic floor, color floor, plastic floor, epoxy self-leveling floor, plaster self-leveling floor,
    antistatic floor, polyurethane racetrack, mortar floor, elastic polyurethane floor; epoxy types, polyurethane
    types, solventless types etc.
    Floor machinery: shot-blasting machine, grinder, floor miller and planer, floor troweling machine, evener,
    plate vibrating tamper, special vacuum cleaner, scrubber, sweeper, carpet cleaner, construction cutters,
     Why join this expo:                            Famouscompaniesfromvariouscountries
                                        15,000m2 exhibition area
                              Support of authority departments

   related floor cleaning equipments and construction accessories etc.
   Application technology: application technology, construction technology and maintenance materials for
   various kinds of floors.
   Measuring instruments: thickness gauge, static tester, static testing system (megohmmeter, electrode,
   packing case) etc.
】Prices(5% off to members of China Building Materials Industry Association Floor Branch):
1. Standard exhibition booth: (min. 9 square meters)
International area: RMB10800/booth
Domestic area:      RMB8820/booth
(Including: 2.5m high isolating wall, 1 fascia board in Chinese and English, 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 power socket of
10A/220V, two spotlights, carpet covering all booth floor)
2. Exhibition yard:(min. 36 square meters)
International area: RMB1100 /m2
Domestic area: RMB900 /m2
(including exhibition field, safeguard, cleaning services, not including administration expenses for special
doecoration, power supply etc.)
Free services:
◇Regular exhibition area cleaning and 24 hour exhibition area security
◇Provide entry tickets and invitations for exhibitors to invite their customers
◇Publish a company profile in Chinese and English within 200 words in the bulletin (please provide electronic
document in Word format, handwritten text is not accepted)
】Price for Advertisement on the Exhibition Publication
       Front Cover            ¥20000 Yuan            Back Cover              ¥18000       Full page in black   ¥3000 Yuan
                                                                                Yuan      and white
       Inside         front   ¥15000 Yuan            First page              ¥10000       Full page of text    ¥2000 Yuan
       cover                                                                    Yuan
       inside         back    ¥10000 Yuan            Color page           ¥8000 Yuan      Half page of text    ¥1200 Yuan

】Prices for other advertisements
       Invitations        ¥3800        Handbags ¥4000/1000 pcs           Field ad 6x8      ¥       15000/all
                       Yuan/10,000pcs                                                    show days
         Tickets          ¥5000         Balloon  ¥3000 Yuan/day             Others              To       be
                       Yuan/10,000pcs    arch                                            negotiated
                              Note:the minimum number of tickets to be ordered shall be 30,000 (70mmx210mm)
】Related activities:
1.      In order to improve the authority of exhibition and participation of professionals, the organizers will invite
        authoritative persons in the industry during the exhibition to hold related high-level seminar about the
        development trend, market demand and new technologies of Partition Ceiling in China.
2.      During the exhibition the sponsors will invite domestic and foreign famous manufacturers and merchants
        to organize technical exchange meetings to develop international communication in technology, economy
        and trade as well as introduce products. Each participant can apply with the organizer, please choose your
        own exchange theme.
     Why join this expo:                         Famouscompaniesfromvariouscountries
                                     15,000m2 exhibition area
                           Support of authority departments

        Exhibits transportation and sale, and preferential price for accommodation and travels, free booking of
        return flight and train tickets
        Provide Exhibits Preview to professionals, to enable communication between supply and demand.
        200 words of enterprise profile for free on exhibition publication and 2 free copies.
        Free tickets for the exhibitors as invitation to their customers; regular cleaning and 24-hours security.
        Advertising on various media and inviting customers to the Expo for negotiation, communication and
        Organize professional visitors to the Expo through promotion by related departments of government,
        trades societies and organizations, science and technology institutions, universities and colleges.
1.      Fill in the application form and then send by mail or fax it to the organizer;
2.      Pay the full amount or 50% advance payment for the exhibition to the organizer by wire or by cash within 9
        days after the application; the balance shall be paid before Oct. 24, 2008, we will issue the invoice after
        receiving the full amount;
3.      Exhibitors applying after Oct. 24, 2008 should pay the full amount in one payment;
4.      Principles for allocating the exhibition rooms: “first application, first payment, first in”, exhibition room with
        two openings will be charged for 20% extra expenses;
5.      Fax the stub to the organizer after you remit the money;
6.      The booth can only be reserved after the exhibitor has paid 50% advance payment within the required
7.      Manual for Exhibitors will be sent to the exhibitor before Oct. 24, 2008, when the organizer has received
        the application and payment
】How to apply:
lease fill in the form of Application and Agreement and seal on it if you want to attend the exhibition.
The application shall be posted or faxed to:
Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd
Address:Section A, Floor 1, No. 1, 99 Hongcao South Road, Shanghai
Postal code: 200233
Tel.: +86-21-5109 7799 54500848
Fax: +86-21-51714505
Contact person: Zhoujun 13391109977
China Building Materials Industry Association Floor Branch
Address: 1 Dongli, Guanzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing (Room 411, South Building, National Testing
Center for Building Materials)
Hotline: 010-51167641
Contact person: Sun Xiaoyun (secretary-general) Ms. Wang Jingna
  Why join this expo:                         Famouscompaniesfromvariouscountries
                                  15,000m2 exhibition area
                        Support of authority departments

                            Application for Exhibition and Agreement
FLOOR EXPO 2008         Dec. 2~4, 2008 Shanghai International Exhibition Centre (2345 Longyang Road)
The Fifth China (Shanghai) International Floor Industry Expo 2008
We agree to the detailed rules of the exhibition, and guarantees to pay the expenses and obey to the arrangement
of the exhibition.
Information of Exhibitor
Company Name:    (Chinese)
Address:                                                               Zip Code:
Law person :                          Contactor:                       Position:
Phone:                                                          Fax:
Email:                                                           Web:
Types(Making the proper block a solid one)
□manufacture       □agent □importer or exporter □importer           □organizer
□others:                                                                                        (please specify).
Products:We will present the following products (in right sentences/punctuations format and clear scripts)
                                                                                   Please provide the introduction
of your company within 200 words on another page and send to
 Option 1:            yard(min.36m2)
 area:                 m2        total price:US$                     Number
 Option 2:            standard room(min. 9 m2)
 table:               unit       total price:US$                     Number
 Special requirements:
 O p t i o n 3: □publication page_________□ticket □balloon in the sky □others_______,total US$_____
 Forum application
 Facilities:meeting room of 50 person,60 minutes/time;tables, chairs, lecture board, microphone; organized audience.
 Price:RMB8,800 / forum         times :           total price:RMB
 lecturer:                                                   position:
 topics:                                                                                .
Total amount: say                                            only(in number)¥
The payment of □50% advance or □ full amount will be remitted before                      (month)       (day), 2008
(year), please check.
BENE’S A/C NO.:044104-8500-15987108093001
POST CODE:200233                                                                    SWIFT CODE:BKCHCNBJ300
Exhibitor seal

                                                                                              Company seal
          Signature                   Position                           Date
Confirmation (sponsor):

Chief(signature):                           Date:                                         Sponsor seal
We have confirmed the above issues about the exhibition, which shall have contract effect. Both parties of this
agreement shall perform their respective liabilities and obligations.
The whole payment or 50% of the payment shall be remitted into the account appointed by the exhibition
committee before __(date), __(month).The balance shall be paid on Oct. 24, 2008. Applicants applying after Oct.
24, 2008 should pay the full amount in one payment.

Please fax this form to: 0086- 21- 51714505                                         Contact person:Zhoujun

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