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					                 Student Organization Funding Request Form

Organization Name:
Amt Requesting:                             Event:                                               Event Date:
        Failure to complete any of the following will result in denial of funds. Please submit one request for each event *

Funding for the Event or Item:
*Please prioritize your expenses based on importance
Examples of expenses: food, airfare, tent rental, security, ect. The more detailed the description the better.
 Description of Expenses:                           Expected Cost:                            Requested Amount:
-- If additional space is needed, please attach another sheet. Contact the GSBA Finance Office for assistance.

Please attach typed responses to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper:

      1. Please explain the event in detail. Please be specific as possible. Include who,
         what, where, and when. Include any invoices, estimates, pictures, or drawings if

      2. What other forms of expected revenue for the upcoming year aside from GSBA
         funding? Include member dues, fundraisers, donations, ect.

      3. What other events are you planning to do for the rest of the year? Are you going
         to request funding from GSBA?

Gonzaga Student Body Association                Crosby 200F              509.324.6872   
Allocation Periods and Deadlines:
Please indicate the allocation period for which you are applying. Applications are to be
submitted electronically to by 5pm on the application
deadline. Failure to submit your application by the deadline will result in a denial of
funding for that period.

Fall Allocation Deadlines:                               Spring Allocation Deadlines:
   Period 2: Wed, September 29th                             Period 4: Wed, January 2th
        For events occurring between Oct 8 -April 24            For events occurring between Feb 4 -April 24
         Period 3: Wed, November 3rd                         Period 5: Wed March 16th
        For events occurring between Nov 12-April 24            For events occurring between Mar 25-April 24

What GSBA Can Fund:                                       What GSBA Cannot Fund:
 Any item that is part of an open event to the             Personal Goods (i.e. personal jerseys,
    Gonzaga community                                          personal gear)
 Travel Costs (distance greater than 50 miles)             Events that do not benefit the Gonzaga
 Registration (tournament/conference fees, ect)               Community
                                                            Food

Important Rules to Remember:
         All Funds MUST be used 10 school days after the date of the event.
         This includes all reimbursement forms and receipts must be turned in 10 school days
          after the date of the event as well.
         Unused funds will be put back in the club contingency and reallocated at a later date
         Failure to fulfill the once per semester community service requirement will result in of
          inability to apply for funds the following semester.

Student Organization Information:
Contact Name:                                             Contact Position:
Phone #:                                   E-mail:                                   Date:

Committee on Finance
The Committee on Finance (COF) is a group composed of six Senators that review and
allocate funds for all funding requests. Every club has the option of presenting their event
in person to the COF, but it is not required. Presenting to the COF does not insure that the
club will receive more money; however, it gives the Committee an opportunity to have a
better understanding of the club and the event.

Would you like to make an appointment with the Committee?: (yes or no)

Gonzaga Student Body Association           Crosby 200F       509.324.6872
Gonzaga Student Body Association   Crosby 200F   509.324.6872

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