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Invoice for Designing a Website - PDF by psa10127


Invoice for Designing a Website document sample

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									                                                     JMJ Website Design

                                                   Getting Started Guide
JMJ Website Design is a two person website design company owned and operated by husband and wife team Joe and
Manda Mendoza.

We work from Saint Paul, Minnesota, but have the ability to design websites for anyone in the world by utilizing:
   • the phone
   • e-mail
   • remote access (You can log into one of our PC's by invitation, share our screen, mouse and keyboard)
   • video conferencing (Skype)
   • shipping services (USPS, FedEx and UPS)

We want your website project with JMJ Website Design to go as smoothly as possible. We can help you through every
step of the way from designing your website through marketing and advertising it.

We have created this Guide to share with you our process, to help you prepare for a successful website design process
with JMJ Website Design.

Step 1.
Contact us

Give us a call or fill out our contact form and request a quote.
When you contact us please provide as much information about your website wants and needs.

Tell us about your ideal website! After JMJ has provided a quote, start date and time line for completion and you are ready
to move forward; we will send you an invoice through requesting a 50% deposit to reserve your start date.

Step 2.
Gather and send your website content.

Gather all of the content needed for your website; including, but not limited to: digital media, videos, images, photos, text
descriptions, articles, contact info and any other info you want added to your site.

We regularly work with industry standard software including Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash,
Wordpress and more.

Types of files accepted: .doc, .xls, .html, .ai, .psd, .swf, .png, .jpg, and .pdf

Once you have gathered all the info needed send to JMJ Website Design.
You may send your thoughts, ideas, and files by e-mail.

Large files can be zipped then e-mailed or will need to copied to a flash drive or CD-ROM and mailed or shipped to us.

Step 3.
When your start date arrives we’ll start setting up and designing your website.

We will start designing your website when we have received all of the content needed for it.
If you are hosting with us, during this step we would also create your e-mail address accounts.

Step 4.
We stay in contact during the design and creation process and ask for your approval in 2 phases.

Phase 1 – Layout
We start by designing your layout or the container of your website.
We and ask you to approve layout before we begin adding your content and coding the site; you are allowed one round of

Layout includes:
    •     the colors
    •     the header
    •     the footer
    •     the column placement
    •     the menu placement
    •     the buttons
    •     the size and color of the font (in all areas) including mouse over's

Phase 2 – Content
Upon final approval of the layout we then add the content and functionality to the site.
At this point we cannot go back to the layout to make any additional changes.
We and ask you to approve the additional content added to the website; you are allowed one round of changes.

Content includes (but is not limited to):
   • text
   • pictures
   • graphics
   • animation
   • page navigation, text and button links
   • video
   • shopping carts, etc.

Upon final approval of the content the website will be complete and we will request remaining 50% final payment through

Once we receive the final payment, we will provide you with your username, password and tutorials for websites designed
with Wordpress.

Step 5.

Marketing and advertising your website.
Now that your website has been created you need to have an action plan to get traffic to your website.
If you haven't discussed your action plan with us yet, please be sure to do so.

We have several services to help you marketing and advertise your website:
   • Print material design: business cards, flyers, brochures, signs etc.
   • Google Ad Words campaign
   • Doorway and squeeze pages
   • SEO

Additional services:

At anytime, we are more than happy to provide our additional services at our hourly rate.
We offer weekly and monthly maintenance rates at a discount when purchased in advanced.

Our other services include:
   • Updating and maintain your website
   • Wordpress training
   • SEO/ Marketing & Advertising consultation

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