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									Specialist insurance for sports, hazardous activities and occupations

        Cover for almost any activity
       Amateur & Professional sports
             Search & Rescue cover
         Group discounts up to 20%

                                   A tailor-made insurance for almost any activity or occupation
                                including amateur sports, manual work and hazardous pursuits

Key features:
Tailor made cover                                                       Single Trip
Adventures is available in two parts:-                                  Cover is available for individual trips of up to 6 months duration.
Part A: includes essential cover for medical expenses, specialist
                                                                        Annual Multi-trip option
activity equipment and up to £50,000 search & rescue costs.
                                                                        If you are taking two or more trips during the year,
Part B: provides additional cover to bring the policy into line         purchasing an annual policy may save you money as well
with a ‘standard’ travel policy and includes:-                          as time. For a single premium you will be covered for an
Cancellation, personal possessions, personal money, travel              unlimited number of trips throughout the year providing that
delay and BONDPLUS (financial failure).                                 no one trip exceeds 60 days duration.

                                                                        Top-up Cancellation cover
24-hour emergency medical assistance
                                                                        Part B already provides generous cover should you find it
You will have access to a first class Medical Assistance
                                                                        necessary to cancel, curtail or abandon your holiday/trip.
Service. Experienced multi-lingual co-ordinators and medical
                                                                        However, if the sum insured is insufficient for your specific
specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to
                                                                        requirements, we offer a top-up facility providing cover up
resolve your medical problems. They will guarantee your
                                                                        to a maximum of £10,000 per person on payment of an
medical costs, liaise with the treating doctor and arrange
                                                                        additional premium. See page 4 for details.
repatriation if medically necessary.
                                                                        BONDPLUS (financial failure) cover
Eligibility                                                             If your holiday/trip has to be cancelled due to the financial
Adventures is available to people aged up to 69 years who               failure of your travel or accommodation provider, you will be
are resident and registered with a medical practitioner in              covered up to £1,500 per person when you purchase Part B.
the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Group discounts of up to 20%
For larger parties travelling together and insured under the             KNOW
same policy, attractive discounts are available:-
21-50 persons
51-100 persons
                              10% discount
                              15% discount                               YOU GO
101 or more            -      20% discount                                In association with the ‘Know Before You Go’ Campaign,
                                                                          we are working with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office
                                                                          (FCO) to do all that we can to help British travellers stay
Pre-existing medical conditions                                           safe overseas. Before you go overseas, check out the FCO
If you, or anyone to be insured, have an existing medical                 website at It is packed with essential
condition, a medical screening service is available. See page             travel advice and tips, and up-to-date country information.
6 for further details.

                                                              Activity List
Premiums are based on your destination, the duration of your trip and the activities you are taking part in. The list below
shows the most popular activities. Simply find the activity you are participating in and the premium category, then
refer to the Premium Guide to calculate the premium required. If your chosen activity is not shown, please contact your
Broker/Agent or P J Hayman & Company Limited on 0845 230 3526 (Direct customers should phone 0845 230 0631).

 Activity                                               Premium         Activity                                                Premium
                                                        category                                                                category
 Abseiling                                              ii              Motor Track Days                                        iii
 Activity Centre Holidays                               ii              Motorcycling (over 500cc - no racing), with             ii
 Amateur Sports (contact e.g. Rugby)                    ii              appropriate UK licence

 Amateur Sports (non-contact e.g. Football, Tennis)     i               Motorcycling (up to 500cc - no racing), with            i
                                                                        appropriate UK licence
 Animal Sanctuary (Domestic Animals)                    ii
                                                                        Mountaineering - Kilimanjaro                            iv
 Animal Sanctuary (Wild Animals)                        iii
                                                                        Mountaineering - Europe                                 iv
 Athletics                                              i
                                                                        Orienteering / Rambling                                 i
 Black Water Rafting                                    ii
                                                                        Overland Trips Africa/Asia/Latin America over           iii
 BMX stunt/obstacle/riding (competitive)                iv              2 days
 Boxing                                                 ii              Paint Balling/War Games                                 i
 Bungee Jumping                                         ii              Parachuting/Sky Diving (Europe only)                    iv
 Canoeing/Rafting - Grade 3-5                           iii             Paragliding/Paramotoring/Parasailing (Europe only)      iv
 Canoeing/rafting (white water up to Grade 3)           i               Parascending (over land)                                ii
 Canyoning                                              iv              Parascending (over water)                               i
 Caving/Pot Holing                                      iv              Polo (non competitive)                                  ii
 Clay Pigeon Shooting                                   i               Polo (non-professional)                                 iv
 Cycling/Mountain Biking (leisure on/off road no BMX)   i               Power Boating (non-competitive)                         i
 Diving over 30m                                        iii             Quad Biking                                             i
 Diving under 30m                                       i               Rock Climbing                                           iv
 Farm work (manual)                                     ii              Rock Climbing (as part of an activity centre holiday)   ii
 Flying - (private/small aircraft) learning             iii             Safari (Booked in UK with Bona fide Operator)           i
 Flying/Gliding as pilot                                ii              Sand Boarding                                           ii
 Flying/Gliding (passenger) not learning                i               Shark Diving                                            iv
 Glacier Walking (roped or where guides required)       iv              Skiing - Cross Country/Langlauf                         i
 Gliding (learning)                                     iii             Ski Instructors                                         iv
 Go Karting                                             i               Skiing - Racing                                         iv
 Hang Gliding (Europe only)                             iv              Skiing - Heli/Touring                                   iv
 Horse Jumping                                          iv              Sledging/Toboganning                                    ii
 Horse Riding (not in competitions, no polo, Hunting,   i               Sleigh riding (reindeer, horses or dogs)                ii
                                                                        Snow Mobiling/Ski Dooing                                ii
 Hot Air Ballooning (pilot)                             iii
                                                                        Trekking Below 4000m                                    ii
 Jet Skiing                                             i
                                                                        Trekking 4000m to 6000m                                 iv
 Kite Surfing                                           ii
                                                                        Wake Boarding                                           ii
 Luge/Bobsleigh/Skeleton                                iv
                                                                        Winter Sports (including off-piste skiing)              ii
 Marathon (outside UK)                                  ii
                                                                        Working - non manual                                    i
 Marathon (within UK)                                   i
                                                                        Working - manual ground level no machinery              ii
 Marathon (extreme/desert running)                      iv
                                                                        Working - manual up to 9 metres / machinery             iii
 Martial Arts (Non Competitive)                         ii
                                                                        Wrestling                                               ii
 Martial Arts (Competitive)                             iii
                                                                        Yachting/Sailing (racing/crewing)                       iii
 Micro-lighting (Europe only)                           iv
                                                                        Yachting/Sailing outside territorial waters             ii
 Motocross                                              iv
                                                                        Yachting/Sailing within territorial waters              i
 Motor Rallies/Competitions (not major events)          ii

                                                             Premium Guide
                                   The premiums shown are valid from 4th January 2011 until further notice.
                                            Insurance Premium Tax at the current rate is included.
United Kingdom
 Period                               Part ‘A’ Premium                            + Part B
                                       (18-64 Years)                             Premium                            Notes:
                                                                               any category
                                                                               (18-69 Years)     How to calculate your premium
                          i             ii            iii          iv
 ‘One off’ 1 day         £6.10         £7.90         £9.80       £12.20            n/a
                                                                                                 Part ‘A’ premiums
 Up to 5 days            £8.20        £10.70        £13.10       £16.40           £6.10          Priced according to destination, duration of trip
 Up to 9 days            £9.20        £12.00        £14.70       £18.40           £6.10          and activity ‘category’ (i.e. i, ii, iii or iv).
 Up to 17 days          £13.30        £17.30        £21.30       £26.60           £6.10          If Part ‘B’ cover is required, a flat rate premium
 Annual Multi-trip      £60.30        £78.40        £96.50      £120.60          £15.30          is payable irrespective of the activity category
Europe* (as defined)                                                                             and duration of the trip. (Part ‘B’ cover is not
                                                                                                 available for ‘One-off’ 1 day trips).
 Period                               Part ‘A’ Premium                            + Part B
                                       (18-64 Years)                             Premium         To calculate the total premium required simply
                                                                               any category      add the appropriate Part ‘A’ premium, to the
                                                                               (18-69 Years)     Part ‘B’ supplement.
                          i             ii           iii           iv
 ‘One off’ 1 day        £13.30        £17.30       £21.30        £26.60            n/a           Child discounts
 Up to 5 days           £20.40        £26.50       £32.60        £40.80          £12.30          Under 18’s accompanying an insured adult
 Up to 9 days           £25.50        £33.20       £40.80        £51.00          £12.30          receive 50% discount (applicable to both
 Up to 17 days          £31.70        £41.20       £50.70        £63.40          £12.30          Parts ‘A’ & ‘B’).
 Up to 24 days          £33.70        £43.80       £53.90        £67.40          £12.30
 Up to 31 days          £39.80        £51.70       £63.70        £79.60          £12.30          Age loadings
 Extra Weeks             £7.10         £9.20       £11.40        £14.20        see below**       For persons aged 65-69 years, add 100% to
 Annual Multi-trip      £89.90       £116.90      £143.80       £179.80          £35.70          the Part ‘A’ premium. No cover is available for
                                                                                                 persons 70 years of age or over. Contact your
World Wide (excluding USA / Canada / Caribbean)
                                                                                                 Agent/Broker or P J Hayman & Company Limited
 Period                               Part ‘A’ Premium                            + Part B       to see what alternative cover is available.
                                       (18-64 Years)                             Premium
                                                                               any category      Annual Multi-trip
                                                                               (18-69 Years)     Provides cover for an unlimited number of trips
                          i             ii           iii           iv                            during the policy year, with a maximum trip
 ‘One off’ 1 day        £19.40        £25.20       £31.00        £38.80            n/a
                                                                                                 duration of 60 days. Any trip must involve
 Up to 9 days           £34.70        £45.10       £55.50        £69.40          £24.50
 Up to 17 days          £43.90        £57.10       £70.20        £87.80          £24.50
                                                                                                 pre-booked accommodation unless it is an
 Up to 24 days          £51.10        £66.40       £81.80       £102.20          £24.50          event taking place on a single day.
 Up to 31 days          £62.30        £81.00       £99.70       £124.60          £24.50          Cancellation top-up cover
 Extra Weeks            £14.30        £18.60       £22.90        £28.60        see below**
                                                                                                 If the £3,000 sum insured under Cancellation (or
 Annual Multi-trip     £133.80       £173.90      £214.10       £267.60          £70.50
                                                                                                 the £1,000 limit for Pre-paid Activity Courses) is
World Wide (including USA / Canada / Caribbean)                                                  insufficient for your specific requirements, you
 Period                               Part ‘A’ Premium                            + Part B       may increase the Cancellation cover limit (up
                                       (18-64 Years)                             Premium         to a maximum £10,000 per person) at a rate of
                                                                               any category      £3.00 for each additional £100 insured.
                                                                               (18-69 Years)
                          i             ii           iii           iv                            Group discounts
 ‘One off’ 1 day        £33.70        £43.80       £53.90        £67.40            n/a           •	 21-50	persons	 -	 10%	discount
 Up to 9 days           £61.30        £79.70       £98.10       £122.60          £29.60          •	 51-100	persons	 -	 15%	discount
 Up to 17 days          £72.50        £94.30      £116.00       £145.00          £29.60          •	 101	or	more	    -	 20%	discount
 Up to 24 days          £85.80       £111.50      £137.30       £171.60          £29.60
 Up to 31 days          £96.00       £124.80      £153.60       £192.00          £29.60          Maximum duration
 Extra Weeks            £26.60        £34.60       £42.60        £53.20        see below**       6 months continuous cover on Single Trip policies.
 Annual Multi-trip     £190.00       £247.00      £304.00       £380.00          £87.80
                                                                                                 *Definition of Europe
Adventures is in two parts. Part A - includes essential cover for Medical Expenses,              The continent of Europe (west of the Ural
specialist Activity Equipment and Search and Rescue costs. Part B – provides additional
cover to bring the policy into line with a ‘standard’ travel policy and includes Cancellation,
                                                                                                 Mountains), the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man,
Personal Possessions, Personal Money, Travel Delay and BONDPLUS (financial failure).             the Republic of Ireland, Madeira, Iceland, the
                                                                                                 Canary Islands, the Azores and countries with a
You choose the level of cover you require. Part A may be taken in isolation. Part B is only
available if Part A has also been selected.
                                                                                                 Mediterranean coastline excluding Israel, Syria
                                                                                                 and Lebanon.
** The Part B premiums shown above apply for any period, so if you are going for 38 days
to the USA this will still cost you only £29.60 for Part B in addition to the Part A premium.

                                                        Wide-ranging Cover
The following is a summary of the main cover limits. The full terms and conditions can be found in the policy wording, a copy
of which is available from your Broker/Agent or via our website

                           Section                               Limits (up to) - per person                   Excess – per event
 Part A
 Medical & Emergency Expenses*                               £10,000,000                                £100 per person
 Emergency dental treatment (for relief of pain only)        £200
 Hospital Inconvenience Benefit                              £400 (£20 per day)                         Nil
 Search & Rescue costs                                       £50,000 (£10,000 in country of domicile)   £500 per person
 Personal Accident                                           £10,000                                    Nil
 Personal Liability                                          £2,000,000                                 Nil (£200 property damage)
 Activity Equipment                                          £1,000                                     £50 per person
 Single items, pair or set limit                             £400
 Delayed activity equipment (over 12 hours)                  £200                                       Nil
 Activity equipment hire                                     £200                                       Nil
 Legal Expenses                                              £25,000                                    Nil
 Part B
 Possessions, Personal Effects, Money & Documents
 Personal Possessions                                        £1,500                                     £50 per person
 Single items, pair or set limit                             £300
 Valuables limit                                             £300
 Delayed Possessions (over 12 hours)                         £200                                       Nil
 Loss of Personal Money                                      £250                                       £50 per person
 Loss of Travel Documents (incl. Passport)                   £1,000                                     £50 per person
 Cancellation, Loss of Deposit or Curtailment                £3,000**                                   £100 (£15 loss of deposit) per person
 Pre-paid Activity Course Fees limit                         £1,000**
 Unexpected Events
 Travel Disruption (costs to reach destination)              £1,000                                     £50 per person
 Travel Delay                                                £120 (£30 each 12 hours)                   Nil
 Abandonment (after 12 hours delay)                          £3,000**                                   £100 per person
 Pre-paid Activity Course Fees limit                         £1,000**
 BONDPLUS (financial failure)                                £1,500                                     Nil

* Cover under Medical & Emergency Expenses is not available in the home country where you reside (this policy is available to people
who are resident and registered with a medical practitioner in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man).
** The sums insured for Cancellation/Curtailment (including pre-paid Activity Course Fees) and Abandonment cover, may be increased to a
maximum of £10,000 per person. Details of the premiums required are shown in the Premium Guide on page 4 (Cancellation top-up cover).

                                                          How to Apply
For Brokers/Agents:
To obtain cover, please complete the separate Application Form and return it by email (, fax (023 9241 9019)
or post to:

     P J Hayman & Company Limited,
     Stansted House,
     Rowlands Castle,
     Hampshire PO9 6DX

Alternatively, contact Broker Support on 0845 230 3526 (9am - 5pm Monday to Friday, closed Bank Holidays)

For Direct Customers:
Visit our website or call us on 0845 230 0631 (8am - 6pm Monday to Friday, closed Bank Holidays)

                                                 Premium Examples
 Example 1                                Example 2                                  Example 3
 32 year old travelling within Europe     45 year old travelling to the USA for      A 67 year old, 52 year old and a 17 year old child,
 for up to 9 days diving - maximum        a 17 days ‘learning to glide’ course       travelling together to the USA for a 21 day yachting
 depth 30 metres (Category i) holiday     (Category iii) overall holiday cost        holiday - inland waters only (Category i) costing
 costing £1,400                           £2,700 (including £1,500 course fees)      £2,500 each.
 Premium - Part A -           £25.50      Premium -        Part A - £116.00          Premium - Part A            67 year old     £171.60
              Part B -        £12.30                       Part B -      £29.60                      (+ 100% age load)
                                          Course fee Top- up                                         Part A      52 year old     £85.80
                                          £500 @ £3.00 for each          £15.00                      Part A      17 year old     £42.90
                                          £100 required                                              Part B x 2 (@ £29.60)       £59.20
                                                                                                     Part B x 1 (@ £14.80)       £14.80
 Total Premium               £37.80       Total Premium                 £160.60      Total Premium                             £374.30

Premium examples shown include Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) at the current rate.

                                         Medical Screening Questions

  1) Do you have more than one of the following conditions?             3) Have you ever been treated for a breathing
     Asthma (well controlled and not requiring                             condition (other than Asthma - well controlled
     supplementary oxygen), Benign Lumps, Cataracts,                       and not requiring supplementary oxygen), or
     Diabetes (if well controlled and no associated                        heart related condition (including angina)
     conditions), Gall Stones/Gall Bladder removal,                        or circulatory condition including Deep
     Gout, Under-active/Over-active Thyroid.                               Vein Thrombosis or High Blood Pressure/
       YES n	         NO n
                                                                             YES n	        NO n
  2) Within the last 2 years, have you been treated as
     a hospital in-patient or been referred to a specialist             4) Have you been diagnosed with cancer within the
     consultant?                                                           last 5 years?

       YES n	         NO n                                                   YES n	        NO n
  If you have answered ‘No’ to all questions you do not need to call the Medical Screening Line. If you have
  answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions please telephone the Medical Screening Line on 0845 230 5555
  between the hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday (closed Bank Holidays) to confirm acceptability of cover.
  Note: You do not need to phone the Medical Screening Line if you are a resident of the United Kingdom and
  your trip is within the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

                                               Important Information
Eligibility                                                             Complaints
Available to people aged up to 69 years who are resident                Our aim is at all times to provide a first class standard of
and registered with a medical practitioner in the United                service. However if you are unhappy with the service
Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.                               provided for any reason, or have cause for complaint, please
                                                                        follow the procedure shown in the policy wording.
If you need to make a claim, we aim to settle it within 5 working       Money back guarantee (“cooling off” period)
days, subject to receipt of a completed claim form and you              If the insurance does not meet your requirements, please
providing all the necessary supporting documentation. Please            return it within 14 days of the date of issue but before
refer to your policy wording for the specific claims procedure.         departure date. Provided no claim has been made your
                                                                        premium will be refunded in full.

All details shown in this leaflet are correct at the time of going to print but are subject to change without notice.

                                                                                     Ref: Adventures/SL/08/10 Edition: January 2011

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