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					Above Ground Cast Iron

                         Above Ground Cast Iron   57
      Supplier Information: Saint-Gobain PAM UK

     Range Overview
      Ensign cast iron above and below ground drainage systems,
      kitemark approved to BS EN 877.
      Ensign EEZI-FIT a new cast iron push-fit range of couplings
      and socketed fittings in 100 and 150mm kitemark approved
      to BS EN 877.
      Timesaver cast iron above ground system incorporating the
      Heritage range of push-fit sockets with traditional soil
      appearance, kitemark approved to BS 416 part2. Timesaver
      cast iron below ground drainage system kitemark approved
      to BS437.
      Classical cast iron rainwater and gutter systems to BS460
      supplied in a black water based primer coat.
      Classical Plus cast iron rainwater and gutter systems
      supplied pre-painted in a black semi-gloss powder polymer       Benefits of our Range
      coating for immediate installation.
                                                                        Cast iron answers the “burning question” in terms of fire
      EPAMS cast iron syphonic rainwater system consisting of steel     safety. Its non-combustible therefore will not contribute to a
      syphonic outlets and SMU cast iron pipework system to             fire, or melt and drip molten droplets or emit toxic fumes.
      BS EN 877.
                                                                        Cast iron is the quietest drainage system proven in tests
                                                                        carried out at an independent laboratory to standard BS EN
                                                                        14366:2004. Ensign and EEZI-FIT have recorded levels 10
                                                                        dB(A) quieter than any other system on the market when the
     Product Applications                                               pipework is installed with the acoustic brackets.

      Cast iron above ground systems are used for:                      New EEZI-FIT now brings all the advantages of cast iron with
                                                                        the installation benefits of push-fit assembly.
                  Soil, vent and waste stacks
                  Internal rainwater systems                            Cast iron drainage systems are one of the most sustainable
                  Suspended drainage                                    materials. Manufactured from 97% recycled material, the
                                                                        systems are 100% recyclable at the end of a long life span
      Cast iron below ground systems are used for:                      (in excess of 50 years).
                  Buried drainage
                  Bridge drainage                                       Strength and robustness to withstand damage or ground
                                                                        movement in below ground situations.
      Used extensively on:                                              Fit and forget drainage solution.
                 Commercial buildings
                 Public Buildings                                       Extensive range of fittings to connect to waste. Boss pipes,
                 Residential                                            boss branches, blank ends and multi-waste manifolds.
                                                                        The most flexible systems - now offering high performing
      Cast iron rainwater systems are used on:                          mechanical joints and new push-fit joints – with total
                   Residential                                          interchangeability.
                   Public buildings
                                                                        No specialist tools required for assembly.

     Useful Sources of Information                                    General Recommendations
      www.saint-gobain-pam.co.uk                                        EEZI-FIT the ideal choice for flats and apartments and schools.
      www.siphonic-roof-drainage.co.uk in connection with EPAMS         Timesaver Heritage for external soil stacks.

58    Above Ground Cast Iron
                                            Above Ground Cast Iron

 Saint Gobain Classical Rainwater                                                Classical Rainwater
Cast iron has a high resistance to impact which is a major consideration        The Classical range of cast iron
for inner cities, town shopping precincts and schools, etc. Providing it is     rainwater and gutter systems
adequately painted and maintained then the physical properties of cast          offers a choice of 8 gutter
iron will be sustained throughout its life. It is naturally durable up to 100   profiles with downpipes and
years and cost effective in the long term.                                      fittings available in round and
                                                                                rectangular. It is coated in a
                     Saint-Gobain Classical is the only rainwater system        black water based primer
                     with BBA Certification.                                    ready for on site painting
                                                                                carrying the distinctive C
                                                                                product identification marking.
 Planning Policy
The material properties of cast iron have long been recognised and it is
these which make it particularly suitable for the rainwater systems of
listed buildings and wherever conservation is an issue.                         Classical rainwater downpipes (circular) are produced using the latest
                                                                                pipe manufacturing technology – centrifugally spinning the pipe ensuring
In its Planning Policy Guidance (PPG 15), the Department of the                 consistent section dimensions, unlike that of pipes produced by the
Environment, Transport and the Regions, Department of National                  traditional sand cast method, which is prone to produce pipe with ‘thick’
Heritage, acknowledges the importance of specifying cast iron                   and ‘thin’ spots making the pipe inherently weaker.
replacement of the rainwater systems on such buildings of historical
significance i.e. listed properties or in established areas of conservation.

 Gutter Profiles
Half Round                                                                      Moulded No. 46
Primarily for use as a domestic gutter                                          A deep Ogee style profile which was popular on
system and incorporating four nominal                                           Victorian and Georgian houses. It is available in
half round sizes: 100mm (4"), 115mm (4½"),                                      three sizes: 100mm x 75mm (4" x 3") and
125mm (5") and 150mm (6").                                                      125mm x 100mm (5" x 4") and 150mm x
The system has outlets to fit 65mm (2½")                                        100mm (6" x 4") and has outlets to fit 65mm
75mm (3") and 100mm (4") round                                                  (2½"), 75mm (3") and 100mm (4") round
downpipes. The 150mm gutter has a large capacity which makes it                 down pipes and 100mm x 75mm (4" x 3") rectangular down pipes.The high
suitable for large roofs and commercial applications.                           capacity of the 125mm x 100mm (5" x 4") and 150mm x 100mm
                                                                                (6" x 4") gutter makes it particularly suitable for larger roof areas.

Deep Half Round                                                                 Ogee
This large capacity gutter is available in two                                  Traditional Ogee profile which was popular in
sizes: 100mm x 75mm (4" x 3") and 125mm                                         the south and south east of England, especially
x 75mm (5" x 3") and has outlets to fit 65mm                                    in Victorian and Georgian times. Available in
(2½") and 75mm (3") round downpipes.The                                         three sizes: 100mm (4"), 115mm (4½") and
high capacities of both of these sizes makes                                    125mm (5"), it has outlets to fit 65mm (2½")
them suitable for large roof areas.                                             and 75mm (3") round downpipes.

Beaded Half Round                                                               Notts Ogee
A domestic gutter system which has                                              A deep Ogee profile, which as the name
traditionally been popular in Scotland and                                      suggests, is predominantly used in the
Northern England. Available in three nominal                                    Nottingham area, after being designed
half round sizes: 100mm (4"), 115mm (4½")                                       especially for Nottingham Corporation in the
and 125mm (5"), the system has outlets                                          early part of this century.The only available size
fitting to 65mm (2½") and 75mm (3") round                                       is 115mm (4½”), having outlets for 65mm
downpipes.                                                                      (2½”) and 75mm (3”) round downpipes.

                                                                                                                               Above Ground Cast Iron 59
                                Above Ground Cast Iron

 Gutter Profiles
                                                       Classical Plus
                                                       Pre-painted, ready to install, cast iron rainwater systems in a semi-gloss,
                                                       black finish for immediate installation. The coating is a Performance
                                                       Polymer Alloy specifically designed to provide a long lasting tough, coating
                                                       for exterior applications to metal. The life expectancy of coating is in
                                                       excess of 20 years.
                                                       • Available on standard half round and victorian ogee gutter systems
                                                         and circular downpipes and fittings as standard. Other profiles
                                                         available to order
                                                       • Only cast iron system with factory applied finished coat tested for
                                                         1500 hours salt spray and ultra-violet resistance
                                                       • Cuts installation time by up to 60%
                                                       • Durable long lasting, even finish
                                                       • Colour options also available (to order)
                                                       • Rainwater diverter kits to suit 65/75mm pipe

                         Ref               Classical                                         Classical Plus
                                  65mm     75mm         100mm               65mm             75mm                 100mm
 6' Plain Pipe           A585     W70300   W70395       W70500              W11680           W11710               W11740
 6' Pipe Eared           A585     W70301   W70396       W70501              W11681           W11711               W11741
 Pipe Barrel             A585                                               W11682           W11712               W11742
 Loose Socketed
 Plain                   A586     W75245   W75246                           W11685           W11715               W11745
 Loose Socketed
 Eared                   A586     W70380   W70485       W70580              W11684           W11714               W11744
 Shoe Eared              A588     W70309   W70487       W70509              W11686           W11716               W11746
 Shoe Plain              A588     W70308   W70488       W70508              W11687           W11717               W11747
 Access Pipe
 Plain                   A590     W70307   W70402                           W11691           W11721               W11751
 Access Pipe
 Eared                   A590     W70043   W70044                           W11770           W11771               W11752
 92.5° Bend              A591     W70310   W70405       W70510              W11688           W11718               W11748
 112.5° Angle
 Bend                    A591     W70315   W70410       W70515              W11689           W11719               W11749
 135° Bend               A591     W70320   W70415       W70520              W11690           W11720               W11750
 92.5° Branch            A592     W70325   W70420       W70525              W11693           W11723               W11753
 112.5° Branch           A592     W70330   W70425                           W11694           W11724
 135° Branch             A592     W70331   W70430                           W11695           W11725
 Diverter Kit            A593     W70041   W70042                           W11768           W11769
 75mm Proj. Offset       A594     W70335   W70440       W70535              W11696           W11726               W11756
 150mm Proj. Offset      A594     W70345   W70450       W70545              W11697           W11727               W11757
 Spacer Plate            A584     W75243   W75244                           W11683           W11713               W11743
 Hopper Head             A750     W70306   W70403       W70506              W11698           W11728               W11758
 Box Head                A841/2   W70383   W70404       W70583              W11699           W11729               W11759
 Rectangular Head        A484     W70384   W70406       W70584              W11700           W11730               W11760
 Rectangular Head
 (65mm is castellated)   A485     W70385   W70490       W70585              W11701
 Wall Bracket            A548     W11702   W11732       W11762

60   Above Ground Cast Iron
                                                     Above Ground Cast Iron

                                                  Ref                             Classical                           Classical Plus
                                                             100mm                115mm          125mm    100mm       115mm            125mm
Half Round 6' Gutter                              G800       W70000               W70075         W70155   W11600      W11620           W11640
           Union Clip                             G803       W70040               W70120         W70195   W11606      W11626           W11646
           45° Angle RH                           G801       W70060               W70140         W70215   W11603      W11623           W11643
           90° Angle RH                           G801       W70050               W70130         W70205   W11601      W11621           W11641
           45° Angle LH                           G802       W70061               W70141         W70216   W11604      W11624           W11644
           90° Angle LH                           G802       W70051               W70131         W70206   W11602      W11622           W11642
           90° Angle Double socket                G802D      W70049               W70129         W70204   W11605      W11625           W11645
           65mm Centre Nozzle                     G806       W70010               W70085         W70165   W11609      W11629           W11649
           75mm Centre Nozzle                     G806       W70011               W70086         W70166   W11612      W11632           W11652
           Internal Stopend                       G805       W70031               W70106         W70186   W11608      W11628           W11648
           External Stopend                       G804       W70030               W70105         W70185   W11607      W11627           W11647
           Dropend with Socket                    G807       W70020               W70095         W70177   W11613      W11633           W11653
           Dropend with Spigot                    G808       W70021               W70096         W70178   W11614      W11634           W11654
           Fascia Bracket                         G809       W70066               W70150         W70226   W11616      W11636           W11656
Ogee       6' Gutter                              G840       W75020               W75040         W75060   W11808      W11818           W11828
           Union Clip                             G843       W75028               W75048         W75068   W11813      W09777           W11833
           90° Angle Internal                     G841       W75024               W75044         W75064   W11810      W11820           W11830
           90° Angle External                     G842       W75026               W75046         W75066   W11812      W11822           W11832
           45° Angle Internal                     G841       W75025               W75045         W75065   W11809      W11819           W11829
           45° Angle External                     G842       W75027               W75047         W75067   W11811      W11821           W11831
           65mm Centre Nozzle                     G846       W75030               W75050         W75070   W11816      W11826           W11836
           75mm Centre Nozzle                     G846                                           W75074                                W11837
           Internal Stopend                       G844       W75029               W75049         W75069   W11814      W11824           W11834
           External Stopend                       G845       W75033               W75053         W75073   W11815      W11825           W11835
           Fascia Bracket                         G849       W75032               W75052         W75072   W11817      W11827           W11838
Note: 150 half round also available in Classical/Plus.
Profile                                                         Ref                                       Classical
                                                                                        100mm             115mm                  125mm
Beaded Half Round                6' Gutter                      G820                    W70005            W70080                 W70160
                                 Union Clip                     G823                    W70045            W70125                 W70200
                                 90° Angle RH                   G821                    W70054            W70135                 W70210
                                 90° Angle LH                   G822                    W70055            W70136                 W75241
                                 45° Angle LH                   G822                    W70065            W70146                 W75240
                                 45° Angle RH                   G821                    W70064            W70145                 W70220
                                 65mm Centre Nozzle             G826                    W70015            W75242                 W70170
                                 75mm Centre Nozzle             G826                                      W70090                 W70171
                                 Internal Stopend               G824                    W70035            W70110                 W70190
                                 External Stopend               G825                    W70036            W70111                 W70191
Deep Half Round                  6' Gutter                      G810                    W70950                                   W70968
                                 Union Clip                     G813                    W70956                                   W70976
                                 90° Angle LH                   G812                    W70953                                   W70974
                                 90° Angle RH                   G811                    W70952                                   W70972
                                 45° Angle LH                   G812                    W70955                                   W70975
                                 45° Angle RH                   G811                    W70954                                   W70973
                                 75mm Centre Nozzle             G816                    W70959                                   W70979
                                 Internal Stopend               G814                    W70958                                   W70978
                                 External Stopend               G815                    W70957                                   W70977
                                 Fascia Bracket                 G819                    W70962                                   W70982
Notts Ogee                       6' Gutter                      G850                                      W75200
                                 Union Clip                     G853                                      W75224
                                 90° Angle Internal             G851                                      W75210
                                 90° Angle External             G852                                      W75212
                                 45° Angle Internal             G851                                      W75214
                                 45° Angle External             G852                                      W75216
                                 65mm Centre Nozzle             G856                                      W75218
                                 Internal Stopend               G854                                      W75226
                                 External Stopend               G855                                      W75228
                                 Fascia Bracket                 G859                                      W75230
Moulded No. 46                   6' Gutter                      G830                    W75000                                   W75100
                                 Union Clip                     G833                    W75013                                   W75113
                                 90° Angle Internal             G831                    W75005                                   W75105
                                 90° Angle External             G832                    W75006                                   W75106
                                 45° Angle Internal             G831                    W75007
                                 45° Angle External             G832                    W75008                                   W75108
                                 65mm Centre Nozzle             G836                    W75009                                   W75109
                                 75mm Centre Nozzle             G836                    W75010                                   W75110
                                 Internal Stopend               G834                    W75015                                   W75115
                                 External Stopend               G835                    W75016                                   W75116
                                 Fascia Bracket                 G839                    W75017                                   W75117
NEW 150x100 Moulded No.46 profile now available. Box profile also available on request.

                                                                                                                       Above Ground Cast Iron 61
                                           Above Ground Cast Iron

 Classical EXPRESS
A true ‘half round’ gutter profile                                                                                 Ref            Express            Express Plus
with increased flow rates over                                                                                                    125mm              125mm
existing half round and unique                                                            Gutter                   G880           W11800             W11850
jointing clip, making installation                                                        90° Angle                G881           W11801             W11851
                                                                                          45° Angle                G882           W11802             W11852
easier than ever.
                                                                                          Transitional Clip        G883           W11803             W11853
• 125mm size – flow capacity
                                                                                          Stopend                  G884           W11804             W11854
   of 1.5 litres per second
                                                                                          Nozzle x 75              G885           W11805             W11855
• Double spigot design connected
                                                                                          Fascia Bracket           G886           W11806             W11856
   by the unique clips – completed
                                                                                          Jointing Clip            G887           W11807
   in minutes in any weather

 Saint-Gobain Soil
Cast Iron is renowned for its strength and robustness in resisting impact               and will not emit toxic fumes during a fire, providing greater security for
damage and mishandling on site. It is the perfect solution for car parks,               people within buildings.
shopping centres, schools, or areas liable to damage.                                   The surface mass and density of cast iron results in unquestionable superior
Cast Iron is often referred to as fit and forget material – impervious to               acoustic performance over UPVC and stainless steel. Installed using the
degradation by UV light and most mechanical damage, including aggressive                ductile iron bracket fitted with the acoustic dampener EF048AD, Ensign is
maintenance, and with a track record measured over 50 years.                            up to 10dB(A) quieter than any other system on the market (structure-borne
Cast Iron offers unrivalled longevity – ideal for the soil discharge stacks             noise measurement tested to BS EN 14366:2004) making it the ideal
and internal rainwater pipes which should be designed to last the lifetime              choice for hotels, apartments, flats, hospitals, etc or where plumbing noises
of the building.                                                                        should be inaudible. Cast iron systems require fewer fixing brackets than
                                                                                        other materials (see BS EN 12056 for guidelines).
Cast Iron is flame proof for 4 hours – acting as a barrier to flame expansion

 Ensign Soil
Ensign is the only system that fully meets the requirements of Product Standards BS EN 877 (Kitemark approved)
providing the complete drainage solution to building needs. Ensign systems are jointed by unique two-piece
ductile iron couplings, that are high performance, quick and easy to install.
• Product range 50mm to 600mm diameters
• Wide variety of couplings to suit any installation
         • Two-piece ductile iron with built-in electrical continuity
         • Steel couplings capable of >5Bar
• Pipes internally epoxy lined for superior chemical resistance and externally coated in red, acrylic anti-corrosive primer
• New acoustic brackets making Ensign the quietest system in Iron and over any other material
• New long tail radius curve branches with boss options
• Extensive range of connections to waste pipes, boss pipes, manifolds, blank ends, strap-on-boss etc.
• Ease of maintenance with an extensive range of access fitting options.
• Ensign is manufactured from up to 97% recycled materials and is virtually 100% recyclable.This added to
   its life expectancy makes Ensign one of the best sustainable drainage options.
                                           Ref       50mm      70mm           100mm            125mm          150mm           200mm         250mm        300mm
3m Pipe                                    EP000     W12000    W12001         W12002           W12003         W12004          W12005        W12006       W12007
Coupling 2 Piece Ductile                   EC002     W12010    W12011         W12012           W12013         W12014          W12015        W12016       W12017
Pipe Bracket Ductile/Steel                 EF048     W12020    W12021         W12022           W12311         W12023          W12024        W12300       W12301
Pipe Bracket Ductile + Acoustic Dampener   EF048AD   F71302    F71303         F71304                          F71305
88° Short Radius Bend                      EF002     W12030    W12031         W12032           W12033         W12034          W12035        W12036       W12037
88° Short Radius Door Back                 EF005               W12077         W12078                          W12079
88° Large Radius Bend                      EF02L                              W12072                          W12073
88° Large Radius Bend Door Back            EF05L                              W12080                          W12295
45° Single Branch Equal                    EF006     W12115    W12117         W12120           W12123         W12127          W12130        W12131       W12132
88° Single Branch Radius Equal             EF06R               W12135         W12138                          W12140          W12142
88° Single Branch Radius Door Back Equal   EF07R               W12145         W12148                          W12150
88° Double Branch Radius Equal             EF10R                              W12160
88° Corner Branch Equal                    EF035                              W12164
Access Pipe Oval Door                      EF014     W12166    W12167         W12168                          W12169
Access Pipe Rect Door                      EF015                              W12170           W12171         W12172          W12173        W12174       W12175
Taper Pipe x 50                            EF028               W12181         W12182           W12184         W12187
Taper Pipe x 100                           EF028                                               W12186         W12189          W12191        W12194
P Trap with Access                         EF037     W12201    W12202         W12203                          W12204
Blank End plain                            EF070     W12215    W12216         W12217           W12218         W12219          W12220        W12221       W12222
Boss Pipe 1 x 50 Compression               EF090     W12230    W12231         W12232                          W12233
Boss Pipe 2 x 50 Opposed Comp.             EF091                              W12234
Multi Waste Manifold                       EF094                              W12236                          W12237
Stack Support Pipe                         EF050               W12240         W12241           W12242         W12243          W12244                     W12258
Stack Support Bracket                      EF051               W12250         W12251           W12252         W12253          W12254

62    Above Ground Cast Iron
                                         Above Ground Cast Iron

 Ensign Soil EEZI-FIT Push Fit Range
A push-fit range of socketed                                                                                                 Ref              Standard
fittings and coupling (to                                                                                                                     100mm
BS EN877) that is compatible                                                   Coupling                                      EZ001            W12580
                                                                               88° Short Radius Bend                         EZ002            W12581
with all products within the
                                                                               45° Short Radius Bend                         EZ002            W12582
existing Ensign range.                                                         88° Short Radius Door Back                    EZ005            W12583
• NEW 100x88 LR Bends plain                                                    45° Single Branch                             EZ006            W12585
    and door back                                                              88° Single Branch Radius                      EZ06R            W12584
• NEW 150mm range now                                                          88° Single Branch                             EZ07R            W12586
    available                                                                  88° Double Branch Radius                      EZ010R           W12587
• Combines all the benefits of                                                 Boss Pipe 1 x 50 Compression                  EZ090            W12588
    cast iron with the simplicity                                              Boss Pipe 2 x 50 Opposed Comp.                EZ091            W12589
    of push-fit assembly – giving                                              Boss Pipe 2 x 50 90°                          EZ092            W12590
    further labour saving                                                      Boss Pipe 3 x 50                              EZ093            W12591
    opportunities                                                              Manifold Connector                            EZ094            W12592
• New gasket design that makes the joint simple to install and                 Bag of Gasket Seals (10 qty)                                   W12593
    completed in seconds                                                       Bag of Grommets for Boss                                       W12595
• Range connects to standard Ensign double spigot pipe                         Connection (10 qty)
• The system and coupling is designed for sanitary gravity                     Continuity Clips (bag of 30)                                   W12594
    0.5 bar performance but has been tested to 2 bar suitably restrained       51mm Hole Saw for Boss                                         W12596
• Product range of 100mm diameter push-fit fittings and coupling               Lubricant for Push-fit Joint 0.5kg                             W12597
• Fittings and couplings coated red epoxy as standard Ensign

 Timesaver Soil BS416
The Timesaver system was first launched in 1973 for use on above ground soil and ventilating
installations and has since been awarded BS416 part 2.

Many prestigious commercial buildings built from the 1970’s to mid 1990’s are serviced by
Timesaver cast iron soil stacks making it the most suitable choice for refurbishment work.

• Product range 50mm to 150mm diameter
• Ductile iron couplings
• Pipes internally epoxy coated for superior chemical resistance and externally coated in a black
  alkyd water based primer
• Traditional British Standard fittings – extensive range of access fittings

                                       Ref               50mm                      75mm                             100mm                    150mm
3m Pipe                                GT00              F72003                    F72040                           F72095                   F72160
Coupling                               GT01              F72005                    F72055                           F72115                   F72165
Pipe Bracket Ductile                   GT48              F72051                    F72083                           F72123                   F72173
87.5° Short Radius Bend                GT02              F72015                    F72065                           F72125                   F72175
45° Short Radius Bend                  GT02              F72019                    F72064                           F72159                   F72179
87.5° Short Radius Rear Access         GT03              F72020                    F72070                           F72130                   F75506
87.5° Large Radius Bend                GT02L                                       F72056                           F75449                   F72166
87.5° Large Radius Bend Rear Access    GT03L                                       F72059                           F72126                   F72171
45° Single Branch                      GT06              F72009                    F72073                           F75462                   F75512
87.5° Single Branch                    GT06              F72007                    F72067                           F72136                   F72177
87.5° Single Branch Rear Access        GT07              F72011                    F72071                           F72330                   F72220
87.5° Single Branch RH Access          GT08                                                                         F75478
87.5° Single Branch LH Access          GT09                                                                         F75479
87.5° Double Branch Access             GT11                                                                         F72358
87.5° Double Branch                    GT10                                        F72081                           F72344                   F72237
Access Pipe Oval Door                  GT14                                        F72080                           F72140                   F72278
Taper Pipe x 50                        GT28                                        F72310                           F72372
Taper Pipe x 100                       GT28                                                                                                  F72260
P Trap with Access                     GT37              F72021                    F75402                           F72132
Blank End Plain                        GT70              F72038                    F72313                           F72379                   F72270
Strap on Boss                          GT133                                                                        F76873
Single Boss Pipe                       GT106                                       F76802                           F76852                   W11773
Double Boss Pipe                       GT109                                                                        F72397                   F76855

                                                                                                                                   Above Ground Cast Iron 63
                                   Above Ground Cast Iron

 Timesaver Heritage Couplings                                            Tools to complete your project
Timesaver Heritage Couplings Timesaver Heritage push-fit couplings
provide the traditional appearance of a spigot and socket system to
BS416 part 1.
• The perfect solution for external soil stacks on listed buildings or
   properties in conservation areas
• Quick and simple to install compared to the caulked method
• Supplied in the traditional black colour

                                                                         Center Carpenters Pencil 3 Pack                   N31591
                                                                         Center 8m Tape Measure                            N40031
                                                                         Center 8 Piece Screwdriver Set                    N40040
                                                                         Makita 9554NBKD 240v 710W Angle Grinder           N37141
                                                                         Makita 9554NBKD 110v 710W Angle Grinder           N37140
                                                                         Center 115 x 22.2 Metal Abrasive Cutting Disc     N30647
                                                                         Center 1200mm Spirit Level                        N40035
                           Ref         50mm         75mm        100mm
                                                                         Center CE approved Safety Goggles - direct vent   N58411
Eared push-fit coupling    GT05E       F72181       F76876      F72184
                                                                         Center CE approved 2 prs foam ear plugs           N58410
Plain push-fit coupling    GT05P       F72180       F76875      F72183
                                                                         Center 51mm Holesaw                               N30544
Slip push-fit coupling     GT05S       F72182       F76877      F72185
                                                                         Center Roof and Gutter Sealant                    N37674
Spacer Plate               GT05E       F72186       F76878      F72187
                                                                         Center 6 x 20 Gutter Bolts                        H47779
6ft pipe                   GT00                     F76874      F72041
                                                                         Center HSS 8.0mm x 1                              N30582
                                                                         Chisel Nails - 1kg                                F80857
                                                                         SGB Youngman 1200 2 Section 3.66m Ladder          H02535
     FREE Take-Off Service                                               Zinc Rich Primer 5 Litre                          N52633
                                                                         Black Gloss 5 Litre                               N35150
     Saint-Gobain PAM UK offers a comprehensive technical                Black Bitumen Tar 5 Litre                         U83876
                                                                         Kestrel 2" Brush                                  H67306
     advisory service. The technical team can provide the                Kestrel 4" Brush                                  H67315
     customer with a complete CAD drawing, design, and                   Saint-Gobain Gutter Jointing Kit (20 joints)      W11667
     take-off, detailing the bill of materials for the Classical
     gutters and downpipes in cast iron.
                                                                                     THE ONLINE DESTINATION FOR
     A take-off service is also provided for the Ensign and                              DRAINAGE SOLUTIONS
     Timesaver ranges for above and below ground drainage
     Contact your local Drain Center for details                         www.draincenter.co.uk
64     Above Ground Cast Iron