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Enormous Probabilities of Jute

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       Jute has been an integral part of Bengali culture for centuries, which is shared by both
Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Jute was called the "Golden Fibre of Bangladesh",
when it used to bring major portion of the foreign currency reserve for Bangladesh. But, as
the use of polythene and other synthetic materials as a substitute for jute started to capture the
market, most economists said that jute industry is experiencing a decline.

       In this project the selected products are Jute made Fashion Accessories like Jute bags,
shoes, dresses and ornaments. Jute Accessories are now popular throughout the world. Jute &
jute-based products are put to a wide range of uses. Bangladesh export jute products in many
foreign countries. Uses of jute products are spacious & eco-friendly. Jute is very important to
the economy of Bangladesh. It is a leading cash crop and still a major source of foreign
exchange. There are many types of jute inventions that produced in Bangladesh. Jute bags,
shoes, dresses and other fashion items come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes and are
very popular in different countries like France, Europe, Canada, USA etc.

       The main focus of our projects is on fancy items of jute product. We have selected
fancy items because it can create large appeal in the local and foreign market. These products
are not that much available everywhere and again it differs from the traditional items. So our
objective is to develop a “New Brand” for the environment friendly jute products in Europe
to create a unique brand position in the consumer‟s mind and to create enormous demand for


       The preliminary information required for the initial stage of the project was gathered
through our Brand Management Text “Strategic Brand Management” by Kevin Lane Keller
and “Strategic Brand Management” by Jean- Noel Kapferer.

       The secondary data collected for enhancing the project was through browsing the
website of some articles related to the Europe market demand for jute products and some
articles related to building a new brand.
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       We can sum up by saying that our primary data was collected through our learning
from the Brand Management Course (MKT 465) and from our text and the secondary data
through browsing websites.


       Due to the lack of previous experience of developing and positioning a new brand and
       about the accurate scenario of the demand for jute product in Europe Market, it was
       difficult for us to collect valid data and to use our learning in a proper way while
       doing the project.
       Lack of time is a barrier. If we have got more time, we would be able to present a
       more detailed report.


   We are going to build a new brand for an environment friendly product produced from
natural fiber of Jute which will be marketed for European market. We will follow sequential
steps for developing a new brand, where each step is dependent on successfully achieving the
previous step. These steps are –

       Ensure identification of the brand with customers and an association of the brand in
       customers‟ minds with a specific product class or customer need.
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       Firmly establish the totality of brand meaning in the minds of customers by
       strategically linking and host of tangible and intangible brand associations with
       certain properties.
       Elicit the proper customer responses to this brand identification and brand meaning.
       Convert brand response to create an intense, active loyalty relationship between
       customers and the brand.

Our Product:

       We have decided that we will produce fashion accessories which will be made from
Jute fiber. Our products will include jewelry, handbags, hats, belts, and even clothes.


   Jute is a long and soft vegetable fiber that can be spun in order to create threads that are
strong and course. Jute is produced from plants in the family of Tiliacea in the genus
Corchorus. This is one of the cheapest available natural fibers, and is second to cotton in
terms of how popular its use is, and how inexpensive it is to produce. First of all, this material
is strong and sturdy, meaning it can withstand a lot of abuse without breaking down as many
natural materials do. Secondly, because jute is environmentally friendly and this is right on
par with the eco-friendly approach. The utilization of dual fabrics, Jute handbags are now
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being combined with cotton, another natural material, together the combinations of colors and
styles are endless. With new designs and styles being created on a regular basis, the designers
are in heaven there is no limit to the attractiveness of Jute. They not only make a
environmentally friendly fashion statement, but they make incredible eco-friendly gifts.


   Based on our product characteristics we can say that we are in the business of Eco-
Fashion. Simply put, the term “eco-fashion” refers to stylized clothing that uses
environmentally sensitive fabrics and responsible production techniques. The nonprofit
Sustainable Technology Education Project (STEP) defines eco-fashions as clothes “that take
into account the environment, the health of consumers and the working conditions of people
in the fashion industry.”

   Clothes and accessories that meet such criteria are usually made using organic raw
materials, such as cotton or jute, or re-used materials such as recycled plastic from old soda
bottles. Eco-fashions don't involve the use of harmful chemicals and bleaches to color fabrics.

Brand Development: Now we will develop our brand in step by step process.


   Environment friendly products

   Brand Elements:

   In this initial stage we are going to select the brand elements to making up the identities
of our brand. The name, logo and slogan of our brand is given bellow -

       Brand Name: GAIA
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       Explanation: The brand name is fundamentally important choice because it often
captures the central theme or key association of a product in a very compact way. Brand
name is very important for brand awareness and association. For selecting our brand‟s name
we have followed the “Classical” categorization from Landor‟s Brand Name Taxonomy.

The Gaia (pronounced /geɪə or gaɪə/) is the primal Greek goddess personifying the Earth.

This name reflects the vision of the brand which is environment friendly or eco friendly or
friendly to earth. It shows the bonding between this brand‟s products and the earth herself.

       Color: Green

       Explanation: Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye
and is second only to blue as a favorite color. Green is the pervasive color in the natural
world and we are so used to seeing it everywhere. The natural greens, from forest to lime, are
seen as tranquil and refreshing, with a natural balance of cool and warm undertones. Green is
considered the color of peace and ecology. The green not only goes with the nature part but
also with friendliness part of the brand vision.


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        Explanation: Although the brand name typically is the central element of the brand,
visual brand elements often play a critical role in building equity, especially in terms of brand
awareness. Our logo is a green world with green leafs growing from it. The green earth
represents the environment and leafs growing on it represents the eco-friendliness.

       Slogan: Be Glamorous, Through Nature‟s Way

              Be Glamorous, Through Nature’s Way!
               Explanation: Slogans are short phrases that communicate descriptive or
persuasive information about the brand. Our brand‟s slogan combines both fashion and
nature. This slogan fits perfectly with our products and brands vision. The “Be glamorous”
part means that by using or wearing our products can get fascinating, sensational, attractive
and attractive look. The “Nature‟s way” part means that this glamour is not artificial, it is
pure, it is natural. So “Be Glamorous, Through Nature‟s Way” conveys the message that our
products will make anyone glamorous in a naturally pure way.

Criteria of brand elements:

       In general there are six criteria in choosing brand elements. These six criteria can be
divided into two categories, one brand building and another defensive. Our brand elements
fulfills all the criteria which have explained bellow –

   Brand Building criteria:

       Memorable: “Gaia” is a small word, can be pronounced easily and it famously
       recognized as it is in the Greek mythology as a name of goddess who personify the
       earth. Our logo is the earth which is also a common thing that can be recognized
       easily by everyone. The color of our brand is green and we are so used to seeing it
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       Meaningful: We have already explained how our brand‟s name and logo signify the
       “Environment friendly” which is our brand‟s vision. On the other hand our slogan
       combines the eco-friendly theme with glamour and signifies the Eco-fashion.
       Likable: Our brand elements are rich in visual & verbal imagery and also fun &
       interesting. Our brand focuses on the two most hyped things at this moment in the
       world, especially in the Europe. These are environment or eco consciousness and
       fashion. So our brand elements are easily likable by the people.


       Transferable: Our brand does not only focus on the jute fiber products. Our brand
        focuses over all eco-friendliness and also fashion glamour. So we will be able to
        easily introduce new eco-fashion products which are not made from jute, like corn
        based products. We can also introduce naturally made perfumes as it is a part of eco-
        friendliness and fashion glamour. On the other hand our brand elements can be
        transferred across geographic boundaries as eco-friendliness and fashion glamour
        have become global words.
       Adaptability: In fashion market design can be changed easily to meet consumer
       changing tastes. And with as new technology and methods develops we will be able to
       adapt those to create better eco-friendly glamour products.
       Protectable: Like “Nike” which is also a name of Greek Goddess, we can also
       register our brand name “GAIA” to protect it.

Core Brand Values:

       Core brand values are those set of abstract associations that characterize the most
important aspects or dimensions of a brand. We want build our core values for “GAIA” as
follows –
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Brand Mantra:

       Brand Mantra defines what a brand represents. It is highly related to branding
concepts such as “brand essence” or “core brand promise”. A brand mantra is an articulation
of the “heart and soul” of the brand.

Our brand mantra is defined below –

       Emotional Modifier: Glamorous
       Descriptive Modifier: Fashion
       Brand Functions: Eco-friendly
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So the brand mantra for our “GAIA” brand is – Eco-friendly Fashion or Eco-fashion with
glamorous experience.

Brand Building Blocks:

       Creating the right identity, brand meaning, brand responses and brand relationship
requires a structural step by step process. For building our brand we will follow Customer-
Based Equity pyramid structure (CBBE).


   Achieving the right brand identity involves creating the brand salience. Brand salience is
the aspects related with the awareness of the brand. It is the identity of the brand, how easily
the brand recall or recognition under different condition will be established in the stage of
salience. Our brand “GAIA” stands for glamorous eco-fashion.

Depth of Awareness: A brand that can be easily recalled has a deeper level of brand
awareness. In case of GAIA, the name short & attractive, the earth logo is a common picture
in our mind and the color green most familiar color as we see it every were. So “GAIA” has
good depth of awareness.
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Breadth of Awareness: It is the range of purchase and usage situations in which the brand
elements come to our mind. Whenever consumers will consider eco-friendly or naturally or
environmental friendly products, or about fashion products, or whenever consumers will want
glamour for their fashion products, GAIA will come to their mind. So again GAIA has a good
level of breadth in awareness.


   Brand performance relates to the ways in which the product or service attempt to meet
customers more functional need. So, brand performance refers to the intrinsic properties of
the brand in terms of inherent product or service characteristics.

       Primary Ingredients: Jute fiber which is a versatile, eco-friendly, recyclable and
       economical fiber. It is also often blended with other natural fabrics like cotton.
       Supplementary Features: Secondary elements – color and design of the products
       Product Reliability: There will be consistency of performance over time and from
       purchase to purchase.
       Product Durability: This material is strong and sturdy, meaning it can withstand a lot
       of abuse without breaking down as many natural materials do.
       Effectiveness: The unique designs with natural fiber will satisfy eco and fashion
       conscious consumers.
       Efficiency: It can be used on every occasion and everywhere in accordance with need.
       Empathy: The designs and the usage of natural fibers will be up to date with time &
       consumers‟ need.
       Style & Design: The product will include attractive shape, size and color which will
       be designed by famous designer in the world of fashion.
       Price: Price would be set to convey cost effectiveness of the natural elements.
   Brand Imagery:

   Brand imagery deals with extrinsic properties of the product or service, including the
ways in which the brand attempts to meet customers‟ psychological or social needs. It is how
people think about the brand abstractly, rather than what they think about the brand actually
does. Thus imagery refers to more intangible aspects of the brand.

       User Profile:
                                                                                        P a g e | 11

       Demographic factors:

        Gender: For both Men & Women
        Age: Adults
        Class: Middle and Upper-middle class

       Psychographics factors: Concern about Environment

       Purchase & Usage situation:

        Time of purchase: Fashion products are purchased when a new trend or
           collections comes to the market. Like summer, spring or fall collections.
        Context of use: These fashion accessories can be used in formal or informal
           situations or inside home or outside home.
       Personality & Value:

       GAIA‟s personality will include - Eco-friendly, Fun, Colorful, Edgy, Loud, Slamming
and Hyper-cool. Characters represent a special type of brand symbol that play a central role
in ad campaigns and package designs. The Eco-friendly character of our brand “GAIA”
covey it‟s caring role for environment, nature and overall earth. Other characters which are
Edgy, Loud, Slamming and Hyper-cool will shout the message that eco can be glamorous.
Our brand will be a part of the consumers‟ daily life; the Fun, Colorful character will make it
enjoyable which is important for fashion.

   Brand Judgment:

   It focuses on customers‟ personal opinions and evaluations with regard to the brand.
Brand judgments involve how customers put together all the different performance and
imagery associations of the brand to form different kind of opinions. Customers usually judge
a brand in terms of quality, credibility, consideration and superiority of the brand.

       Brand Quality: As our products will be made from the finest quality jut which grows
       in Bangladesh, so will promote this to increase the perceived brand quality.
       Brand Credibility: We will build our credibility by producing high quality fashionable
       products with the assistance of world famous designers.
                                                                                    P a g e | 12

       Brand Consideration: The brand is deeply related with nature and fashion, so it will
       be able to achieve perceived relevance from consumers who are both nature & fashion
       Brand Superiority: Through unique design, finest quality and the assistance of world
       famous designers, we attain brand superiority.

   Brand Feelings:

   Brand feelings are customers‟ emotional response and reaction with respect to the brand.
It also relate to the social currency evoked by the brand. These filings can be mild or intense
and can be positive or negative.

       Warmth: As this brand is eco-friendly so consumer will feel soothing types of
       feelings; the brand would make consumers feel a sense of calm, peacefulness.
       Fun: Fun & colorful is the personality and value of the brand which will fill the
       consumers mind with joy.
       Excited: This brand would provide a different form of feelings; the brand would make
       consumer feel that they are experiencing something special. It would result in
       consumer‟s feelings a sense of elation of being bond with nature.
       Security: GAIA will provide self assurance, safety and comfort to the customers.
       Social Approval: GAIA is a brand which speaks for nature, so it will create
       favorability for this brand and its consumers in the society.
       Self respect: Being not only a part of nature but also glamorous through GAIA,
       consumers will feel better about themselves.

   Brand Resonance:
   Brand resonance is the last step of the CBBE model and it refers to the nature of the
relationship and the extent to which customers feels that they are „in sync‟ with the brand.
       Behavioral loyalty: We will achieve behavioral loyalty through our Products and
       integrated marketing communication. We will try to provide full satisfaction with our
       unique design and finest quality products.
       Attitudinal attachment: Customers are projected to love the brand. It will not only
       support their love for environment but also will give them glamour. GAIA will be a
       part of the consumers‟ daily life.
                                                                                   P a g e | 13

        Active engagement: We will keep consumers in active engagement through Eco-
        fashion websites, Eco-fashion blogs, Eco-fashion magazines, Eco-fashion shows,
        seminar about Eco-fashion and so on.

Brand Positioning:

        Brand positioning is the act of designing the company‟s offer and image so that it
occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer‟s minds. It refers to differentiate
the brands‟ product or service from that of competitors to gain competitive advantage. This is
some distinctive words that bring all together of the strength of the brand, differentiate the
brand. Positioning is the development of a perception of a brand such that it occupies a
distinctive niche in relation to competitors. Thus it might be seen to have a high rating in
terms of quality, reliability and status.

        For our brand GAIA we aim to give eco glamour legs, a fabulous look and a
slamming attitude that stops traffic and shouts the message: eco can be edgy, loud, fun,
playful, and hyper-cool. So our brand will be positioned as glamorous eco-fashion
accessories with finest quality.

    Target Market:
    GAIA will be targeted towards those customers who have following factors -

        Demographic factors:

         Gender: For both Men & Women
         Age: Adults
         Class: Middle and Upper-middle class

        Psychographics factors: Concern about Environment


    In the Eco-fashion market there many brands against whom we have to compete. So it
would be tough competition. Some of our direct and indirect the competitors are – Vuori,
aGaiN NYC, Cheeky Monkey Jewelry, Anna Cohen, Annatarian, Blue Canoe, EcoSkin,
Ecoist, Ekologic, Faith Hats – Womens, Good Society, Grace & Cello, GreenOne and so on.
                                                                                   P a g e | 14

   Competitive frame of reference:
 A starting point in defining a competitive frame of reference for a brand positioning is
determining category membership.

       Category membership: “Eco-Fashion accessories”.

Procedures that would be used to establish category membership:

       Communicating category benefits: To reassure consumers that a brand will deliver on
       the fundamental reason for using a category, benefits are frequently used to announce
       category membership. The category benefits are – finest quality jute fiber, blending
       with other natural fibers, unique design, durable, glamorous and so on.
       Using product descriptor: GAIA is a brand of Eco-fashion accessories which provide
       glamour through nature‟s way

   Point of Parity (POP)

   POP are those associations that are not necessarily unique to the brand but may in fact be
shared with the brand. Two ways POP is comes, one is category POP, and these are
associations that consumers view as being necessary to be a legitimate and credible offering
within a certain product or service category. The other one is competitive POP and these are
associations that designate to negate competitors POD.

For GAIA the POPs are:

       Category POPs: It includes environment friendly products in fashion accessories
       Competitive POPs: its products are finest quality, combines glamour with eco and has
       fabulous look and a slamming attitude with the unique designs products.

   Point of Difference (POD)

       POD is strong, favorable and unique brand associations for a brand and is considered
in the mind of consumers. They may be based on virtually any type of attribute or benefit
                                                                                    P a g e | 15

association. These POD are attributes or benefit association with a brand, positively evaluate
and believe that they could not find to the same extend with a competitive brand.

The PODs for GAIA are:

         The unique Personality
         The unique positioning in consumer‟s mind
         Its unique emotional promises to provide glamour through nature‟s way
         It‟s Logo & Slogan
         The finest quality of the product

The Strategies:

   Product Strategy:

   The product itself is at the heart of brand equity because it is the primary influence on
what consumers experience with a brand, what they hear about a brand from others and the
firm can tell customers about the brand in their communication. Our product strategy would
be- “GAIA” is an environment friendly fashion accessories product which provides glamour
to the customer through its unique designs, finest quality and fabulous personality of the

   Pricing Strategy:

   For our brand GAIA, we will set the price in the competitive range where we will target
middle to upper middle class people. Our main focus will be value pricing as one of our
target association is cost-effectiveness. Our products will designed by European fashioner

   Promotion Strategy:
                                                                                   P a g e | 16

   GAIA would carry a differentiated integrated marketing communication (IMC) program
for the establishment of this brand.

   Place Strategy:

   GAIA products will sell in the Europe market through online shops and different fashion
stores. We will also take orders from our websites. So the placing strategy is mixed of direct
and indirect channels.

Integrated Marketing Communication Program:

       Thorough our communication we will mention the advantage of country of origin
which is the finest quality jute production in Bangladesh. We will not focus that the fashion
products are made in Bangladesh rather we will focus that the fashion products are made
from the finest jute which grows in Bangladesh. For communicating with the consumers
GAIA would follow the following communication programs:

   Advertising & Promotion:
       We will organize Eco-fashion shows to advertise our products.
       We will provide our advertising through fashion web site, fashion blogs, internet
       fashion communities and pop ups.
       Occasionally we will hire famous designers to design our products like - Linda
       Loudermilk, Aysia Wright, Bahar Shahpar and so on to get publicity and promote our
       We will also hire famous Hollywood actor/actress as our brand ambassador.
       We will participate in trade with our eco-fashion accessories.
   Event Marketing and sponsorship:

   GAIA will sponsor different famous TV shows where GAIA will provide fashion
accessories. GAIA will also organize seminar to encourage eco-fashion trends.
                                                                                    P a g e | 17

   Public relation and publicity

   To get publicity and increase public relation GAIA will support activities to keep the
environment clean and will also support to create a strong community with those people who
are aware of the environment. This will create belongingness among the eco conscious people
and who likes eco-fashion.

   Another important way that would help the brand to communicate with its potential
customer is the Word of Mouth. It is not totally under the control of the company but the
quality of the product and the value of the brand would help to spread in the community.
GAIA employees would be highly encouraged to talk about the product in the market and
create a vibe for word of mouth.


   Creating a strong brand is not a work of a day. It would be continuous effort from not
only the brand team or the marketing unit of the organization. Value of the brand must be
first created among the employees and they must have the pride on the product.

   GAIA will be known to have passion for ecological sustainability and nature, its fashion
products‟ design will capture the moods and actions of nature that will allow the human body
and spirit to reaffirm deep connections to the natural world. The Eco-fashion accessories will
inherently bring up universal connectedness and responsibility to take care of the earth.

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