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To promote the production, sale and use of superior
ornamental plants
                            Prepared by
                           Dr. Teri Hamlin
                   Georgia Department of Education
 Add interest to the landscape
     Seasonal Color
     Foliage Texture and Form
 Hardy
     Temperature
     Drought
     Insect & Disease
 Easy to maintain
Dwarf Fothergilla
                     Height: 3’
                     Width: 3’
                     Fragrant:
                      Honey smelling
                      spring blooms
                      and fall color

                     Semi-sun
                     Varieties :
                          Mt. Airy
Annabelle Hydrangea
   Deciduous shrub
   5’ High & 5’ Wide
   Large White Blooms
   Shade Plant
   Plant 6’ apart
   Few pest problems
 Height: 4-8’
 Width: 4-6’
 Spicy Fragrant: July
 Full sun to shade
               Height: 4-10’, Width: 3-8’
               Heat & Cold Hardy, Drought
               Evergreen Witchhazel Family
               mid-spring blooms Purple
               Sun to Shade
               Varieties : Plum Delight, Razzle
                Dazzle, Hines Purpleleaf,
    Bottlebrush Buckeye
 Native Deciduous shrub
 Height: 8-10’
 Width: 8-10’
 June blooms, Fall color
 Dabbled shade
 Pest Free, Deer Resistant
Lenten Rose
(Helleborus orientalis)

 Tough as nails
  groundcover plant
  reaching 12-18 inches
  tall with 12- to 15-inch
 Blooming mid-winter,
  flowering can last up to
  10 weeks.
 Blooms are white, pink,
  plum, green, magenta
  and pastel shades in
Oakleaf Hydrangea
 Deciduous Shrub
 Height: 4 - 6’
 Width: 5 - 8’
 June Blooms, Fall
 Morning Sun -
  Afternoon Shade
 Varieties : Snow
  Queen, Alice
                   Deciduous shrub
                   Height: 7-10’
                   Width: 7-10’
                   March - April Blooms,
                   Fall Foliage Color
                   Full Sun to Part Shade
Mohawk Viburnum
 Native evergreen shrub
 6-8 feet tall and equally
  as wide
 Birds love the black
  berry-like fruit in late fall
  hanging on until spring
 Tolerates poorly
  drained soils very well
 Cultivars include 'Nigra,'
  'Georgia Wine,'
  'Compacta,' and 'UGA.'
     Height: 3-5’
     Width: 4-5’
     Fall Berries
     Full Sun to part
Crape Myrtle
 Height: 3-20’
 Width: 3-15’
 July - August         flowers,
  bark, foliage
 Sun
 Varieties :disease resistant
       Natchez, Muskogee,
        Yuma, Lipan, Tonto,
        Powhata, Sioux
Sioux                  Tonto

Athena Elm
              Deciduous shade tree
               reaching 35 feet tall and 50
               feet wide
              Resistant to Dutch elm
               disease with no serious
               insect or disease problems.
              Excellent shade tree for the
               home landscape
              In winter, attractive mottled
               bark is apparent (mix of
               orange, brown and gray).
              Best in full sun with well-
               drained soil; water weekly for
                two months.
Trident Maple
        Height: 15-25’
        Width: 10-20’
        Multi stem trunk
        Sun- Semi sun
        Form and Fall Foliage
American Yellowwood
                 Height: 30-50’
                 Width: 40-50’
                 Bright Yellow in
                  Fall, Fragrant
                  flowers in spring-
                  early summer
                 Sun-part shade
                 Varieties: Rosea,
Little Gem Magnolia
                Evergreen Tree 20’
                 tall and 10’ wide
  Height: 15-25’
  Width: 20-25’
  Early Spring Blooms
  Sun- Semi sun
  Varieties :
       Oklahoma: Glossy leathery
        leaves, rose flower
       Forest pansy:purple leaves
       Silver Cloud: variegated leaves
       Texas White: White flowers
Vitex Chaste Tree
                Height: 8-10’
                Width: 8-10’
                May - July Blooms
                Sun to Part Shade
                Varieties : Latifolia,
                Heat & Drought
Yoshino Japanese Cedar
                Dense, evergreen tree
                 growing 50-60 feet with
                 spread of 20-30 feet.
                'Yoshino' cultivar
                 selected for cold
                Excellent alternative to
                 Leyland cypress
                Shade tolerant
Verbena 'Homestead Purple'
(Verbena canadensis 'Homestead Purple')

                           Annual spreading to 18
                            inches, forming colorful
                            ground cover.
                           Sold as an annual but will
                            overwinter in many parts of
                           Combines rich purple
                            flowers, early blooming,
                            persistent flowering and
                            superior performance.
Dianthus 'Bath's Pink'
(Dianthus gratianopolitans 'Bath's Pink')

 Herbaceous perennial ideal
  for sunny locations.
 Named for Jane Bath of
  Stone Mountain, Georgia,
  who discovered it.
 Plant 12-18 inches apart;
  nice and full within two to
  three seasons.
 Gray/green foliage about 4-6
  inches high.
New Gold Lantana
(Lantana camara 'New Gold')

                         Classified as a summer
                          annual, but it will overwinter
                          if provided some protection.
                         Grows vigorously, spreading
                          out along the ground forming
                          a dense, green mat with gold
                         About 2 feet high and
                          spreading 2-3 feet in all
                          directions. Can handle
                          extreme heat and drought
Blue Anise Sage
(Salvia guaranitica)

 Hardy perennial throughout
  Georgia providing flowers
  from mid-May to October.
 Grows upright 4-5 feet with
  spread of 2-4 feet.
 Deep blue tubular flowers
  throughout the growing
  season; mature plants can
  have thousands.
 Butterflies and
  hummingbirds love blue
  anise sage. Durable and
Purple Wave Petunia
(Petunia sp.)

                       Vigorous summer annual;
                        single plant may cover 4
                        square feet.
                       Forms a dense mat about 6
                        inches high; not leggy like
                        other petunias.
                       Flowers are a rose-purple
                        and continually replace one
                       Durable and heat tolerant.
Wild Indigo
(Baptisia spp.)

 Herbaceous perennial
  growing 5 feet high with
  equal spread.
 Native plant, tolerating
  summer heat, winter cold,
  poor soils and drought.
 Flowers resemble that of
  garden pea; color varies --
  deep blue to creamy yellow
  to pure white.
Blue Fan Flower
(Scaevola aemula 'New Wonder')

                         Annual flower spreading to a
                          15-inch mat of vine-like
                         Plant height may reach 4-6
                          inches; leaves are small and
                         Foliage covered with dime-
                          sized blue and white fan-like
Three-Lobed Coneflower
(Rudbeckia triloba)

 Three-lobed coneflower is a
  hardy perennial growing up
  to 36 inches.
 Starts blooming in early
  August and continues
  through September.
 Drought, heat and pest
  tolerant; well-adapted to
  poor soils, requiring little
Japanese Aster
(Kalimeris pinnatifida)

                           Herbaceous perennial
                            growing to 2 feet high with
                            equal spread.
                           Tough, durable plant with
                            long bloom period (May-
                           Pure white, double, daisy-
                            like flowers are about 1 inch
                            across with yellow stamins.
                           Full sun preferred but will
                            adapt to light shade.
Nova Pentas
(Pentas lanceolata 'Nova')

                              Summer annual spreading to
                               15 inches wide and 21/2 feet
                              Available in red, white,
                               lavender and pink; 'Nova'
                               variety singled out as
                              Starts blooming early and
                               blooms all summer
                              Attracts butterflies and
                               hummingbirds; single plant
                               may have 10-15 clusters of
Lenten Rose
(Helleborus orientalis)

 Tough as nails" perennial
  plant reaching 12-18 inches
  tall with 12- to 15-inch
 Blooming mid-winter,
  flowering can last up to 10
 Blooms are white, pink,
  plum, green, magenta and
  pastel shades in between.
Sun-Loving Coleus

                     Summer annual growing to
                      18-36 inches high with equal
                     Most gardeners know the
                      shade coleus, but full-sun
                      plants are now available.
                     Leaf colors are brilliant,
                      ranging from crimson to
                      chartreuse to orange.
                     They do well as bedding
                      plants, hanging baskets and
Robert Poore Phlox
(Phlox paniculata)

 Herbaceous perennials
  growing to 3-4 feet high
  in clumps 2-3 feet in
 'Robert Poore' --
 deep purple flowers
 'David' -- bright white
  flowers with long bloom.
Ornamental Sweet Potato
(Ipomoea batatas)

                           Summer annual with trailing,
                            vine-like growth 12 inches
                            high, spreading up to 10-12
                            feet. Two main types:
                                      Blackie -- dark
                                       purple, almost
                                       black foliage
                                      Margarita --
                                       chartreuse foliage
                           Trailing growth habit;
                            excellent heat tolerance.
Lady in Red Salvia
(Salvia coccinea)

 Reseeding summer annual
  growing to 2-2.5 feet tall and
 Lady in Red reseeds
  prolifically; seeds can be
  collected in fall and planted
  the following spring.
 Low maintenance, requiring
  little dead-heading; old
  flower stalks replaced by
   new ones.
Blue Mist Bluebeard
(Caryopteris x clandonensis)

                          Herbaceous perennial
                           growing to 3-4 feet tall and
                          Great transition plant for late
                           summer and early fall; bears
                           clusters of 1-2" sky blue
                          Blue flowers complement
                           yellow daisies, orange
                           marigolds and other early fall
                          Excellent drought tolerance
                           and good deer resistance.
Miss Huff Lantana
(Lantana camara 'Miss Huff')

                Full Sun
                "tough as nails,"
                 blooming continuously
                 spring until fall frost
                5 to 6 feet tall & 8’ wide
                Heat, Drought & Deer
                Attracts Butterflies

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