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									         Pastor’s Message                  are losing their jobs. Perhaps we also
                                           have similar feelings toward the
    The People You Love to Hate            aggressive loan officers who convinced
                                           people with poor credit ratings to take
How many times have I heard these
                                           out mortgages. But have we thought
sentiments: “Pastor, I just can’t bring
                                           about those who demanded that loans be
myself to forgive him for what he did to
                                           available to them, though they were not
me,” “Forgiveness is one thing,
                                           good credit risks?
forgetting is another,” “I’ll never
forgive her,” “I hope he gets what’s       Perhaps we also love to hate those who
coming to him!”                            in hopelessness of their situation are
                                           driven to violence. We may also think
Though these statements might be
                                           of those who find ways to take
understandable, when we consider the
                                           advantage of vulnerable people, either
particular circumstances, they don’t
                                           financially, emotionally, mentally, or
sound much like Jesus, the One we
                                           physically. It is easy to work up feelings
follow. Jesus said things like: “Love
                                           of ill will toward them.
your enemies, and pray for those who
persecute you.” “I do not say that you     All of this stems from an easy move
must forgive seven times, but seventy      where we take places as judges over
times seven.” “Whoever is forgiven         others. But Jesus said, “Judge not, lest
little, loves little.” “Turn the other     you be judged.” There are a multitude
cheek.”                                    of reasons he said that – good reasons
                                           why we should not take the seat of
We all have difficulty following Jesus’
                                           judgment. We fool ourselves into
teaching. Leading the list of those we
                                           thinking we can be good at dispensing
love to hate these days are those greedy
                                           justice. Perhaps the most insidious
CEO’s who have presided over the
                                           reason is that we assume we can see
degrading of the companies they worked
                                           clearly. But how many times have you
for, and yet have exited with “golden
                                           been misunderstood? What someone
parachutes.” These benefits are not
                                           assumed was your intent was not at all
available to the workers in the
                                           part of your thinking. Certainly the shoe
organizations they head. These are the
                                           is many times on the other foot.
chairpersons of Exxon, Smith Barney,
Merrill Lynch, WaMu, and others. They      I believe Jesus also knew that when we
together have extracted billions of        judge, we tend to hold on to the
dollars at the very time their companies   judgment. That is, it is difficult for us to
were going down the tubes. They seem       let it go, and it eats on us. Psychiatrists
to have little concern for those nearing   know that many of our physical and
retirement, whose pension funds are        mental ailments come from an inability
dried up, or the ordinary workers who      to let go of the past. And oftentimes, the
judgment we have of another affects our                Counter Cultural
relationship with that one for years to
                                             We said farewell to a good and faithful
                                             servant of the church last week. There's
When we blame others, we are distracted      a hole, an empty space, and a real lack of
from seeking to find a solution. This is     completeness in the sanctuary now.
where we are as a society these days.
This is also where we may be in our life     But it isn't for long. Bond Organ Works
a congregation. It is easy to assess         has taken all the organ parts (except the
blame; far more difficult to provide a       pieces so decrepit that they filled the
solution. Facing this financial crunch,      recycle bins) to their workshop in
we may find ourselves blaming, and not       Portland to begin the labors of the organ
thinking creatively about the future. To     transplant. The organ parts we had
be sure, we don’t want to repeat any         stored on the stage from Trinity college
mistakes from the past, but we do need       and the over 1000 pipes from the
to get on to the future. What, given the     chambers in the sanctuary were very
situation as it currently is, are we going   carefully laid in pipe trays and packed
to do about it? That is the issue.           away for the journey. Photos of this
                                             Exodus can be seen in the narthex area.
The solution is certainly not isolation
from one another. The solution lies not      Like most organ transplants you are
in blame, but in collaboration to find a     familiar with, they are essential to the
new future. The Vestry of Holy Trinity       longevity of the patient. They require
and its pastors have sought to focus on      skilled and considered operations. There
the resolution of the crisis rather than     is prep work (which began here and
seeking to assess blame. We believe the      continues in Portland). And then the
solution lies in walking closely with the    surgery. Rebuilding the patient, sewing
one we follow. Join with us in meeting       it all up, and listening (with Joy!) as the
this challenge. Walk closely with Jesus;     patient comes back to life... a new
seek to forgive from the heart, and to       creation!
move forward into the future he holds
for us.                                      And like all these
                                             addition to all the labors that have been
Pastor Dick Grinstad                         volunteered, it requires money.

In our Air, Panes, and Pipes campaign,        Pastor Appreciation Sunday
we are 75% to our goal. As the                       February 8th
organ/windows/fan work moves toward
completion, invoices arrive. We are        In honor of the anniversaries of the calls
excited that we have done this well.       of our pastors, we are planning a Pastor
Volunteer labor and in-kind donations      Appreciation Day on February 8th. Our
have saved us well over $100,000 in this   hope is that this will become an annual
project. Please continue to support this   event. This is the time to say “Thank
entire campaign. Just as the new           You” to our shepherds. A card, a hug, a
windows have saved energy, so also the     handshake, a word of appreciation, while
organ transplant can energize our          enjoying baked goodies and coffee in the
congregational song.                       narthex after each worship service.

Upcoming Fund-raising Concert              If you would like to share homemade
(Special date for special event!)          muffins, coffeecake, or cinnamon rolls
Tuesday, February 24th at 7:00 PM,         for this event, contact the church office.
we will have a special fund-raising
concert just for this event! Musicians
from the community that use this space        Please remember to have a family
(including our own church choir) are         member or friend contact one of our
coming together for a presentation of            pastors if you are hospitalized
choral and instrumental music. This will    or need pastoral care. Their home and
include the NorthWinds Home School          cell phone numbers are printed on the
Band's advanced group, as well as           calendar page of the newsletter if you
members of the NorthWest Women's                 need to reach them during an
Chorale, and others! Come support the                      emergency.
campaign and enjoy a beautiful
program!                                       Radio Broadcast Sponsors
Joy                                        The 2009 radio chart is on the bulletin
                                           board in the lobby/narthex. The cost has
                                           increased to $50 per week. There are
                                           two lines for each so two can share the
                                           cost at $25 each. Contact Peggy in the
                                           church office, 452-2323, if you have any

      Sunday Morning Adult                                 Preschool
                                                     Jesus Loves Everyone
Feb. 1   Faith Questions with the           Our religious curriculum for January
         Pastors                            centered on Jesus as a baby, a child and
                                            a young man visiting the temple. We
Feb. 8   To be announced                    learned that Jesus grew as we do. Most
                                            importantly, we learned that God sent
Feb. 15 President’s Day Weekend             his son, Jesus, for ALL people.

Feb. 22 To be announced                     Blue was our color for January and
                                            against a blue backdrop we decorated
                                            our classroom with snowmen and
Also, in Room #301 upstairs- Faith &        snowflakes. We also learned about
Society: PBS’ Religion & Ethics             transportation. The Monday-
program: a weekly discussion group that     Wednesday-Friday class painted shoe
views a current event video that sparks     boxes to make a freight train. The
lively conversation.                        Tuesday-Thursday class made a variety
                                            of vehicles out of shoe boxes such as
                                            cars, buses and fire trucks. A fun month
                                            was had by all.
   SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER                    Paula and I thank you for your continued
               OPENING                      prayers and generous support.
Our delightful class of 4th & 5th graders
REALLY needs a teacher or teaching          Start cleaning those closets and filling
team. YOU can help fill this opening!       boxes for the Preschool Rummage
Call Vicki now to offer your help.          Sale. It will be on Friday and
                                            Saturday, May 8th & 9th from
ALSO NEED ADULTS TO BE SECOND               9 AM until 3 PM.
create a Safe Sanctuaries environment       Call Zorba at 417-5554 with any
for our staff and children. Sign up to      questions or to volunteer to help!
help one Sunday a month or a quarter.       Peace for the New Year!!
Many hands will make this an easy task.
                                            Mrs. Zorba and Mrs. Paula

      Congregational Life                  Bulk Food Repackaging Project
                                                            The Bulk Food
The Retirees’ Lunch Group will meet                         Repackaging Project
on Tuesday, February 3rd at noon at                         will make it through the
Joshua’s Restaurant. $11 pays for your                      winter thanks to our
meal, tax and tip. All retirees are                         amazingly generous
invited! Contact Esther Swenson 457-       congregation. Your donations combined
4646 or Lois Larsen 457-9706 for more      with the Thrivent contribution totaled
information.                               over $1800 in the last two months of
                                           2008. The 339 cans of tomatoes donated
Adult Bible Study meets on Tuesdays        in December were the most ever donated
at 9:30 AM in the Fireside Room. Pastor    in a single month. Thanks for all the
Julie Kanarr has started a new study on    support.
Exodus. You are welcome to join the
study at any time.                         In 2008 we took 1560 bags of soup mix
                                           to the food banks and provided
The Holy Bookers Book Club meets           another142 bags to Voices for Veterans
on the second Wednesday in the             at a cost of $2427.86. We spent a little
church library. New members are            more last year than in previous years but
welcome, Wednesday, February 11th,         prices have increased and we have
5-6 PM in the church library. The          expanded the program to help homeless
following is a schedule of books to be     and needy veterans. We couldn’t have
discussed:                                 accomplished this without your generous
     February: Home, by Marilynne         donations of 708 cans of tomatoes, many
       Robinson. Leader Lou Templeton      boxes of Ziploc bags and the cash.
     March: Eyes are Watching, Ears       The Salvation Army and Port Angeles
       are Listening: Growing up in Nazi   food banks as well as the veterans are
       Germany 1933-1946 by Eycke          extremely grateful for the steady supply
       Strickland. Eycke will lead the
                                           of soup for the hungry in the community.
                                           We began this year by taking 130 Bean
     April: To be announced. Leader
                                           & Barley soup mixes and 260 cans of
       Elizabeth Christian
                                           tomatoes to the food banks in January.
     May: Two Old Women: An
                                           We will be assembling Split Pea-Lentil
       Alaska Legend of Betrayal,
       Courage and Survival by Velma       soup on Wednesday, February 11th in
       Wallis. Leader Lu Meiner            Room 1 at 5:30 PM and can always use
                                           more volunteers.

Holy K.O.W (Kids on Wednesdays)              Friday Night Movie gathering meets in
Holy KOW meets Wednesdays at 5:30            the Youth Room at 7:00 PM. Popcorn is
PM. This fun evening for families with       provided. A list of movies is in a large
young children begins with a meal            envelope on the bottom shelf just outside
provided, followed by fun activities that    the office. The ratings are listed with
vary each week. Our time ends at 6:30        each movie so parents can decide if the
PM with a Bible lesson and dessert.          movie will be appropriate for their
Come join us!                                children. Child care is not provided so
                                             children must be accompanied by an
(No Kids ? – contact Vicki Corson about      adult.
volunteering to support our young
families!)                                   If you would like to receive a list and
                                             description of the movies by e-mail,
The FOLK (Families of Little Kids)           send an e-mail to Bonnie Christianson at
Potluck is on Thursday, February 12,
6:00 to 7:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall.
Bring a main dish, side dish or dessert to       Save The Pool Relay Team
share. We will provide plates, cups,
utensils and beverages. All families         On Saturday, January 24th, nine Holy
with young children are invited.             Trinity swimmers participated in the
                                             Rescue Relays, a fund raiser for the Save
Lutheran World Relief Quilters –             the Pool campaign. Our swimmers,
meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each         involved in 5 of the 14 heats, included
month, February 10th & 24th at 10 AM in      Dennis Duncan, Mark Fischer, Dick and
the quilting room downstairs. Many           Roxanne Grinstad, Elizabeth Christian,
hands are needed. No experience is           Kate Weller, Eric Epler, John Christian,
necessary.                                   and C.J. Urnes.

The Men’s Breakfast Group meets              This event netted over $6,000 for the
every Saturday at 7:30 AM in the             community led effort to keep our pool
Fellowship Hall. All are welcome.            open and available to all. It was great
                                             fun and we were happy to support the
Our Stewardship Project of the               cause!
Month is items for the Lutheran World
Relief layette kit:
    Cloth Diapers, Wash Cloths
    Footed Sleepers or Gowns
    Baby Sweaters

         Holy Trinity Reads                  We have chosen to begin with Sabbath
                                             time in part because it centers us in the
Many of us already commit to our own         gift of the time apart given to us in Lent,
individual Lenten disciplines and/or         and also because it introduces us (again)
participate in the midweek Lenten            to the concept of sabbatical. As you
worship, but this year HTLC members          may recall, the vestry has endorsed a
are being invited to participate in a new    sabbatical for Pastor Julie this fall. In
collective endeavor.                         the fullest understanding, a sabbatical is
                                             for the MUTUAL benefit of the clergy
Holy Trinity Reads! will begin as a          person and for the congregation. It is
shared Lenten discipline of reading,         my hope that by reading and studying
reflecting, and discussing topics related    together, we will not only deepen our
to our life of faith. This year we will be   Lenten time, but also collectively
reading Practicing Our Faith, a              prepare the ground for our common
collection of essays edited by Dorothy       sabbatical time ahead.
                                             We will have one copy of the book in
When members of the congregation             the church library. You can support a
studied this book ten years ago, the         local bookstore and have them order a
conversation was lively, and this seems      copy for you ($18.95 paperback), or you
an appropriate time to revisit the source    can order a copy through Amazon
of those discussions.                        ($12.89 plus postage.) at
Our hope is to form a number of reading
groups that will meet at different times,
                                             Details about signing up for a reading
thus enabling participants to find one
                                             group will be provided soon.
that will mesh with their own schedules
and preferences.
                                             Elizabeth Christian
We are suggesting that each group begin      Minister for Youth and Education
by reading and discussing the chapter on
Sabbath time. After that common
starting place, each group will be invited
to fill the next 4-6 weeks by choosing
from the remaining essays. Chapters
include: Hospitality, Household
Economics, Shaping Communities,
Healing, Etc.

        Caring For Creation                 soon as you want it (3) is affordable (4)
     Sunday Morning Coffee Cups             is for everyone. If you could choose only
                                            two, which would you choose? twenty-
Caring For Creation by Changing Cups        one persons filled out the poll. Twenty-
HTLC is going in a greener, leaner          one chose "is for everyone," twenty
direction. Only ceramic cups will be        chose "is affordable," one chose "covers
used between and after services. Yes,       everything."
help is needed to transport cups up and
down the elevator and to run them           When asked, Would you support a
through the dishwasher! The first week’s    government administered insurance
bussing and clean up is being provided      program that covers everyone and is
by Caring for Creation committee            financed through the tax system if it
members. To volunteer for this              meant most Americans would pay
important effort toward a greener           somewhat less than they ay now and the
church, please call the church office or    wealthy would pay more? Nineteen
committee chair, Don Schuba.                persons said "yes" and two said "no."

    Health Care Panel Discussion            We appreciate those who gave their time
                                            and expertise.
A medical panel of doctors Marianne
Ude, Paul Pederson, and Mike                Lounette Templeton & Lu Meiner
Epler shared information about health
care in our community. The sessions
were compre-hensive and informative.
Briefly, we learned that many persons           HTLC’s Mission Statement
without health coverage can not access
preventive care and thus wait until a
condition is worsened. Using ER is not      Called by God’s grace to share the
the most efficient but those without                   Good News,
health care do use this resource. Both of      We are the hands of Christ:
these options result in higher costs.                 opened in love,
                                                  extended in welcome,
The session was held in the fireside
room and those present were polled
                                                    joined in worship,
following the presentation. The poll                offered in service,
asked: It's been said that a perfect               reaching for justice.
system would provide health care that
(1) covers everything (2) is available as

        Who is Your Vestry?                                  Vestry Highlights
Lu Meiner, Minister for                            In response to our financial situation, the
Communications, was elected at the June            Vestry is taking action to “close the gap”
2008 Annual Meeting. Lu moved from                 by seeking to increase income and
Magnolia Lutheran in Seattle to Holy               decrease expenses.
Trinity with husband, Grant, and two
young daughters in 1978. They lived on a           Increasing Income:
small farm on Mt. Pleasant where they                   Stewardship: Encouraging
raised a huge garden, beef cattle and a                    members to be faithful to their
pony. Finding the farm just too labor                      commitments of proportional
intensive, they moved to town in 1990.                     giving. The pastors and associate
While the girls were in college, Lu earned                 in ministry have committed to a
a masters degree and teaching certificate                  5% increase in their proportional
and taught middle school language arts                     gifts. Vestry members have also
until 2005. She spends much time biking,                   committed to increasing their
hiking and watching grandkids with Grant.                  giving and the vestry encourages
                                                           the congregation to do the same.
The Minister for Communication has                      Building Use Reimbursement:
responsibility for oversight of the                        Asking Non-HTLC users of the
communications of the congregation, both                   building to increase their
within and beyond the congregation’s                       reimbursement amounts, to more
membership. This oversight will include all                closely reflect our costs.
media forms of communication, including                 Investigate possibility of selling
printed materials (newsletters, mailings,                  underutilized assets.
brochures) electronic communication (web
page, email), visual displays (bulletin boards     Decreasing Expenses:
and exterior sign), and advertising (newspaper,        Immediate temporary “spending
radio, press releases). The Minister for
                                                          freeze” on all that can be frozen
Communication will guide the congregation’s
efforts to effectively use communication tools
                                                          (including deferring
to carry out its mission and convey its                   benevolences).
message. The Minister for Communication                Implementing ways to reduce our
shall serve as the secretary of the congregation          “overhead costs.”
and the vestry, and will be responsible for the        Increase efforts in conservation of
minutes of vestry and congregational                      energy and resources.
meetings. The Minister for Communication               Investigate possibility of
shall also foster good communication with the             refinancing (or paying off) the
Synod and Churchwide expressions of the
ELCA and other organizations to which the
congregation is related.

       Financial Situation as of              Do you shop at Albertsons?
         December 31, 2008                 The Holy Trinity Preschool is enrolled in
            General Fund Income:           the Albertsons Community Partner
            Budget:      $46,912           program and gets a quarterly check based
              Actual: $42,582              on purchases.
             Deficit:    $4,330            Please stop by the church office to pick up
     Fiscal Year to Date Deficit $25,880   a card to take to Albertsons to connect you
                                           to this program or follow the directions
      Mortgage Balance: $451,046.36        below to sign up on-line.
                                           If you are currently supporting the
                 Thanks!                   preschool by shopping at Albertsons, you
…to Janet Jenkins for organizing the       will need to re-link your card on-line at
Epiphany potluck. To Janet Jenkins, The process
Peggy & Dwight Romero and Bonnie           takes only three simple steps: 1) log on to
Christianson for providing chili.          the site, 2) enter your preferred card
                                           numbers, 3) enter the preschool’s
…to all the “kings” bearing gifts of       Community Partner ID# 49000121382.
stamps, paper towels, paper and much       Cards must be re-linked by February 28,
more.                                      2009.

…to Sharon Fritschler, director or the     Contact the church office if you need help
Handiwork Bell choir, and the hard work    or don’t have a computer.
of the choir members.                      Thanks for your support!
…Esther Swenson and friends for doing
some extra cleaning of the kitchen and           Serving in the Military
our dishes.
                                           Please keep those serving in the military in
…to the ”greening” committee for           your prayers.
starting the movement to stop using
                                           Lt. Gregg Sweeney now stationed at the
Styrofoam cups.
                                           Naval base in Kingsville, Texas. He is the
                                                 son of Ken & Sue Sweeney.
                                             Jeffrey Brown is serving in Baghdad.
                                                   He is the nephew of Peggy
                                                      & Dwight Romero.

  Congregations Urged to Take                  Offer to accompany the person where they
   Precautions against Crime                   need to go. Invite them to sign the guest
                                               book. Chances are that an intruder will
After incidents at local churches,             refuse the help. If that is the case, keep an
involving a burglary (at another church)       eye on them until they leave the building,
and cars being prowled in the parking lot      noting any identifying features and which
(of our church), we are advising everyone      way they go.
to lock their cars and not to leave anything
of value visible in your car.                  We have removed the lobby phone due to
                                               unauthorized calls made during worship
The Presbyterians have also reported           on a Sunday morning in December,
recent instances where a young adult male      resulting in a phone bill over $140. If you
was in their building on Sunday mornings       need to use the phone, find a pastor or
in unusual places and at unusual times.        staff person to use an office phone.
He enters the building after a worship
                                               Report any incident to one of the pastors
service begins and people are otherwise
occupied. If the young man encounters          or to the church office so that we can
someone, he is prepared to ask an innocent     begin to identify some patterns.
question that does not raise suspicion, as     There is no reason to panic. There is
“What time is the next service?” Upon          reason for all of us to stay alert.
getting an answer, the young man usually
departs as though he will return for the
next service.                                      “The Lutheran” Magazine
We all need to be aware of the possibility     Holy Trinity pays for The Lutheran
that churches are being targeted.              magazine to come to your home at a
                                               group rate (which is half of what you’d
If you encounter someone you do not            pay for subscribing on your own!)
know in our building, especially if they       However, with 132 subscribers, the cost
seem “lost” or out of place, ask the person    adds up! If you would like to make an
if you can help them. This is also a           $8.00 donation to offset the subscription
practice of good hospitality!                  cost, write a check to HTLC marked
                                               “The Lutheran” in the memo line.
If you are asked a reasonable question,
answer it politely. After all, the person      If you are not receiving “The Lutheran”
may indeed be a visitor who simply needs       and would like toOR if you are getting it
a question answered. However, allow the        and don’t read it, please let us know.
question to be a “red flag” that puts you on
alert.                                         You can check out The Lutheran on-line

            Library Notes                     Readers can gain interesting insights into
                                              our nation’s history while enjoying a
Our self-service library is open              gripping adventure story in Hope’s
whenever the church building is open.         Crossing.
Easy directions are posted for locating,
checking out, and returning books.            THE STORY OF THE GETTYSURG
WELCOME!                                      ADDRESS by Kenneth Richards. One
                                              of the most important battles of the Civil
      Check Out The New Books
                                              War took place in Gettysburg,
            For Children
                By Vi Nixon
                                              Pennsylvania. The Union troops won
                                              and the people of the northern states now
HOPE’S CROSSING by Joan Elizabeth             knew that the nation would be preserved.
Goodman. The great struggle that              The battle had cost thousands of lives,
eventually led to the creation of our         with the soldiers buried in shallow
country over two hundred years ago, was       graves where they had fallen. Mr. David
a war that came right into people’s           Wills of Gettysburg put in motion a plan
homes and spared no one. George               to create a Soldier’s National Cemetery
Washington and his troops were called         on the site of the battlefield thus giving
rebels by the Tories who were people          the brave men who died there an
loyal to the English king. Neighbors          honorable resting place. Abraham
fought against one another. When the          Lincoln was among many important
war ended in 1781, many people chose          people who were asked to speak at the
to go back to England and some went to        dedication. Readers will learn how
Canada which was under English rule.          President Lincoln agonized over the
Author Goodman has tried to show              words in the speech. He worked late
young readers the diverse attitudes of the    into the night and rewrote and revised
early settlers in our country. This story     often. He wanted to be sure his words
is based on an actual terrifying event.       reflected all he felt about the battle and
Hope, the daughter of a soldier fighting      what it meant to our country. He spoke
with George Washington is kidnapped.          for only two minutes, but the speech,
It is believed that she has information for   known as the Gettysburg Address, is the
which the Tories will pay the                 most famous speech in our country’s
kidnappers. They leave Hope’s family          history. Many people feel that the words
destitute by stealing everything of value     have as much meaning today for
in the home and finally burning it down.      Americans as they had for the people
Hope endures horrible hardships but           who listened to them that day in 1863 at
with the help of Tory supporters she is       Gettysburg.
finally reunited with her “rebel” family.

INTO THE WEST by James M.                    that begins on February 25, will also be
McPherson. From Pulitzer Prize               on display.
winning-historian James McPherson,
comes this exciting account of our           ABRAHAM LINCOLN (2009), Brian
country’s westward expansion. Maps,          Lamb and Susan Swain, editors. The 68
period photos, illustrations, anecdotes      fascinating brief essays in this volume
from soldiers and settlers as well as        are taken from C-Span interviews with
profiles and accounts of the action of       Lincoln scholars, presidential historians
historical figures such as President         and Civil War experts. In addition to the
Andrew Johnson, General George               essays, the editors have also included
Armstrong Custer, Sitting Bull, General      Lincoln’s own words by providing the
William Tecumseh, Geronimo, Wild Bill        texts of 7 of Lincoln’s famous stirring
Hickock fill this book to provide the        addresses and the Emancipation
young reader with a thrilling account of     Proclamation. A chronology of
one of the most interesting periods in our   Lincoln’s life, maps, and photographs
nation’s history. Provoking much             also enhance this special volume for the
thought, the author also explores the role   Lincoln bicentennial.
of women and the development of the          ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S
arts on the frontier, the role and legend    EXTRAORDINARY ERA: The Man
of the cowboy and the destruction of the     and His Times (2009) by K.M. Kostyal.
Native American way of life during this      This handsome volume is the official
time. Into the West will be shelved in the   book of the Abraham Lincoln
Youth section of the library but adult       Presidential Library and Museum. The
readers who enjoy discussing our             rare archival photographs and little
nation’s history with their families are     known stories give new insight into this
encouraged to check this book out to         great President. A goal of the book is to
read together.                               place Abraham Lincoln’s life into the
                                             context of other events in the United
      Check Out The New Books                States and the world. Doris Kearns
             For Adults                      Goodwin quotes Tolstoy in her Forward:
            By Eldora Pederson
                                             “Lincoln was a humanitarian as broad as
Read magnificent new books introduced        the world. He was bigger than his
below on President Abraham Lincoln,          country – bigger than all the Presidents
published in observance of the               in the world.”
bicentennial of his birth; our new
                                             THE AMERICAN JOURNEY OF
President Barack Obama, and Black
                                             BARACK OBAMA (2008) by the
History Month. Other fine books on the
                                             editors of LIFE. Remarkable photo-
above topics and to read during Lent,
graphs and essays by several well-           texts and the editors’ comments give
known writers seek to provide answers        fascinating information and insight into
to the following questions: “Who is this     each president and his times. The
man? What makes him different? What,         addresses also reveal the presidents’
finally, does his emergence mean for our     references to God. The addresses vary in
country?” The editors state, “All readers    length: Washington’s second was the
will feel that they are bearing witness to   shortest: 132 words, while one sentence
a singular, undeniably American story”.      in John Adam’s address was over 700
Included are pictures and accounts of        words long! Fellow Citizens was
ancestors, relatives in Kenya, early         published before President Obama’s
childhood, student days, teaching the        inauguration. You will find his address
U.S. Constitution and Civil Rights law       inside the front cover.
for 12 years, family, public service, the
campaign.                                    FREEDOM RIDERS: 1961 and the
                                             Struggle for Racial Justice (2007) by
PRESIDENT OBAMA: The Path to The             Raymond Arsenault. The author spent
White House (2008) by Time staff.            over eight years interviewing
Photographs for Time by Callie Shell.        participants in dozens of Freedom rides
Through behind-the-scenes reporting          by hundreds of riders before completing
and telling photography this book takes      this moving, fascinating, and
the reader on Obama’s journey to the         comprehensive record of a very
White House that began in early 2006         important part of the civil rights
with three campaign traveling                movement. “Love your neighbor as
companions: the van driver, photo-           yourself” comes through loud and clear
grapher Shell, and Obama. In the early       in the commitment of the riders in the
days of the campaign, few thought            risks they took and the suffering they
Obama would be successful. The               endured. One reviewer, William Doyle,
reporting, analysis, and photographs of      wrote, “This is an unqualified
Obama’s remarkable path from a little        masterpiece treatment of an epic civil
known candidate to the people’s choice       rights story. Fascinating characters,
in the November 4 Presidential election      superb story telling and a brilliant
is fascinating, informative reading.         historian’s perspective. I … have rarely
                                             felt so proud to be an American.”
Book of U.S. Presidential Inaugural          BREACH OF PEACE: Portraits of the
Addresses (2008) edited by Robert V.         1961 Mississippi Freedom Riders (2008)
Remini and Terry Golway. Since 1893          by Eric Etheridge. “The police camera
the presidential inaugural addresses have    caught something special. It’s an
been published every few decades. The        amazing addition to the visual history of
the civil rights movement”, Etheridge              Mark Your Calendar for
said after seeing the more than 300 arrest
photographs of Freedom Riders that had             Lenten Worship Services
been recently been made public, due to a          Ash Wednesday Worship
lawsuit. The mug shots inspired                   on February 25th at 7:00 PM
Etheridge to locate, interview, and
photograph as many Freedom Riders as             Mid-week Lenten Worship
possible. The result is a moving account         starts on Wednesday, March 4th
told through 1961 police mug shots,                        at 7:00 PM
current photographs, and interviews with
80 of the Freedom Riders. Breach of                       You Can Help
Peace is a powerful companion to
Freedom Riders,                              If you would like to help support our
                                             ministries, but can’t increase your
PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURAL PRAYER                giving, consider:
SERVICE – Visit the library and read              volunteering during worship
the sermon, bible readings and prayers.           volunteering during Sunday
See the hymns, listing of the music                  School
performers, and the identification of the         donating items like paper towels,
clergy participants. The sermon and the              napkins, stamps, copy paper, etc.
service bulletin from the service held on         praying for staff and leadership
Wednesday morning, January 21, in the
National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
are available for you to read the library.          HTLC Mission Partners
                                                First Step Family Support Center
LIBRARY BOARD MEMBERS AND                                   Parentline
VOLUNTEERS: Rachel Braun, Jean                       Encore-Adult Day Care
Bussell, Melody Charno, Helen Harvey,          Lutheran Community Services NW
Janet Jenkins, Trudy Lalonde, Lois Larsen,
                                                 Tanzania - School Scholarships
Vi Nixon, Ann Marie Rahfeldt, Trudy
Rittenhouse, Caralee Rupprecht, Merry                     Holden Village
VanDeusen, Eldora Pederson – chair.            Salishan Eastside Lutheran Mission
                                                      SW WA Synod ELCA
Submissions for the monthly newsletter:       Lutherwood Camp & Retreat Center
Send to the office by the 15th of the           Serenity House and Dream Center
month. Copies can be sent via e-mail,         Healthy Families of Clallam County
regular mail or in person. Items are         Volunteers in Medicine of the Olympics
subject to editorial review by the staff.

         "River of Hunger" Event              Calling all Lutheran Youth:
           February 13-14, 2009                Come and serve in China!
     at Trinity Lutheran Church and
        Pacific Lutheran University        Time is quickly approaching when
                                           China Service Ventures (CSV) needs to
A Region 1 Hunger and Global Mission       know if you will be coming to China this
Event at PLU on February 13-14, 2009       summer to work with other youth in
featuring ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark       renewing the Lutheran Cemetery on
Hanson as the keynote speaker on           Rooster Mountain, Xinyang, Henan
Saturday at PLU, and Rev. George           Province.
Johnson, former director of ELCA           This is a wonderful opportunity to share
World Hunger Appeal as speaker on          your gifts of service, visit Lutheran
Friday, February 13th at Trinity           historical sites, and be part of the next
Lutheran Church (across the street from    generation of Christians serving in
PLU).                                      China. Our goal is to renew the Lutheran
                                           Cemetery that has been left in disrepair
Registration and more information is on    since 1966.
the Hunger Event website:                  Come and join CSV as we build upon        our Lutheran heritage in China and serve
884N                                       the “least of these” in Xinyang, Henan
                                           Province. For more information contact
Call Diane Armbrust if you have any        Reverend Steven Ray at
questions or need a scholarship (360)      ( or
456-8519.                                  1.877.408.7056.
                                           HURRY, TIME IS RUNNING OUT!
                                           Blessings and Peace,
                                           Steven F. Ray, Developer
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