Commercial Lease Deposit Receipt


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									This commercial lease deposit receipt is executed by a landlord confirming that the
landlord has received the deposit from a tenant to lease certain commercial premises
from the landlord. This form allows the user to customize the names of the parties, the
amount deposited, the payment method and how the deposit will be applied to rent
payments. This document is ideal for landlords of commercial property who want to
provide a receipt for a deposit made by a tenant.

       PURSUANT TO a Commercial Lease Agreement contemplated to be entered into by
and between __________________ [Instruction: Insert landlord’s name.] (the “Landlord”)
and ________________ [Instruction: Insert tenant’s name.] (the “Tenant”) (the “Lease
Agreement”), the undersigned Landlord hereby acknowledges receipt from the Tenant a deposit
in the principal sum of _____________ ($______) [Instruction: Insert amount received.]
United States Dollars now paid by the Tenant to the Landlord by way of ________________
[Instruction: Insert payment method, for example cash, check, bank draft etc.] to be applied as

         (a) Rent for the period commencing the ___ day of _______, 2_____;

         (b) Security Deposit; or

         (c) Other _________________________________________. [Instruction: Insert
             applicable information regarding money received. Any inapplicable items should
             be stricken through.]

       UPON THE EXECUTION of the Lease Agreement contemplated herein, the monies
paid hereunder shall be handled in the manner set forth in the Lease Agreement.

       IN THE EVENT the Landlord and the Tenant fail to execute and enter into the Lease
Agreement contemplated herein within ______ (____) [Instruction: Insert written number of
days, followed by numerical representation of same.] days’ of the date of this receipt, said
deposit shall be forthwith returned by the Landlord to the Tenant in the full.

         DATED this ____ day of _______________, 2_____. [Instruction: Insert date.]

Witness:                                                         Landlord

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