Harold Parker Molly Towne by Massachusetts


									              Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
                       Bureau of Fire Control and Forestry
                        Proposed Timber Harvest Summary
                       Name: Harold Parker – Molly Towne

Date Posted: July 18, 2007
End of Comment Period: September 1, 2007
Region:                                North East Region
Recreation District:                   Atlantic
Forest Management District:            NE
State Forest:                          Harold Parker – Woodchuck Hill Parcel
Closest Road:                          Molly Towne Road – North Andover
Town:                                  North Andover

Contact Information:                   Harris F. Penniman, Jr.
                                       817 Lowell Road, P.O. Box 829
                                       Carlisle, MA 01741-0829
                                       (978) 369-3350 ext. 19

Stand Description:

This area is a 100 acre mixed white pine and oak forest in the town of North Andover on Molly
Towne Road. A 16 acre white pine/oak (WO) stand, 17 acre white pine (WP) stand and another 50
acre white pine/oak (WO) stand will be treated. These stands are highly stocked and average stand
diameters are above the 10-11 inch size. There have been previous harvests in the early 1980’s and
in the mid 1990’s. These areas have well established regeneration needing to be released. Most of
the area is on well drained glacial till soils. There is a permanent stream and other wetland areas
that will not be treated that are included in these 100 acres.

Aesthetic, Recreation and Wildlife Considerations:

Aesthetic: All slash over 1” in diameter shall be lopped to lie less than 2’ above the ground. All
sprung trees will be felled. Stumps will be cut as low as deemed reasonable, consistent with
applicable utilization standards. All felled trees will be utilized to the fullest reasonable extent, in
order to minimize slash.

Recreation: Existing trails and woods roads shall be kept in a passable condition at the end of each
work day. Trees adjacent to trails shall be marked with double slashes of paint to aid in directional
felling to minimize the impact on trails. Some skid trails may be left open to enhance the existing
trails system. Safety considerations will override wildlife considerations near trails and high use
Wildlife: There are shrub swamps, streams, and vernal pools in this area. Large sawlog size trees
with wildlife cavities, live snags and known nest trees shall be retained. There are no Natural
Heritage sites within this area. This is a heavily used hunting area so extra considerations with be
given. Some small openings will be created to increase browse for deer and other wildlife. There is
a goal of a minimum of one cord per acre of coarse woody debris that can be used for wildlife

Sale Layout:

Wetlands, vernal pools and beaver ponds shall be buffered and protected to MA Forestry BMP
standards. The landing will be internal to the lot. Trees marking the proposed main skid trails,
buffers, vernal pools and wetlands shall be painted or flagged prior to harvest. The landing will be
stabilized after the harvest for future reuse. Access will be off Molly Towne Road.


Previously harvested area will use a shelterwood treatment to release established regeneration.
The areas where it will be a first treatment, the soft wood stands will be thinned by removing
approximately a fourth to a third of the current trees. The oak / hardwood types will have
approximately a third of the stand removed. This will allow the residual stand more room to
grow and to develop larger crowns and healthier trees, and allow the establishment of

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Regional Director: _______________________________                        Date: _________________

District Forester: ________________________________                       Date: _________________

Attached: Topographic map showing location of Forest Products Sale Area

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