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Pedometer BAGS


Mainly by electronic pedometer vibration sensors and electronic counter. People walking up and down the center of gravity should be a little bit. Displacement of the waist and down to the most obvious, step counter so the most suitable for hanging on the belt. The so-called vibration sensor is actually a balance weight in the upper and lower vibration balance is upset to make a contact to appear on / off action by the electronic counter to record and display the main function is complete, the other calorie consumption, distance to complete conversion by the circuit .

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									Type of Activity:
Lead-up        Drill
Fitness X      Game                        Berkey’s
                                     Assessment of Games

    1. Name of the game: Setting Individual Activity Goals

    2. Source of the game: Pedometer Power p. 51-53

    3. Brief description of the game: Students record step counts for class or activity and set
    goals at the end of the week.

                                        Activity Analysis
    1. Students can develop physical skills.               1      2        3        4       5

           State the skills: increase activity                                     X

           Students can practice appropriately             Yes     X       No

    2. Participation level                               1      2        3        4        5
           Roles of the students: varies with individual goals                           x

           Potential examples of waiting: may only wear pedometer once or twice week

    3. Activity is developmentally appropriate            1      2        3        4       5
           Stage/Age for which activity is appropriate:                            x
                 6 – 7 grade
           Justification for this population/group: teaching recording and goal setting

    4. Cognitive, personal and social development          1      2        3        4       5

           Examples of personal skills (Action/Condition):                 x
            Standards 3, 6
           Examples of cognitive skills (Action/Condition): 3

    Modifications for special needs students: may need help put on and setting pedometer.
    Wheelchair students may have to use it on hands if able to use hands. Recording may be
    difficult for some students.

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