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									Industrial Revolution
Study Guide
Due to the Agricultural
Revolution, all of the
following occurred…

• Food prices decreased
• Populations increased
• Average farm size increased
During the Agricultural
Revolution, farmers began
planting different crops in
different fields throughout
the year. What was the
name of this practice?

• Crop rotation
Where did the Industrial
Revolution begin?

• Britain
Who wrote The Wealth
of Nations?

• Adam Smith
During the Industrial
Revolution, ….

• The working conditions for an
  average worker DID NOT
An entrepreneur is a
type of ….

• Business person
In the 1700’s, farmers began
fencing off land using
wooden fences or hedges.
What was the name of this

• enclosure
Karl Marx is known as
the “Father of _________”
The following are
examples of reform

• Abolition of slavery
• Women’s rights
• Public education
What industry grew the
fastest at the beginning of
the Industrial Revolution?

• Textiles
What are the 3 factors
of production?

• Land
• Labor
• Capital
In a capitalist system, the
government controls all of
the factors of production for
a business.

• False, private citizens do.
• They can earn a profit in this
  A ________ is a type of
  business owned by
  stockholders who share in
  its profits but are not
  personally responsible for
  its debts.
• corporation
What is the name for the
voluntary associations of
workers seeking labor

• unions
In what way did the
Agricultural Revolution pave
the way for the Industrial
• it led to population growth
• it increased food supplies
• it caused farmers to lose land
  and seek other work
   Utilitarianism stated that
   the government should
   promote policies that…..

• Offered the greatest good for the
  greatest number of people
What book did Karl Marx

• Communist Manifesto
Before the Industrial
Revolution, most textiles
were produced where?

• In people’s homes
What term describe the
growth of cities?

• urbanization
What city in England was
widely known for its factory
towns at the beginning of
the Industrial Revolution?

• Manchester

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