; Transformation for excellence
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Transformation for excellence

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 for excellence

 Die verhaal van die UV in 2005
    The story of the UFS in 2005
Transformation for Excellence
Universiteit van die Vrystaat
Jaaroorsig van die Rektor en Visekanselier
Hierdie jaaroorsig bied, benewens ’n weergawe van gebeure en ontwikkelings op ons
drie kampusse, ook ’n ontleding van belangrike ontwikkelings en statistiek binne die
konteks van die Universiteitsbestuur se visie en strategiese prioriteite vir 2005.

University of the Free State
Annual review of the Rector and Vice-Chancellor
This annual review offers, besides a record of events and developments on our three
campuses, an analysis of key developments and statistics within the context of the
University Management’s vision and strategic priorities for 2005.

Yunivesithi ya Freistata
Boitekolo ba selemo le selemo ba Moreketoro le Motlatsa Mokanseliri
Menyetlal ena ya boitekolo ba selemo le selemo ka ntle ho direkoto tsa diketsahalo le
dintshetsopele makaleng a rona a mararo a Yunivesithi, tlhophollo ya dintshetsopele
le dipalopalo ka hara tjhebelopele le mesebetsi ya maano tsa selemo sa 2005 tsa
Botsamaisi ba Yunivesithi.

Frederick C.v.N. Fourie
Rector and Vice-Chancellor
Foto’s / Photographs:
 Armand Swanepoel
   Stephen Collett
    Reinier Brönn
D                                        T
          ie fototema van dié jaar-              he photographic theme of
          oorsig is die Hoofgebou van            this annual review is the
          die Universiteit van die               Main Building of the Uni-
Vrystaat in Bloemfontein. Ons neem u     versity of the Free State in Bloemfon-
op ’n sonderlinge toer van die statige   tein. We take you on an exceptional
gebou wat amper ’n eeu gelede gebou      tour of the stately building which
is. In 2005, ná omvattende restourasie   was built almost a century ago. In
en herinrigtingswerk, het dit weer sy    2005, after restoration and refur-
regmatige plek in die hart van die       bishment, the rectorate and other
kampus ingeneem met die ver-             senior staff moved to the building
skuiwing van die rektoraat en ander      and the building regained its right-
senior personeel daarheen.               ful place at the heart of the campus.
           Saamgestel deur / Compiled by:
 Strategiese Kommunikasie / Strategic Communication
Universiteit van die Vrystaat / University of the Free State
                      +27 51 401 9111

1    Sustaining change and transformation            3

2    Eerste treë in nuwe transformasie-proses        7

3    Transformation for academic excellence         11

4    Bridging the gap with the community            31

5    Modernisering in bestuur en steundienste       39

6    Kampusse verder ontwikkel                      47

7    The pursuit of equity                          53

8    Breakthrough for student governance            61

9    Nuwe era in sport                              63

10   Groter finansiële onafhanklikheid              69

11   Nasionale en internasionale profiel versterk   73

12   Conclusion                                     79

     Eredoktorsgrade / Honorary doctorates          81

     UV-Raad / UFS Council 2005                     83

    Prof. Frederick Fourie, Rector and Vice-Chancellor
                     of the University of the Free State.

Sustaining change
and transformation

I                                                                                         ‘The UFS’s
    n early February 2005, a magnificent     Prof. Fourie said, picking up the theme
    fireworks display brought the Uni-       of continuity and change which he had
    versity of the Free State’s memo-
rable year-long centenary celebrations
                                             introduced in 2003 when he assumed the
to a close. It seemed almost symbolic of         In 2004 he argued that the UFS must      continues,
yet another historic moment — the start
of a new and fourth phase of transfor-
                                             focus on going from “good to great”,
                                             and that it must firm up its foundations
                                                                                          and always
mation for the UFS, announced just two       to become a great, robust university. He     will.’
days previously by the Rector and Vice-      defined robustness as being strong and
Chancellor, Prof. Frederick Fourie, in       vibrant, vigorous, able to withstand
his official opening address on 4            shocks, competition, and turbulent and
February.                                    tough times. Now, one year later, he reit-
    “A year ago we undertook a historic      erated that robustness in a fast-changing
journey from Grey College to the Main        world requires the adoption of a contin-
Building of our University, symbolising      ual change mode, being agile and fast-
the 100-year journey from our past to the    moving, innovative and pre-emptive.
present. But the journey is still continu-   This means nothing less than continual
ing and always will — because we must        transformation. Transformation is a
always strive for something better,”         process of continual and persistent

becoming. As applied to the UFS, it          approach to community service learning
means, firstly, becoming a truly South       and research.
African university of excellence, equity         Said Prof. Fourie: “The UFS has hand-
and innovation; and, secondly, becom-        led the first phases of transformation with
ing a high-quality, equitable, non-racial,   distinction, commitment and responsibil-
non-sexist, multicultural, multilingual      ity. It has shown remarkable maturity
university and place of scholarship —        and robustness. But much more needs to
for South Africa and Africa.                 be done.
   This definition of transformation             “My conviction is that, for the UFS to
covers many dimensions and aspects of        continue on its chosen path of excel-
a university, including academic focus       lence, equity and innovation, of becom-
and practice, institutional culture, staff   ing a great and robust university, it must
and student affairs, financial matters,      continue to change, whilst all the time
community engagement, governance             remaining true to its intrinsic nature as a
and management, and more.                    university and place of scholarship.
    The UFS has achieved much in terms       Continued relevance and excellence
of transformation, and is recognised as a    require continuing adjustment to chang-
leader in transformation in South Africa.    ing circumstances.”
At least three phases can be distin-             The need for sustaining change
guished in its transformation history.       comes from several fronts. The interna-
   The first transformation phase took       tional higher education environment
place in the 1990s with the introduction     and landscape are changing as fast as
of parallel-medium teaching, major           ever, and the UFS has to continue to
changes in the student demography and        adapt to that. The need for universities
the first appointments of senior black       to adopt entrepreneurial and innovative
managers.                                    approaches to survive as strong centres
                                             of scholarship, has not diminished.
    The second phase, starting in the late
1990s, encompassed academic and                  The new national higher educaton
                                                                                           Bold steps
research revitalisation in tandem with       landscape has changed in many ways,           are neces-
the Financial Turnaround Strategy,           and will continue to change. This pres-
growth in student numbers, continued         ents new challenges and opportunities.        sary to take
change in the student profile and stu-
dent leadership structures, appointment
                                             Financial constraints by government will
                                             hamper the development of universities
                                                                                           the UFS to
of staff from the designated groups,         that have failed to become financially        a new
more inclusive management structures,        more independent. Expectations in polit-
and changes in the institutional culture.    ical, community and business circles are      phase.
    The third phase was characterised by     that universities should continue to
the incorporation of the Qwaqwa and          change and transform — and at a faster
Vista Bloemfontein campuses in 2003          pace. There is increasing impatience
and 2004, significant changes in staff       with the pace of transformation at uni-
composition in academic and support          versities.
service departments, accompanied by              “We must therefore continue to
the regular appointment of senior black      transform and re-engineer the UFS into a
and female managers, further changes in      highly proactive form. We must culti-
institutional culture, and a pioneering      vate an ingrained habit of change and

    build a sustaining foundation for an
    always self-renewing, robust universi-
    ty,” Prof. Fourie said.
        The need for a next phase of transfor-
    mation to maintain the momentum had
    become imperative. Prof. Fourie said:
    “We have reached a historic moment in
    the life of the UFS where innovative
    thinking and bold steps are yet again
    necessary, because failure is not an
    option.” To initiate the next transforma-
    tion phase, two vice-rectors were
    appointed to co-ordinate the formation
    of a transformation plan task team. It
    was set the task of compiling a coherent
    and comprehensive transformation plan
    in consultation with staff, students,
    alumni and other stakeholders.
        The UFS’s strategic priorities (quality
    and excellence; equity, diversity and
    redress; financial sustainability; regional
    cooperation and engagement; and natio-
    nal and international outward thrust)
    were thoroughly informed by the ongo-
    ing transformation process in 2005. Like-
    wise, the transformation process was
    informed by the strategic priorities, since
    exemplary transformation must be inte-
    grated with sound strategic and opera-
    tional management of the university.
    The way in which this was accomplished
    is detailed in the chapters that follow.

    The Board Room in the Main Building also has a
    video-conference link with the Qwaqwa Campus.

Eerste treë in nuwe

H                                                                                         Transformasie
         oewel die Universiteit van die          Die UV beskou transformasie as ’n
         Vrystaat as ’n leier in transfor-   proses met ’n verskeidenheid fasette wat
         masie in Suid-Afrika gereken
word, het die Uitvoerende Bestuur in
                                             uitnemendheid in alle sfere van die uni-
                                             versiteitslewe verseker, en dus heelwat
                                                                                          moet ons
Januarie 2005 ooreengekom dat ’n vol-        meer omvat as bloot stappe om billike        droom van
gende fase aangepak moet word omdat
die droom van die “nuwe” UV nog nie
                                             indiensneming te bevorder. Die Trans-
                                             formasieplantaakspan is versoek om
                                                                                          ’n ‘nuwe’ UV
verwesenlik is nie.                          intellektuele leierskap aan die dag te lê    verwesenlik.
    Dit het gelei tot die Rektor se          en aan ’n wye verskeidenheid aspekte
aankondiging dat dit tyd geword het vir      aandag te gee om werklik vordering te
’n vierde fase van transformasie, en dat     maak op die pad na die verwesenliking
’n taakspan met twee viserektore, dr.        van die UV se ideale van uitnemend-
Ezekiel Moraka (Studentesake) en prof.       heid, billikheid en innovering.
Teuns Verschoor (Akademiese Bedryf),            Die plan moet ook aspekte soos
as medevoorsitters aangewys sal word         akademiese transformasie met die klem
om ’n weldeurdagte en samehangende           op groter Suid-Afrikaanse en Afrika-re-
transformasieplan binne die konteks van      levansie; institusionele kultuur, houd-
die UV se strategiese beplanningsraam-       ings en waardes; billikheid en diversiteit
werk saam te stel.                           wat personeel en studente betref; stu-

                                                                                    en prestasies van die verlede, maar ook
                                                                                    enige nalatenskap van diskriminerende
                                                                                    en uitsluitende elemente in die UV se
                                                                                    verlede uitwis.
                                                                                        Die Uitvoerende Bestuur (UB) het
                                                                                    teen einde Maart 2005 ’n Transforma-
                                                                                    sieplanspan van 17 personeellede goed-
                                                                                    gekeur. Die span weerspieël die diver-
                                                                                    siteit van die Universiteit wat betref sy
                                                                                    drie kampusse, ras en geslag en ook ’n
                                                                                    jonger geslag van personeellede.
                                                                                        Subtaakspanne is aangestel om die
                                                                                    verskillende opdragte van die UB te
                                                                                    verken, waarna met die konsultasiepro-
                                                                                    ses begin is.
                                                                                       Onderhoude is met interne en
                                                                                    eksterne belangegroepe gevoer om ver-
                                                                                    wagtinge betreffende die transfor-
Die Transformasietaakspan wat wyd gekonsulteer het om nuwe momentum aan transfor-   masieproses vas te stel.
masie by die UV te gee.
                                                                                        Teen einde 2005 is reeds halfpad met
                                                                                    die konsultasieproses gevorder, en was
                                                                                    die verwagting dat ’n konsepplan in 2006
                                                                                    gereed sou wees vir bespreking, aanpas-
                                      dente- en koshuiskultuur, tradisies en        sing en besluitneming.
                                      sosiale interaksie; beheer en bestuur;           Daarna sal die afrondingswerk volg,
                                      name en simbole; en advies oor die            wat uiteindelik moet lei na ’n omvat-
                                      wenslikheid of noodsaaklikheid van die        tende transformasieplan wat ’n oorkoe-
                                      verandering van die UV-visie, insluit.        pelende raamwerk sal voorsien en die
                                        Die nuwe transformasieproses moet           doelstellings, proses en tydraamwerke
                                      omvattend wees, bou op die grondslag          duidelik sal uitstippel.

Pandor visits UFS
Ms Naledi Pandor, the Minister of Education, paid her first visit to the UFS
in April 2005 and commended the University for its plans to embark on a
next phase of transformation. Ms Pandor endorsed the Vice-Chancellor’s
view that it was important to understand the dimensions of transformation,
and challenged staff and students to commit themselves to making the UFS
an experimental South African university where diversity and non-racialism
can be shown to work.

The Minister of Education, Ms Naledi Pandor (middle), on a tour of
the Main Campus in Bloemfontein. With her are, from the left: Ms
Edma Pelzer (Director Physical Resources and Special Projects)
and Prof. Frederick Fourie (Rector and Vice-Chancellor).
Transformation for
academic excellence

T                                                                                       A growing
       he University’s continuous quest     which the UFS pursued academic excel-
       for quality and excellence perme-    lence and robustness. A clearer African
       ates all the academic core func-     orientation became evident in research,     South African
tions, namely teaching and learning,        academic programmes and conference
research and its community engagement.      papers, amongst others.                     and African
    Transformation as the overall frame-       The official opening of the multidis-    orientation is
work also highlights new dimensions of      ciplinary Centre for Plant Health Man-
quality and excellence, such as the rele-   agement (CePHMa) in October 2005
                                                                                        evident in
vance and engagement of research, an
increased South African and African
                                            positioned the Faculty of Natural and       research and
                                            Agricultural Sciences as a leader in the
focus in academic programmes, and           field of crop development in Africa.        teaching.
innovation in teaching and learning to
                                            CePHMa is the only centre of its kind on
enhance students’ insight and academic
                                            the continent and was established to
                                            extend the expertise in plant health man-
                                            agement in South Africa and in Africa, to
An engaged university                       train experts in plant health and to con-
In 2005 the concept of an engaged univer-   duct multidisciplinary research about
sity provided the broader context within    the health of agricultural crops.

                                                                                            all the SADC countries, as well as Kenya
                                                                                            and Ethiopia and even from Europe.
                                                                                                Africa is constantly ravaged by major
                                                                                            disasters. Drought, plagues, floods, fa-
                                                                                            mine and Aids have cost millions of lives
                                                                                            in the past decade. Since disasters do not
                                                                                            respect international borders, better
                                                                                            cooperation within SADC and the rest of
                                                                                            Africa is needed to address the issue.
                                                                                            The UFS is the only institution in Africa
                                                                                            that offers a postgraduate qualification
                                                                                            which focuses on disaster risk mana-
                                                                                            gement. Close to 20 students from SADC
                                                                                            countries enrolled for the programme,
At the launch of the new Centre for Plant Health Management (CePHMa) were, from the left:
Mr John Purchase (General Manager: Grain SA), Prof. Zakkie Pretorius (Chairperson:
                                                                                            which is offered by the Disaster Mana-
Department of Plant Sciences at the UFS) and Prof. Wijnand Swart (Chairperson of CePHMa).   gement Training and Education Pro-
                                                                                            gramme for Africa (DiMTEC).
                                                                                                In the light of the importance of the
                                             CePHMa, an initiative of the Depart-           Faculty of Economic and Management
                                         ment of Plant Sciences, joins together ten         Sciences to the private and public sec-
                                         disciplines, all of them relevant to crop          tors, high-level inputs by the country’s
                                         production and crop protection. Its lead-          business leaders and opinion-makers are
                                         ership role in African crop development            crucial for the development of students.
                                         is evident in its management of three              Among those who presented guest lec-
                                         research programmes which concentrate              tures were prominent South Africans
                                         on new crops. These are the New Crop               such as Messrs Tito Mboweni (Governor
                                         Pathology Programme, the New Crop                  of the SA Reserve Bank), Sizwe Nxasana
                                         Development Programme, and Insects                 (Executive Head of FirstRand Bank),
                                         on New Crops Programme. It is also re-             Zingile Dingani (Secretary to Parlia-
                                         flected in the fact that many of its stu-          ment), Winston Mosiako (Executive
                                         dents are from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Malawi,          Head of Lechabile Technology) and Dr
                                         Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Ca-               Matthews Phosa (ANC executive mem-
                                         meroon, Angola, Mozambique and Le-                 ber), as well as Ms Maria Ramos (Group
                                         sotho.                                             Chief Executive of Transnet).
                                             The Centre for Sustainable Agri-                   The challenges facing the South
                                         culture, which has been offering a multi-          African community featured prominent-
                                         disciplinary, part-time master’s pro-              ly in conference papers. At the confer-
                                         gramme for the past 14 years, developed            ence of the Economic Society of South
                                         new modules in focus areas such as sus-            Africa, the Department of Economics
                                         tainable plant and animal production               covered topics such as the influence of
                                         systems, agribusiness management,                  antiretroviral treatment on the quality of
                                         rural development and marketing to                 life of patients, economic growth in
                                         address the needs of its students more             Africa, internal migration in South
                                         comprehensively. The new format led to             Africa and minimum wages for domes-
                                         more students registering, mainly from             tic workers. The Unit for Leadership Stu-

dies launched research projects on vari-           Oral history can play an important
ous topics, including leadership beha-         role in the collection of historical evi-
viour in a cross-cultural work environ-        dence in Africa, since it serves as a
ment in the South African National             means of transmitting and preserving
Defence Force and an evaluation of the         the voices of those who have not been
human-resource function within the             heard in conventional written sources.
Mangaung Municipality.                         Dr Stephen Semela obtained his doctor-

    With his paper beyond@ivory.tower -
From traditional university to engaged uni-
versity, presented at the United Nations
Conference on Engaging Communities in
Brisbane, Prof. Lucius Botes (Centre for
Development Support) put a fresh per-
spective on the claims regarding the
involvement of universities in society.
    The Department of Drama and
Theatre Arts in the Faculty of the Hu-
manities strives to promote indigenous
languages and culture with the develop-
ment of especially Sesotho productions.
Particularly noteworthy was the multi-
cultural Livingstone — A river of tears and
Cry the beloved country, which were per-
formed at the Grahamstown Festival.
    One of the many research projects of       The Govenor of the Reserve Bank, Mr Tito Mboweni (left) visited the School of
the Centre for Health Systems Research         Management at the UFS. With him is Prof. Helena van Zyl, Director of the School
                                               of Management, and Prof. Frederick Fourie, Rector and Vice-Chancellor.
and Development comprises longitudi-
nal research that documents, monitors
and facilitates the roll-out of antiretrovi-
rals in the Free State. This project is
funded, among others, by the Internatio-
nal Development Research Centre and
the Medical Research Council of South
    The theme of transformation was
elucidated academically by a special edi-
tion of The International Review of the
Aesthetics and Sociology of Music (Vol
36/1), with Dr Martina Viljoen (Music)
as guest editor. In this edition South
African musicology as a transforming
area was subjected to scrutiny with ref-
erence to critical theory — a first in local   Mr Darkey Africa, MEC for Economic Development and Tourism of North West,
                                               obtained his second master’s degree at the UFS. With him is his promotor, Prof.
musicology.                                    Lucius Botes, Director: Centre for Development Support at the UFS.

                   ate in History on The Namoha Battle,              The University of the Free State is the
                   Qwaqwa (1950): a case study on the signifi-   only university in the country which
                   cance of oral history, in which he encour-    partners with the Witness Protection
                   ages history researchers to complement        Programme Unit on an educational
                   written records with oral research to         level. Since the protection of threatened
                   integrate personal experiences and eye-       witnesses is of vital importance to secure
                   witness responses.                            convictions, particularly against organ-
                        Because of the privileged location of    ised crime syndicates, knowledge of the
                   the Faculty of Law in the judicial capital    law pertaining to witness protection is of
                   of South Africa, some of the country’s        critical importance to future lawyers. As
                   most senior jurists are involved in the       a result the theme Witness protection was
                   training of students to ensure that they      included in the Criminal Law modules
                   receive a thorough grounding in legal         of the LL.B. and LL.M. programmes,
                   theory, as well as a sound practical foun-    with the inclusion of the unit’s material
                   dation. Among them are Appeal Judges          as part of the prescribed study material.
                   J.J.F. (Joos) Hefer, L. (Lex) Mpati, F.D.J.      * Also see Kundiges speel leiersrol,
                   (Fritz) Brand (appointed in 2005) and         page 73.
                   I.G. Farlam. These jurists, as well as
                   High Court judges and distinguished
                                                                 Op die voorpunt met
                   members of the bar and sidebar, assist in
                                                                 nuwe toerusting
                   the training of students, either by means
                   of formal presentations, public or guest      Aan die begin van 2005 het die UV
                   lectures, lectures to under- and post-        steeds ’n agterstand in navorsingstoe-
                   graduate students, participation in           rusting en kapasiteitsprobleme in labo-
                   research projects or the evaluation of lec-   ratoriums en lesinglokale ondervind. In
                   turers.                                       die loop van die jaar is van dié agter-
                                                                 stande ingehaal, onder meer deur ven-
    Strategiese        This special group of professors also
                   serve on the faculty’s advisory board,        nootskappe, strategiese alliansies en by-

alliansies plaas   the Collegium Iurisprudentium, which          komende begrotingsfondse.
                   assists the dean and faculty with curric-         Natuurwetenskaplikes het die nodi-
 Departement       ula, the composition of the LL.B. and         ge instrumente, toerusting en laborato-

    Chemie aan     master’s modules and study material.
                       An LL.M. in Human Rights, special-
                                                                 riums nodig om uitnemende wetenskap
                                                                 te beoefen. Suid-Afrikaanse universiteite
  die voorpunt     ising in Reproductive and Sexual Rights,      is dit eens dat gebrekkige staatsfinan-
                                                                 siering daartoe gelei het dat dit juis híér
      in Afrika.   was introduced in partnership with the
                   Ford Foundation. This programme, with         is waar groot tekorte ervaar word. ’n
                   Prof. Charles Ngwena (Constitutional          Opname in 2004 het getoon dat die
                   Law and Philosophy of Law) as co-ordi-        Fakulteit Natuur- en Landbouweten-
                   nator, is the first of its kind at a South    skappe sowat R80 miljoen kort net om
                   African higher education institution. It      agterstande in te haal en weer ’n aan-
                   focuses on grooming lawyers from the          vaarbare standaard te bereik.
                   African continent to play an important           Met behulp van strategiese alliansies
                   role in the realisation of reproductive       het die fakulteit in 2005 daarin geslaag
                   and sexual rights at national and inter-      om bykans R50 miljoen se apparaat te
                   national level.                               bekom. Die Departement Chemie spog

nou met die gevorderdste kernmag-              finansiering vir infrastruktuur en appa-     Die kernmagnetiese resonansspektome-
netiese resonansspektrometer (KMR) in          raat binne die Nasionale Sisteem vir         ter (KMR) wat by die Departement
                                                                                            Chemie geïnstalleer is, plaas die UV aan
Afrika én een van die gevorderdste             Innovasie verskaf, het R1 850 000 vir die    die voorpunt in Afrika. Van links is prof.
                                                                                            Frederick Fourie (Rektor en Visekanse-
enkelkristal-X-straaldiffraktometers in        aankoop van die KMR bewillig.                lier), dr. Detlef Müller (Ontwikkelings-
die Suidelike Halfrond. Hierdie is twee            Die UV het ’n strategiese alliansie
                                                                                            wetenskaplike en -Bestuurder: Afrika and
                                                                                            Asië van Bruker Duitsland, vervaardiger
vlagskipinstrumente wat navorsers in           met Sasol gesluit ingevolge waarvan          van die KMR), prof. Jannie Swarts (hoof
                                                                                            van die Afdeling Fisiese Chemie) en prof.
staat stel om baie makliker en vinniger        Sasol bykans R10 miljoen oor ’n tydperk      Herman van Schalkwyk (Dekaan: Fakul-
verbindings op molekulêre vlak te on-          van drie jaar aan die Departement            teit Natuur- en Landbouwetenskappe).

dersoek. Dit stel die fakulteit ook in staat   Chemie beskikbaar stel. Dit is voorafge-
om meer nagraadse studente op te lei.          gaan deur ’n belegging van R12 miljoen
    Die instrumente word onder meer            deur die UV in toerusting. Die geld kan
ingespan om geneeskundige middels              onder meer vir die aankoop van toerus-
soos bors-, prostaat- en verwante been-        ting, chemiese middels en vir beurse vir
kankeridentifisering en -terapie wat tans      studente en assistente aangewend word.
in die Departement Chemie berei word,          Sasol het ook ingestem om minstens een
te ondersoek. Die departement se na-           van sy senior personeellede na Chemie
vorsingsfokusse sluit ook die gebied van       te sekondeer.
homogene katalise in en die gepaard-               Drie departemente, Rekenaarweten-
gaande daarstelling van nuwe verbeter-         skap en Informatika, Fisika, en Statistiek
de verbindings vir nywerheidsprosesse          en Wiskundige Statistiek, het in same-
waarby Sasol, en selfs die internasionale      werking met Telkom ’n sentrum vir uit-
petrochemiese bedryf, kan baat vind.           nemendheid gestig. Die sentrum fokus
Die Nasionale Apparaatprogram van die          op navorsing in mens-rekenaar-interak-
Nasionale Navorsingstigting (NNS), wat         sie en is met gesofistikeerde sig-op-

Die Scaena-teater neem ’n sentrale plek      sporingsapparaat toegerus wat dit                     mings, het die University College Dublin
op die kampus in.
                                             moontlik maak om rekenaargebruik in                   in Ierland die UV genader om die Wat-
                                             besonderhede te ontleed. Benewens Tel-                cher- robotiese teleskoop te huisves. Die
                                             kom is Microsoft ook as donateur be-                  teleskoop sal hoofsaaklik aangewend
                                             trokke.                                               word vir die waarneming van gamma-
                                                Weens die goeie infrastruktuur én                  knal-opvolgwaarnemings (ontsagwek-
                                             goeie ligging van die Boyden-sterrewag                kende ontploffings in die heelal) en sal
                                             vir moderne sterrekundige waarne-                     ook na eksoplanete (planete om ander
                                                                                                   sterre) soek.
                                                                                                       Dié werk sluit nou aan by een van
                                                                                                   die navorsingsrigtings van die UV se as-
                                                                                                   trofisikanavorsingsgroep, wat reeds met
                                                                                                   Boyden se 1,5 m-teleskoop betrokke is
                                                                                                   by die waarneming van dié verskynsels.
                                                                                                       Ook die Departement Dierkunde en
                                                                                                   Entomologie het twee mikroskope, ge-
                                                                                                   skenk deur IMP Innovation Solutions,
                                                                                                   vir die Leseding-navorsingsprojek oor
                                                                                                   visparasiete in die Okavango-delta ont-
                                                                                                      Twee aanwinste vir die Fakulteit
                                                                                                   Geesteswetenskappe het onderrig ’n
                                                                                                   groot hupstoot gegee. Die ultramoderne
               By die Watcher- robotiese teleskoop is van links mnr. Victor Litera, elektroniese   nuwe Scaena-teaterkompleks, wat in
               tegnikus van die University College Dublin in Ierland, en dr. Matie Hoffman van
               die UV se Departement Fisika.                                                       2005 ingewy is, bied aan die Departe-

ment Drama- en Teaterkuns van die bes-
te geriewe in die land met drie volledig
toegeruste, moderne teaters, asook ultra-
moderne klank- en video-ateljees.
    Die Navorsingsinstituut vir Onder-
wysbeplanning (NIOB) het ’n laborato-
rium in gebruik geneem met die finan-
siële steun van die maatskappy TRAC
SA. Die doel van die TRAC-laboratori-
um is enersyds om leerders en onder-
wysers bekend te stel aan die jongste
tegnologie wat ingenieurs en ander
wetenskaplikes in die praktyk gebruik,
en andersyds, om leerders se belang-
stelling te prikkel sodat meer tot die
natuurwetenskapberoepe sal toetree.             TRAC wakker meer belangstelling in die natuurwetenskappe aan.
Meer as 1 000 leerders en 200 onder-
wysers het die laboratorium reeds in
2005 benut.
                                                should align key areas of its academic
                                                and research efforts with national prior-
Strategic clusters, a new                       ities through the introduction of five
strategy for research                           strategic clusters:
development                                     • Enabling technologies (or technology
The UFS operates in an increasingly com-          for the future)
petitive environment where South African        • Food production and food security
universities no longer compete with their         for Africa
national counterparts only, but also inter-     • Development (economics, health, lit-
nationally. A reputation for excellence has       eracy and other human activities)
become a crucial factor in attracting quality   • Social transformation, and
students and staff, research funding and        • Water resources and ecosystem man-
other forms of sponsorship.                       agement.
    It has become imperative for the UFS            These strategic clusters are under-
to position itself, in its next phase of        stood not only as research areas, but as
development, not only as a good (teach-         areas that also encompass strong under-
ing and) research university, but as an         graduate and particularly postgraduate
institution that truly excels in certain        teaching and a potentially solid scientif-
strategic areas or clusters of research and     ic basis for service learning and commu-
knowledge — whilst continuing to pro-           nity service research.
vide general support for research excel-            Some of the spin-offs can have an
lence across the many disciplines.              important impact on industrial develop-
   In 2005 the Vice-Chancellor initiated        ment, and may also create a basis for
a process to identify priority areas on         cooperation with provincial, national
which to focus its research. Broad con-         and international partners. This initia-
sensus was reached that the university          tive will be developed further in 2006.

                                                                                     terton (Microbial, Biochemical and Food
                                                                                     Biotechnology) joined the ranks of the
                                                                                     UFS, pushing the number of internation-
                                                                                     ally acclaimed UFS researchers up from
                                                                                     nine in 2004 to eleven. Prof. Pieter Verster
                                                                                     (Missiology) became the first faculty
                                                                                     member of Theology to obtain a C rating
                                                                                     (as an established researcher), where
                                                                                     numbers are down from 58 to 52. Dr Celia
                                                                                     Hugo (Microbial, Biochemical and Food
                                                                                     Biotechnology), formerly a Y-rated re-
                                                                                     searcher, obtained a C rating. The L-rated
The UFS is nurturing its young researchers. Attending a function to honour some of
them, were, from the left: Mrs Annelize Venter (researcher at the UFS Research       researchers remained constant at one.
Development Directorate and co-ordinator of the Thuthuka Programme), Prof.
Jonathan Jansen (Dean of Education at the University of Pretoria and guest speaker       The majority of top researchers at
at the function), Prof. Frans Swanepoel (Director: Research Development at the
UFS), Ms Pravani Naidoo and Mr Edwin du Plessis (lecturers in the Department of
                                                                                     most universities in South Africa are
Psycology who will take part in the Thuthuka Programme in 2007).                     white males of over 50. This trend is ref-
                                                                                     lected at the UFS, where some will be
                                                                                     retiring within the next five years. It is
                                                                                     therefore reassuring that a number of
                                Increasing the pool of                               promising young researchers seem eager
                                researchers                                          to establish themselves as recognised re-
                                Research funding increased significantly             searchers. Two of them, Dr Gustav Vis-
                                during 2005. The university’s National               ser (Geography) and Prof. Frikkie Booy-
                                Research Foundation (NRF) allocation                 sen (Economics), received Y ratings.
                                rose by 57% from R7,7 million in 2004 to                 As part of the university’s research
                                more than R10 million in 2005 — the                  strategy, a strong emphasis is placed on
                                highest in history. Central research                 the development of the pool of young
                                funds allocated, grew by 13,2% from                  researchers, especially promising re-
                                R10,8 million in 2004 to R12,2 million in            searchers from designated groups. The
                                2005.                                                UFS participates in the Thuthuka Pro-
                                    While the number of NRF-rated                    gramme, the NRF initiative which aims
                                researchers at the university showed a               to develop the individual capacity of
                                steady increase up to 2004, their num-               women and black researchers. The num-
                                bers dropped from 77 to 73 in 2005.                  ber of grantholders at the UFS rose im-
                                However, the UFS is still ranked fourth              pressively from 5 in 2003 to 19 in 2005.
                                overall in a list ranking the top 20 higher          The Thuthuka Programme allocation
                                education institutions in South Africa               rose more than sixfold from less than
                                according to proportion of staff with a              R300 000 in 2003 to more than R2 million
                                valid NRF rating (published in The NRF               in 2005.
                                Evaluation and Rating System: Facts and                 Despite the disproportionately high
                                Figures 2005). According to these find-              number of junior and contract staff on
                                ings, 14,5% of academic staff at the UFS             the Qwaqwa Campus, reasonable re-
                                were rated researchers.                              search outputs were produced. A num-
                                   Two B-rated researchers, Prof. André              ber of academic staff published in peer
                                Roodt (Chemistry) and Prof. Hugh Pat-                review accredited journals and present-

ed papers at national and international     For years nanotechnologists have been searching for lubricants that are light enough
                                            and suitable for use in humans to enable their tiny robots to move through the human
conferences.                                body. While working on his M.Sc. study on yeast, Mr Olihile Sebolai, a student at the
                                            Department of Microbial, Biochemical and Food Biotechnology, discovered a yeast which
    In another initiative to prepare the    produces what his study leader, Prof. Lodewyk Kock, calls a cascade of lubricants that
next generation of academic staff for all   hold the promise of doing just that. The man-made nanorobots are used to perform tasks
                                            in places that are invisible to the naked eye and could one day be used, among others,
its campuses, the UFS established the       to clean up human arteries. Mr Sebolai’s dissertation on the yeast genus Saccharomy-
                                            copsis Schionning was published in the US journal Prostaglandins and Other Lipid
Graduate Mentoring Project in 2001          Mediators. Apart from obtaining his M.Sc. cum laude, Mr Sebolai was awarded six pres-
with funds from the Andrew W. Mellon        tigious prizes during the April graduation ceremony. Scientists and the media worldwide
                                            took note of his ground-breaking discovery, and the international news agency Reuters
Foundation and Atlantic Philanthropies.     travelled to the UFS main campus to capture him on film.
A total of 26 students from designated
groups have gained entrance into the
programme, with the last intake taking      ment, a research working group of 18
place in 2004. In 2005 another two          upcoming researchers was established.
Mellon fellows joined the faculty ranks         At the annual Faculty Forum, which
at Natural and Agricultural Sciences.       showcases research in the Faculty of
     Some faculties launched special ini-   Health Sciences, participants delivered
tiatives to promote a research culture.     close to 70 oral and poster presentations.
The research committee of the Faculty of    The Department of Human Nutrition in
Economic and Management Sciences, for       the School of Allied Health Professions
instance, instituted a Research Day at      proved to be the most prolific. Postgra-
which lecturers presented the papers they   duate research is stimulated by the pres-
had read at national and international      entation of a student forum, where win-
conferences during 2005. With a view to     ners are offered the chance to participate
research capacity building and empower-     in the Faculty Forum.

                 Research management:                            time required to acquire up-to-date, ac-
                 culture taking root                             curate and applicable information. The
                                                                 university also joined the international
                 The Directorate for Research Develop-           funders’ database Research-Research.
                 ment (DRD), which was established in            The system allows directed and targeted
                 2002 to help develop a campus-wide cul-         searches for funding opportunities
                 ture of research, implemented a strategic       across all disciplines, as well as sponsor
                 framework for research development in           profiles providing in-depth guidance on
                 August 2003. According to a 2005 forma-         the funding agencies.
                 tive review to assess progress made
                 since its implementation, the DRD has
                 had a noticeable impact in establishing a
                                                                 Internationalisation and
                 structured research culture.                    research
                    Establishing a research culture takes        Globalisation and internationalisation
                 time and is an ongoing process. The             have a bearing on the role of the
                 report found that, although strong ele-         University as an important national and
                 ments of a research culture have taken          international role player in the creation
                 root, the research culture of the universi-     of new knowledge and the preparation
                 ty is not institution-wide at present.          of the next generation of experts who
                 While fairly well established in some           have to lead nations and communities.
                 departments, in others it still is embry-           In March the University Council
                 onic or non-existent.                           approved an Internationalisation Policy
                     A research culture is generally charac-     for the UFS as yet another vehicle to
                 terised by a climate of intellectual and cre-   develop research excellence.

Internation-     ative enquiry, where research is part of
                 the daily agenda of most academic staff.
                                                                     The growing number of postgradu-
                                                                 ate students from Africa and the increase
     alisation   As is the case at most universities, most       in research outputs as a result of this, is
                 UFS researchers find that the lack of time      already a step in the right direction.
      policy a   due to their lecturing load is a serious            In 2005 1 591 foreign students from
   vehicle for   hindrance to the quality and quantity of
                 research. At the UFS this is exacerbated by
                                                                 all continents enrolled at the UFS. More
                                                                 than 285 were completing their master’s
     research    the parallel-medium teaching policy.            degrees, and about 60 were enrolled for

   excellence        In 2005 the DRD took further steps to
                 improve the management quality of
                                                                 doctoral studies. As the majority are
                                                                 from Africa, research consequently has
 and inroads     research development by introducing an          become more focused on Africa’s issues
                 electronic research infrastructure.             and challenges.
  into Africa.       The research information manage-
                 ment system, University Office, a win-          ’n Bedrywige
                 dows-based, dynamic input system that
                 records data in an interpretive way for
                 research information management pur-            Navorsingsartikels het van 328 in 2003
                 poses and includes complete monitor-            tot 345 in 2004 en verder tot 392 in 2005
                 ing, evaluating and strategic manage-           verhoog.
                 ment capabilities, has been operationa-            Akademici van die Departement
                 lised. The system dramatically reduces          Geskiedenis in die Fakulteit Geesteswe-

tenskappe het in die loop van 2005 ten
minste 26 artikels in ’n verskeidenheid
geakkrediteerde akademiese tydskrifte
gepubliseer. Dié departement het twee
publiseerders, proff Leo Barnard en
André Wessels, in die toptien in die fa-
kulteit gelewer. Boaan die lys van top-
publiseerders is die filosoof-navorser
prof. Danie Strauss met 28,3 uitsette oor
drie jaar.
     Drie referate van personeellede van
die Sentrum vir Hoëronderwysstudies
en -ontwikkeling (SHOSO), wat op die
tweejaarlikse kongres van die South
African Association for Research and De-
velopment in Higher Education oor Die
Afrika-Universiteit in die 21ste Eeu gelewer
is, is vir publikasie in die geakkrediteerde
South African Journal of Higher Education
aanvaar. Nog vier artikels van prof.
Mabokang Mapesela, ’n kundige op die
gebied van hoëronderwysstelsels en -
transformasie, is óf gepubliseer, óf vir pu-
blikasie in geakkrediteerde tydskrifte aan-                               Most students from
vaar.                                                                   2004      2005                            2004       2005
    Benewens talryke bydraes deur per-           Lesotho                 817      1023                             41           38
soneellede in die Fakulteit Ekonomiese           Namibia                 109       95
                                                                                                                   19           28
                                                 China                    67       90                              11           27
en Bestuurswetenskappe tot hand- en                                                        Swaziland
                                                 Botswana                 62       67                              11           24
vakboeke, het veral twee departemente            Zimbabwe                 24       47                              45           22
presteer. Die Sentrum vir Ontwikke-            Trek to the south. The origin of some foreign students studying at the UFS.
lingsteun het vyf en die Departement
Ekonomie nie minder nie as tien geak-
krediteerde artikels die lig laat sien.
    Een van die prestasies in die Fakul-          Nuwe samewerkingsooreenkomste
teit Teologie was die verskyning van              In die Fakulteit Geesteswetenskappe is talle nuwe samewerkingsooreen-
prof. Francois Tolmie van die Departe-            komste met buitelandse universiteite gesluit:
ment Nuwe Testament se boek oor die               • Die Departement Antropologie met die Universiteit Sambalpur, Indië
                                                  • Die Departement Engels en Klassieke Tale met die Goldsmith Kollege
retoriese analise van Galasiërs in die in-
                                                  aan die Universiteit van Londen oor taalontwikkeling en taal in die gemeen-
ternasionaal hoog aangeskrewe reeks               skap, asook met die Universiteit van Leiden
Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum              • Die Departement Politieke Wetenskap met die Universiteite van
Neuen Testament. Hierbenewens het prof.           Saskatchewan (Kanada) en Murdoch (Perth, Australië).
Tolmie in samewerking met prof. Jan
van der Watt van die Universiteit van
Pretoria (asook ander medewerkers) ’n
boek by CUM oor die sogenaamde Ou

     Die Fakulteit Teologie het in 2005 sy 25ste bestaansjaar met onder meer ’n konferensie gevier. By die
     geleentheid was van links: proff. Piet Strauss en Sybrand Strauss, Fakulteit Teologie, prof. Stef Coetzee,
     voormalige UV-rektor en tans by die Stellenbosch-bestuurskool, prof. Amie van Wyk, redakteur van die
     Gereformeerde Kerkblad in Pretoria, en mej. Anneliene Labuschagne, Teologiestudent aan die UV.

     en Nuwe Testamentiese Apokriewe                           rede van appèlregter Joos Hefer as eerste
     boeke laat verskyn. Die boek van meer                     ereprofessor in Privaatreg aan die UV.
     as 800 bladsye behels ’n selfstandige ver-                    Mnr. Pieter Taljaard van die Departe-
     taling in Afrikaans vanuit die grondtale                  ment Landbou-ekonomie in die Fakul-
     (Grieks, Latyn en Kopties), en bied waar-
                                                               teit Natuur- en Landbouwetenskappe
     devolle inligting oor geskrifte wat ron-
                                                               het die prys gewen vir die beste artikel
     dom die begin van die Christelike jaar-
                                                               die afgelope 12 maande in Agrekon, die
     telling ontstaan het, maar nie in die By-
                                                               geakkrediteerde tydskrif van die Land-
     bel opgeneem is nie.
                                                               bou-ekonomie Vereniging van Suid-
         Die Fakulteit se geakkrediteerde tyd-
     skrif, Acta Theologica, met prof. Tolmie as
                                                                   Dr. Wimpie Nell, Direkteur van die
     redakteur, het benewens sy twee gewo-
                                                               Sentrum vir Landboubestuur, was me-
     ne uitgawes ook drie supplement-uit-
     gawes in 2005 gehad.                                      de-outeur van ’n boek getiteld Strategic
                                                               approach to farming success, wat daarop
         Die Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid se
                                                               gemik is om proaktiewe bestuur in die
     geakkrediteerde Tydskrif vir Regswetenskap
                                                               moderne landbou te bevorder.
     het sy dertigste publikasiejaar beleef. In
     2005 het ’n eeufeesuitgawe onder redak-                       Die waarde van die boek lê daarin
     teurskap van prof. Charles Ngwena ver-                    dat dit praktiese voorbeelde verskaf wat
     skyn met bydraes van personeel van die                    dit vir die boer moontlik maak om die
     Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid en die Skool vir                beginsels in enige landbouonderneming
     Rekeningkunde. Dit bevat ook die intree-                  toe te pas.

Dominant at conferences                     opment (CHESD) and the Planning
                                            Unit read 13 papers and presented a
Quite a number of individual depart-        workshop at the conference of the South
ments distinguished themselves by the       African Association for Research and
sheer amount of papers read at confer-      Development in Higher Education in
ences.                                      Durban.
   In the Faculty of Economic and               In the Faculty of the Humanities the
Management Sciences 40 refereed pa-         Department of Afro-Asiatic Studies,
pers were read at national congresses       Sign Language and Language Practice
and 27 at international conferences.        delivered 38 papers, 15 at international
    The papers presented nationally         congresses. Topics included Biblical lit-
mainly dealt with the challenges facing     erature for children, a cognitive linguis-
the South African community. The De-        tic analysis of the shepherd metaphor
partment of Economics presented no          and the interpretation of deception.
fewer than 20 papers at the biennial con-       Two members of this department,
gress of the Economic Society of South      Proff. Phillip Nel and Jackie Naudé, are
Africa. The Centre for Accounting, with
                                            among the top ten publishers in the fac-
seven selected papers, put its stamp on
the conference of the South African Ac-
                                                During the annual Language
counting Society. Particularly gratifying
                                            Congress of South Africa the prize for
was the fact that younger lecturers were
                                            the best paper by a newcomer at a lin-
among those reporting research results.
                                            guistics conference was awarded to Ms
    Internationally, lecturers from the
                                            Susan Lombaard from the Unit for
Department of Public Management pre-
                                            Language Facilitation and Empower-
sented six papers at the annual confer-
                                            ment (ULFE). Her paper was titled
ence of the International Association of
                                            Translation from one medium to another: the
Schools and Institutes of Administration
                                            translation of Biblical parts into South
in Italy. Staff members of the Centre for
                                            African Sign Language.
Development Support were responsible
for three international papers and the
Department of Economics presented 12.       Akademiese beplanning
    Two departments in the Faculty of       Die sukses van die universiteit om sinvol
Natural and Agricultural Sciences dis-      te reageer op die realiteite en uitdagings
tinguished themselves. During the 43rd      van die Suid-Afrikaanse hoër onderwys, is
Annual Conference of the Agricultural       grootliks moontlik gemaak deur die werk-
Economics Association of South Africa,      saamhede van die Beplanningseenheid,
13 of the 30 papers (excluding invited      wat in 2004 op die been gebring is.
papers) were presented by students and          As deel van sy beplanningsfunksie
staff from the Department of Agricul-       was die eenheid intensief gemoeid met
tural Economics. The Department of          die ontwikkeling, uitrol en monitering
Physics also excelled by delivering the     van die UV se strategiese plan en breë
largest number of papers of any partici-    akademiese beplanningsraamwerk wat
pating institution.                         binne fakulteite en steundienste rig-
   Staff members from the Centre for        tinggewend is vir beplanning en imple-
Higher Education Studies and Devel-         mentering.

                                                                                      Fokus op sukseskoers
                                                                                      ál groter
                                                                                      Studentegetalle by die meeste hoëron-
                                                                                      derwysinstellings in Suid-Afrika het die
                                                                                      afgelope klompie jare sterk geklim. By
                                                                                      die UV het die Finansiële Draaistrategie,
                                                                                      die omvattende hernuwing in akade-
                                                                                      miese programme en onderrigmetodes,
                                                                                      sowel as aggressiewer bemarking, vir ’n
                                                                                      groeikoers bo die nasionale gemiddelde
                                                                                          In 2000 het die UV 12 715 studente
                                                                                      gehad. Teen 2004 het dié getal tot 25 351
                                                                                      geklim. In 2005 het die totale studentetal
                                                                                      effens gedaal tot 25 273.
                                                                                          Hoewel verdere groei op die
                                                                                      Qwaqwa-kampus nodig is om dié kam-
                                                                                      pus meer lewensvatbaar te maak, is die
                                                                                      groeifase vir die hoofkampus iets van
                                                                                      die verlede. Inskrywingsbeplanning het
  The UFS hosted 14 delegates of the          Die eenheid het hom veral toegespits
Association of Commonwealth Univer-
                                          op die voorbereiding vir 2006 se institu-   uiters belangrik geword, omdat die
   sities (ACU) at the Main Campus in
 Bloemfontein. From the left are: Prof.   sionele gehalteversekeringsoudit deur       nasionale begroting vir hoër onderwys
Magda Fourie, Vice-Rector: Academic
                                          die Gehaltekomitee van die Raad op          beperk is en nie met buitensporige groei
      Planning at the UFS; Sir Graeme
Davies, Vice-Chancellor of the Univer-
                                          Hoër Onderwys. ’n Integrale deel hier-      in studentegetalle kan bybly nie.
 sity of London; Ms Svava Bjarnason,
Director: Research and Strategy, ACU;     van is programselfevaluering.                   Die fokus het derhalwe verskuif van
     Ms Sandra Glasgow, Senior Vice-
  President: Corporate Services of the        Die voorbereiding vir die institu-      getalle na gehalte, terwyl ’n balans
  University of Technology in Jamaica;
                                          sionele oudit het nie net geweldige eise    gehandhaaf moet word tussen die toe-
        and Dr John Rowett, Secretary
                   General of the ACU.    aan die Beplanningseenheid nie, maar        lating van nuwelingeerstejaars en die
                                          aan alle fakulteite en ander funksionele    deurvloeikoers van bestaande studente.
                                          eenhede gestel. Om institusionele ver-          Verlengde graadprogramme is in
                                          slagdoening moontlik te maak het die        2005 in vier fakulteite (Natuur- en
                                          eenheid ’n bestuursproses vir die formu-    Landbouwetenskappe, Ekonomiese en
                                          lering van beleid en prosedures, belyn-     Bestuurswetenskappe, Geestesweten-
                                          ing, goedkeuring, implementering en         skappe en Regsgeleerdheid) ingestel.
                                          meting van die impak gekoördineer.          Dié programme verskaf aan studente
                                             Deelname aan die Association of          wat nie op skool die nodige onderbou
                                          Commonwealth Universities Bench-            vir hoër onderwys gekry het nie, die
                                          marking Project en die aanbied van ’n       vereiste kennis en vaardighede om die
                                          werksessie was ’n hoogtepunt. Die UV        graadprogram met ’n veel groter kans
                                          het weer bogemiddeld vertoon in die         op sukses aan te pak.
                                          drie ykingsareas (strategiese beplan-          Omdat taalvaardigheid ’n groot rol
                                          ning; werwing en behoud van sleutel-        in akademiese prestasie speel, is taal-
                                          personeel; en “branding”) wat in 2005       vaardigheidsmodules ’n verpligte deel
                                          beoordeel is.                               van dié programme. Meer as 1 500 stu-

dente het ook in 2005 die basiese inlig-
tingsgeletterdheidskursus geloop.
   In die Fakulteit Gesondheidsweten-
skappe, waar studente met probleme
met vaardigheidskursusse ondersteun
word, sal ’n ontwikkelingsprogram in
2006 ingestel word om die kwessie beter
aan te spreek.
    Die Fakulteit Ekonomiese en Be-
stuurswetenskappe, wat met internetge-
baseerde studie ’n pioniersrol gespeel
het, is sedert 2003 by die uitbreiding van
e-leer op die hoofkampus self betrokke.
In 2005 het dié fakulteit besondere aan-
dag gegee aan die integrering van e-leer
met kontakmodules as ’n bykomende
ondersteuningsmeganisme en die pro-
fessionalisering van leermateriaal. Spe-
                                             Die Departement Drama en Teaterkuns het op die Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees
siale werksessies is aangebied om do-        skoonskip gemaak in al die kategorieë van die Sanlamprys vir Afrikaanse Teater. Die
sente vir die nuwe eise te sensitiseer en    departementshoof, prof. Nico Luwes (agter, tweede van regs), se Zollie (oor ’n Griek-
                                             se egpaar en twee bendes straatkinders) is aangewys as die beste nuwe drama,
hulle by te staan in die vernuwing en        Lullu Botha is aangewys as die beste akteur, terwyl die hele span die toekenning vir
implementering van onderrig- en leer-        die beste produksie ontvang het. Gerben Kamper (voor links), wat as die beste regis-
                                             seur aangewys is, het ook die toekenning as feeskunstenaar van die Volksblad-kun-
metodieke.                                   stefees verower. By hulle is dr. Franklin Sonn (agter links), Kanselier van die UV.

                           Student enrolment by gender
 Year           Male          %              Female           %                 Total
 2001           6 804         48%            7 363            52%               14 167
 2002           7 956         46%            9 495            54%               17 451
 2003           9 891         45%            12 093           55%               21 984
 2004           11 183        44%            14 168           56%               25 351
 2005           11 276        45%            13 997           55%               25 273

                   Student enrolment by race on Main Campus

 Year           White         %              Black            %                 Total
 2001           6 031         53%            5 314            47%               11 345
 2002           6 382         49%            6 671            51%               13 053
 2003           6 982         47%            7 729            53%               14 711
 2004           7 459         44%            9 439            56%               16 898
 2005           7 761         45%            9 398            55%               17 159

                                                                                        (IKS) in November 2005. The task team
                                                                                        is to start the process with a workshop to
                                                                                        investigate ways in which IKS can be co-
                                                                                        ordinated and integrated into curricula.
                                                                                            As a precursor to the IKS initiative
                                                                                        the UFS presented a colloquium on IKS
                                                                                        in 2004 in cooperation with the National
                                                                                        Research Foundation. In October 2005
                                                                                        the Programme for Africa Studies
                                                                                        launched a comprehensive collection of
                                                                                        these papers as a special edition of
                                                                                        Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous
                                                                                        Knowledge Systems. Prof. Philip Nel,
                                                                                        Director of Africa Studies, was the guest
A new book on Indigenous Knowledge was published in 2006: Paging through it are,
from the left: Dr Otsile Ntsoane, acting Director of IKS at the Department of Science   editor.
and Technology, and Prof. Philip Nel, Director of Africa Studies and guest editor of
the publication.                                                                            The publication displays the range
                                                                                        of burning questions that needs to be
                                      ’n Koshuisherplasingsbeleid, wat in               resolved in this field, such as main-
                                  2006 ingestel gaan word en sal vereis dat             streaming IKS in academic debate and
                                  koshuisinwoners aan sekere kriteria,                  practice, recognition and protection of
                                  waaronder akademiese prestasie, moet                  the knowledge holders, bio-prospecting
                                  voldoen om vir herplasing te kwali-                   and bio-piracy, bio- and ethnic healing,
                                  fiseer, sal hopelik ook ’n uitwerking op              and the lack of textbooks and field man-
                                  die deurvloeisyfer hê.                                uals. It contains papers by international
                                                                                        experts on IKS such as Prof. Fritz
                                  Integration of Indigenous                             Wallner from Austria and Prof. Gayatri
                                                                                        Spivak, foremost theorist from India.
                                  Knowledge Systems
                                  As part of the university’s initiative to
                                  promote a clear Africa orientation in cur-
                                                                                        Vernuwing in onderrig
                                  ricula, the Executive Management ap-                  Die Gesondheidsberoeperaad van Suid-
                                  proved the establishment of a task team               Afrika het volle akkreditering aan die
                                  for Indigenous Knowledge Systems                      Fakulteit Gesondheidswetenskappe se
                                                                                        vyfjaarprogram vir die graad MB.Ch.B.
                                                                                        verleen. Die fakulteit se Skool vir Genees-
                                                                                        kunde was die eerste in die land wat, in
   Teaching excellence                                                                  ooreenstemming met internasionale ten-
   Dr Irene Kamara from the Department
   of Chemistry became the first black                                                  dense, die verkorte kurrikulum vir
   woman to receive the Faculty of                                                      geneeskunde-studente ingestel het. Die
   Natural and Agricultural Sciences’
   award for teaching excellence. Her
                                                                                        eerste groep wat hulle vir dié program
   skills as a lecturer are underlined by                                               ingeskryf het, het einde 2004 graad gekry.
   the fact that many Afrikaans-speaking
   students prefer to attend her classes,                                                  Van 2006 af word ’n magistergraad
   which are presented in English.                                                      in Sportgeneeskunde by die Skool vir
                                                                                        Geneeskunde aangebied. ’n Borgskap
                                                                                        van R750 000 van die mediesesorggroep

Life Health Care sal die program van die       die UV in September die eerste univer-
grond af kry.                                  siteit in Suid-Afrika geword het wat
    Om regstudente ’n voorsmakie van           magistergrade in Fisika toegeken het aan
                                               studente wat die Nasionale Astrofisika-
hofprosedures te gee het die Fakulteit
                                               en Ruimtewetenskapprogram (NARP)
Regsgeleerdheid ’n skynhofkompetisie
                                               voltooi het. Die program sal ’n nuwe ge-
vir LL.B.-studente in hul eerste jaar in
                                               slag astrofisici en ruimtewetenskaplikes
die Appèlhof in Bloemfontein aange-
                                               oplei wat by die heel beste ter wêreld
bied. Studente van die Rhodes-univer-
                                               kan kers vashou. Dit word in samewerk-
siteit en die Universiteit van Pretoria is
                                               ing met ses ander universiteite in die
genooi om ook deel te neem, en argu-
                                               land, asook die Suid-Afrikaanse Astro-
mente is deur appèlregters en regters
                                               nomie-observatorium (SAAO), die Her-
van die Hooggeregshof aangehoor. Die
                                               manus Magnetiese Observatorium
UV het die Afrikaanse deel van die kom-
                                               (HMO) en die Hartbeeshoek Radio-
petisie gewen, terwyl die Rhodes-stu-
                                               observatorium (HartRao) aangebied.
dente in die Engelse deel skoonskip
                                                   Die Departement Argitektuur het sy
gemaak het.
                                               50ste bestaansjaar gevier. Twee hoogte-
    Die Departement Handelsreg het, op
                                               punte op die feeskalender was die jaar-
versoek uit die praktyk, ’n sesmaande-         likse Sophia Gray-lesing en ’n feeslesing
lange sertifikaatkursus in alternatiewe        deur mnr Glen Murcutt, Australiese
geskilbeslegting aangebied. Studente het       argitek. Prof. Bannie Britz, voorheen
in diepte na onderhandeling, mediasie          departementshoof van Argitektuur, het
en arbitrasie as alternatiewe vir tradi-       die 17de Sophia Gray-lesing aangebied.
sionele hoflitigasie gekyk en die begin-
sels prakties toegepas. Dramastudente is
ook ingespan om, as “moeilike” partye,
die sake interessant te maak.                  • Me Marina Marinkov, ’n dosent in die
    Sowat 90 studente het hulle ingeskryf      Departement Ekonomie, het die Ekono-
vir die Fakulteit Teologie se nie-amp-         miese Vereniging van Suid-Afrika se
telike basiskursus in kerklike dienswerk,      prys vir die beste honneursskripsie aan
wat gemik is op diegene wat nie aan die
formele universiteitstoelatingsvereistes
voldoen nie. Verskeie dienspunte is in
die land tot stand gebring waar tutors die
kursus aanbied. Die kursus word nou
ook in Durbanville aangebied, waar
sowat 40 studente ingeskryf is.
    Prof. Pieter de Villiers is as buitenge-
wone hoogleraar in die fakulteit aange-
stel en sal verantwoordelik wees daar-
voor om Bybelse Spiritualiteit as vak te
ontwikkel en magister- en doktorale stu-
dente te begelei.
   Die Fakulteit Natuur- en Landbou-           Ms Elmé Breedt (from Pretoria) and Mr Edward Jurua (from Uganda) who obtained
                                               the master’s degree in Physics at the UFS and completed the National
wetenskappe het daarvoor gesorg dat            Astrophysics Space Science Programme.

                                                                                 ’n Suid-Afrikaanse universiteit ontvang.
 School of Management produces                                                   Haar onderwerp was The behaviour,
 first doctorate                                                                 volatility and long run equilibrium of the
                                                                                 South African real effective exchange rate.
                                                                                 Prof. Philippe Burger, departementele
                                                                                 voorsitter van Ekonomie, was haar
                                                                                 • Studente van die Departement Mu-
                                                                                 siek het vir talle hoogtepunte gesorg. Die
                                                                                 Odeion-studentetrio, bestaande uit
                                                                                 Danré Strydom (klarinet), JC Jacobs (tjel-
                                                                                 lo) en Lesley-Ann Mathews (klavier), is
                                                                                 deur die Britse pianis en kamermusiek-
                                                                                 speler Clifford Benson na Farnham by
                                                                                 Londen genooi vir meestersklasse in
                                                                                 kamermusiek. JC Jacobs en Danré
                                                                                 Strydom het ook tot die eindronde van
                                                                                 die Sasolkompetisie deurgedring waar
                                                                                 JC die eerste prys verower het. Hanlie
Dr Mark Pawley became the first doctoral graduate of the School of               Louw (sang) het die Mimi Coertse-prys
Management with a thesis on Mean variance optimisation, stochastic simula-
tion and passive formula strategies for equity investments. Dr Pawley received   ingepalm.
his MBA from Oxford Brookes University. Here he is with Prof. Helena van Zyl,
Director of the School of Management.                                            • Twee regstudente, Lebohang Moleko
                                                                                 en Cawell Mhululi, het tot die eindronde
                                                                                 van die strawwe interuniversitêre skyn-
                                                                                 hofkompetisie van die Rhodes-univer-
                                                                                 siteit deurgedring. Altesame 24 spanne
                                                                                 van 16 universiteite het deelgeneem.
                                                                                 Studente moes ’n volledige siviele en
                                                                                 strafsaak, nes in ’n verhoorhof, aanbied -
                                                                                 ’n behoorlike toets vir hul pleitvaardig-

                                                                                 Mr Trevor Manuel, Minister of Finance, and Dr
                                                                                 Franklin Sonn, Chancellor of the UFS, at the April
                                                                                 graduation ceremony.

Bridging the gap with
the community

C                                                                                            Qwaqwa
         entral to the university’s priority   communities, and play a leading role in
         of regional cooperation and en-       driving the socio-economic develop-
         gagement is the integration of        ment of the country.                          and Vista
the Qwaqwa and Vista Bloemfontein
Campuses as valuable constituent parts
                                                   Within this context, the Free State
                                               Higher Education Consortium (FSHEC)
of the UFS, and the strategic reconfigura-
tion of these two campuses in order that
                                               launched a Tri-Campus Project early in        can play
                                               2005 to reassess the role that three of its
the UFS, in conjunction with other part-
                                               campuses should be playing in the sub-        leading role
ners, can play a meaningful role in
regional engagement and development.
                                               regions of the Free State in which they
                                               are located. FSHEC is a consortium
                                                                                             in socio-
                                               made up of the University of the Free         economic
A meaningful role for
‘new’ campuses
                                               State, the Central University of Tech-
                                               nology (CUT), the Free State School of
In some circles there has been growing         Nursing (FSSON) and the University of
concern that higher education in South         South Africa (Unisa).
Africa is not doing enough to tackle              The project has focused on strategic
problems of poverty, extend educational        planning for university campuses in the
access to historically disadvantaged           Free State that have been incorporated

                with the UFS and CUT in terms of the          ery. The explicit focus will be to create
                National Plan for Higher Education to         institutions that are responsive to the
                restructure higher education in South         country’s fundamental challenge of
                Africa. The Qwaqwa Campus and the             dealing with poverty alleviation in a sus-
                Bloemfontein Vista Campus were incor-         tainable manner. They will deliver a
                porated with the UFS in January 2003          strong mix of livelihoods-oriented
                and January 2004 respectively, and the        programmes, thus producing skilled cit-
                Welkom Vista Campus with the CUT.             izens capable of occupying key positions
                Since the situation of the Bloemfontein       in the country’s growing economy.
                Vista Campus is somewhat different                To achieve this, the UFS’s Qwaqwa
                from that of the other two, it was decid-     campus will develop a niche focus on
                ed to prioritise the Qwaqwa and               socio-economic development informed
                Welkom Campuses. However, the pro-            by operation in a predominantly rural
                posed plans might well be implemented         context.
                at Vista Bloemfontein in future and
                might offer a model for the future devel-
                opment of higher education institutions.
                                                              Planne met Vista-kampus
                    The research revealed a need to           Die hoofdoelwit van die dienste wat by
                rethink completely what we understand         die gerekonfigureerde Vista-kampus
                higher education to be and what its func-     aangebied gaan word, is ontwikkeling
                tion should be in the South African con-      van menslike hulpbronne, wat as
                text of high levels of poverty. It has        stukrag vir die sentrale streek moet dien.
                become apparent that higher education         Nuwe hulpbronne sal ook vir onderwys
                needs to play a significantly more proac-     en opleiding aangewend word om by te
                tive role in supporting local socio-eco-      dra tot hoër onderwys in die Vrystaat.
                nomic development, and linking this to            Tydens die onderhandelinge voor en
                broader national processes of economic        na inlywing is ooreengekom dat die
   Vista can    growth and job creation. It also becomes      rekonfigurering van die kampus tot ’n

 be a model     critical to locate higher education activi-
                ties more strongly within integrated
                                                              nuwe bate moet lei, met geen dupliser-
                                                              ing van dienste of programme wat op
  for higher    educational systems that serve the            die hoofkampus aangebied word nie.
                broader post-secondary needs of specific         Die Vista-kampus kan aangewend
  education     areas, while engaging more carefully          word vir die aanbied van bedrywighede
institutions.   with the challenge of providing routes
                for marginalised school learners into fur-
                                                              wat nog op die hoofkampus aangebied
                                                              word (soos kort leerprogramme), nuwe
                ther education and training and higher        UV-bedrywighede (hoofsaaklik van ’n
                education.                                    ontwikkelings- en entrepreneuriese
                   Analyses of the campuses show that,        aard), samewerkingsvennootskappe met
                while they have made progress since           ander rolspelers en die verhuring van
                incorporation, both remain unsustain-         onderwys- en opleidingsgeriewe.
                able in the long term.                            Die UV bied reeds twee “dienste” op
                    The overall vision of the Tri-Campus      die Vista-kampus aan — die Streeksen-
                Project is to reconfigure the Qwaqwa          trum vir Erkenning van Voorafleer en
                and Welkom Campuses to form part of           die Sesotho-taalnavorsing- en -ontwik-
                integrated systems of educational deliv-      kelingsentrum.

   Daarmee saam het die Vrystaatse
Provinsiale regering sy Opleidings- en
Ontwikkelingsinstituut vir staatsampte-
nare van Thaba ’Nchu na die Vista-kam-
pus verskuif.

UFS the SA benchmark
for community service
The University’s approach to community
engagement, i.e. in the form of communi-
ty service learning and community ser-
vice research, has the immense benefit
that it does not define community service
as an “add-on”, but as an integral part of
its core activities. In the normal course of
their studies, students complete commu-
nity service modules, and gain a deeper
understanding of course content and a
sense of civic responsibility.
    Research conducted by the Joint
Education Trust (JET) into service-learn-
ing courses at higher education institu-
tions between 2001 and 2004 showed
that the University of the Free State
offers more service-learning courses
than any other institution in the country,
and has the highest number of students
enrolled for these courses. (See table on
    The results indicated that the UFS is
one of the few higher education institu-
tions in South Africa that have made
progress in integrating community en-
gagement into the mainstream academic
    According to the findings 2 233 stu-
dents at the UFS participated in service-
learning courses. In total 6 930 students
were participating in service-learning
courses at ten institutions throughout
South Africa. The research also found
that out of a total of 182 service-learning

                     Students participating in service-learning cources

                                                  STUDENT LEVEL
                     1st year    2nd year     3rd year         4th year     Masters      TOTAL

      CUT               25          8             109             10                       152
      PENTECH          175         140             60             61                       436
      RAU                                                        542                       542
      UCT                                         120            259          101          480
      UFS              864         432            256            449          232         2233
      UND              186         128            158             61           23          556
      UNITRA           241         144            322            151                       858
      UNP               10          54            319             45           9           437
      UWC                                          51            567          18           636
      WITS             76          187            204             93          40           600

      TOTAL           1577         1093           1599           2238         423         6930

     courses supported by JET countrywide,              Fakulteite bedrywig
     the UFS had the highest number — 42.               in die streek
         In 2005 the UFS allocated establish-
                                                        Van al die fakulteite was dit veral die
     ment and implementation funds to a fur-
                                                        Fakulteit Geesteswetenskappe wat
     ther nine service-learning modules in
                                                        deur middel van streeksbetrokkenheid
     the Faculty of the Humanities, two in
                                                        reuse-bydraes gelewer het tot die proses
     Economic and Management Sciences,
                                                        om ’n nuwe Suid-Afrikaanse samele-
     four in Natural and Agricultural Scien-
                                                        wing tot stand te bring en die nalaten-
     ces, eight in Health Sciences and two in
                                                        skap van armoede, onderontwikkeling,
                                                        kolonialisme en apartheid te probeer
         These activities take place in cooper-         uitwis.
     ation with a wide variety of relevant
                                                            Die Departement Antropologie het
     partners from the service sector and
                                                        ’n aantal etnies-kulturele projekte aange-
     community groupings.
                                                        pak. Die eerste is ’n projek rondom die
         A service-learning module, Service             Griekwa van die Vrystaat, wat onder
     Learning, was also introduced for the              meer die restourasie van Adam Kok se
     first time in the M.A. programme in                huis op Philippolis, ’n dokumentêre pro-
     Higher Education Studies to address the            gram oor sy lewe, asook etno-historiese
     need for staff development in this area.           navorsing behels. Nog ’n projek spruit
         Most students indicated that service-          uit ’n versoek van die Korana in die
     learning courses helped to improve their           Vrystaat vir navorsing oor hul tradisio-
     relationship and leadership skills, as             nele godsdiens. Volgens alle aandui-
     well as their project planning abilities.          dings is dié groep teen 1930 as uitgesterf
     The courses also benefited them in terms           beskou. ’n Proses van etniese en kul-
     of their awareness of cultural differences         turele herlewing en mobilisering is nou
     and opened their eyes to their own cul-            onderweg en die stigting van ’n eie kerk
     tural stereotypes.                                 wat die proses kan aanhelp, word beoog.

    Streeksamewerking en -betrokken-        talle onderwysverwante projekte. In een      Die Universiteit van die
                                                                                         Vrystaat se proefplase
heid is veral die domein van die eenhede    so ’n projek het NIOB as lid van ’n kon-     word toenemend benut
in die fakulteit. Die Eenheid vir Taalbe-   sortium ’n tender verkry om die infra-       om nie alleen studente
                                                                                         met die nodige kennis toe
stuur is danksy ’n ruim bydrae van die      struktuur van skole deur ’n vennootskap      te rus nie, maar ook meer
                                                                                         hulp, kennis en vaardig-
provinsie Antwerpen, Nederland, vir ’n      tussen die openbare en private sektor te     hede terug te ploeg in die
derde siklus van drie jaar deur middel      verbeter. Transnet en Absa het ook           gemeenskappe wat deur
                                                                                         die UV bedien word. Lees
van die Multilingual, Informatics and De-   finansiering verskaf vir die indiensoplei-   meer op bl. 36.
velopment-projek betrokke by taalbeleids-   ding van onderwysers in Wetenskap,
ontwikkeling en -implementering in die      Wiskunde en Engels.
Vrystaat.                                      Ander departemente in die fakulteit
  Die Navorsingsinstituut vir Onder-        was ook betrokke by die opleiding van
wysbeplanning (NIOB) is betrokke by         onderwysers en leerders. Die Afdeling

                                                            Een van die vlagskipprojekte in die fa-
                                                        kulteit is die Kunstenaars in Skole-projek,
                                                        wat deur die Departement Kuns en Kul-
                                                        tuur gefinansier word en waar kunste-
                                                        naars as kunstenaar-opvoeders aange-
                                                        wend word om kuns- en handvlytprojekte
                                                        in skole aan te bied. Projekte wissel van dié
                                                        wat gebruik maak van hulpmiddels wat
                                                        geredelik beskikbaar is (mis en klei), tot
                                                        dié wat gesofistikeerde tegnologie inspan
                                                        (soos digitale fotografie en verfilming).
                                                            Die Fakulteit Natuur- en Landbou-
                                                        wetenskappe het in 2005 begin om die
                                                        Universiteit se proefplase weer aktief te
                                                        benut. ’n Drieparty-samewerkingsoor-
                                                        eenkoms tussen die UV, die National
                                                        African Farmers Union (NAFU) en die
                                                        Mangaung-munisipaliteit het tot die tot-
                                                        standkoming van die Lengau-landbou-
                                                        ontwikkelingsentrum op die proefplaas
                                                        Sydenham gelei. Die sentrum verskaf
                                                        opleiding en mentorskap aan klein-
                                                        skaalse en opkomende boere, inslui-
                                                        tende boere wat onlangs ingevolge die
                                                        grondverdelingsprogram gevestig is.
                                                        Vakleerlingskappe wat deur Agri-seta
                                                        geakkrediteer kan word, word nou ont-
                                                        wikkel en sal in 2006 ingestel word.
                                                            Die Fakulteit Teologie gaan in 2006
                                                        ’n sentrum vir die begeleiding van
                                                        geestelike leiers op die been bring wat ’n
                                                        eenstopdiens sal verskaf vir berading en
                                                        mentorskap en die ontwikkeling van
                                                           Dr. Jan-Albert van den Berg van die
                                                        Departement Praktiese Teologie het ’n
     Gemeenskapsbetrokkenheid is ’n hoë prioriteit by   werksessie geïnisieer om die gemeen-
     die Universiteit van die Vrystaat.
                                                        skap bewus te maak van slagoffers van
                                                        misdaad en hoe om die kwessie te
                                                        hanteer. Kundiges in die regte, krimi-
                                                        nologie en sielkunde is ook betrek.
     Duits het in samewerking met die                      Die Sentrum vir Ontwikkelingsteun
     Goethe-instituut in Johannesburg ’n                (SOS) in die Fakulteit Ekonomiese en
     tweedaagse nasionale opleidingsemi-                Bestuurswetenskappe het in samewer-
     naar vir Duits-leerkragte aangebied.               king met die Natural Resources Institute

van die Greenwich-universiteit in die
Verenigde Koninkryk ’n ontleding van
entrepreneuriese ontwikkeling ooreen-
komstig die Rural Enterprise and Economic
Development-raamwerk gedoen, wat aan-
gedui het dat entrepreneuriese ontwik-
keling in die Vrystaat nie genoeg aandag
kry nie. SOS lewer ook groot bydraes tot
die opheffing van gemeenskappe.
    Die sentrum is byvoorbeeld deur die
Centre for Development and Enterprise
genader vir navorsing oor hoe armes uit
die markte voordeel kan trek.

Verdere samewerking
in die streek
Buiten samewerking in die Driekampus-
projek, het samelewingsdiens in 2005 be-    Two premiers were registered for the master's programme in Governance and Political
                                            Transformation. Ms Beatrice Marshoff (Free State) and Ms Dipuo Peters (Northern Cape)
sondere geleenthede gebied vir vrugba-      joined the 200 plus students who were enrolled. Among those who have graduated, are Mr
                                            Darkey Africa, MEC of Local Government and Housing (North West), Mr Ouneas Pakes
re samewerking met die Sentrale Uni-        Dikgetsi, MEC of Local Government and Housing (Northern Cape) and Mr Chris Mepha,
versiteit vir Tegnologie (SUT).             CEO of the Independent Electoral Commission (Free State). From the left are Ms Peters,
                                            Prof André Duvehage from Political Science and Ms Marshoff.
   Die Program in Hoëronderwysstudie
van SHOSO het bygedra tot streek-
samewerking met die inwerkingstelling
van die eerste volwaardige koöperatiewe
program tussen die UV en die SUT. Die          Joining hands to improve
ooreenkoms maak voorsiening vir die
                                               local government
aanbied van modules in die M.A. (Hoër-
                                               The Unit for Local Government and Management in the
onderwysstudie) en die Gevorderde Dip-
                                               Department of Public Management presented a programme
loma (Hoëronderwysstudie) op die SUT-
                                               aimed at assisting municipal managers and officials to improve
kampus.                                        their service delivery. The programme consists of 15 short mod-
    ’n Goeie werksverhouding bestaan           ules which are accredited within the framework of the South
                                               African Qualifications Authority. The initiative, which is funded by
tussen Kovsiegesondheid en die SUT.
                                               the Flemish government, is a joint project of the Department of
Kovsiegesondheid het in 2005 ’n immu-          Local Government and Housing, the South African Local
niseringsprogram vir studente in Gesond-       Government Association (SALGA) (Free State) and the UFS
heidsorg aangebied, noodhulp by SUT-           Public Sector Management Programme.
sportbyeenkomte verskaf en die SUT-stu-
dentegesondheidsdiens vir vyf maande as
private praktyk beman.
    Kovsiegesondheid bied ook namens
die Vrystaatse Departement van Ge-
sondheid ’n gratis kliniekdiens vir voor-
behoeding en seksueel oordraagbare

Modernisering in bestuur
en steundienste

         ie Universiteit se strewe na ge-        Die oorskakeling na die geïntegreer-
         halte en uitnemendheid deur-        de administrasie-rekenaarstelsel People-      Tegnologie is
         dring ook al die steunfunksies
en beheer- en bestuursprosesse. Voort-
                                             Soft, een van die grootste en duurste
                                             projekte wat die universiteit nog aan-
                                                                                           ingespan om
durende transformasie, of te wel deur-       gepak het, het in 2003 begin. Teen Julie      prosesse op
lopende modernisering en opgradering
van administratiewe en bestuurstelsels,
                                             2004 was al drie sleutelareas, menslike
                                             hulpbronne, finansies en studentesake,
                                                                                           te skerp en
is dus onontbeerlik, omdat geen univer-
siteit aan die voorpunt kan bly as sy
                                             in bedryf.                                    kontak tussen
steunstelsels nie aan die eise van die tyd
                                                 Die eerste groot toets vir PeopleSoft
                                             was die registrasieproses van 2005. Die
                                                                                           kampusse te
voldoen nie.
                                             proses het, met die samewerking van           verbeter.
                                             administratiewe en akademiese perso-
Stelsels gemoderniseer                       neellede, baie glad verloop. Die finale
Omvattende herorganisasie van reke-          veranderings in PeopleSoft is ook afge-
naardienste en -stelsels, die modernise-     handel en die implementeringsproses
ring van die vergaderingbestuurstelsel,      het tot ’n einde gekom. Nadat PeopleSoft
asook vordering met die uitrol van die       in die Afdeling Menslike Hulpbronne in
geïntegreerde prestasiebestuurstelsel het    bedryf gestel is, is ’n hoofbeampte: gehal-
werksaamhede in 2005 gekenmerk.              teversekering aangestel om data-integ-

                                                            Die inlywing van die Vista-kampus
                                                        het verskeie uitdagings in die bestuur van
                                                        menslike hulpbronne gebied. Onderhan-
                                                        delinge tussen die hoofkampus, Vista-
                                                        kampus en die vakbonde oor die belyning
                                                        van die diensvoorwaardes is afgehandel
                                                        en die ooreenkoms in Mei onderteken. In
                                                        Julie was 28 Vista-personeellede se diens-
                                                        voorwaardes reeds ten volle belyn, met
                                                        sowat 43 nog uitstaande. Die omskakeling
                                                        van Vista-personeel na ’n totalevergoe-
     Van die leierskorps by die UV op ’n konferensie.   dingstruktuur kan eers plaasvind nadat
     Van links is, voor: mnr. Willem Malherbe,          dié proses afgehandel is.
     Registrateur: Strategiese Beplanning, prof.
     Gerhardt de Klerk, Dekaan van die Fakulteit            Die beleide en prosedures vir mens-
     Geesteswetenskappe, en prof. Niel Heideman,
     Vise-dekaan, Fakulteit Natuur- en                  like hulpbronne word deurlopend hersien
                                                        in ooreenstemming met arbeidswetge-
                                                        wing en nasionale en internasionale beste
                                                        praktyke. In 2005 is die beleid oor mediese
     riteit te verseker deur onnodige foute uit         voordele hersien sodat dit nou voorsie-
     te skakel en deurlopend gehaltebeheer toe          ning maak dat elke personeellid ’n me-
     te pas. Die uitvoer van ’n oudit op per-           diese voordeel ontvang, hetsy as ’n me-
     soonlike lêers, raadsbeurse, data oor bil-         diese subsidie of ’n mediese toelae. Die
     like indiensneming, Hemis-data (SANSO),            beleid oor spesiale verlof en vir sekretar-
     mediese en behuisingstoelaes en Vista-             iële poste is ook hersien. Wat die dissi-
     verlof het foutiewe inligting dramaties            plinêre beleid betref, is die proses van oor-
     verminder.                                         skakeling vanaf ’n akkusatoriese na ’n in-
         Om ’n buigsamer, billiker en meer              kwasatoriese prosedure byna afgehandel.
     mededingende vergoedingstelsel vir die                 Goeie vordering is gemaak met die
     Universiteit tot stand te bring is in              konsolidering van die salarisstruktuur en
     November 2002 besluit op ’n omskake-               range van al die departemente. Departe-
     ling van ’n tradisionele vergoeding-               mente wat reeds afgehandel is, is die
     stelsel (basiese salaris plus “bytel”-             Rekensentrum, Sportburo, Kovsiesteun-
     voordele) na ’n totalevergoedingstruk-             dienste, Menslike Hulpbronne en die Bib-
     tuur. Die proses is aan die gang gesit met         lioteek- en Inligtingsdiens.
     ’n loodsgroep van sowat 300 in die drie                Die prestasiebestuursprojek, PMP
     boonste vlakke van senioriteit.                    Ke Nako, word deur die Departement
         Die omskakeling behels hoofsaaklik             Menslike Hulpbronne bestuur om ’n
     drie areas van pakketherstrukturering:             prestasiebestuurstelsel te ontwikkel om
     bonus, reistoelae, en ander nie-pensioen-          ’n toepaslike vergoeding-, prestasie-oor-
     gewende bylaes. Gedurende die imple-               sig- en menslikehulpbron-ontwikkeling-
     menteringsfase vir die uitrol na die res           stelsel in te stel. Werkgradering, die om-
     van die universiteit in 2005, kon perso-           skakeling van ’n tradisionele vergoe-
     neellede kies om óf die status quo te              dingstruktuur na ’n totalepakketver-
     handhaaf, óf om hul vergoedingstruk-               goedingstruktuur en ’n prestasie-oorsig-
     tuur te verander.                                  stelsel is die hoofelemente. Gedurende

2005 het ’n eksterne konsultant ses          soneel is ook op dié kampus tot stand ge-
sessies, wat praktiese implementering en     bring met die stigting van ’n personeel-
die ses stappe van die prestasiebeoorde-     ontwikkelingskomitee en ’n beroeps-
lingsproses vergemaklik, met elk van die     gesondheids- en -veiligheidskomitee.
loodsgroepe gefasiliteer.                        Transformasie van besluitneming-
    ’n Ondersoek op die Qwaqwa-kam-          stelsels het in 2005 ’n kwantumskuif
pus het aan die lig gebring dat ’n           gemaak. Sekretariaatsdienste en ver-
behoefte bestaan om die vereistes vir        gaderingsadministrasie het ’n ten volle
spesifieke poste op dié kampus vas te        elektroniese omgewing betree met die
stel. Dit is gekoppel aan ’n behoefte dat    inwerkingstelling van die Parnassus-
die posbekleërs presies moet weet wat        vergaderingsbeheerstelsel, wat ’n era
van hulle verwag word en om elke pos-        van elektroniese en papierlose vergader-
bekleër in staat te stel om sy of haar eie   ings aan die UV ingelui het. Voordele
ontwikkelingsareas te identifiseer en aan    van dié stelsel is gedesentraliseerde
te spreek.                                   toevoer van punte en dokumentasie vir
    In Junie 2005 is ’n werksessie te        die sakelys, tyd- en kostebesparing,
Qwaqwa gehou om inligting in te samel        buigsaamheid en beheer van toevoer tot
om die bevoegdheidsprofiele vir onder        die sakelys.
andere programhoofde, vakhoofde en               Alle vergaderings vanaf die Raad tot
assistentdirekteure saam te stel.            op Senaatsvlak word ook elektronies afge-
   SHOSO se Personeelontwikkelings-          neem en binne ’n uur ná die vergadering
afdeling het ook op die Qwaqwa-kam-          word notules op dieselfde wyse aan lede
pus verskeie ontwikkelingsgeleenthede        versprei. Sedert Oktober 2005 is ’n         Die laaste vergadering van die
                                                                                         Dagbestuur van die Uitvoerende
aangebied, waaronder een oor emosio-         webkoppeling vir vergaderingsbestuur        Bestuur in die ou rektorskantoor
                                             ontwikkel, waardeur sakelyste van alle      voor die trek na die nuwe Hoof-
nele intelligensie vir die kampus se Be-                                                 gebou. Papierdokumentasie met
stuurskomitee. Nuwe strukture vir per-       vergaderings op die web beskikbaar ge-      dié vergaderings is minimaal.

     stel word vir diegene met toegangsmag-           Videokonferensie-geriewe is op die
     tiging. Alle notules word ook op die web-     hoof- en Qwaqwa-kampus geïnstalleer,
     werf geplaas. ’n Soekenjin beperk soek-       wat veral bestuurskontak tussen die
     togte na besluite of tersaaklike dokumen-     kampusse vergemaklik.
     tasie tot enkele minute.                          Die Biblioteek- en Inligtingsdiens
         Die Afdeling Taaldiens het begin mee-     het sy doelwit bereik om 23% van sy in-
     werk aan ’n vertaalenjin, wat dokumente       ligtingsbronne na digitale formaat om te
     regstreeks rekenaarmatig vertaal. Verta-      skakel sodat personeellede in hul eie
     ling word hierdeur geoutomatiseer en          kantore toegang daartoe het.
     slegs ’n bepaalde persentasie redigering is      Wat onderrig betref, het die Biblio-
     nodig om ’n dokument af te rond.              teekdiens voortgegaan om sy dienste
         Die Afdeling Vergaderingsadmini-          met die Universiteit se e-leer op kam-
     strasie het ook oorgeskakel na ’n digitale    pus te integreer. Talle studiemodules
     klankopname van vergaderings wat ver-         is by die e-biblioteek op die UV se
     gaderingsverloop vir ’n volle jaar op een     webwerf gevoeg. Meer as 12 000
     CD stoor en per bespreekte item terug-        skakels met volteks-artikels is nou
     soekbaar maak.                                beskikbaar.

    Rekenaardienste is vroeg in 2005 in                    Rekenaardienste was ook van April
Stelselontwikkeling en Rekenaardienste                 2004 tot Julie 2005 behulpsaam met die
verdeel. ’n Nuwe direkteur, mnr. Sakkie                digitaliseringsprojek van die UV se pers-
Janse van Rensburg, het die leisels by                 knipseldiens, SA Media. Altesame 3 166
Rekenaardienste oorgeneem en hom                       899 beelde wat sedert 1978 tot en met 1996
onder meer op beter dienslewering en                   op mikrofilm gestoor is, is met die betrok-
bestuurspraktyke toegespits.                           ke teks verbind en nou in digitale formaat
    Omdat sekuriteit in die elektroniese               op die web beskikbaar.
omgewing vir instellings al hoe belangri-                   In die Afdeling Verblyfdienste het
ker word, het Rekenaardienste sy fokus                 met die ingebruikneming van die nuwe,
daarop aansienlik verskerp. Om die ge-                 omvattender rekenaarprogram Residen-
weldige toename in virusse, gemorspos                  tial Management System die plasings- en
en pogings om rekenaarnetwerke binne te                herplasingsprosesse in koshuise aansien-
dring (hacking) die hoof te bied het die               lik vergemaklik.
UV nuwe tegnologiese toerusting geïn-                      Omdat akkurate bestuursinligting
stalleer wat aan ’n wêreldwye beheer-                  van kritieke belang vir effektiewe be-
stelsel gekoppel is — die eerste univer-               sluitneming, bestuur en verslagdoening
siteit in Suid-Afrika wat so iets doen. Alte-          van hoëronderwysinstellings is, het die
same 55% van alle inkomende e-pos-                     Beplanningseenheid ’n rekenaarsagte-
boodskappe word in dié stadium wegge-                  warepakket geïnstalleer om bestaande
wys omdat dit onveilig is. Die lys van                 data in PeopleSoft om te skakel na bruik-
ongeoorloofde webblaaie is van 6 000 tot               bare en toeganklike bestuursinligting.
meer as 580 000 uitgebrei.                             Hierbenewens ontwikkel die eenheid ’n

A painting of the previous chancellor, Me Winkie Direko, was unveiled in the Council Chamber. Seen here
are, from the left: Prof. Frederick Fourie, Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Ms Direko, Judge Faan Hancke, and
Dr Charles Nwaila. Dr Nwaila, Director-General of the Free State, was elected as Vice-Chairperson of the
UFS Council and Judge Hancke was re-elected as Chairperson in March. Both appointments are valid for a
term of three years from 1 June 2005 to 31 May 2008. Dr Nwaila has been a Council member since 2002.
His predecessor as Vice-Chair was Mr Dines Gihwala.

                                  stelsel wat met behulp van die bestaande    etlike sessies aangebied wat kwessies soos
                                  SAS-statistiese pakket verdere moont-       die biomediese, sielkundige, geestelike en
                                  likhede, soos groeivoorspellings en         sosiale aspekte van welstand aangespreek
                                  ander ontledings vir bestuursinligting-     het.
                                  doeleindes, bied.

                                                                              Qwaqwa management
                                  Welstand se rol                             strengthened
                                  in gehalte                                  A revised, streamlined management
                                  Werkstres by personeel is ’n aangeleent-    model for the Qwaqwa Campus has
                                  heid waaroor die hoëronderwyssektor         been implemented. One of the changes is
                                  toenemend besorg raak. Na aanleiding        that of the designation of the head of the
                                  van ’n beroepswelstandsopname in die        campus, Prof. Peter Mbati, which has
                                  Fakulteit Geesteswetenskappe in 2004 het    been changed to Campus Principal.
                                  die universiteit ’n Welstandsprogram ont-       The Qwaqwa Campus Coordination
                                  wikkel as teenvoeter vir die toenemende     Management Committee has recom-
                                  eise en werklading en om moreel te ver-     mended that Dr Elias Malete, Program-
                                  beter, produktiwiteit en kreatiwiteit te    me Head for Humanities, and Mr
                                  verhoog en afwesigheid van werk te help     Teboho Manchu, Deputy Director:
                                  verminder.                                  Student Affairs, should assist the
                                     ’n Welstandskomitee, sowel as ’n         Campus Principal in the day-to-day
                                  Welstandsforum en ’n Welstandskantoor       operational management of the academ-
                                  met ’n professionele welstandsbeampte is    ic and support services functions respec-
                                  ook by SHOSO op die been gebring. Die       tively. Both will serve as members of the
                                  Welstandskomitee het gedurende die jaar     Principal's Advisory Team.

Prof. Peter Mbati, Principal of
       the Qwaqwa Campus.

Kampusse verder ontwikkel

D                                                                                         Hoofgebou
         ie Struktuurplan van die univer-    moderne universiteit verantwoordelik
         siteit, ’n raamwerk vir die geïn-   was. Teen Julie 2005 kon die Rektoraat en
         tegreerde ontwikkeling van die
hoofkampus om ’n hoëgehalte werk- en
                                             ander senior bestuurslede van die derde      neem weer
                                             vloer van die George du Toit-gebou na
studie-omgewing te skep, is in 2005 ver-     die nuutingerigte Hoofgebou in die hart      sy plek in die
der ontplooi. Sedert die inwerkingstelling
van dié plan in 2003 is teen 2004 reeds
                                             van die kampus verskuif.
                                                                                          hart van die
                                                Ná die trek het konstruksiewerk aan
sowat R77 miljoen aan die modernisering
                                             die ontruimde derde vloer van die            kampus in.
van die hoofkampus bestee.
                                             George du Toit-gebou aan die beurt ge-
    Die heringebruikneming van die
                                             kom om dit vir senior administratiewe
Hoofgebou, die oudste en tradisierykste
                                             bestuurslede in te rig.
gebou op die hoofkampus, was die
belangrikste mylpaal in 2005. Restoura-         Omdat fisieke opgradering jare lank
siewerk aan dié historiese baken het in      agterweë gebly het, is die verbetering van
2003 begin onder die wakende oog van         akademiese geboue en lesinglokale
prof. Bannie Britz, afgetrede hoof van die   hoog bo-aan die voorkeurlys. In 2005 is
Departement Argitektuur, wat vir die         baie tyd bestee aan die beplanning van
omvorming van die byna honderdjaar-          groot en duur opgraderingsprojekte op
oue gebou tot die “hoofkwartier” van ’n      die hoofkampus, soos die Chemie-gebou,

                                                                                          Die Hoofkampus waar die statige
                                                                                          Hoofgebou weer sy regmatige plek
                                                                                          ingeneem het.

die gebou van Wiskundige Wetenskappe,       bleme by die Mikrobiologie, Biochemie
die Benedictus Kok-gebou en die Flippie     en Voedselwetenskap-gebou reggestel.
Groenewoudgebou. Konstruksiewerk sal           Groot vordering is op die Qwaqwa-
in 2006 begin.                              kampus gemaak, waar instandhouding
   Enkele kleiner projekte ten opsigte      jare lank agterweë gebly het terwyl dié
van akademiese geriewe is afgehandel. In    kampus nog deel van die Universiteit van
die François Retief-gebou, die tuiste van   die Noorde was. Meer as R8,2 miljoen is
die Fakulteit Gesondheidswetenskappe,       aangewend vir die opgradering van die
is nuwe lesinglokale ingerig en ’n nuwe     vyf koshuise, lesingsale, die biblioteek en
area vir ’n geneeskunde-museum aange-       personeelhuise. Die koshuise spog nou
bou. Elders is die Geografie-gebou se       vir die eerste keer met toegangsbeheer,
buitekant opgeknap, en struktuurpro-        gangkombuise, wasmasjiene, tuimel-

                                                                                      Die strewe om die kampus meer
                                                                                  voetgangervriendelik te maak het tot
                                                                                  verskillende kleiner projekte gelei. Die
                                                                                  Eeufeeskompleks is onder meer met die
                                                                                  Callie Human-saal verbind. ’n Begin is
                                                                                  ook gemaak met die bou van ’n klein
                                                                                  pleintjie voor die Flippie Groenewoud-
                                                                                  gebou. Net soos die Stabilis-plein sit- en
                                                                                  staanplek bied vir die duisende stu-
                                                                                  dente wat in die Stabilis-lesinglokaal-
                                                                                  kompleks klas loop, sal die nuwe plein
                                                                                  die groot getalle studente by die Flippie
                                                                                  Groenewoud-gebou se lewens gerief-
                                                                                  liker maak. Dit is terselfdertyd ook die
                                                                                  voortsetting van die suid-noord-voet-
                                                                                  gangerroete wat uiteindelik van die
                                                                                  François Retief-gebou af tot by die
                                                                                  Landbou-hek sal strek.
                                                                                      Die Odeion moes vir enkele maande
                                                                                  sy deure vir musiekuitvoerings sluit
                                                                                  sodat omvattende werk aan die lugver-
                                                                                  sorgingstelsel gedoen kon word en die
’n Kovsie-roos is gekweek om die UV se eeuwording te vier. Hier is prof. Gerrit   verhoogvloer versterk kon word. Die
van Tonder van Grondwaterstudies, wat die rooskweekprojek gekoördineer het,
en prof. Frederick Fourie, Rektor en Visekanselier.                               ouditorium het terselfdertyd nuwe vloer-
                                                                                  bedekking en stoeloortreksels gekry en
                                                                                  die houtpanele is opgeknap.
                                                                                     ’n Nuwe vleuel word vir die Farm-
                              droërs en rekenaarkamers, terwyl be-                ovs-Parexel-gebou opgerig wat teen
                              soek- en ontvangsareas en kamers ver-               einde Februarie 2006 voltooi behoort te
                              beter en ou meubels vervang is.                     wees. Die uitbreiding vind op versoek
                                 Nuwe rekenaarlaboratoriums is ook                van Parexel plaas en word deur dié inter-
                              op dié kampus ingerig, veral met die oog            nasionale farmaseutiese onderneming by
                              op e-leer. ’n Verdere R6 miljoen is vir             die UV gehuur om ’n bykomende deel
                              2006 toegeken vir nog verbeterings aan              van sy bedrywighede te huisves.
                              akademiese en administratiewe ruimtes.                  Sportgeriewe het ook aandag gekry.
                                 Leemtes in die hoofkampus se ver-                Op die hoofkampus beantwoord die ten-
                              keersnetwerk het tot die groot Wynand               nisklubhuis, die krieketklubhuis op die
                              Moutonlaan-projek gelei. Die toename in             krieketovaal en die vyf muurbalbane nou
                              verkeersvloei op die kampus en omlig-               ná opgraderingswerk weer aan die eise
                              gende paaie het groot verkeersopeenho-              van die tyd. Nog ’n krieketveld is byge-
                              pings by die Mikrobiologie-hek veroor-              voeg, terwyl die beplanning vir die bou
                              saak. Ná grootskaalse herbeplanning het             van twee astrohokkievelde ver gevorder
                              konstruksiewerk teen einde 2005 begin.              het. Op die Qwaqwa-kampus is kleed-
                              Ná afhandeling sal verkeer na en van die            kamers beveilig vir groter sekuriteit en
                              kampus vinniger kan vloei.                          sportvelde opgeknap.

The pursuit of equity

A                                                                                            Employment
         lthough equity, diversity and       Council unanimously adopted the Em-
         redress are central to transfor-    ployment Equity Policy of the University
         mation, the UFS regards trans-      of the Free State in March 2005.                Equity Policy
formation as a much broader and more
fundamental matter than simply chang-
                                                 The policy is seen as a human re-
                                             sources development strategy and is
                                                                                             is a valuable
ing the “face” and “voice” of the institu-
tion through employment-equity initia-
                                             therefore fully integrated into the Human       tool to
                                             Resources Department.
tives. The pursuit of equity, fairness and
                                                 Since its approval, emphasis in the
                                                                                             manage and
justice in everything we do remains an
important goal.
                                             implementation of employment equity             harmonise
                                             has shifted from a top-down approach,
                                             mainly driven by Top Management and             diversity at
Council adopts Employ-
ment Equity Policy
                                             the Employment Equity Committee, to a
                                             decentralised programme empowering
                                                                                             the UFS.
After a thorough consultation process of     faculties and support services to imple-
three years, which gave individual staff     ment employment equity according to
members, the trade unions, Senate, man-      their specific needs.
agement, faculties and the support servic-      Towards the end of the year equity
es the opportunity for contributions,        committees in all the faculties and three re-

                 presenting groupings of the support ser-       Residence placement
                 vices had submitted their own draft equi-      policy needs a rethink
                 ty plans, which the Central Equity Com-
                 mittee will evaluate and consolidate, after    One of the important questions asked by
                 which an integrated university equity plan     the Vice-Chancellor when he announced
                 will be compiled. The Employment Equity        the fourth phase of transformation at the
                 Policy is a key element in recognising,        university, was whether the UFS was pro-
                 appreciating, managing and harmonising         ducing graduates who are able to cope
                 diversity in a balanced way and respects       with our changed and changing world.
                 the university’s values of academic free-          Diversity and multiculturalism are
                 dom and autonomy, equity, integrity,           realities of the world and a democratic
                 excellence and service orientation.            South Africa. The UFS is committed to
                                                                this, but an important question is what
                                                                students experience at grassroots level.
                 MIV/vigs positief benader
                                                                    Outsiders and many staff members
                 Met die Raad se goedkeuring van die            and students are of the opinion that “two
                 MIV/vigs-beleid in Maart het die UV            campuses” in effect exist on the Main
                 aangedui dat hy daartoe verbind is om          Campus — one white and one black, sep-
                 MIV en vigs in ’n positiewe, ondersteu-        arated in the classrooms and in the resi-
                 nende en nie-diskriminerende lig te be-        dences. This is an unintended conse-
                 nader. Die beleid maak onder meer voor-        quence of the University’s parallel-me-
                 siening vir ’n volgehoue opvoedkundige         dium policy (which allows for classes in
                 en voorligtingsprogram en die bevorder-        Afrikaans and in English), together with
                 ing van ’n menseregtegebaseerde bena-          the current residence placement policy
                 dering tot die siekte om die stigma wat        which gives students the freedom to
                 daaraan verbonde is, af te breek.              choose between residences. The current
                     Die UV respekteer die reg op vertrou-      residence policy of free association and

 UV is verbind   likheid van personeellede en studente se       dissociation is the result of negotiations in
                                                                a transition period in 1997/98. After eight
                 MIV/vigs-status. Potensiële studente of
  tot opvoed-    personeellede sal nie toegang tot die UV       years the situation has changed. Lately,
                                                                more students are used to mixed schools
   kundige en    geweier word as hulle positief toets nie.
                 Geen indiensnemingskontrak sal beëin-          and mixed school hostels.

 voorligtings-   dig of bevordering teruggehou word op              During 2005 the Vice-Rector: Student
                 grond van ’n personeellid se MIV/vigs-         Affairs, Dr Ezekiel Moraka, completed a
programme in     status nie, mits so ’n personeellid in staat   draft document on the situation. An

die stryd teen   is om doeltreffend te werk. Alle nuwe-
                 lingstudente is in Januarie ingelig oor die
                                                                inclusive consultation process and dis-
                                                                cussions on the placement policy will fol-
  MIV en vigs.   dienste van die Vigssentrum en aange-          low, which will involve students, student
                 moedig om hul MIV-status deur die sen-         leaders and wardens.
                 trum te laat bepaal. Vrywillige toetse
                 word weekliks op die Hoof- en Vista-
                                                                New institutional culture
                 kampus uitgevoer. Vanaf Februarie tot
                 Oktober is 352 persone getoets, teenoor        The development of a new institutional
                 die 206 in 2004. Weens ’n gebrek aan per-      culture is an intrinsic part of the universi-
                 soneel word dié dienste nog nie op die         ty’s role in promoting social justice and in
                 Qwaqwa-kampus aangebied nie.                   building a new South African society.

     Jool bring groter
     Kovsie-jool se nuwe benadering om meer reg-
     streeks by gemeenskappe betrokke te raak, het in
     2005 tot die Ubuntu-joolprojek gelei, wat terselfder-
     tyd groter integrasie tussen die swart en wit kos-
     huise behoort te bewerkstellig. As deel van die pro-
     jek het sowat 250 studente van die Hoofkampus
     skoolgeboue in swart woonbuurte geverf en opge-
     knap. Senior studente is ook so by die joolpoging
     betrek. Jool het in die verlede grootliks op geldin-
     samelingsprojekte vir liefdadigheid gekonsentreer.
     Groter multikulturele interaksie het ook die jaar-
     likse jooloptog en gepaardgaande bedrywighede

     Phase four of the university’s transfor-                the Boer Republics, the Women’s Memo-
mation is about getting beyond “merely                       rial and the black townships. One of the
accommodating” and getting to true inclu-                    highlights was the visit to Mapikela
sivity. It is about creating a sense of belong-              House, where the founder members of
ing for all. It is about black and white tak-                the ANC met in the early 1900s. Apart
ing non-racialism seriously, literally un-                   from the cultural interaction, the sights
learning old habits of racism, discrimina-                   also proved to be an eye-opener for both
tion and racial thinking patterns.                           black and white students.
   Faculties, realising that management                          In the Faculty of Natural and Agricul-
cannot achieve this goal on its own, initi-                  tural Sciences, the Vice-Dean, Prof. Neil
ated their own projects to nurture a com-                    Heideman initiated the establishment of a
mon understanding.                                           number of student associations. Besides
    Prof. Pieter Verster, Head of the De-                    serving as a mouthpiece on academic mat-
partment of Missiology in the Faculty of                     ters, these associations promote interaction
Theology, travelled with a group of black                    between the various cultural groups and
and white students to Durban where the                       serve as discussion forums for transforma-
students were introduced to a variety of                     tion issues in the faculty.
                                                                                                            Students on a cultural tour.
cultures and religions, particularly Islam
and Hinduism. Congregations of the Re-
formed Church in Africa were also visited.
                                                             Billikheid teenoor
                                                             swart én wit
    Two busloads filled with a multicul-
tural mix of students from the Faculty of                    Om die toonbeeld van ’n ware Suid-
the Humanities undertook a history tour                      Afrikaanse universiteit te wees het die
of Bloemfontein at the end of August. The                    UV die komplekse taak om voort te bou
buses took them to the War Museum of                         op die pad van uitnemendheid, billikheid

     en innovering, terwyl hy voortgaan met          1999 tot 2001 is nege dosente tot mede-
     verandering, aanpassing en transfor-            professor bevorder.
     masie in sy verbintenis tot nie-rassigheid,         Tussen Januarie 2002 en Januarie 2005
     nie-seksisme, multikulturaliteit en meer-       het dié getal viervoudig vermeerder en is
     taligheid.                                      37 bevorder. Net sewe is van 1999 tot
         Personeelgetalle het in 2005 met 4%         Desember 2001 tot vol professor
     gestyg - van 2 475 in 2004 tot 2 575 in 2005.   bevorder, terwyl 31 tussen Januarie 2002
     Hiervan was 856 permanente personeel            en Januarie 2005 bevorder is.
     teenoor die 840 van 2004. Dit verteenwoor-          ’n Nuwe poskategorie van senior pro-
     dig ’n styging van 1,9%. Swart mense het        fessor is in 2005 ingestel om top-akademi-
     die grootste groei, naamlik 1,16%, getoon.      ci te beloon. Nege professore is tot die
         Wat personeelvergoeding betref, was         vlak van senior professor bevorder. Hulle
     die gemiddelde verhogings sedert 2000           is proff. Louise Cilliers (Engels en Klas-
     18,2% bo inflasie, wat R75 miljoen meer in      sieke Tale), James du Preez (Mikrobiese,
     personeel se sak gebring het. Sowel pro-        Biochemiese en Voedselbiotegnologie),
     fessore as personeellede op die laagste         Johan Grobbelaar (Plantwetenskappe),
     inkomstevlak het aanpassings van 27%            Dingie Janse van Rensburg (Sentrum vir
     bo inflasie gekry. Die bevordering van          Gesondheidsisteemnavorsing en -ont-
     medeprofessore en professore het ook die        wikkeling), Dap Louw (Sielkunde), Philip
     afgelope drie jaar dramaties versnel. Van       Nel (Afro-Asiatiese Studie, Gebaretaal en

Taalpraktyk), Louis Scott (Plantweten-         vertroue, netwerke, invloed, vaardighede
skappe), Dirk van den Berg (Kunsge-            en kundigheid te versterk.
skiedenis) en Andries Raath (Staatsreg en         Geskiedenis is gemaak met die per-
Regsfilosofie).                                manente aanstelling van me. Emily Mata-
    Elke geleentheid is gebruik om senior      bane, die voorsitter van DeafSA in die
swart en vroulike bestuurders aan te stel.     Vrystaat, by Afro-Asiatiese Studie, Ge-
By Kovsievoorligting en -ontwikkeling          baretaal en Taalpraktyk.
het me. Refiloe Seane as direkteur waar-
geneem, terwyl prof. Anita van der
Merwe as die nuwe hoof van die Skool
vir Verpleegkunde aangestel is. Die Fa-
kulteit Ekonomiese en Bestuursweten-
skappe het in 2005 sy eerste swart de-
partementshoof aangestel. Prof. Moses
Sindane is die nuwe departementshoof
van Openbare Bestuur.
    Amper R14 miljoen is die laaste vyf
jaar opsygesit vir billike indiensneming.
Net in die Fakulteit Natuur- en Landbou-
wetenskappe is sewe mense uit die
aangewese groepe bevorder, van wie drie
tot senior lektor en twee tot vol professor.
    Die Grow Our Own Timber-projek, wat
na die steundienste uitgebrei is, het goeie
vrug in die Departement Akademiese
Studentedienste gelewer waar twee per-         Prof. Anita van der Merwe, nuwe hoof van die
                                               Skool vir Verpleegkunde.
sone uit die projek aangestel is. In die
steundienste is personeellede uit die
aangewese groepe aan die hand van ’n
toetsbattery, wat elkeen se potensiaal
bepaal het, vir ontwikkeling geïdenti-
fiseer. Om dié personeellede genoegsaam
te ontwikkel is ’n mentorskapprogram in
samewerking met die betrokke lynhoofde
    Die Fakulteit Geesteswetenskappe
het die voortou geneem met die ontwik-
keling van ’n mentorskapprogram vir
akademici. Hoewel die program daarop
afgestem is om nuwe fakulteitslede ty-
dens hul aanpassing by hul nuwe om-
gewing by te staan, het dit ook pertinent      The Grow Our Own Timber Programme is a valuable tool to invest in potential
                                               and existing staff for the UFS. From the left, are: Mr Mandlenkosi Mthombeni,
ten doel om gelykberegtiging te bevorder       Centre for Development Support, Dr Manjusha Joseph, Department Microbial,
deur ondersteuning te verleen aan onder-       Biochemical and Food Biotechnology, Dr Zacheus Matebesi, Department
                                               Sociology, Prof. Letticia Moja, Dean: Faculty of Health Sciences, and
verteenwoordigde groepe om hul self-           Dr Choice Makhetha, Deputy Dean: Student Affairs.

                  Access to health services                      and to be assessed within a teaching envi-
                                                                 ronment which takes their disability into
                  At the Kovsie Health Division, the im-         account realistically. Where necessary,
                  provement of access to health services         academic teaching staff were offered
                  was a priority.                                advice on teaching and learning methods,
                      To make these services more accessi-       techniques and equipment when classes
                  ble to students and staff with cash-flow       included students with disabilities.
                  problems, the division introduced a cred-          Students with disabilities were able to
                  it-card system, and extended debiting of       make use of the USD’s computer lab
                  students’ tuition fees accounts for the        which consists of six accessible computer
                  payment of medical expenses to the phy-        stations with the latest assistive technolo-
                  siotherapy and dietetic services. In in-       gy and software. This facility provides
                  stances of real need, services were offered    accessible word-processing by utilising
                  free of charge or at a nominal fee.            screen reading and magnification soft-
                      In 2005 almost 70% of Kovsie Health’s      ware, and accessible Internet and e-mail
                  clients were black students and staff. An      facilities for people with a range of dis-
                  increasing number of service workers           abilities.
                  made use of the service.                          In 2005 individual tutoring was ar-
                       Kovsie Health also offered preventa-      ranged for visually impaired students in
                  tive services, which included immunisa-        Economics and Accounting, as well as
                  tion of high-risk students against Hepa-       Computer Science.
                  titis A and B, as well as flu. Health coun-        To raise awareness about disability,
                  selling services on the Main and Vista         the USD and the Kovsie Student Com-
                  Campuses included counselling and dis-         munity Service (Kovscom) arranged a
                  semination of literature on birth control      wheel-chair dance and related competi-
                  (which was identified as a problem area        tions on Casual Day. Nearly 200 students
                  in 2005), cervical cancer and HIV/Aids.
Meganismes is                                                    took part. Ms Ronelle Ceronio, co-ordina-
                                                                 tor of the USD, has been appointed as one
in werking om     Strong support for                             of five members on the South African
                                                                 National Council for the Blind’s National
                  students with disabilities
   studente se                                                   Education Advisory Committee.
                  During 2005 the Unit for Students with
deurvloeikoers    Disabilities (USD) facilitated assistance to
                                                                 Studentevoorligting help
   te verbeter.   120 students. The USD supports the visu-
                  ally impaired, those that are hard of hear-
                                                                 met deurvloeikoers
                  ing, physically or learning disabled, and      Kovsievoorligting en -ontwikkeling (KVO)
                  those suffering from psycho-social dis-        help studente om hul volle potensiaal te
                  ability, epilepsy or speech defects. Tem-      ontwikkel deur die verskaffing van siel-
                  porarily disabled students who have            kundige dienste, opleiding en geriewe. Die
                  problems completing exams or tests, also       afdeling lewer veral ’n groot bydrae tot die
                  receive assistance.                            verbetering van die deurvloeikoers van
                      The USD places a heavy emphasis on         studente deur middel van ontwikkelings-
                  a strong relationship of trust and coopera-    kursusse en ’n Kultuur-van-Leer-program.
                  tion with academic faculties and staff,            Die afdeling het in 2005 sy dienste na
                  which enables disabled students to study       die Qwaqwa-kampus uitgebrei, waar die

inrigting van ’n leeslaboratorium onder
meer ondersoek is. ’n Deeltydse sielkundi-
ge is reeds by Qwaqwa aangestel om die
maatskaplike werker by te staan.
    KVO is een van die hoofrolspelers in
die taaltoetsing van eerstejaarstudente. In
2005 is byna 3 000 studente, onder wie in-
ternasionale studente, getoets en indien
nodig na die taalkursusse verwys.
    Die studieleeskursusse is in 2005 vir ’n
groter aantal studente aangebied. In die
Skool vir Verpleegkunde het 90 die kursus
bygewoon, in die Departement Maatskap-
like Werk 102 en in die Skool vir Opvoed-
kunde 30. Nog 60 studente uit ander
departemente het die kursus gevolg.
    Weens die positiewe resultate met die
leesontwikkelingkursus het Maatskaplike
Werk en Verpleegkunde dit verpligtend
vir hul eerstejaarstudente gemaak. Vanaf
2006 word die kursus as deel van ’n reme-
diërende program na die Fakulteit Ge-
sondheidswetenskappe uitgebrei, asook na
die Qwaqwa-kampus.
    ’n Leerstylkursus is vir byna 300 Ge-
neeskunde-, Verpleegkunde-, Optometrie-
en Fisioterapiestudente aangebied.
   As deel van die Kultuur-van-Leer-pro-
gram, wat help om ’n leerkultuur in die
koshuise te bevorder, is 90 tutors as stu-
dente-assistente aangestel. Op die Vista-
kampus is tien tutors en op die Qwaqwa-
kampus 20 aangestel.

Breakthrough for
student governance

T                                                                                       Central SRC
       wo events represented a major        the incorporation of the Qwaqwa and
       breakthrough for student gover-      Vista Bloemfontein Campuses in 2003
       nance and transformation. In         and 2004 respectively. The CSRC in-         and new SRC
June the UFS Council unanimously ap-        cludes representatives of all three cam-
proved the establishment of a Central       puses.                                      constitution
Students’ Representative Council for the
three campuses, as well as a new SRC
                                               The constitution of the CSRC was         are milestones
                                            the outcome of consensus reached be-
constitution for the Main Campus in
                                            tween the SRCs of these three campuses,     in student
Bloemfontein. The establishment of the
Central SRC should speed up the inte-
                                            indirectly involving diverse student for-
                                            mations such as Sasco, ANCYL, YCL,
gration process of the campuses.
                                            Pasma, Saso, Sadesmo, Azasco, SCO,
   The SRC elections which followed in
                                            Here XVII, KovsieAlliance and ACDP.
August, were conducted peacefully and
                                               With the establishment of a Central
successfully on all three campuses.
                                            SRC, the UFS has adopted a federal stu-
                                            dent governance model whereby the
Central SRC established                     CSRC is the highest representative stu-
The need to establish a Central Students’   dent body on matters of common con-
Representative Council (CSRC) followed      cern for all students. The three campus-

                                      es of the UFS will retain SRC structures          New SRC constitution for
                                      for each campus with powers and re-               main campus
                                      sponsibilities for matters affecting that
                                      particular campus.                                In the wake of calls by some student for-
                                                                                        mations, the Council approved an
                                          The CSRC has twelve members ma-
                                                                                        amendment to the SRC constitution for
                                      de up of delegates of the different cam-
                                                                                        the Main Campus to allow for the intro-
                                      pus SRCs, including the presidents of
                                                                                        duction of proportional representation
                                      these three SRCs. In total, the Main
                                                                                        alongside a first-past-the-post electoral
                                      Campus has five representatives, the
                                      Qwaqwa Campus four and Vista three
                                      representatives. This arrangement is to               The new Main Campus SRC consti-
                                      be reviewed later to make allowance for           tution was the result of consensus
                                      the phasing out of undergraduate or               reached during a lengthy negotiation
                                      pipeline students at Vista.                       process involving diverse student for-
                                                                                        mations such as Sasco, the ANC Youth
                                                                                        League, the Young Communist League,
                                                                                        the ACDP, Here XVII, KovsieAlliance, as
                                                                                        well as the democratically elected SRC
                                                                                        members of the Main Campus. Indepen-
                                                                                        dent experts facilitated the negotiation
                                                                                        process. This constituted a legitimate
                                                                                        basis for the democratic participation of
                                                                                        all students on the Main Campus in the
                                                                                        governance of the university.
                                                                                            In terms of the amendments to the
                                                                                        Main Campus SRC constitution, nine of
                                                                                        the 18 SRC members will be elected by
                                                                                        means of proportional representation,
                                                                                        and nine on the basis of a direct, first-
                                                                                        past-the-post election.
                                                                                            The following portfolios of the main
Student leaders. From the left are: Kitso Mogotsi, SRC President of the Vista Campus,
Tello Motloung, SRC President of the Qwaqwa Campus, and Alfred Geldenhuys, SRC          campus SRC have since been contested
President of the Main Campus. Tello was the first President of the Central SRC.         by individual candidates on the basis of
                                                                                        “first past the post”: president, secretary,
                                                                                        academic affairs, legal and constitutional
                                                                                        affairs, student development, arts and
                                         From these twelve members a CSRC               culture, men’s internal liaison, ladies’
                                      president will be chosen on a quarterly           internal liaison, media, marketing and
                                      basis to represent the general student            liaison. The other nine portfolios were
                                      body at meetings of the Executive                 contested by affiliated organisations on a
                                      Management, Senate and Council.                   proportional representation basis. These
                                          The historic official inauguration of         are the two vice-presidents, treasurer,
                                      the first CSRC took place in early                dialogue and associations, transforma-
                                      August. Mr Tello Motloung, SRC                    tion, campus affairs and recreation,
                                      President of the Qwaqwa Campus, was               sport, international affairs, and commu-
                                      elected the first CSRC President.                 nity service.

Nuwe era in sport

K                                                                                           Kovsies skitter
       ovsieSport het in 2005 ’n nuwe
       era betree met die aanstelling
       van mnr. James Letuka as direk-
teur. Hy het mnr. Ewie Cronjé, wat in
                                                                                            nasionaal en
2004 ná 36 jaar by die UV afgetree het,                                                     internasionaal
    Mnr. Cronjé is in 1968 as die eerste
                                                                                            op die
sportorganiseerder van die Universiteit                                                     sportveld.
aangestel. Tien jaar later het hy adjunk-
direkteur, en later direkteur van Kovsie-
Sport geword.
    Mnr. Letuka is visepresident van die
Suid-Afrikaanse Tennisfederasie (SATF)
en verteenwoordig die SATF in die Suid-
Afrikaanse Olimpiese Komitee. In sy
eerste jaar as direkteur het die Kovsie-
sportspanne goed presteer en provinsiaal
en nasionaal sterre in talle sportsoorte
opgelewer.                                  Mnr. James Letuka, Direkteur van KovsieSport.

                                                                                           Deelname aan die koshuisliga wys
                                                                                       dat hokkie een van die gewildste sport-
                                                                                       kodes op die hoofkampus is. Dit is egter
                                                                                       duidelik dat die feit dat die UV nog nie
                                                                                       astrovelde het nie, nasionale prestasie
                                                                                       erg in die wiele ry. In die SASSU-toer-
                                                                                       nooi was die vroue agtste en die mans
                                                                                       sewende uit die elf instellings wat deel-
                                                                                       geneem het, maar wel eerste onder dié
                                                                                       sonder astro-velde. Desondanks was die
                                                                                       vroue se eerste span in die provinsiale
                                                                                       liga die tiende agtereenvolgende keer
                                                                                       die wenner. Planne om twee astrovelde
                                                                                       te bou, is gelukkig ver gevorder.
                                                                                           Michelle van Staden, Kovsies se nom-
                                                                                       mer een-gekeurde vrouetennisspeler, is tot
                                                                                       die SA studentespan verkies wat aan die
                                                                                       Studentewêreldspele in Turkye deelge-
                                                                                       neem het. Plaaslik het die UV-tennisspan
Die UV spog met vyf huidige en voormalige Shimla-spelers in die Springbok-oefen-       die Bloemfonteinse Eerste Liga gewen.
groep wat aan oefenkampe op die UV-kampus deelgeneem het. Van links is, voor:
CJ van der Linde, Tonderai Chavanga en Guthrö Steenkamp; agter: dr. Sherylle               Kovsies se pluimbalspan is die derde
Calder, ’n sportvisie-kundige van die span en ook ’n oud-Kovsie; Juan Smith, prof.     agtereenvolgende jaar as die SASSU-kam-
Frederick Fourie, Rektor en Visekanselier, Gerrie Britz en dr. Derik Coetzee, kondi-
sioneringsafrigter van die span en ook verbonde aan die UV se Departement              pioen gekroon. Die A-span was eerste,
Menslike Bewegingskunde.
                                                                                       terwyl die B- en C-spanne albei tweede in
                                                                                       hul onderskeie afdelings geëindig het.
                                                                                       Chris Dednam het drie goue medaljes
                                                                                       verower — in die mansenkelspel, die
                                                                                       mansdubbelspel (saam met Roelof
                                Spanne blink uit                                       Dednam) en die gemengde dubbelspel
                                In een van sy beste vertonings nog het                 (saam met Liansa Coetzee). Chris en
                                die Kovsie-atletiekspan 22 medaljes op                 Roelof Dednam en Soné Strauss het in
                                die SA Studente-atletiekkampioenskaps-                 Bangkok aan die Wêreldstudentespele
                                byeenkoms ingepalm, waaronder sewe                     deelgeneem.
                                goue medaljes, sewe silwer en agt brons.                   In netbal het die Vrystaatse Lynx, wat
                                Die atlete wat goue medaljes ontvang                   deur me. Burta de Kock van KovsieSport
                                het, is Jan van der Merwe (400 m), Johan               afgerig word en waarin twaalf Kovsies
                                Cronjé (1500 m), Boy Soke (1000 m),                    ingesluit was, die nasionale kampioen
                                Charlene Henning (driesprong), Francois                geword deur die Gauteng Tornado’s in
                                Potgieter (tienkamp), Magdel Venter                    die eindronde te verslaan. Kovsies se uit-
                                (diskus) en die mansaflosspan (4 x 400).               blinker-span het tien nasionale spelers
                                    Op die SA Studente-landloopkam-                    opgelewer. Karin Venter, Charlene du
                                pioenskappe in Julie het die manspanne                 Toit en Annari Store is in die Protea-span
                                goed gevaar. Die A-span het tweede en                  ingesluit, en Adele Niemand (kaptein),
                                die B-span vyfde geëindig. Die vroue het               Anchen du Plessis, Summarie Hattingh,
                                die derde plek behaal.                                 Erica Mouton, Yvonne Phiri, Elzet

Engelbrecht en Yolandi Brummer in die         wêreldspele in Turkye meegeding het.
o.21-span. Kovsies in die nasionale o.19-     Makhele Makhele was die enigste Kovsie-
span is Suné Lotter, Alta Maas, Martelle      manspeler in die SASSU-span.
Schoeman, Henriëtte Jacobs, Carine                Nege vrouespelers het die Vrystaat in
Terblanche, Sindisin Sinzane en Shirbane      die SASSU-winterspele by die Univer-
Smith.                                        siteit van Zoeloeland verteenwoordig. Die
    Die Vrystaatse bedryfsreg-krieket-        span het onder leiding van mnr
span, die Eagles, wat in 2005 twee nasio-     Morithebe Modutoane, die hoofafrigter
nale trofeë verower het, het drie Kovsies     van die vrouespan, derde geëindig. Hy is
in die span gehad. Hulle is Cliffe Deacon,    ook as afrigter van die toernooi aangewys.
Davy Jacobs en Ryan McLaren.                     Drie basketbalspelers van die Qwa-
    Die Rugbyklub het ’n goeie seisoen        qwa-kampus is in die Vrystaat-span
beleef. Kovsies het vier Springbok-           ingesluit.
rugbyspelers in 2005 opgelewer: Meyer
Bosman, Michael Claassen, Juan Smith en
                                              National role for staff
C J van der Linde. Shimla Richard Strauss
was lid van die SA o.19-span wat die
                                              members and coaches
wêreldbeker verower het. Nog ’n Shimla,       Nationally, the expertise of Dr Derik
Louwtjie Louw, het in die SA Studente-        Coetzee (Department of Human Move-
span teen die Afrika-Luiperds uitgedraf.      ment Science) was acknowledged when
    Tien Kovsies was lid van die Vry-         he was seconded to the South African
staatse Cheetah-span, wat die Curriebeker     Rugby Football Union (SARFU) as princi-
ná 29 jaar weer vir die provinsie verower     pal conditioning coach of the Springbok
het.                                          rugby team.
    Shimlas het die Universiteite van            For the second year running SARFU
Johannesburg, Pretoria en Stellenbosch in     used Shimla Park and the Centre for
                                              Exercise and Sport Science Services
weg-wedstryde geklop en daarmee ’n
suksessyfer van meer as 84% in al sy          (CESSS) at the UFS to prepare the Spring-    UFS staff
wedstryde behaal. Plaaslik het die            boks for their international encounters.
Shimlas die Stadsbeker gewen. Die                 One of the goals of KovsieSport is to
Irawas, wat in die eindronde van die          acquire the services of outstanding coach-   provincial
Stadsbeker teen die Shimlas die knie moes
buig, het die span van die Universiteit van
                                              es. This was achieved in some of the
                                              sports codes, which is underscored by the
                                                                                           and national
Johannesburg en Stellenbosch se               fact that these coaches were involved        sports teams.
Victorians geklop. Die o.19-span het hul      nationally and provincially. Ms Burta de
eweknieë van Tukkies en Maties geklop.        Kock, netball coach, coached the Lynx
    In sokker het veral die vroue uitge-      team of the Free State, that was crowned
blink. Die eerste span het die provinsiale    the national champions. The tennis coach,
Vodacom-liga gewen en so die Vrystaatse       Mr Marnus Kleinhans, accompanied the
kampioen geword. Nasionaal het dié span       SASSU tennis team as team manager to
vierde geëindig. Drie spanlede, Mollo         Turkey during the Student World Games.
Modiehi, Modiko Nthabeleng en Mlomo           Kovsies’ first-team soccer coach, Mr Sello
Nandipha, is in die Suid-Afrikaanse           Ntuli, was appointed as an assistant coach
Studente-sportunie (SASSU) se span            for the SASSU National Team that took
ingesluit wat in Augustus in die Studente-    part in the World Games.

                      Ms Nomsa Mahlangu attended a soc-          such as soccer, hockey, netball and tennis.
                  cer administration and coaching course in      In unfolding its national sports plan, the
                  Brazil as part of a South African delega-      Ministry of Sport and Recreation has
                  tion. She was also appointed on the            already identified CESSS as the high-per-
                  Women’s Football Standing Committee            formance testing centre for the national
                  for the next four years.                       basketball teams, whilst the national box-
                      Several staff members of Kovsie            ing teams are also earmarked to be trained
                  Health were involved in sporting activi-       at the UFS.
                  ties at provincial and national level.             The CESSS will act as a centralised
                     Dr Louis Holtzhausen, Director of           body that is responsible for the co-ordina-
                  Kovsie Health, was team doctor of the          tion and management of joint initiatives
                  Cats Super 12 rugby team and the South         between professional service providers,
                  African A rugby team. Mr Jacques               research projects and KovsieSport. The
                  Nienaber was team physiotherapist of the       centre will also co-ordinate and manage
                  Cats and the South African A rugby team,       joint initiatives between various academic
                  as well as conditioning coach of the           programmes in different academic subject
                                                                 fields such as sports medicine, biokinetics,
  Sport Centre    Cheetahs. Ms Nilo Terblanche was the
                  team physiotherapist of the Lynx netball       physiotherapy and dietetics.

      will help   team.                                               Sports Plan appointed Mr Charles
                       Dr Holtzhausen was a facilitator at the   Store, previously employed at the Sports
   UFS to play    first SA Rugby Medical and Scientific          Science Institute in Cape Town and by the

 bigger role in   Consensus Conference, where the aim
                  was to reach consensus on the handling of
                                                                 SA National Defence Force at 3 Military
                                                                 Hospital, Bloemfontein, as manager.
national sport.   burn-out among professional rugby play-        CESSS was founded in 2003 and was ini-
                  ers. During the conference he acted as         tially managed by Dr Louis Holtzhausen
                  spokesperson for the team doctors of pro-      (Kovsie Health) and a consultant, Dr Gary
                  fessional rugby teams.                         Vorster.

                  Sports Plan to                                 Alliances with
                  manage centre                                  regional bodies
                  The university has officially appointed        Various sports codes of the University
                  Sports Plan (Pty) Ltd to manage its Centre     have established alliances and coopera-
                  for Exercise and Sport Science Services        tive agreements with other sporting bod-
                  (CESSS) on the Bloemfontein campus. In         ies in the region to boost the overall devel-
                  October Prof. Teuns Verschoor, Vice-           opment of sport.
                  Rector: Academic Operations and Mr                In its quest for excellence KovsieSport
                  Morne du Plessis, Managing Director of         deemed it of critical importance to re-visit
                  Sports Plan and former Springbok rugby         and formalise its relationship with the
                  captain, signed a contract formalising the     Free State Rugby Union. An informal
                  appointment.                                   partnership has existed for several years,
                     This was another step in the imple-         which led to the establishment of the
                  mentation of the UFS’s wide-ranging            Cheetah Rugby Centre of Excellence. The
                  sport strategy to improve sport facilities     main objective of this rugby academy is to
                  and elevate formerly marginalised sports       produce quality players, officials, admin-

istrators, coaches and technical support
services. Formal discussions between the
Free State Rugby Union and the Uni-
versity Rugby Club started in September
2005 and will be finalised soon.
    The value of this regional cooperation
is obvious. The victorious Absa Currie
Cup champions, the Free State Cheetahs,
boasted ten current Kovsies and four for-
mer Kovsies as team members. Seven of
its management and technical support
staff members have current or former ties
with the UFS.
    The university also is in the process of
establishing a working alliance with
                                                    Die Sportsentrum op die kampus.
Bloemfontein Celtic Football Club. The
Exco of the UFS Executive Management
showed its solidarity with Celtic before
and after the SAA Super Eight Soccer Cup
final, which ended in Celtic’s first cup vic-
tory in twenty years. The club’s players,
coach and officials attended the annual
Kovsie Sport Dinner, at which the club
was honoured.
    In other ventures, the Kovsie Soccer
Club organised and ran a soccer training
and coaching course for schools from the
region; the Free State Cricket Union uses
University cricket pitches for some of
their matches; the Free State Tennis Union
uses the tennis courts for tournaments
throughout the year; hockey runs coach-
ing sessions for schools on the UFS hock-
ey grounds; and the squash courts are
used for some of the squash leagues in the

      Die topbestuur het sy ondersteuning aan die
     Cheetahs-span en Bloemfontein Celtic gegee
  met die spanne se deelname aan die eindstryde,
                 wat albei spanne ook gewen het.

Groter finansiële

D                                                                                      Entrepre-
          anksy die sukses van die finan-       Talle fakulteite en departemente het
          siële draaistrategie het die UV   in 2005 dié uitdaging aanvaar deur mid-
          die afgelope klompie jare vol-
doende beweegruimte gehad om te belê
                                            del van vennootskappe met die private      neuriese kultuur
                                            en openbare sektor en ’n groter entre-
in beter akademiese geriewe, navor-         preneuriese ingesteldheid.                 ontwikkel om
singsapparaat, rekenaartoerusting, bib-
lioteekhulpbronne, laboratoriums en le-
                                                                                       nuwe markte
                                            Departemente neem
                                            self inisiatief                            te ontgin.
    Transformasie-eise vereis egter toe-
nemend ’n finansiële bestuurstyl wat ’n     ’n Aantal departemente het in 2005 deur
bemagtigende en entrepreneuriese om-        middel van ’n groter entrepreneuriese
gewing en ’n institusionele konteks skep    ingesteldheid bykomende inkomste
wat aan transformasie-uitdagings vol-       gegenereer.
doen. Die staat se nuwe raamwerk vir            In die Fakulteit Geesteswetenskappe
finansiering dwing universiteite onder      het die Departement Drama en Teater-
meer om self inisiatief aan die dag te lê   kuns meer as R1,3 miljoen van die Na-
om finansieel kop bo water te hou deur      sionale Lotery bekom om oor die vol-
die sogenaamde derdegeldstroom-in-          gende drie jaar professionele produksies
komste te verhoog.                          met nagraadse en afgestudeerde stu-

                                                             dente op die planke te          Die departement het in samewer-
                                                             bring. Dit sal tot werk-    king met die radiostasie OFM ’n
                                                             skepping lei en moet        Amazing Rainbow Rally (geskoei op die
                                                             ook dien om meer na-        TV-realiteitsreeks Amazing Race) in
                                                             graadse studente te         Bloemfontein aangebied, in ’n ander
                                                             werf. In Natuur- en         projek met die Vrystaat Cheetahs
                                                             Landbouwetenskappe is       (Edms.) Bpk hande gevat, en in Oktober
                                                             verskeie entrepreneu-       ’n Rosebal saam met Medi-Clinic gehou.
                                                             riese aktiwiteite aange-
                                                                                             Die Fakulteit Gesondheidsweten-
                                                             pak. Die Disaster Man-
                                                                                         skappe het ook met die hulp van UV-
                                                             agement Training and
                                                                                         Bemarking begin om in Gauteng nouer
                                                             Education Programme
                                                                                         bande met farmaseutiese maatskappye
                                                             for Africa (DiMTEC) het
                                                                                         te smee met die oog op meer kontrakna-
                                                             ’n bedrag van ongeveer
                                                             R700 000 van die De-
                                                             partement van Weten-
                                                             skap en Tegnologie ge-      Koshuise finansieel
                                                             kry om leerlingskappe       gesond
                                                             vir studente in 2006 te
                                                                                         Die Afdeling Verblyfdienste het in 2005
                                                             inisieer. Die skenking
                                                                                         ’n verwagte surplus van R1,3 miljoen
                                                             sal jaarliks hernu word,
                                                                                         gehad, ondanks die R3,68 miljoen wat
                                                             mits die uitkomste gun-
Prof. Niel Viljoen, Hoofdirekteur: Bedryf.                                               aan die opgradering van koshuise bestee
                                                             stig is.
                                                                                         is. Die afdeling het ook daarin geslaag
                                                  Ingevolge ’n ooreenkoms wat die
                                                                                         om bykans R2 miljoen op uitstaande
                                             fakulteit met die Mangaung-munisipali-
                                                                                         rekenings te verhaal.
                                             teit gesluit het as vennoot in die Lengau
                                             Landbou-ontwikkelingsprojek vir die             Die uithuur van koshuise in vakan-
                                             opleiding van opkomende en kleinskaal-      sietye het ’n bykomende R3 miljoen inge-
                                             se boere op een van sy proefplase, het      bring. Huisvesting is met 23 konferensies
                                             dié munisipaliteit R2,8 miljoen beskik-     op die hoofkampus verskaf, en by Qwa-
                                             baar gestel. Die Vigssentrum se dr. Petro   qwa is kongresgangers en matriekna-
                                             Basson het meer as R200 000 ingesamel       sieners ook vir die eerste keer sedert inly-
                                             om programme aan te bied.                   wing gehuisves.
                                                 In die Fakulteit Gesondheidsweten-
                                             skappe het veral die Departement Pe-        Finance
                                             diatrie en Kindergesondheid hom on-
                                                                                         The budget process is built around the
                                             derskei met innoverende geldinsame-
                                                                                         pillars of core categories of spending
                                             lingsprojekte vir die opgradering en
                                                                                         that supports best budgeting practice
                                             vervanging van toerusting. Dié departe-
                                                                                         and compliments strategic goals. More
                                             ment sien jaarliks in die Universitas- en
                                             Pelonomi-hospitaal om na duisende           than R350 million has been made avail-
                                             kinders met spesiale behoeftes, wat         able from 2000 to 2005 to finance the
                                             kinders en babas insluit wat intensiewe     strategic objectives of the university.
                                             sorg nodig het, asook kinders met               Non-current assets: Non-current as-
                                             kanker, hart- en neurologiese siektes, en   sets increased by 25,5% compared to
                                             vroeggebore babas.                          2004. This is mainly attributable to

growth in investments to the amount of        upon income generated by student num-
R195,5 m including the re-evaluation of       bers, in other words by government sub-
investments to market value at year end.      sidy and tuition fees, has however not
Spending on property, plant and equip-        been met. In 2000 69,3% of income was
ment was R53,3 m (2004 R39,3 m).              derived from these sources. In 2003,
    Current assets: Current assets in-        2004 and 2005 it amounted to 80,7%,
creased by 16,2% compared to 2004. This       84,2% and 83,4% respectively.
is mainly attributable to growth in in-
vestments of R98,4 m including the re-        Balansstaat                                                Balance sheet
evaluation of investments to market
                                                                                  2005          2004
value at year end.                            Bates                               (Rm)          (Rm)     Assets
                                              Nie-bedryfsbates                 936 815       745 908     Non-operating assets
    Funds: The net increase of R214,2 m       Bedryfsbates                     562 563       483 961     Current assets
in funds includes a recapitalisation grant    Totale bates                   1 499 378     1 229 869     Total assets
from the Department of Education of           Fondse en laste                                            Funds and liabilities
R25,3 m, profit on realization of trust       Fondse beskikbaar              1 115   254     901   030   Funds available
                                              Nie-bedryfslaste                 277   382     253   954   Non-current liabilities
funds of R3,1 m, amounts received not         Bedryfslaste                     106   742      74   885   Current liabilities
expended of R21,2 m, a revaluation of         Totale fondse en laste         1 499   378   1 229   869   Total funds and liabilities

investment to market value at year end
of R74,9 m and a net surplus of R100,1 m      Inkomstestaat                                              Income Statement
of which only R29,4 m is available as         Totale inkomste                 867 928       804 596      Total income
unrestricted non-designated funds.            Staatsubsidie & toekennings     438 924       399 609      Government subsidy & grants
                                              Klasgelde en ander                                         Tuition fees and other
    General: Total income increased            fooi-inkomste                  250    115    233    280     fee income
                                              Kontrakte                        23    701     34    466   Contracts
with R63,3 m, mainly because of an in-        Goedere en dienste               43    615     26    287   Goods and services
crease in subsidies and grants of R39,3 m     Skenkings                         8    191      8    248   Donations
                                              Rente en dividende               61    025     48    978   Interest and dividends
and tuitions and other fee income of
                                              Beleggingsinkomste -             39    258     50    801   Investment income -
R16,8. Total expenditure increased with        Wins met realisasie                                         Profit on realisation
R43,9 m, which is mainly attributable to      Ander                             3 101         2 175      Other
                                              Totale uitgawes                 746 507       702 616      Total expenditure
efficient spending as a result of the turn-
                                              Personeelvergoeding             432 076       412 071      Staff remuneration
ing strategy completed in 2004. Al-           Ander bedryfsuitgawes           259 962       247 585      Other operating expenditure
though staff costs have decreased in rel-     Depresiasie                       43 763        38 252     Depreciation
                                              Finansieringskoste                 4 017         4 971     Finance costs
ative terms another objective of the turn-    Ander                              6 689         (263)     Other
ing strategy, to increase remuneration of     Netto surplus voor oordragte     121 422       101 980     Net surplus before transfers
                                              Ongespandeerde bedrae           (21 234)      (17 427)     Amounts received not expended
staff to catch up with a perceived back-
                                              Netto surplus na oordragte      100 188         84 533     Net surplus after transfers
log, has been met in the sense that gener-
al salary increases from 2002 to 2005
                                              Kontantvloeistaat                                          Cash Flow Statement
exceeded the rise of inflation as meas-
                                              Netto kontantvloei uit          270 065        62 239      Net cash flow from
ured by the CPI by 18,2%.                      bedryfsaktiwiteite                                         operating activities
                                              Netto kontant aangewend        (264 723)      (98 488)     Cash utilised in
    A period of consolidation has clearly      in beleggingsaktiwiteite                                   investing activities
dawned. Student numbers were slightly         Kontant uit finansierings-       23 102        (4 890)     Cash from/(utilised in)
                                               aktiwiteite                                                financing activities
down from 2004's peak and, it being the
                                              Kontant en kontant                     382     41 521      Cash and cash
main driver of income generation, the          ekwivalente aan die                                        equivalents
amount available for the financing of          begin van die jaar                                         at beginning of year
                                              Kontant en kontant               28 825              382   Cash and cash
strategic projects was also somewhat           ekwivalente aan die                                        equivalents
lower. One of the objectives of the turn-      einde van die jaar                                         at end of year

ing strategy, to decrease the dependence

Nasionale en internasionale
profiel versterk

D                                                                                      Meer deure
         ie veranderinge by die Univer-      nasionale en internasionale profiel te
         siteit van die Vrystaat sedert      laat val. In 2005 is hierop voortgebou.
         die instelling in 1990 die trans-
formasiepad begin loop het, het belang-
                                                                                       swaai oop na
                                             Kundiges speel leiersrol
rike intellektuele bevryding gebring.                                                  Afrika en
                                             Kundiges van die universiteit speel
Transformasie het ’n betreklik plaaslike
verwysingsraamwerk stelselmatig ver-         reeds in Suid-Afrika en Afrika ’n lei-    internasionaal.
breed tot ’n oper, internasionale per-       dende rol in die openbare beleidsarena,
spektief en die intellektuele grondslag      die sake- en nywerheidswêreld en op
het betekenisvol verdiep. Dit het ge-        wetenskapsgebied, terwyl al hoe meer
paard gegaan met groeiende interna-          ook binne die internasionale hoëronder-
sionale kontak, en Afrika- en Suider-        wysgemeenskap hul stempel afdruk.
Afrikaanse Ontwikkelingsgemeenskap              Prof. Hennie van Coller, Hoof van
(SAOG) se inisiatiewe.                       die Departement Afrikaans en Neder-
    In 2004 het die UV-bestuur ’n vyfde      lands, Duits en Frans in die Fakulteit
strategiese prioriteit, uitwaartse dryf      Geesteswetenskappe, is tot voorsitter
nasionaal en internasionaal, by sy ander     van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir
prioriteite gevoeg om die klem nog           Wetenskap en Kuns verkies. Die Aka-
sterker op die uitbou van die UV se          demie het prof. Van Coller in 2000 met

                                                                           Afrikaanse    en   Belgiese   gebaretaal
                                                                               Nog ’n taalverwante projek is die
                                                                           South African Language Rights Moni-
                                                                           toring-projek waarby die Eenheid vir
                                                                           Taalbeplanning in opdrag van die Pan-
                                                                           Suid-Afrikaanse Taalraad betrokke is.
                                                                               Die onderskeie kunstedepartemente
                                                                           was aktief in die internasionale arena.
                                                                           Prof. Nico Luwes (Drama en Teater-
                                                                           kuns) het op uitnodiging van die direk-
                                                                           teur van die Tsjekof-dramateater die
                                                                           regie van ’n produksie van Romeo and
                                                                           Juliet in Pawlodar, Kazakstan behartig.
                                                                           Die stuk is met Russiese akteurs en teg-
                                                                           nici op die planke gebring.
                                                                               In Oktober en November het die
                                                                           wêreldpremière van Hans Huyssen
Prof. Hennie van Coller, voorsitter van die Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir   (Musiek) se opera Masque in Kaapstad
Wetenskap en Kuns.
                                                                           plaasgevind. Hierdie grootskaalse pro-
                                                                           jek, wat deur plaaslike en internasionale
                                                                           instansies geborg is, is onder meer ’n
                                                                           vergestalting van ’n musikale dialoog
                               die Gustav Prellerprys vir literatuur-
                                                                           tussen Afrika en die Weste.
                               wetenskap en letterkundige kritiek
                               bekroon.                                        Prof. Nicol Viljoen en dr. Martina
                                                                           Viljoen, ook van Musiek, was deel van ’n
                                   Die Fakulteit Geesteswetenskappe
                                                                           internasionale byeenkoms van twintig
                               was nasionaal en internasionaal beson-
                                                                           akademici in Gregynog, Wallis, waar die
                               der bedrywig. Prof. Jackie Naudé (Afro-
                                                                           werk van die filosoof Christopher Norris
                               Asiatiese Studie, Gebaretaal en Taal-       gehuldig is. Tydens dié geleentheid het
                               praktyk) is verkies in die Kerklike Ad-     albei referate gelewer, terwyl prof.
                               vieskomitee wat die Bybelgenootskap se      Viljoen ook ’n klavieruitvoering gelewer
                               nuwe Afrikaanse Bybelvertaling moet         het.
                               beplan en bestuur. Hy is ook op grond
                                                                               Prof. Japie Strauss (NIOB) was as lid
                               van sy vertaalteoretiese kundigheid
                                                                           van die nasionale Departement van On-
                               deur die Poolse Akademie vir Weten-         derwys se span navorsingskoördineer-
                               skap as gasspreker genooi. Sy kollega in    ders by die finalisering van die Southern
                               die departement, mnr. Philemon Akach,       and Eastern Africa Consortium for
                               is verkies tot visepresident van die        Monitoring Education se verslag oor
                               World Association of Sign Language          onderwys in Suid-Afrika betrokke. Die
                               Interpreters. Mnr. Akach is ook saam        projek staan onder leiding van die Inter-
                               met ’n Belgiese navorsingspan van die       national Institute for Education Planning
                               Universiteite van Gent en Brussel in ’n     — ’n afdeling van die United Nations
                               landwye empiriese navorsingsprojek          Educational, Scientific and Cultural
                               oor ’n kruislinguïstiese studie van Suid-   Organisation (UNESCO). Op ’n konfer-

ensie in Parys het prof. Strauss sy model    mie), asook me. Charmel Verhoeven
vir die evaluering van opvoedkundige         (Ondernemingsbestuur). Proff. Burger,
stelsels bekend gestel. Hoewel indika-       Elsabé Loots (Ekonomie) en Willie van
tore vir dié doel al wêreldwyd ontwikkel     der Merwe (Ondernemingsbestuur) het
is, kon niemand nog daarin slaag om ’n       ook op ’n besoek aan Bremen ’n Suid-
enkele indeks daar te stel nie. Hier-        Afrika-dag oor die Suid-Afrikaanse
volgens kan die doeltreffendheidsin-         ekonomie in samewerking met die
dekse van ’n land se provinsies gebruik      Universiteit van Bremen en ondernem-
word om aan te dui waar intervensies         ings in Bremen vir sakelui aangebied,
nodig is.                                    wat op ’n nasionale radio-uitsending in
    Prof. André Pelser (Sosiologie) het      Duitsland uitgeloop het.
bande met Afrika gesmee toe hy as een            Die Minister van Finansies, mnr.
van twintig deelnemers uit 820 aansoe-       Trevor Manuel, het prof. Helena van
kers van oor Afrika gekies is om vir twee    Zyl, Direkteur van die Bestuurskool, vir
weke in Uganda opleiding in die kom-         ’n tweede termyn as lid van die staande
munikasie van bevolkings- en gesond-         komitee vir die hersiening van die
heidsdata aan besluitnemers te onder-        Bankwet, 1990 van die SA Reserwebank
gaan. Die werksessie is deur die Institute   aangestel. Koning Letsie III van Lesotho
for Public Health (Makerere-universiteit,    het prof. Tienie Crous, Dekaan, in die
Kampala) en die Population Reference         veertiende raad van die Nasionale Uni-
Bureau (Washington) aangebied.               versiteit van Lesotho aangewys.
    Akademici van die Fakulteit Ekono-           Prof. Elsabé Loots (Ekonomie) was
miese en Bestuurswetenskappe het in          tot onlangs die president van die Ekono-
2005 twee van die vier verslae voorberei     miese Vereniging van Suid-Afrika, en
wat vir die New Partnership for Africa’s     me. Karen Thomas van dieselfde de-
Development (NEPAD) se Afrika-ewe-           partement dien in die Suid-Afrikaanse
knie-oorsigmeganisme as agtergrond in        Kwalifikasie-owerheid se Standards
die eweknie-beoordelingsproses oor           Generating Body for Educators in            Akademici
Suid-Afrika sal dien. Prof. Philippe
Burger en me. Marina Marinkov van
                                                Prof. Hentie van Wyk (Sentrum vir
                                                                                         lewer stewige
Ekonomie het die agtergrondverslag oor       Rekeningkunde) is as die tesourier van      bydraes
ekonomiese bestuur en beheer in Suid-
Afrika geskryf, terwyl prof. Lucius Botes
                                             die Verenigde Krieketraad van Suid-
                                             Afrika aangewys. Hy dien ook in die uit-
en die Sentrum vir Ontwikkelingsteun
vir die verslag oor sosiaal-ekonomiese
                                             voerende bestuur van die International      en in die
                                             Association of Accounting Education
ontwikkeling verantwoordelik was.            and Research, en verteenwoordig Suid-       buiteland.
   Dié fakulteit het ook sy internasio-      Afrika as president van die Suid-Afri-
nale profiel verskerp met die publikasie     kaanse Rekeningkundige Vereniging.
van eweknie-geëvalueerde artikels in            Twee ministeriële aanstellings het uit
die African Development Perspectives         die geledere van die Fakulteit Natuur-
Yearbook van die Universiteit van            en Landbouwetenskappe gekom. Die
Bremen deur prof. Philippe Burger,           Minister van Finansies, mnr. Trevor
mnre. JP Geldenhuys en Antonie Pool,         Manuel, het prof. Daan de Waal (de-
me. Marina Marinkov en me. Lizelle           partementele voorsitter van Statistiek en
Janse van Rensburg (almal van Ekono-         Wiskundige Statistiek) vir ’n tydperk

         Busy year for world expert
                                                   Prof. Rob Bragg from the Department of
                                                   Microbial, Biochemical and Food Bio-
                                                   technology is widely regarded as one of two
                                                   world experts on poultry diseases. In 2005
                                                   he was asked to assist vaccine manufactur-
                                                   ers in the USA, Israel and Italy with their
                                                   infectious coryza vaccines and to develop a
                                                   serological test for a company based in the
                                                   Netherlands. He was the only South African
                                                   who attended the American Federation of
                                                   Aviculture Congress in Miami, Florida where
                                                   he discussed methods to control diseases in
                                                   captive bird species, and the development of
                                                   a vaccine to control the beak and feather
                                                   disease virus. In Turkey he trained a group
                                                   of veterinarians in biosecurity in the poultry
                                                   industry. He also presented data on the dis-
                                                   infection programme he developed over the
                                                   last number of years. This concept has rev-
                                                   olutionised disease control in the poultry
                                                   industry and has been used to control,
                                                   amongst others, Newcastle Disease in a
                                                   number of countries around the world. In
                                                   Istanbul he addressed delegates at the
                                                   World Veterinary Poultry Association Con-
                                                   gress, the main gathering point for re-
                                                   searchers on poultry diseases.

     van drie jaar (tot Mei 2008) as lid van die   vorsing beskou word, is me. Luzelle
     Suid-Afrikaanse Raad vir Statistiek           Naudé (Sielkunde) ingesluit in ’n span
     aangestel. Die Minister van Landbou en        kundiges wat vir die Joint Education
     Grondsake, me. Thoko Didiza, het die          Trust (JET) ’n handleiding vir perso-
     Dekaan, prof. Herman van Schalkwyk,           neelontwikkeling vir diensleer skryf. ’n
     in die ministeriële komitee aangestel wat     Klompie akademici van die UV is ook
     ondersoek moet instel na die werking          genader om in samewerking met die
     van die landboubemarkingswet.                 Hoëronderwysgehaltekomitee van die
         Prof. Johan Grobbelaar (Plantweten-       SA Raad vir Hoër Onderwys ’n gids vir
     skappe), wat reeds langer as dertig jaar      goeie praktyk in diensleer, met ’n stel
     navorsing oor algbiotegnologie doen en        selfevalueringsinstrumente, te ontwik-
     betrokke is by die aanleg vir spirulina-      kel. Dr. Mabel Erasmus van die Hoof-
     produksie in Musina, het die ope-             direktoraat Samelewingsdiens het hierin
     ningslesing gelewer op die tiende kon-        die leiding geneem.
     gres van die International Society for            Die Fakulteit Regsgeleerdheid was,
     Applied Phycology in Kunming, China.          soos sedert 1998 die gebruik is, weer
     Afgevaardigdes van 38 lande het die           betrokke by die organisasie van die jaar-
     kongres bygewoon.                             likse internasionale simposium oor
        Omdat die UV as die leier op die ge-       ekonomiese misdaad by die Cambridge-
     bied van samelewingsdiensleer en -na-         universiteit. Die Dekaan, prof. Johan

Henning, en die voorsitter van die UV-           Prof. Gert van Zyl, Hoof van die
Raad, regter Faan Hancke, het as spre-        Skool vir Geneeskunde in die Fakulteit
kers en as voorsitters van werksessies        Gesondheidswetenskappe, is vir ’n vol-
deelgeneem. Prof. Henning het vooraf in       gende drie jaar herkies as raadslid van
Tokio ’n reeks lesings oor internasionale     die Council for the Health Science
maatskappyereg aan LL.M.-studente
van die Universiteite van Hosei en
Waseda gelewer.
    Die universiteit is aangewys as die
leidende instansie vir die institusionali-
sering van die inisiatief Landbounavor-
sing vir Ontwikkeling in die Suid-Afri-
kaanse hoër onderwys. Die projek is
deur die Internasionale Sentrum vir
Ontwikkeling-georiënteerde Navorsing
in Landbou geïnisieer. Dr. Aldo Stroebel
(Direktoraat Navorsingsontwikkeling)
en mnr. Ajuruchukwa Obi (Landbou-
ekonomie) het ’n belangrike rol in die
nasionale taakspan gespeel.
    Dr. Stroebel is ook tot die uitvoe-
rende komitee van die Southern African
Research and Innovation Management            Mr Anton Fisher, Director: Strategic Communication, in discussion with collegues.
Association (SARIMA) verkies. SARI-
MA se doelwitte is onder meer die pro-
fessionele ontwikkeling en kapasiteits-
bou van diegene wat met die bestuur
van navorsing en innovasiestelsels ge-
moeid is.
    Die Minister van Landbou en Grond-           Expertise for Africa
sake het prof. Frans Swanepoel, Direk-
                                                 The Programme for Agricultural Information
teur van Navorsingsontwikkeling, as              Service (PRAIS), which is hosted by the UFS,
raadslid van die Landbounavorsings-              continued to broaden its scope in Southern
raad aangestel. Hy is ook aangestel as ’n        Africa. The significant increase in the amount

lid van die internasionale oorsigspan            of information requested via PRAIS was fur-
                                                 ther confirmation of the enormous need for
van die International Institute for Food
                                                 information in Africa to ensure agricultural
Agriculture and Development by die               sustainability. The success of this service led
Cornell-universiteit in die VSA.                 to the establishment of two more national

    In die Fakulteit Teologie is prof. Piet      nodes during 2005 (in Lesotho and Namibia).
                                                 PRAIS continues to act as regional co-ordina-
Strauss (Departementshoof van Ekkle-
                                                 tor and it is envisaged that national nodes will
siologie) in Oktober vir ’n tweede keer          eventually be established in all the Southern
tot Moderator van die N.G. Kerk in die           African Development Community (SADC)
Vrystaat verkies. Prof. Fanie Snyman             countries.
(Nuwe Testament) is benoem in die
Teologiese Adviesraad van Radiokansel.

     Accreditation of Southern Africa. Hy het
     die Raad in Januarie 2005 by die Wêreld-
     gesondheidsorganisasie se loodspro-
     gram oor pasiëntveiligheid in Durban
        Dr. Louis Holtzhausen, Direkteur
     van Kovsiegesondheid, was ’n afge-
     vaardigde van die program People to
     People Ambassador na Nieu-Seeland en
     Australië om akademiese en kulturele
     verhoudings onder sportwetenskaplikes
     van Europa, die VSA, Kanada, Suid-
     Afrika, Nieu-Seeland en Australië te
        Suster Ida Motlogeloa van Kovsie-
     gesondheid was ’n lid van die nasionale
     bestuur van die Suid-Afrikaanse Ver-
     eniging vir Kampusgesondheidsdienste.

     Adding value through
     strategic communication
     The year 2005 has shown that the invest-
     ment in the strategic communication
     function of the University is beginning
     to bear fruit as the UFS repositions itself
         For the first time, the Division Strate-
     gic Communication completed an assess-
     ment of the rand value of the electronic
     media coverage the UFS received on var-
     ious radio stations and television chan-
         In terms of rands and cents, the UFS
     received national radio and television
     coverage to the value of R10,4 million
     from 1 January 2005 to 15 November
         This is calculated on the basis of the
     advertising rate for the airtime received
     on a specific radio station or television
         In 2006 the division will also be
     assessing the rand value of print media
     coverage in newspapers throughout the


F                                                                                           It is our duty
       ollowing the wonderful experi-        more comprehensive content to the con-
       ences of our centenary celebra-       cept of transformation. The second is the
       tions in 2004, it was quite an
adjustment for the University, its staff
                                             Tri-Campus Project, designed to recon-
                                             figure and realign the Qwaqwa and
                                                                                            to build new
and its students to return to “normality”    Vista Campuses in an ambitious effort to       and stronger
in 2005. However, the UFS did not drift
into “post-centenary blues”. The year
                                             find an optimal model for higher educa-
                                             tion engagement in a developing society,       foundations.
2005 was seized as an important oppor-       dealing with poverty alleviation in a sus-
tunity for seriously contemplating the       tainable manner.
challenges ahead. The year was brought            The third is the strategic cluster ini-
into focus by the realisation that we have   tiative, which is the beginning of a
a duty and responsibility to build new       process to elevate the University’s quali-
and stronger foundations for the next 10,    ty in scientific and academic Endeavour
20 or 50 years.                              to a further, higher level. A fourth is
    Flowing from this perspective, sig-      sport commercialisation — at this stage
nificant new strategic initiatives were      still a fledgling project, but one intended
launched. The first is the new, fourth       to provide excellent sports facilities to
phase transformation project and             students and our surrounding commu-
appointment of the Transformation Plan       nities via innovative entrepreneurial
Task Team — intended to give a deeper,       sports initiatives.

        While all of these were only initiated   several academic revitalisation initia-
     in 2005, with much more planning to be      tives, was launched from 2000 to 2004,
     done in 2006, potentially these are some    with spectacular success.)
     of the most important strategic initia-         The year 2005 was a good year full of
     tives launched by the UFS in its post       blessings for the University of the Free
     financial turnaround phase. (The finan-     State. For that we thank our heavenly
     cial turnaround strategy, together with     Father.

     Frederick C.v.N. Fourie
     Rector and Vice-Chancellor

Honorary doctorates /

T                                           D
        he University of the Free State              ie Universiteit van die Vrystaat
        conferred honorary doctorates on             het eredoktorsgrade toegeken
        the following outstanding group              aan die volgende groep toon-
of people who displayed academic ex-        aangewende mense wat akademiese uit-
cellence, moral courage, a commitment       muntendheid, morele moed, toewyding
to social justice and unwavering integri-   aan maatskaplike geregtigheid en on-
ty in their areas of expertise:             wankelbare integriteit in hulle spesialis-
    Prof. Jaap Durand (D.Phil. (hc)) re-    areas getoon het:
ceived an honorary doctorate in Philoso-        Prof. Jaap Durand (D.Phil. (hc)) het
phy for his pioneering work in various      ’n eredoktorsgraad in Filosofie ontvang
areas of the South African society.         vir sy baanbrekerswerk op verskeie ter-
    Prof. Jan Groenewald (D.Sc. (hc))       reine in die Suid-Afrikaanse samele-
was rewarded for his life-long commit-      wing.
ment to the establishment and develop-          Prof. Jan Groenewald (D.Sc. (hc)) is
ment of Agricultural Economics as a         vereer vir sy lewenslange toewyding aan
subject field in South Africa and in        die vestiging en uitbouing van Landbou-
Africa and his various contributions to     ekonomie as vakgebied in Suid-Afrika
the UFS.                                    en Afrika, asook verskeie bydraes wat
    Prof. Anthon Heyns (M.D. (hc)),         hy aan die UV gemaak het.
Chief Executive Officer of the South            Prof. Anthon Heyns (M.D. (hc)),
African National Blood Service, received    Hoof- Uitvoerende Beampte van die
an honorary doctorate in Medicine. He       Suid-Afrikaanse Nasionale Bloedoortap-
is a well-known international researcher    pingsdiens het ’n eredoktorsgraad in Ge-
in Haematology. In 2004 he received a       neeskunde ontvang. Hy is ’n bekende
centenary medal from the UFS for his        internasionale navorser in Hematologie

     strong role and national prominence as        en het in 2004 ’n eeufeesmedalje aan die
     expert and leading figure in establishing     UV ontvang vir sy sterk rol en nasionale
     and developing Haematology at the             prominensie as kundige en leiersfiguur
     UFS.                                          in die vestiging en ontwikkeling van
         Prof. Wilhelm Neuser received the         Hematologie.
     honorary doctor’s degree D.Theologiae             Prof. Wilhelm Neuser het die ere-
     (hc) for his contribution to the promo-       doktorsgraad D.Theologiae (hc) ontvang
     tion of international Calvin research and     vir sy bydrae tot die bevordering van die
     for his insight and personal dedication       internasionale Calvynnavorsing en vir
     to involving South Africans in it.            sy insig en persoonlike toewyding om
         Ms Maria Ramos (Ph.D. (hc)),              Suid-Afrikaners daarby te betrek.
     Group Executive Head of Transnet,                 Me. Maria Ramos (Ph.D. (hc)),
     received an honorary doctorate in             Groep- Uitvoerende Hoof van Transnet,
     Economics for the major contribution          het ’n eredoktorsgraad in Ekonomie ont-
     she made to the establishment of a pru-       vang vir haar bydrae tot ’n omsigtige
     dent fiscal and macro-economic policy         fiskale en makro-ekonomiese beleid in
     in South Africa and the restoration of        Suid-Afrika en die herstel van die finan-
     the financial credibility of the country in   siële geloofwaardigheid van die land in
     the eyes of domestic and foreign              die oë van plaaslike en buitelandse
     investors.                                    beleggers.
         Prof. Sampie Terreblanche (D.Com.             Prof. Sampie Terreblanche (D.Com.
     (hc)) received an honorary doctor’s           (hc)) het ’n eredoktorsgraad in Ekono-
     degree in Economics for the important         mie ontvang vir die belangrike rol wat
     role he played, and is still playing, in      hy gespeel het, en nog steeds speel, in
     keeping the debate on the need for socio-     die debat rondom die behoefte aan
     economic and socio-political reform in        sosio-ekonomiese en sosio-politiese her-
     South Africa going.                           vorming in Suid-Afrika.

UFS Council / UV-Raad – 2005
Chairperson / Voorsitter: Judge /                     Messrs / Mnre. A. Geldenhuys, T.A. Motloung,
Regter S.P.B. (Faan) Hancke                           G. Bradley
Vice-Chairperson: Ondervoorsitter:                    Appointed by the South African Local
Dr C.M. (Charles) Nwaila                              Government Association: Free State /
The Rector and Vice-Chancellor / Die Rektor en        Deur die Suid-Afrikaanse Plaaslike Owerheid
Visekanselier: Prof. F.C. van N. (Frederick) Fourie   Bedingingsraad: Vrystaat aangestel
Vice-Rector: Academic Operations / Viserektor:        Mr / Mnr. M.J. (Mojalefa) Matlole
Akademiese Bedryf: Prof. T. (Teuns) Verschoor         Appointed by Council / Deur Raad aangestel
Vice-Rector: Academic Planning / Viserektor:          Dr N. (Nathan) Bagarette
Akademiese Beplanning: Prof. M. (Magda) Fourie        Mr / Mnr. J.J. (Jonathan) Crowther
                                                      Mr / Mnr. D.C.M. (Dines) Gihwala
Vice-Rector: Student Affairs / Viserektor:
                                                      Dr F. de K. (Frans) Kotzé
Studentesake: Dr R.E. (Ezekiel) Moraka
                                                      Mr / Mnr. E.C. (Edward) Kieswetter
Appointed by the Minister of Education /              Ms / Me. B.S. (Busiswa) Tshabalala
Deur die Minister van Onderwys aangestel              Dr S.M. (Susan) Vosloo
Prof. S.C. Walters
                                                      In advisory capacity: / In adviserende
Dr M.D. (David) Mosimege
Appointed by the Premier of the Free State /          Mr / Mnr. V.F. (Vernon) Collett (Registrar:
Deur die Vrystaatse Premier aangestel                 Student Academic Services / Registrateur:
Dr C.M. (Charles) Nwaila                              Akademiese Studentedienste )
Elected by the Senate / Deur die Senaat verkies       Mr /Mnr. A.K. (Anton) Fisher (Director:
Prof. D.J. (Daan) de Waal                             Strategic Communication / Direkteur:
Prof. D.F.M. Strauss replaced by / vervang deur       Strategiese Kommunikasie )
Prof. G.W. (Gerhardt) de Klerk                        Mr / Mnr. L.S. (Lourens) Geyer (Director:
Members of the religious community /                  Human Resources / Direkteur: Menslike
Lede van die godsdiensgemeenskap                      Hulpbronne)
Dr G.P.V. (Vickie) le Roux                            Rev. / Ds. C.D. (Kiepie) Jaftha (Chief Director:
                                                      Community Service / Hoofdirekteur:
Elected by the Alumni / Deur die Alumni verkies
Judge / Regter S.P.B. (Faan) Hancke
Mr / Mnr. C.J. (Jan) Grobler                          Mr / Mnr. A. (Arie) van der Bijl (Director:
Ms / Me. W.F. (Winifred) Hoexter                      Budgets / Direkteur: Begrotings )
                                                      Prof. D.A. (Niel) Viljoen (Chief Director:
Elected by the Donors /                               Operations / Hoofdirekteur: Bedryf )
Deur die Donateurs aangewys                           Mr / Mnr. C.R. (Chris) Liebenberg (Director:
Dr J.M. (Kobus) Laubscher                             Finance / Direkteur: Finansies)
Mr / Mnr. J.D. (Klippies) Steenkamp
                                                      Prof. I.N. (Sakkie) Steyn (Registrar: General /
Elected by the academic staff who are not mem-        Registrateur: Algemeen)
bers of Senate / Akademiese werknemer (nie-           Mr / Mnr. W.S. (Willem) Malherbe (Registrar:
Senaatslede) deur akademiese werknemers               Strategic Planning / Registrateur: Strategiese
verkies                                               Beplanning )
Prof. C.R. (Robert) Dennis                            Ms / Me. E. (Edma) Pelzer (Director: Physical
Elected by the non-academic staff /                   Resources and Special Projects / Direkteur:
Deur die nie-akademiese werknemers verkies            Fisiese Hulpbronne en Spesiale Projekte)
Mr / Mnr. W.F. (Willem) Lubbe                         Mr / Mnr. P.M.B. (Billyboy) Ramahlele (Director:
Appointed by the Central Student Representative       Diversity / Direkteur: Diversiteit )
Council / Deur die Sentrale Studenteraad              Secretariat / Sekretariaat
aangewys                                              Mrs / Mev. E.C. Bezuidenhoudt

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