By Sarah Bernheim

                                            Reclaimed or recycled water is wastewater that has been
                                            chemically treated to remove any waste by products and
                                            impurities. Once this water has been treated and deemed
                                            acceptable, it is then used in landscaping projects and
                                            irrigation systems. By using this treated reclaimed water we
                                            are reducing the need to use fresh water in these types of

                                             Many cities nationwide have discovered the value of using
                                             reclaimed water in their city parks, and water features. By
using this type of water throughout their cities, officials have noticed that there is less of a demand on
their fresh water supply that was normally used in maintaining parks and water features throughout the

The cost of producing reclaimed water is much less than if fresh water was used in landscapes and water
features. The low cost of reclaimed water has helped in making it a more feasible solution and more
attractive in the eyes of businesses and cities that are trying to cut budgets. Since there are higher
levels of nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorous in reclaimed water, it makes it a much more appealing
source of water for farming and landscaping, you are not only saving fresh water but also providing your
plants with the nourishment they need to thrive.

As the population continues to grow, the demand on fresh water is expected to rise dramatically. By
continuing to work on solutions for this problem, the
development of improved techniques in producing
reclaimed water will be of the upmost importance. The
possibility of sharing these new developments with
countries who are struggling to find ways of providing
clean water for their crops and citizens will benefit greatly
from this knowledge. It will not only allow them to thrive
by being able to produce better crops which can be used
to feed themselves, it will also provide them with clean
water to use for bathing and drinking.

The use of reclaimed water has many uses, with the ability
to grow into a more sustainable way to provide a supplemental source of water to our already dwindling
fresh water supply. With further research and developments in the ways in which reclaimed water is
treated, there is no limit to what we may be able to accomplish by using reclaimed water. In the years
to come, we may develop a better treatment process that will allow underdeveloped countries to thrive
by using reclaimed water.

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