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									School of Communication Equipment Office
Porterfield 183

Hours of Operation:
    Video, Audio and Computer Labs                      9am – 8pm Monday – Thursday
                                                        9am – 5:15 pm Friday
                                                        1:00pm – 6:00pm Sunday
                                                        (Unless being used for classes, check door
                                                        outside of lab for up-to-date information)
    Equipment Checkout Office                           9am – 5:30pm Monday – Thursday
                                                        9am – 5:30pm Friday
                                                        Please note. We do not checkout equipment
                                                        after 5:30 unless prior arrangements are

           We usually have a student worker scheduled to come in at 8:00 am. However, that hour is reserved
            for preparation during the day. We cannot guarantee a student worker will be in the office at 8:00
            am. If a student worker is present, we’ll be glad to assist you.

           Make sure you schedule 10 minutes for checkout and check-in. Either the student worker on
            duty or Chris will need to check to make sure all equipment is returned and is in proper working

            University Closure Procedures:
    Inclement Weather:
         If you live farther than 10 miles from RU please notify Chris Carter ASAP. You will need to
          present proof of residence.
         If School is closed/delayed you do not have to bring in equipment until following day/earliest
          time school is opened. Please email Chris Carter to verify this is the rule in YOUR case.
         No labs will be open if school is closed due to inclement weather or power outages.
         Labs may close due to staffing issues. Please watch your email for updates.

       If the Media Studies equipment office must close every effort will be made for reservations made in
        advance. All other equipment checkouts for that day will be suspended. Please check your email
        regularly for updates.
         PLEASE NOTE: We do not checkout equipment over University Breaks.

                                                  School of Communication Checkout Policies     1
Checkout Procedures:
      You must make reservations in order to take out equipment.
      Ways to make Equipment Reservations:
                       AIM: COMSEQ
                        Phone: 831-6035
            o     Equipment can be checked out between the hours of 9am – 5:15pm Monday
                  through Friday.
            o     If you need equipment for longer than what is allowed, you must contact Chris
                  Carter or a student worker manager for authorization.
            o     You can only check out equipment slated for your class.

               Equipment                        Maximum amount of hours allowed
                                                          per day
               HD-DV Cameras                  4 Hours
               Mini DV Cameras                3 Hours
               Marantz Recorders              3 Hours
               Mini Voice Recorders           2 Hours
               Digital Still Cameras          4 Hours

   Penalties for Late Return of Equipment:
       If you are late returning equipment, you will be given a 5-minute
        grace period. The official time used for determining late times is:

        CHARGED $0.50 A MINUTE
          o No equipment can be checked out again until the fine is paid in full.
          o Failure to pay fines can result in disciplinary actions taken by the
                department, including but not limited to a registration block or failure of the
           o    If a student is found to be abusing the system (e.g. keeping the equipment
                out repeatedly for long periods of time, misusing equipment) equipment
                privileges will be revoked and other disciplinary actions can be taken.
                                            School of Communication Checkout Policies   2
           o   Any exceptions to these policies will be up to the sole discretion of Dr. Lynn
               Zoch and Chris Carter.
Care of Equipment:
       Equipment is to be used for CLASS projects only. Any misuse of equipment will be considered an
        equipment violation.
       You are not to use equipment while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If you are found
        using the equipment while under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol you will be penalized.
       Penalties for use of equipment under the influence of drugs or alcohol can range from being
        taken to the RU judiciary committee, to the authorities being called, to any penalty the COMS
        faculty calls for.

       If Equipment is damaged, you will be held responsible for payment for repair or
COMS Audio and Video Lab policies
 Absolutely NO food or drinks in the Video Production Lab, audio production studio or TV Studio.
              This includes drinks in backpacks or bags, candy, gum or medicine.

       As an authorized Lab user, you are responsible for anyone you bring into the lab (reporters,
        friends, ad students, etc.) If they are found with food or drink you will be held responsible
       LAB RESERVATIONS: ONLY students who are in classes authorized to use the equipment may
        use Edit bays.
       Students will be given “reserved” lab times as part of their class arrangements. If you don’t need
        your assigned time, please call Chris Carter so your spot may be given to another student. All
        other times are based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Schedule sheets are posted a week in
        advance. When using the Post Production lab, or Analog lab, you must leave your ID with the
        student worker on duty or with Chris.
       PLEASE NOTE: Anyone accompanying you MUST bring his or her ID as well. There are no
        exceptions to this.
       You must pick up your ID after using the labs. The COMS office will not be held responsible if
        your ID is left past your lab time.
Lab Penalties
If you are found with food or drink in the studio:
     First Offense: you will lose lab privileges for one week.
     Second Offense: You will lose lab privileges for the rest of the semester.
     If food, trash or a spill is found in the video lab, and no one comes forward to take
        responsibility, that lab will be closed for 24 hours. No one will be allowed to edit. However,
        such a closure will not affect your deadlines. If it is due, and the lab is closed because of a
        penalty, this will not be considered an excuse.
     Any problems found in the lab will be assumed to have been caused by the last student signed in
        to use the lab, unless otherwise reported.

                                              School of Communication Checkout Policies     3
     It is forbidden to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol in any of the COMS Labs. If you
      are suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the proper authorities will be

TV Studio Policies
     Students must respect the rules of the studio. If the studio is used after hours, the Director and
      the Campus Police must clear such usage. A supervisor agreed to by the Director must be in
     No food or drink is permitted in the studio or control room.
     The phone is for emergency purposes. Do not request incoming calls.
     No tobacco use is allowed in the studio or control room.
     No alcohol or firearms are allowed in the studio or control room.
     The studio must be left neat and tidy after use.
     Put away and stow everything properly according to instructions.
     Coil cables carefully and store in the correct place.
     Never leave cameras unattended unless locked down.
     Never point cameras at lights, even for a few seconds.
     Do not change patches without permission.
     Do not move lights without permission.
     Do not leave lights on the floor.
     Keep gels and scrims in studio cabinet.
     Return microphones and borrowed equipment promptly after production.
     Make sure all microphones are returned with clip, case and turned off.
     When observing productions in the control room, talk quietly.
     The director has the right to ask you leave if you disturb him/her.
     Start and finish on time.
     Leave the place in better order than you found it.
     Policies are subject to change at the discretion of Dr. Lynn Zoch or Chris Carter.

                                             School of Communication Checkout Policies      4

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