Interviewers Mistakes - Common Interviewing Mistakes

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					                           Common Interviewing Mistakes

1. First impressions
       Be aware of your first impression. Make eye contact, shake the candidate’s hand,
       introduce yourself and make sure you are in a comfortable, quiet environment. Explain to
       the candidate what to expect.

2. Talking too much
       The interviewer(s) should not talk more than 25% of the time.

3. Telegraphing
       Don’t tell the applicant what you want to hear. Make sure you are asking questions that
       do not have an obvious answer.

4. Asking “what if” questions
      Theoretical answers do not necessarily reflect follow through on the job. Past behavior is
      the best predictor of future behavior. Don’t ask “How would you handle a difficult
      parent?” Instead, ask “How have you handled a situation in the past in which someone
      was being very difficult?”

5. The “competition error”
      Comparing candidates solely in relation to other candidates is not effective, especially
      since you are likely to compare the candidate to the candidate you just saw.

6. The “similar to me” error
      Those like you are “good,” those unlike you aren’t.

7. Playing it safe
       Hiring the adequate-but-safe candidate rather than a truly exceptional person who is
       slightly offbeat can be a mistake.

8. The “halo” effect
      One overriding trait can influence other areas and may cause you to overlook other

9. False assumptions and stereotyping
       Watch for bias based on your past experience. Don’t make assumptions based on
       physical appearance, organizations, etc.

10. Not being adequately prepared
      Take time to look over the candidate’s resume and the job description. Think about
      questions you might want to ask. Feel free to take notes during the interview.

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