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					                               World History Study Guide

I. Reformation Human Heritage pages 448-465 Steck Vaugh pages 9-15

                                Sample vocabulary

Indulgences      95 theses excommunicate Protestants Huguenots Jesuits
Council of Trent Counter Reformation     heretic     armada
galleons          ministers              Puritans    seminary

                                People & Places

Martin Luther           Pope Leo X     John Calvin         Henry VIII
Wittenberg              Geneva         Charles V           Mary Tudor
Elizabeth I             Peace of Augsburg

Sample Questions: Why did the Reformation represent the first step towards modern
                    How did Protestantism get its name, and what were some of the
the churches that belonged to this faith?

Web pages: Chapter 29
  : type in 2-Ch1

II. Age of Discovery     Human Heritage pages 466-479 Steck Vaugh pages 26-37

                                Sample vocabulary

Conquistador              immunity        smallpox                compass
astrolabe                 caravel         papal line of demarcation     sea dogs
Treaty of Tordesillas     Northwest Passage         mutiny       scurvy

                                People & Places

Henry the Navigator        Vasco da Gama             Ponce de León
Cape of Good Hope          St. Lawrence River        Ferdinand Magellan
Christopher Columbus       Bartolomeu Dias

Sample Questions: How did competition between nations affect European voyages of

How do you think that discovering the New World contributed to the modern times?

Web pages: Chapter 30
III. Expansion Into the Americas      Human Heritage pages 486-501
                                      Steck Vaugh pages 38-45

                                   Sample Vocabulary

cash crop       indentured servants        colonize      viceroy
mestizos         balance of trade

                                 People & Places
Sir Francis Drake          Sir Walter Raleigh              John Smith
Brazil                     Cabral                          Peru

Sample Questions: What happened to the Native Americans who lived in Brazil
when the Portuguese claimed the land?
Why did the Portuguese settlers bring over enslaved Africans?

Web pages: chapter 31

IV. Political Revolutions pages Human Heritage 502-521 Steck Vaugh pages 22-31

                                 Sample vocabulary
Nationalism         divine right            Parliament             direct tax
martial law         Constitutional Monarchy guillotine              tyranny
monopoly            estates                  repealed              mercantilism

                                People & Places
Oliver Cromwell            Cavaliers            Roundheads            John Locke
Voltaire                   Bastille             13 Colonies

Sample Questions: Why were European rulers afraid of the ideas of the French
Why was the trial of Charles I so important to the advancement of the idea of
Web pages chapter 32

V. Industrial Revolution Human Heritage pages 522-537 Steck Vaugh 98-110

                                   Sample vocabulary
Enclosure         textile           factory system     cotton gin
industrialization     flying shuttle spinning jenny    technology
Steamboat             telegraph       canals            standard of living
Urbanization           child labor    strike            immigrants

                               People & Places
Great Britain         James Watts      Eli Whitney        Thomas Edison
Sir Isaac Newton     Nicolaus Copernicus

Sample Questions: What new sources of power helped spread the Industrial Revolution?
                  True or False: The invention of the Macadam road had little effect
                   on the Industrial Revolution.___________________________

Web pages: chapter 33
           www.exploreSV 2-Ch7

VI. Imperialism Human Heritage pages 545-551 Steck Vaugh pages 111-127

                            Sample vocabulary
Manifest destiny             federal             stable government
Annexation                   unification         Kaiser
Congress of Vienna           self-rule           pogroms
Czar                         nationalities

                            People & Places

Italy Germany             Sardinia     Otto von Bismarck      expansion
Abolitionists             Lousianan    Cherokee               Franz Josef
Hungarians                 Abraham Lincoln

Sample Questions: How might nationalism change the citizens of a country?
                  How did the idea of Manifest Destiny affect the United States?

Web pages: chapter 34
           www.exploreSV 2-Ch8