Gadgets & Gizmos Review by pptfiles


									                     Gadgets & Gizmos Reviewed (Six weeks)
Define Gadgets: often small mechanical or electronic device sometimes thought as a novelty.

What is a Gadget? One writer “believes everything above a stapler with batteries”, everything
     that comes with a remote.

I Computer: Nothing more than 1’s and 0’s but very fast. Started with invention of transistor
     amplifier in 1947.

      Off line Computing: Graphics: Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Databases, Music,
      Desktop Presentation, and Desktop Publishing.

      On Line Computing: WWW, Buying, Banking, Selling, Sharing, E-mail Storage and

I-A Tablet PC (Very New),23102,3411155,00.html

I-B PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) (Palm)
II Communication: Information exchanged from one source to another, from one location to
     another. Most times wireless is used.

      Phone, Cell, Walkie Talkie, GPS, E-mail, Web Cam

III Entertainment @ Home Watching and listening to audio and video presentations from
      around the world. All at your fingertips using a remote!

      TV, DVD, Wireless Cable, Satellite, XM Radio, AM/FM Radio, PDR

IV Transportation

      Auto, Train, Airplane and Traveling over seas.
V Student Request

     Request and focus on certain Gadgets. If you want me to find anything-just let me know
     via e-mail of tell me in class. My e-mail address is .

VI Review and Clarify

     Wow What a time we had trying to understand all the technology. Exchange e-mails
     and prepare for the future.    (just fun)

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