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									For the mothers
Sir-- As we celebrate Mother's Day every year and rush to buy
gifts for our mothers, we should not forget those who lost their
mothers who are overcome by grief that day.

For those who are motherless, I have a short message: By doing
well in your field, caring for your family, and being active
participants in society, you would be giving your mother a most
precious gift. You can also be certain that whatever material
gifts we give mothers on earth, they do not compare to God's
gifts in Heaven.

                     461 ‫نشرت بتاريخ 35-31 مارس 2005 األهرام ويكلي.. العدد‬

Back on track
Sir-- Nearly two years after the tragic disaster of the Aswan-
bound train 832, and having seen the regrettable sight of the
large number of badly charred bodies, I believed the reason
behind the strict measures adopted by the government were to
prevent a repetition of such a tragedy.

With measures such as fining passengers for smoking and
preventing hawkers from boarding the train with butane
cylinders which they usually possess, I felt absolutely safe while
commuting between Assiut and Cairo for my studies. Now,
however, I'm bitterly disappointed that those measures have
proved to be short- term. Everything inside the train is back to
the old routine, as if nothing had happened.

Cigarette smoke fills every carriage on the train, sometimes by
the train conductors themselves who are supposed to oversee the
implementation of these rules. Moreover, hawkers are once
again going to and fro without any deterrent.
Was the incident of the deadliest train disaster in Egypt's rail
history so simple that the government could totally forget it?
Has the government forgotten the dreadful sight of the charred
bodies and the carriages burned to their steel structures? What is
the government waiting for in order to reactivate and strictly
adhere to these rules? Another train catastrophe?

                     456 ‫نشرت بتاريخ 73-25 فبراير 2005 األهرام ويكلي .. العدد‬

Running free
Sir-- Having been glued to the TV watching one of the most
marvellous sermons of the genius preacher Amr Khaled
broadcast during Ramadan, I really fought back tears of pity
seeking an answer to nothing but one question: how much
longer would the great preacher be on the run?

Owning a satellite dish along with a PC, it has been accessible
for me to regularly follow his sermons, whether on the two
satellite channels -- Iqra' and ART -- or on his Web site, with
great interest. Amr Khaled, with the aid of his sympathetic tone
and compassionate manner, tries to get us to recall the grandeur,
superiority and prestige of our ancestors, clarifying how we
could get the same rank by honestly following in their footsteps.
Moreover, I think Khaled is the only preacher who embraces
and tackles the spiritual needs of the young, guiding them to a
change for the better.

As a big fan of Amr Khaled, I'm writing to ask "certain
authorities" to lift the ban imposed on him, making the
marvellous sermons of this gifted, soft-spoken preacher more
accessible to those owning no satellite dish, PC or may have
even no money to buy his tapes. Isn't the ban a clampdown on
freedom of expression, especially when Khaled never tackled
issues that might cause problems or touched on political

I think it is a curious paradox to talk about freedom of
expression while Khaled is on the run. Rather than banning him,
I think we have to make use of his cogent sermons to mirror the
true image of Islam in the West, especially at a time when Islam
and Muslims are accused of terrorism.

                    446 ‫نشرت بتاريخ 33-53ديسمبر 1005 األهرام ويكلي.. العدد‬

Unity call
Sir-- As American forces along with their military equipment
are being massed in the Gulf region, girding themselves up for
attacking Iraq, I really can't help imagining the amount of losses
Iraqi people would sustain should this attack be launched.
Innocent casualties, demolished houses, homeless children, and
the like, while Arabs -- as usual -- are utterly sitting on their
hands. I really can't help imagining the circumstances under
which Iraqi people are living now in anticipation of their ill-
omened destiny. I really can't help imagining myself as one of
the Iraqi citizens living in such circumstances.

Now, I would like to direct the following questions to each
Arab: Why don't you try to picture these images of grief? Why
don't you try, for a moment, to imagine being in the shoes of an
Iraqi citizen? Why don't you think of your country being the
next target under the pretext of weapons of mass destruction,
terrorism or whatever?

If each and every one of us thinks very deeply and answers these
questions honestly, we would once more stand together against
any actions aimed at splitting our unity.
                               ‫نشرت بتاريخ 01 يناير- 3 فبراير 1005.. العدد 154‬


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