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									               The Leadership Model by Dudley Daniel

Sample lessons at Certificate level.

You will notice from this sample lesson that the student does not only
get information, but has the opportunity to do their own research and
reflect periodically on what he/she has learnt. We make the study
material as interactive as possible, enabling the student to derive
maximum benefit from their studies.


                                   UNIT ONE

                            BIBLICAL LEADERSHIP
Numbers 11:1-28

Learning Outcome:

After completing this study unit you should be able to:

   (1) Understand the Biblical principles regarding leadership.
   (2) Distinguish some good characteristics of Biblical leadership.
   (3) Identify key techniques in maintaining leadership principles.


     Insight 2: People need leadership
People are like sheep and need to be led, Luke 24:50; Acts 7:36.

Without proper leadership they cannot function together in order (as a
united group), rather, they revert back to 'chaos', Zechariah 13:7,
“…smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter.” That is why, if the
leader will not lead, then the sheep will make their own leader.

Stop and consider:
Read Exodus 32. Here we find the children of Israel impatient
concerning Moses’ descent from Mount Sinai. They approach Aaron to
make gods for them to worship. In your opinion, was this a case of
failure in leadership? Why or why not?

Do you think Aaron was aware of his leadership role? Give reasons for
your answer.

Do you consider yourself a leader, perhaps not by title but through
recognition? Why or why not?

     Insight 3: Leaders must re-learn and teach their people to
do the same

We have “standards” that are very often no longer valid or useful,
some of which may have worked in the past, but now God has moved
the church on and revealed more of His purposes and ways.

Leaders are generally too busy as a result of the wrong standards
that are set and also because they feel threatened by capable people
and try to do all the work themselves.

Stop and reflect: Leaders must be able to
motivate others and impart vision that God
reveals to us. Read 2 Corinthians 8 & 9. In
what way does Paul motivate the church to give
from their hearts and to share the responsibility
of giving?

           Stop and answer: There are a number of good leadership
           characteristics that should be acknowledged. Research the
           following leaders and give a list of their best leadership






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