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The indigenous knowledge day was celebrated at the Ba- Phalaborwa


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                        Editor-in-Chief: Thembi Makhuvele, Editor: Mashudu Mabata, GraphicDesigner: Zwiitwaho Ian Maphiri

                      The indigenous                 said Maake. He also discouraged people               The issue of natural pest control was
 By Zwi Maphiri       knowledge day was              to use tractors to plough on small plots         not forgotten. It was said that people had
                      celebrated at the Ba-          instead of using animal drawn implements.        indigenous method of weed and pest control
Phalaborwa Municipality in Namakgale                 He said this because the cost of diesel is       that reduce the amount of chemicals when
stadium on the 30th of October 2008. The             high enough to make any potential farmer         producing crops. Garlic and a root called
purpose of the day was to push back the              run away from a tractor and go back to           zanthosoma sagittifolium (motsi) would
frontiers of poverty by adopting tried and           basics of animal drawn implements and            be planted in rows to at the centre and at
tested indigenous knowledge system of our            hand held implements.                            the border of the field to prevent moles,
forefathers as our own and have pride in                 Maake continued to say that people           rats and snakes from eating the crops. A
them.                                                                                                                  mixture of aloe,
    Some of the Officials                                                                                              combretum imberbe
from the department who                                                                                                (mihiri) and eulcea
attended the event were Ba-                                                                                            divinorum             hiern
Phalaborwa Municipal                                                                                                   (mutangule) when sprayed
Manager Tinyiko Machaba,                                                                                               to crops controls stalk bore,
Mopani Municipal Manager                                                                                               bollworms and cabbage
Jane Mudau and also the                                                                                                bugs in vegetable crops.
Speaker of Ba-Phalaborwa                                                                                                   During the session one
Municipality Councillor                                                                                                of the presenters Dr
(Cllr) Moshohli David                                                                                                  Rabohlale who is now the
Maake.                                                                                                                 Professor of organic
    Cllr Maake is the one who                                                                                          medicine at the University
presented the speech on                                                                                                of Limpopo raised people’s
behalf of the MEC for                                                                                                  emotions. He said that
Agriculture Mme Dikeledi                                                                                               diseases like HIV/AIDS
Magadzi. On his speech                                                                                                 are easy to cure using the
Maake said that this                                                                                                   indigenous medicine. He
indigenous knowledge day is                                                                                            said that he can be able to
taking place a few days before                                                                                         curb the pandemic that is
                                  A plate full of inegenous food, morogo, mashonzha, stamp, mogodu, nama ya hlogo
the end of the month during ya kgomo.                                                                                  taking the millions of lives.
which we celebrate World
Food Day. He said that World Food Day                living in rural heartlands of South Africa           Ba-Phalaborwa Municipality Manager
that was celebrated in Botlokwa was used             need to seriously consider indigenous            Mr Tinyiko Machaba also said that if we
as an opportunity to call upon the                   methods of farming as it does have the           do not preserve our heritage nobody will
community to go back to consuming                    potential to increase food availability. And     do it for us. “Socially if we talk of an
traditional indigenous merogo and edible             this in turn leads to food security, especially  indigenous man or woman in Africa we
insects that people used to enjoy as their           during these times of high food prices.          associate that person with altruism rather
traditional food. He said this because many              Mopani worms and Marula were also            than egoism”, said Machaba. He concluded
people starve because of undermining the             highlighted as indigenous products that          by saying that when we cook in Africa we
traditional indigenous food like locusts,            need to be marketed to the outside world         always think of others. That is why when
termites and Mopani worms.                           since they are found in abundance in our         a woman cooks “Tihove” she shares with
    Maake also spoke about the modern                province. Maake said that people need to         the neighbours.
farming practices that people have                   have good communication and marketing                Maake on his last words said that
embraced. “Organic farming without the               strategy to sell both Marula and Mopani          indigenous knowledge should be a way of
use of fertilizers should not be embraced            worms. Once people develop those                 life for our people. The current high prices
as a new discovery, we have practiced this           strategies, sustainable livelihood will be       are a wake up call to all of us to adopt
type of farming since time immemorial”,              realized.                                        indigenous knowledge as we move forward.
Female workers within the Limpopo                     Agricultural Technician, Ms Joyce                 asked.
Department of Agriculture (LDA) in                    Ngwenya encouraged LDA’s woman                        She said by By Samson Mabunda
Mopani converged in the ex Giyani College             employees to uplift themselves using the          not applying
of Education to witness the launch of                 equity opportunities existing in                  for senior positions in government, as
                                                                           government.                  women we are holding back the
                                                                               In her welcoming         transformation and equity which
                                                                           remarks,             Ms      government wanted to achieve. She was
                                                                           Ngwenya            said      of the opinion that women were not
                                                                           workers should be            supportive of their fellow female
                                                                           flexible, positive and       colleagues who are making it to managerial
                                                                           grateful about their         positions, and instead they questioned the
                                                                           female colleagues’           credibility on which they obtained these
                                                                           achievements. She            posts. She said they would even go to an
                                                                           said workers had the         extent of attaching unfounded and
                                                                           tendency to scorn            nonexistent, yet disrespectful claims of
                                                                           their        female          favours on the posts.
                                                                           c o l l e a g u e s ’            Ms Mabapa indicated to the gathering
                                                                           achievements which           that the LDA with its woman MEC in the
                                                                           is driven by “jealousy       driving seat, wanted to see transformation
                                                                           and question why this        in which women got empowered. Owing
                                                                           person?” which result        to this aspiration, the LDA found it
                                                                           in negative labels           necessary to have a women’s forum which
                                                                           attached to the              would raise their concerns, she said. She
                                                                           w o m a n a c h i e v e r.   stated that women’s concerns raised already
                                                                               Ms Nkadimeng             included the preferential treatment men
                                                                           advised colleagues to        received when it came to recruitment,
          Ms Thembi Nkadimeng addresses women’s forum in Giyani.           be certain about their       appointment to higher positions and skills
                                                                           identity, since those        development.
                                                                           who fail to identify             She reiterated a need for woman
                                                                           themselves open gaps         employees to support their female
                                                                           for others to define         colleagues who climb the ladder of
                                                                           them. She stated that        leadership within the LDA. She indicated
                                                                           they should take             that female employees were expected to
                                                                           criticism positively         be extraordinary whenever they were
                                                                           even when it is              appointed to senior positions. “…She has
                                                                           painful. She put it to       to work twice much harder to prove to
                                                                           those present at the         colleagues that she is capable and to grain
                                                                           launch that success          recognition from her male [counterparts],”
                                                                           would not come out           remarked Ms Mabapa.
                                                                           of the blue, but                 She pointed out that men also worsened
                                                                           “success               is    the situation as they did not support spouses
                                                                           intentional, hence           who held managerial positions at work
                                                                           athletes         train       and would frown at them when receiving
                                                                           diligently to win a          official telephone calls after working hours.
                                                                           race”.                       She urged those present to make further
                                                                               Encouraging              inputs to the draft strategy geared toward
                                                                           women to persevere           women empowerment within the LDA
                                                                           she said, “Never give        which will inform the policy in this regard.
                                                                           up; we lose a battle in
  Mopani District Office Group showcasing their traditional dancing skills order to win the war.            There were male colleagues not enough
  at the launch
                                                                           Even when hard work          to fill the table that went to support their
                                                                           is hardly working,           female coworkers from whom a manager
Mopani Women’s Forum on 31 October                    persevere.” She said employees in general         in Mopani District office, Mr Philetus
2008. Speakers, mainly women including                should not “embrace the victim mentality          Nyandane gave a message of support. He
acting Senior General Manager for Human               as this pulls down”. “I don’t like hearing        said despite their outnumbering men in
Resource Management, Ms Thembi                        what some colleagues commonly say, ‘I             South Africa, women were not fairly
Nkadimeng, Senior Manager for Special                 am demoralised. This post is not meant            represented in various institutions including
Programmes, Ms Ntshole Mabapa and the                 for me, but others, therefore I will not          parliament. He also shared the sentiment
G r e a t e r G i y a n i M u n i c i p a l C h i e f apply for it.’ Why such statements?” she          a change was needed.

                                                     07 Nov - 13 Nov 2008-Page 2
                                 History was             concerned group. Moletsi community radio              programme that features every at 18h00,
  By Mosima Mokoka              made on the 01st         holds a 17 hours broadcasting license and as          economic, cultural, health, religious etc.The
                                of November                                                                            main responsibilities and objectives
2000 at 6am when Moletsi community radio                                                                               of this community radio station are to
began to broadcast live to the Community                                                                               educate, inform, and entertain the
for the first time from a four roomed house                                                                            community.
donated by his Majesty Kgoshi Kgabo                                                                                        “We have viable financial control
Moloto 111 at Seshego High School .                                                                                    measures that are evaluated annually,
Saturday the 1st November 2008 was the                                                                                 supported by the community, civil
08thth birthday of Moletsi community radio                                                                             society organizations and the royal
98.6 MHZ whereby thousand of masses                                                                                    family and also has good governance
joined the station in a celebration. On this                                                                           structure,” says the station manager
day Limpopo Premier Sello Moloto officially                                                                            Modjadji Mphela when talking of their
opened the new building and studio at                   Kgoshi Kgabo Moloto III and cutting the ribbon is Premier      strengths as a community radio.
Moletji.                                                Sello Moloto                                                   According to Modjadji they are proud
    The radio station was started by                                                                                   of great support from Kgoshi Moloto
community members of the rural areas of                   such broadcasting from 06h00 to 23h00.The            111, Board members, Media development and
Moletsi in terms of notice 785 of 1997                    programmes are distinct and focus on a range         Diversity Agency (MDDA), donors, other
government gazette, born out of the initiative            of areas that affect the community from              community radios, government departments
of Phuthanang Bahlaloga and Moletsi                       development, Agricultural educational                and the community of Moletsi at large.

  The Limpopo Executive Council held its routine          Strategy(PGDS) identifies the institutional           projects. These would include safety and security
  meeting on the 05th of November 2008 at De              efficiency and effectiveness as an integral           of soccer fans, required health services and,
  Hoop Dam construction site in Sekhukhune                element of the capacity of state to deliver on its    more importantly, electricity and road
  district municipality. The meeting was convened         mandate. In this regard a detailed report outlining   infrastructure. It was further resolved that the
  at the construction site so that the Executive          the specific challenges and implications for          Provincial Organising Committee should explore
  Council could have a first-hand assessment and          delivery of services was presented. The               the possibility of active involvement and
  evaluation of the progress made in the                  Executive Council resolved that all vacant            invoking of the expertise from our neighbouring
  construction of the dam. The Executive Council          positions, particularly at senior management          countries. These would include Botswana,
  was unanimous in its appreciation of the work           level, should be advertised and filled as required    Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia,
  done in the construction of De Hoop dam and             by the law. It was further resolved that projects     Mozambique, Zambia and others.
  impressed upon the Department of Water Affairs          and services that have got an impact on the                It is also worth noting that the meeting was
  and Forestry the need to expedite the process           capacity of the state to deliver services must be     also taking place amidst exciting and historic
  in order for the people of Limpopo to get water         procured.                                             political developments in Africa and the world
  by 2012 as per the plan.                                     In view of the rapid socio-economic growth       as a whole. The 04th of November 2008 saw
       The National Department of Water Affairs           and development of our province, particularly         us witnessing the election of Mr. Barak Obama
  and Forestry(DWAF) was invited to this meeting          in towns such as Lephalale, the Department of         as the first black democratically elected President
  in order to also give an account of other major         Local Government and Housing presented a              of United States of America. To that effect, the
  water provision related projects and mechanisms         draft model on how the provincial government          Executive Council intimated that this represents
  that could be put in place to deal with the current     could assist municipalities in the affected towns.    a milestone development in struggle and fight
  water shortage challenges in Limpopo. A follow-         This would ensure a coordinated participation         against all systems of separate development and
  up meeting between DWAF and the provincial              of stakeholders, private and public, and more         racial discrimination throughout the world. In
  Executive Council will be held in two weeks to          importantly synergy in terms of planning on           this regard the Executive Council is unanimous
  deal with a detailed implementation plan as             such critical areas as land use management and        in congratulating and wishing the people of US
  agreed in this meeting. These would, amongst            spatial development                                   and their newly elected President, Mr. Barak
  others include, all reticulation projects where             The meeting also received a detailed report       Obama everything of the best.
  there is still no water coming out and possible         on the progress made by the province in                    Lastly the Executive Council wishes all
  new connections in many parts of the province.          preparation for the 2010 FIFA Word Cup.               Grade 12 learners good luck in their
  The people of Limpopo are nevertheless                  Although significant progress has been made           examinations. It also encouraged all South
  encouraged to continue to use all water saving          with regard to the construction of Peter Mokaba       Africans eligible to vote to go to various voting
  methods available at their disposal, rain water         stadium, the Executive Council was concerned          stations and register their names with IEC so
  harvesting in particular.                               about the slow progress with regard to                that they are able to participate in the next forth
       The Provincial Growth and Development              development and/or investment in the legacy           nation-wide democratic elections in our country.

                                                          07 Nov - 13 Nov 2008-Page 3

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