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A description of a self-help package that can be used following a traumatic event

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									            Understanding and Managing Traumatic Stress Reactions: A self-help
                               programme for individuals

                                 Have you experienced a traumatic event?

             Do you feel like everything’s “out of control” or that you are “constantly wired”?

            Are you having symptoms and reactions that are stopping you moving on from the

                            Are you self motivated and ready to make a change?

This self-help programme is for any individual who has been exposed to a traumatic
incident. It is primarily intended for adults who have experienced a single, recent trauma
and aims to inform and empower them by helping them to understand the nature of trauma
reactions and strategies to alleviate symptoms.

The aim of any post-trauma support is to reduce distress and return you to your normal
functioning. One of the things that many people find helpful is to understand their
symptoms as normal responses to an abnormal event. Understanding what is happening in
your body and brain can give you some sense of control. Even more importantly, you can
then begin to help your body and brain to settle down and move on from the event by using
strategies that are tried and tested.

What will you learn on this programme?

We’ll show you how your body and brain respond during a traumatic event and how this lays
the foundation for an ongoing traumatic stress reaction.

You will learn tried and tested strategies that will help you to

           Switch off the traumatic stress hormones

           Deal with intrusive images of the event

           Reduce panic attacks and anxiety

           Get your sleep back to normal

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      Relax and reduce the sensation of still being on “high alert”

      Safely confront your fears and resume your normal activities

      Regain a sense of enjoying life and being in control

      And so much more…

Benefits of this programme

      Work at your own pace – You can take as long as you need to complete the programme.
       You can listen to the recordings as often as you need and may find that you take in more
       information when you repeat one. Traumatic stress reactions often include difficulties
       concentrating and taking in new information so this is a good reason to work at your
       own pace

      Tried and tested strategies – you will learn strategies that are trusted by trauma
       therapists world-wide and that work to reduce symptoms

      Your Blueprint for Recovery and 4 week action plan - one of the most important parts of
       this programme is the opportunity to draw up your own personal blueprint for recovery.
       This blueprint pulls together everything that you will learn. The 4 week action plan then
       puts all the strategies into practice in a way that is structured. and builds every week on
       your progress. It gives you a clear way forward and helps you monitor your recovery.

      Illustrative examples - throughout the programme, you will be following “Bob” who has
       been in an armed robbery at work. You can see how he has reacted to this incident and
       how he is working towards his recovery along with examples of how he has completed
       his worksheets. Although you and your traumatic incident may be very different to Bob
       and his incident, there will be similarities in how you are both reacting. This and other
       examples help to “bring the learning to life.”

      We are offering a No Risk Guarantee – we are confident that, if you follow the strategies
       and advice that we give, this programme will be beneficial to you but if you are not
       happy with it, for whatever reason, just return it to us within 14 days for a full refund.

What the self-help programme doesn’t do

Throughout the programme, we will be highlighting when it may be appropriate to seek
additional support. As you will learn, Post Traumatic Stress is a normal reaction to an abnormal
event from which, with support and guidance and the use of some simple self-help strategies,
most people will fully recover. If, however, your reaction is overwhelming or has gone on for
some time, or you are concerned about how you are functioning in any way, we would strongly
recommend that you seek professional support.

This self-help programme does not constitute therapy nor does it replace therapy.

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We hope that this programme will encourage anyone who does need additional support to seek
it with the knowledge that, through the psycho-education, they have already set in place the
foundations of their recovery.

What’s included?

5 audio recordings (around 50 minutes each in length) offering tried and tested strategies

A comprehensive Workbook with summary information from the recordings and space for
you to make your own notes

A Handouts Folder with personalised exercises referred to in the recordings including your 4
week action plan

Bonus 10 minute guided relaxation recording

    ALL OF THIS FOR THE REMARKABLE VALUE OF £225 including postage and packing
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