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					Broadband Developments

        Stuart Robertson
      Competitive Locations
 Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Broadband - What Is It?
UK Broadband Stakeholder Group
 “Always on access, at work, at home or on
  the move provided by a range of fixed line,
  wireless and satellite technologies to
  progressively higher bandwidths capable of
  supporting new and innovative interactive
  content, applications and services and the
  delivery of enhanced public services.”
    Broadband – The Benefits?
   High speed Internet access
   Unmetered access (flat rate tariff)
   Always on access (no dialling in)
   Enables new applications
       Video streaming
       Voice over I(nternet) P(rotocol)
       Application service provision
   Facilitates e-business and e-learning
    Broadband – UK Perspective
   Government’s aim – “UK to have most
    extensive and competitive bb market in G7 by
   60-65% of UK population reached
   Mainly urban areas
   Low take up of service (<1% of households)
   More expensive than many other countries
   Mainly ADSL and cable modems
   Some satellite and Fixed Wireless Access
     Broadband – Government
   Maximise infrastructure and service
   Stimulate demand – pilot projects, content
    production, awareness raising and tax
   Stimulate supply – encourage infrastructure
    sharing, reduce regulation for satellite access
    and co-ordinate and aggregate public sector
    expenditure on telecoms
    Broadband - Scottish Strategy
   Aim – “affordable and pervasive broadband
    for citizens and businesses across Scotland”
   Support Government demand-led approach
   Liaise closely with UK level regulatory and
    policy proposals (telecoms is “reserved”)
   Aggregate public sector demand for
    broadband infrastructure – schools, local
    authorities and health boards
   Identify where direct support is needed – e.g.
    H&Is Special Transitional Programme
Broadband – H&Is Perspective
   Major transition to high capacity telecoms -
    H&Is must keep up
   Market failure for all bar Inverness
   No clear winning technology or business
   High expectations from Ministers and
    business community
   HIE Network’s desire to maintain area’s
     Broadband – HIE Network
   Work closely with Digital Scotland Unit
   Key role in ERDF Steering Group
   Aggregated Procurement – H&Is a
    “Pathfinder” area
   Liaison with Scottish Enterprise
   Discussions with telecoms operators
    and suppliers
   Identify and implement pilot projects
     Broadband – HIE Network
          Activities cont.
   Awareness raising through e-Business
    Support Programme
   Broadband Satellite project
   Bid for DTI funds for
       Broadband demonstration activities
       Powerline project with SSE
       Wireless project for Western Isles
   Northern Isles submarine cable project
   Project ATLAS
Broadband - Project ATLAS
   Major Scottish Enterprise initiative
   Initially two phases
       London link and bandwidth exchange -
       Extend access to key business parks -
       Forres Enterprise Park
   Strategic links to Pathfinder and DTI BB
Northern Isles Cable
   Local initiative with private sector partners
   Potential customers identified
   Good fit with EU funding objectives
   ERDF £1.5m of £6m pot
   Additional funds HIE - £375k, SIC - £225k
    and OIC - £150k
   HIE lead sponsor for ERDF application
Northern Isles Cable - Issues
   How to achieve pervasive local access
   Is broadband the key issue?
   Is there room for competing networks?
   What is most effective technology?
   Role of public agencies
   Potential for private sector partners
   Risk and sustainability