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									From a pilot project based on my research at QUT, 2006 has seen Edgeware develop             Edgeware is working because its conceptual principles of real-world applications,
into a fledgling business in its own right. We are currently nearing completion of           good humour, reflection, social responsibility, reciprocity, and pragmatism are
the second Edgeware program, with 16 participants working up their businesses:               emerging, unbidden, from the mix.
exploring, supporting, challenging, inspiring, and resourcing each other. I find myself in
the compelling position of interacting with the group as both provider and consumer;         Edgeware is working because participants are enthusiastically engaging with
simultaneously delivering the program and enjoying the opportunity to collaborate,           innovations like our parallel online presence, personal blogs, forums, chat
support, and be supported by ‘the Edgies’, both past and present.                            sessions, and exchange of media.

Edgeware has created an environment where aspiring entrepreneurs can define                  Mostly, Edgeware is working because its customers report that it is working as a
and implement their business vision: a hybrid of education process, incubator, and           living ‘thing’, with a half-life exceeding the strictures of formal delivery.
supportive business community. Each element depends on, and reinforces, the others.
This is what differentiates us—an ‘animation’ program quite distinct from formal courses,    There are so many stories emerging from the Edgeware process, some of
conventional business incubators, and usual business associations or networks.               which you’ll read about in this newsletter. Edgeware has facilitated exciting
                                                                                             combinations and re-combinations; new ideas; application of business to social
And it’s working! How do I know that?                                                        change; convivial and open-hearted get-togethers (inside and outside the
                                                                                             program itself ); new alliances and partnerships; new friendships; new business
Edgeware is working because we have supportive partnerships and sponsorships from            activity and new employment; new markets and market niches.
co-visionaries, including the Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE, iLab, Kuuki, and Urban
Art Projects.
                                                                                             Michael Doneman
                                                                                             Edgeware Creator
Edgeware is working because it has attracted strong interest and commitment from
partners in regional sites, with programs soon beginning in Noosa, and further north
in Bundaberg.
Through serendipity and other acts of chance,
Anne-Marie Birkill has built a career around
the commercialisation of new technologies
and products. She is currently CEO of i.lab
technology incubator. She is actively involved
in a number of extra-curricular activities
that support the development of new
technology-based companies including
Women in Biotechnology, Ausbiotech, the UQ
Enterprize competition, Founders Forum and
the Australian Association of Angel Investors.
                                                                                               What relevance does Silence’s tale have to the topic of entrepreneurship? While to
Those of us that work in the field of innovation know the answer to this question – the        some extent entrepreneurial characteristics are hard-coded into the genome, a
answer is: a lot of both. However, like a great athlete, successful entrepreneurs can’t be     nurturing environment is often required to ensure such traits are applied to achieve
built from scratch – they must be delivered to us pre-programmed with some essential           entrepreneurial outcomes. Environmental factors such as support from family and
character traits – including but not limited to an appetite for risk, vision, creativity and   community, training, education and mentoring, can all contribute to entrepreneurs
resilience. When immersed in the athlete’s equivalent of a training camp, they can then        achieving success. The key to transforming those entrepreneurial traits often first seen
build the entrepreneurial fitness required to stand the grueling pace of the innovation        in the playground (trading up your peanut butter sandies for tiny teddies, taking on
marathon.                                                                                      dares for cash, selling ciggies to the grade 8’s at the end of the oval) into skills that result
The debate over the relative importance of heredity and environment in human                   in the establishment of viable ventures can be immersion in a nurturing environment
development is not new. The origin of the phrase is usually traced back to Francis             – and there are many examples of such environments: Edgies have Edgeware, 3M has
Galton, and first used in his English Men of Science: Their Nature and Nurture, published      its in-house innovation program, there are over 2000 physical incubators (corporate,
in 1874. However, first use of the phrase may be in a much older and more romantic             government and institutional) worldwide.
source. In 1911 a French manuscript called Silence dating to the 13th century was
uncovered, allegedly the work of an otherwise unknown writer, Heldriss of Cornwall.            From the outside looking in these programs are often confused with simple learning
It relates the story of a young woman, named Silence, raised by her parents and later          or accommodation services. However, along with providing the basics of training,
guardians as a boy, in order to protect her from a new, unjust inheritance law, which          mentoring and support they have other common characteristics. The communities
forbade inheritance by women. Silence successfully masters the masculine ‘arts’ and            within celebrate success and tolerate failure. There is recognition that entrepreneurship
undergoes a number of adventures disguised as a man, culminating in the unmasking              is often heroic: and that like sexual orientation it is not a choice. There is a minimum level
of her true gender. The manuscript is rich with allegorical struggles between Nature           of routine, predictability and codification and an effort to propagate cross-fertilisation
and Nurture, with nurture scoring a marginal ‘win’ in the end where it is recognised that      of ideas and cooperation between people and entities. They realise that creativity
the quality of her character is more important than her gender.                                is a skill, but that everyone can contribute to the development of an idea. They are
                                                                                               supported by people who are willing to push the boundaries of conventionality, and
                                                                                               in doing so reap rewards that may otherwise go unrelaised. In short, great incubator
                                                                                               programs like Edgeware provide entrepreneurs with the sustenance they need to
                                                                                               realise their creative potential. Eat up!
‘Just saw your website.
Read all of it.
Love it, really interesting
                                                                                                    Edgeware delivers:

                                                                                                    • authentic interactions with real-world entrepreneurs working on their own,

but what the fuck is it?’                                                                            real-world businesses
                                                                                                    • recognition of the importance of youth and youthfulness
                                                                                                    • a focus on early-stage company development (idea to startup)
(Dale Duguid, Director, Photon VFX)
                                                                                                    • strong emphasis on whole-person development
                                                                                                    • encouragement of peer support and peer learning; membership of a learning
                                                                                                     community and critical friendships
The brochure says ‘Radical alternative business education’.                                         • compassion, ethics, and social values (the win-win-win business solution
                                                                                                     where the supplier wins, the customer wins, and the community wins)
In a knowledge economy, creativity has a currency beyond the scope of creative arts and             • formal accreditation through a VET provider as an incidental value-add (no sit-
creative industries. Increasingly, it is valued as a driver of the content-rich, socially poetic,    down courses, entirely experienced-based)
and intangible qualities valued in brand-building and in new, flexible relationships                • a focus on generating real businesses and real business activity
between producers and consumers—lovemarks superseding trademarks. Creativity                        (no abstractions, generalisations, or simulations)
shifts the gears of business competence into engines of capability, sustainability, and
responsibility. There is an increasing demand for creative entrepreneurship—creative                Edgeware is a platform for creating new employment and new business as key
people, creative teams, creative companies.                                                         elements of new ways of living, of livelihood.

Edgeware is built on an evolutionary principle. Rather than attempting to fit the world             Entrepreneurship can’t be taught. It can be learned, but there is no single
into some kind of theory or set of assumptions, the program evolves to suit the needs               pathway. Edgeware offers a smorgasbord—a table lain with options that are
of its users, with very pragmatic outcomes in view. Edgeware is interested in stuff                 useful to the development of new business. Participants can choose one dish or
that works, given a commitment to an ‘organisational DNA’ that stresses progressive                 several and join them up in a pathway called ‘business animation’.
human and social values. With every delivery, the program fine-tunes itself, always
remaining open to change. We call this ‘curriculum on the fly’. We keep things that work,
discard things that don’t, keep our eyes open, and listen carefully for new ideas, new
and ongoing improvements. Once they become part of the Edgeware environment,
participants define their own pathways and travel them at their own pace.
     Grass Roots Business Education

Next Edgeware Rollouts
The next delivery of the Edgeware
‘Build Your Own Business’ program:

Brisbane - 21 August–27 November 2006.

We will also offer a program in a regional area for the first
time, in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, beginning 25
September–15 December.

In 2007, we will offer a program in Bundaberg
commencing on 29 January– 11 May. Another program
will be run in Brisbane, 26 February– 28 May. A follow-
through business growth program will also be run in
Noosa (this time for businesses in more advanced stages of
development) from 12 May–15 June.

During the 2006–2007 financial year, Edgeware plans to
initiate a seminar series, ‘Inspiration Spheres’, as well as
various business development workshops in Brisbane,
regional centres, and online. Stay tuned for developments!

If you would like to find out more, further information and
enrolment forms can be found at www.edgeware.com.au. If
you join the Edgeware mailing list, clickable from the front
page, we can easily keep you up to date.
Cowboy’s guide to Life:
Don’t squat with your spurs on.

Don’t interfere with something that ain’t
botherin’ you none.

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome
of a rain dance.

If it don’t seem like it’s worth the effort,
it probably ain’t.

Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.
If you get to thinkin’ you’re a person of
some influence, try orderin’ somebody
else’s dog around.

Always drink upstream from the herd.

If you’re ridin’ ahead of the herd, take a
look back every now and then to make
sure it’s still there with ya.

Good judgment comes from experi-
ence, and a lotta that comes from bad

Always take a good look at what you’re
about to eat. It’s not so important to
know what it is, but it’s sure crucial to
know what it was.

Never miss a good chance to shut up.
TOBY CUMPSTAY                                           LORETTA PIERCE
Your business name:                                     Your business name:
Simply for Strings Pty Ltd                              überorganised

In 5 words, what does it do?                            In 5 words, what does it do?
Mobile string instrument and accessories shop.          Organises all of your ‘stuff’

Blue cheese or cheddar? BLUE!                           Blue cheese or cheddar? BLUE!

Use 3 words to describe EW:                             Use 3 words to describe EW:
Innovative, passionate, inspiring.                      Unique, supportive, real

The dead person I admire is:                            The dead person I admire is:
Mozart. To be that loved when I’m dead.                 My nana—she was an icon.

In 1 year my business will be:                          In 1 year my business will be:
Gaining momentum. Looking at a retail premises and      Adding value to people’s lives.
having to hire staff!!
                                                        The alive person I admire is:
The alive person I admire is:                           My Mum, she is a true entrepreneur—never give in,
Anthony Venn-Brown (author, life coach, speaker)        never give in, never give in.

In 5 years my business will be:                         In 5 years my business will be:
Creating market trends and standards.                   Global, profitable, sexy, and providing unique
Reasons to be cheerful:
I can get up every morning and go and do what I         Reasons to be cheerful:
enjoy.                                                  Because it feels good.

Three things existing clients get:                      Three things existing clients get:
Commitment to quality, understanding (not a sales       Startup—no existing clients.
pitch), continued service.
                                                        Reasons to be fearful:
Reasons to be fearful:                                  No reasons—I’ve got nothing to lose.
Niche markets need careful attention to detail. You
don’t want to go off on a tangent in the wrong          Three things new clients can expect:
direction.                                              Respect, quality, and value.

Three things new clients can expect:                    If an existing client mentions EW, you will:
Customer service is paramount. Highest standards of     As above, no existing clients.
quality instruments. A chat and a coffee in a relaxed
environment.                                            If a new client mentions EW, you will:
                                                        Sing their praises.
If an existing client mentions EW, you will:
Hug them. Then offer a deal/discount.

If a new client mentions EW, you will:
Offer a discount and a hug… it’s up to them.
www.surveymonkey.com                                                          www.opportunity.org.au
Susan McDarra, Positive ImPRint, positiveimprint@tpq.com.au                   Kurt Labuschewski

This site is damn slick, easy, and free for the basic model. It’s bloody      A business that I’m very supportive of is called Opportunity
hard initially to ask customers for feedback but the value outweighs          International. To me it is a clear example of how business is making
that pretty smartly. I try to design a simple, quick survey monkey I          a difference in third world countries. Opportunity International’s
send out to every client after I complete their job. It is a removed          approach provides emerging entrepreneurs with access to small
and non-confronting way for them to be honest. In my mind, it is              loans and training that will enable them to start or expand their
bolder to ask than remain ignorant for fear of receiving a negative           own businesses.
comment or two. Big tip—KISS Keep It Simple Smartie.

www.blinksale.com/home                                                        www.sethgodin.com
Craig Millman, emillmo, www.emillmo.com.au                                    Michael Donemen, Edgeware www.edgeware.com.au

Blinksale is an online invoicing system I use for all my clients. It’s easy   Seth Godin is the author of ‘Unleashing the Ideavirus’ and
to keep track of things and when I need to give it to my accountant,          ‘Bootstrapper’s Bible’ (Vol 1), both very accessible books on ‘viral’
I can export the figures into a spreadsheet. Awesome tool, and not            marketing well worth a look. They are freely available for download
that expensive.                                                               or you can order the hardcopy version. Highly recommended—not
                                                                              only for substance, but for Edgie ‘style’.
Craig Millman, emillmo, www.emillmo.com.au

An online project management tool, Basecamp is a simple, easy to
use tool I use every day. It even allows me to collaborate with my
clients on their projects. It is absolutely fantastic and one way I add a
little value for my clients. They can see the progress every day. There
is a free version to try out. Highly recommended.
Your business name: dremt* Commercial Photography             The alive person I admire is: Nelson Mandela                        Three things new clients can expect: Value, Consideration &
In 5 words, what does it do? Supply professional commercial   In 5 years my business will be: Well established and highly
photography                                                   regarded within the industry.                                       If an existing client mentions EW, you will: say: ‘Isn’t the
                                                                                                                                  concept fantastic? What do you know about EW? EW has been
Blue cheese or cheddar? Red Wine                              Reasons to be cheerful: always have something to look forward       fantastic for me, as an individual and as a business.’
                                                              to, always feel energised about what you do and know that one
Use 3 words to describe EW: Ideas on paper.                   person can make a difference.
                                                                                                                                  If a new client mentions EW, you will: Certainly ask ‘Do you
The dead person I admire is: Mahatma Gandhi who promoted      Three things existing clients get: Quality product, competitive     know Michael? He has been doing amazing things for young
the use of non-violent tactics to promote peace.              price and quick turnaround.                                         entrepreneurs, go to www.edgeware.com.au.’

In 1 year my business will be: Well established and highly    Reasons to be fearful: Not being able to attend the business
regarded within the industry.                                 needs financially and not having the ability to ‘see’ the reasons
                                                              to be fearful.

                                                                                          07 3368 3343 (p/f)                  22 petrie tce, brisbane 4000               www.dremt.com
the other production company
 Simon Chan LLB, M.Mus, actor, and composer is
 the founder of the Other Production Company Pty
 Ltd, an independent musical theatre company.
 The Other Production Company’s credits include
 the cabaret, I Must Stop Looking At Men, at the
 Gardens Theatre (2003), The Velveteen Rabbit,
 at the Creative Industries Precinct, Kelvin Grove
 (2004), and the Australian premiere of Closer
 To Heaven by the Pet Shop Boys and Jonathan
 Harvey, at the Brisbane Powerhouse (2005).
 Forthcoming projects are Simon’s one-man
 Chinese cooking cabaret and autobiography,
 Hello Yellow’, and a musical adaptation of John
 Wyndham’s novel, Chocky.
Edgeware Creative Entrepreneurship
MWK 1.6 Pty Ltd
ACN 076 567 247
46 Annie St, Auchenflower
Qld 4006, Australia
Ph 07 3369 6897
Mob 0402 394 166
Int. (+61)
Em michael@edgeware.com.au
Web www.edgeware.com.au


1908 371 2554

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