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									Avestha Gengraine Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Is India’s leading fully-integrated
biotechnology & Bioinformatics firm, focusing on the convergence between food,
pharma and clinical genomics leading to personalized preventive medicine. We
provide innovative solutions for global health problems in the areas of
degenerative conditions, metabolic disorders and infectious diseases.

Avesthagen offers collaborative and contract research opportunities under its
proprietary Research Process Outsourcing™ (RPO™) model. Avesthagen
RPO™ is unique because of its well thought scientific and business logic. It was
formed with the logic of using only those technologies that has wide range of
application and can be made use of as platform technologies. While selecting
those technologies a lot of due diligence in terms of science and economics of
business has gone into it so that only those are considered that have good
market opportunity in pharma-biotechnology sector as well as agri-biotechnology

The success of Avesthagen's discovery approach is reflected in the company's
existing portfolio of 42 patent applications and 9 PCTs covering gene discovery,
transformation methodologies, pharmaceutical lead development and research
processes. Avesthagen will bring to market over the next few years a range of
branded products based on clinically validated nutritional and pharmaceutical

Avesthagen has built fully equipped research laboratories and a bioinformatics
center to conduct world-class research. The infrastructure and expertise includes
capability for high-throughput DNA sequencing, PCR, Assay development,
Mammalian and Plant tissue culture and Computational analysis of genes and
gene products.

Avesthagen's new ventures Avesthagen Inc, Aquas & Avesthagen UK, the
European marketing division have been formed to offer integrated research &
development services to large biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic &
agricultural companies.
Avesthagen had its academic beginnings in the National Centre for Biological
Sciences campus and the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore in 1998.
With the legacy of academic history and the vision to create & pioneer in system
biology platform, Avesthagen ventured into the business domain as an first
research & development biotechnology player in India.

 The company received its seed funding from individual investors, such as Mr.
Koen Wentink, Mr. Robert Mitchell, Mr. Khushroo Rustumji and Mr. S R Gopalan.
The setting up of laboratories and scientific groups began simultaneously.
Bioinformatics, Genomics which includes infrastructure for sequencing,
Transformation & Marker Aided Selection and cDNA Library construction were
set up to offer world-class services in early 2000. Subsequently, the company
ventured into ethnopharmacogenomics with the inception of the proteomics

In late 2000 company moved out of the traditional clusters and hubs of science
into the International Technology Park and equipped with excellent environs for
the business of science.

In early 2001, the company raised its first round of venture capital of US$ 2
million. The first round investors were ICICI Ventures, Tata Industries and Global
Trust Bank. ICICI Ventures is a part of the ICICI Group (NYSE: IBN) and is the
leading private equity investor in India. Tata Industries is a part of the Tata
Group, the largest diversified group of companies in India, and Global Trust Bank
is a progressive private sector bank.

Currently 92 people are employed, company has also set up its green house in
sprawling 2 acres of land on white field road.

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