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                                 PART I MONETARY RELIEF

A. Introduction
       Fuller and Purdue, The Reliance Interest

B. Expectation Damages: Special Issues
       Beal, Remedies for Breach
       Vernon, Expectancy Damages
       R.G. McLean v. Canadian Vickers
       Baer, The Assessment of Damages
       Toronto Industrial Leaseholds v. Posesorski
       Waddams, Non-Pecuniary Loss
       Wallace v. United Grain Growers

C. Reliance Damages
       Ogus, The Law of Damages
       Bowlay Logging v. Domtar
       Sunshine Vacation v. The Bay
       Burrows, Remedies

       Contract and Tort
              Beaver Lumber v. Mclenaghan
              V.K. Mason v. Bank of Nova Scotia
              Rainbow Caterers v. C.N.R.

D. Restitutionary Damages
       Street, Principles
       Whitwham v. Westminster Brymbo Coal and Coke Company
       Wrotham Park Estate Co. v. Parkside Homes Ltd.
       Note on Surrey County v Bredero
       Strand Electric Co. v. Brisford Entertainments Ltd.
       Peter Pan Manufacturing v. Corsets Silhouette Ltd.
       Seager v. Copydex, Ltd. (No.2)
       Tonwsview Properties v. Sun Construction Co. Ltd.
       Valuation Issues in Restitution (Unpaid Work and Civil Litigation) reserve

E. Exemplary Damages
      Cassell & Co. Ltd. v. Broome
      Vorvis v. ICBC

                           II.       LIMITING PRINCIPLES
A. Remoteness
       H. Parsons (Livestock) Ltd. v. Uttley Ingham
       Kienzle v. Stringer
       Cooke, “Remoteness of Damages”

B. Certainty and Causation
       Schrump v. Koot
      Farrell v. Snell
      Laferriere v. Lawson
      Sunrise Co. v. The “Lake Winnipeg”
      Bhopal, Materials on Causation

C. Mitigation
      Valuation of Chance of Avoiding Loss
              Janiak v. Ippolito
      Defining Avoided Loss
              Erie County Natural Gas v. Carroll
              Cockburn v. Trusts & Guarantee Co.
              Jamal v. Moolla Dawood Sons & Co.
              Campbell Mostyn Ltd v. Barnett Trading Co.
              Slater v. Hoyle & Smith Ltd.

D. Time of Assessment
      Asamera Oil Ltd. v. Sea Oil & General Corp et al
      Dodd Properties v. Canterbury City Council
      Wroth v. Tyler
      Semelhago v. Parmadevan

E. Measurement Issues: Reinstatement or Diminution
      Damage to Chattels
              Dewess v. Morrow
              O’Grady v. Westminster Scaffolding Ltd.
              Darbishire v. Warran
      Property Damage
              C.R. Taylor Ltd. v. Hepworths Ltd.
              Jens v. Mannix Co.
              Kates v. Hall
              Harbutt’s Plasticine v. Wayne Tank
              James St. Hardware v. Spizzirii
      Breach of Contract
              Posner, Economic Analysis of Law
              Radford v. DeFroberville
              Groves v. John Wunder Co.
              Miles v. Marshall
              Ruxley Electronics v. Forsyth

A. Approaches to Compensation
              Ontario Task Force on Insurance
              Klar “New Zealand’s Accident Scheme”
              Woodhouse “A Challenge to the Law”
              Weiler, Reshaping Worker’s Compensation
              Automobile Insurance
              Law Commission, Personal Injury
              Dewees, Duff, Trebilcock, Exploring Accident Law
B. Personal Injury Damages Assessment
               Andrews v. Grand and Toy Alberta Ltd.
      Non-Pecuniary Losses
               Lindal v. Lindal
               Notes and Questions
      Loss of Earning Capacity
               Teno v. Arnold
               Andrews v. Grand and Toy
               Thornton v. Prince George
      Duration and the Problem of Lost Years
               Semenoff v. Kokan
      Future Care, Overlap and Contingencies
               Penso v. Solowan and Public Trustees
                20% - any more requires “unusual factors”
               Andrews v. Grand and Toy 20%
               Thornton v. Prince George 10%
               Lewis v. Todd 0%
      Discount Rates
               Lewis v. Todd
               The Queen in Right of Ont. v. Jennings
      Collateral Benefits
               Boarelli v. Flannigan
               Ratych v. Bloomer
               Nanji v. Habib
               Carde v. Gray
               Carano v. Brooks
               Cooper v. Miller (Cunningham v. Wheeler)
      Fatal Injuries and Third Parties
               Keizer v. Hanna
               Mason v. Peters
               Notes and Questions
      Capacity or Wage Loss
               (a) lost chances
                        Conklin v. Smith
                        Hearndon v. Rondeau
               (b) Children
                        Teno v. Arnold
                        Wipfli v. Britten
                        Houle v. City of Calgary
               (c) Voluntary Underemployment
                        Blackstock v. Patterson
                        Turenne v. Chung
                        Varkonyi v. C.P. Rail
               (d) Depressed Awards Due to Gender and Race
                        (i) gendered and racialized assumptions: level of earnings
                                  Toews v. McKenzie
                                  Teno v. Arnold
                                  Penso v. Sollowan
                        (ii) duration: contingency that pl would have married
                                  Caco v. Maple Lodge Farms Ltd.
                              Quick v. Nicholls
                              Lang v. Porter
                     (iii) duration: contingency that pl. will still marry
                              Penso v. Sollowan
                              Clarke v. Clarke
                     (iv) duration: early retirement
                              Boughey v. Rogers
                     (v) systemic discrimination
                              (A) gendered statistics
                              (B) racialized statistics
              (e) Countering Bias
                     (i) positive assumptions as contingencies
                              Oppen v. Johnson Estate
                              Olah v. Groedecke
                     (ii) Lost family income
                              Blackstock v. Patterson
                              Reekie v. Messervey
                              Newll v. Hawthornthwaite
                              Tucker v. Asleson
                              Toneguzzo-Norvell v. Burnaby
                     (iii) Lost Household production
                              (A) enhanced awards for cost of care
                                       Waterhouse v. Fedor
                                       Busche v. Connors
                              (B) express valuation of non-market capacity
                                       Quick v. Nicholls
                                       Kwok v. B.C. Ferries
                                       Fobel v. Dean
              (f) Countering Systemic discrimination
                     (i) improved earnings as a positive contingency
                              B. v. H.
                     (ii) gender and race-neutral statistics
                              Tucker v. Asleson
                              MacCabe v. Westlock

                      PART II: EQUITABLE REMEDIES

                                 IV.      INJUNCTIONS
A. Introduction
B. Quia Timet Injunctions and the Problem of Ripeness
      Fletcher v. Bealy
      Palmer v. Nova Scotia Forest Ind.
      Hooper v. Rodgers
      Notes and Questions
C. Mandatory Injunctions: Definitions and Supervision
      Redland Bricks v. Morris
      Notes Questions and Problems
D. Injunctions to Protect Property Interests
      Goodson v. Richardson
      Notes and Questions
      Wollerton and Wilson v. Richard Constain Ltd.
      Notes and Questions
      John Trenberth Ltd. Nat. Westminster Bank
      Notes and Questions
      A Note of Post-Judgment Bargaining
      Alternatives to Injunctive Relief
E. Nuisance
      Miller v. jackson
      Sharpe, Injunctions and Specific Performance
      Boomer v. Atlantic Cement Co. Ltd.
      Notes and Questions
      Spur Industries Inc. v. Del E. Webb
F. Domestic Violence and the Family Home
G. Criminal Equity: Injunctions to Protect Public Rights
      The Role of Attorney General and the Courts
             Gouriet v. Union of Post Office Workers
             A.G. Alberta v. Plantation Indoor Plants Ltd.
             Notes and Questions
             A.G. British Columbia v. Couillard
             A.G. of Nova Scotia v. Beaver
             Public Rights Injunctions in Labour Matters
      The Role of the Individual: Standing

A. Introduction

B. Accessibility Threshold
      Hammond, “Interlocutory Injunctions”
      American Cyanmid v. Ethicion
      Notes and Questions
      Hammond, “Interlocutory Injunctions”
      Notes and Questions

C. Irreparable Harm
      Mott-Trille v. Steed
      Hunt v. Canada

D. Special Situations
      Films Rover v. Cannon Film Sales
      Cantol Ltd. v. Brodi Chemicals
      Canada Metal Co. v. C.B.C.

E. Undertakings
      Viewegar Construction v. Rush

F. Mareva Injunctions
      Development and General Principles
             Mareva Compania v. International Bulkcarriers S.A.
             Aetna Financial Services Ltd. v. Feigelman
              Notes and Questions

      1) Introduction: The Established Rule
      2) The Problems
      3) Lord Denning to the Rescue: the Mareva is Born
      4) Post Mareva Jurisprudence: English Developments
             The Siskina
             Third Chandris Shipping Corp. v. Unimarine S.A., The Pythis
      5) The Reception in Canada
             O.S.F. Industries Ltd. v. Marc-Jay Investments Inc.
             Liberty Nat’l Bank & Trust Co. v. Atkin
             Cdn Pacific Airlines v. Hind
      6) Post Aetna: Availability within Canada
             Bradley v. Kelvin
             Gateway Village Inc. v. Sybra Food Services
      7) Obtaining a Mareva: Balancing
         1. Strength of Applicant’s Case
             Chitel v. Rothbart
         2. Risk of Lost Assets/Removal
             MacIsaak, Clark & Co. v. Koopmans
         3. Existence and Location of Assets
             Ashtiani v. Kashi
             Zellers Inc. v. Doobay
             Banco Ambrosiano Holdings v. Dunkeld Ranching Ltd.
         4. Disclosure
             Chitel v. Rothbart
         5. Damages Undertaking
             Allen v. Jambo Holdings Ltd

      8) Recent Developments and Refinements
         1. Domestic Defendants
         2. Types of Property
            Rasu Maratima S.A. v. Perusahann
            Allen v. Jambo Holdings Ltd.
            Northern Sales Co. Ltd. v. Gov’t Trading Corp of Iran
         3. Location of Assets
            Ashtiani v. Kashi
            Zellers Inc. v. Doobay
            Banco Ambrosiano Holdings v. Dunkeld Ranching Ltd.
         4. Priorities
            Wagner v. Barnes
         5. Locating the Assets and Examining Def.
         6. The Order

      9) The Rights and Liabilities of Third Parties and Extra-Territoriality
             Z. Ltd. v. A-Z and AA-LL Ltd.
            Derby v. Weldon

      10) Interrogatories
              Sekisui House Kabushiki Kaisha v. Nagashima

G. Anton Piller Injunctions
              Anton Piller K.G. v. Manufacturing Process Ltd.
              Berryman, “Anton Piller Orders”
             Jurisdictional Base
      Procedural Safeguards and Implementation
             Berryman “Anton Piller Orders”
             Bardeau (Ltd.) v. Crown Food Services
             Berryman “Anton Piller Orders”

H. Anti Suit Injunctions
              Amchem Products v. B.C.

                       VI.      SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE
A. General Principles
      The Limited Availability of Specific Performance
              Farnsworth, “Legal Remedies”
              Posner, “Economic Analysis of Law”
              Schwartz “Case for Specific Performance”
      Equitable Considerations
              Falcke v. Gray
              Ryan v. Mutual Tontine
              Tanenbaum v. W.J. Bell Paper Co. Ltd.

B. Long Term and Relational Contracts
      Specific Performance
               Dominion Iron & Steel Co. v. Dominion Coal
               Dominion Iron & Steel Co. v. Dominion Coal (P.C.)
               Fothergill v. Rowland
               Metropolitan Electric Supply Co. Ltd. v. Ginder
               Thoma Borthwick Ltd. v. South Otago Freezing
               S.B.I. Management Ltd. v. Wabush
               Prairie Hospitality v. Renard

C. Personal Service Contracts
      Lumley v. Wagner
      Waner Bros. Pictures Inc. v. Nelson
      Detroit Football Co. v. Dublinski
      Page One Records Ltd. v. Britton

D. Land Contracts
      Semelhago v. Parmedavan

E. Discretionary Reasons for the Denial of Relief
      “Equity will not aid a volunteer”
              Riches v. Burns
      Inadequacy of Consideration
              Patel v. Ali
              Stewart v. Amvrosina
      The “Clean hands” doctrine
              Cerilli v. Klodt
       Grauer Estate v. Government of Canada
       Hanbury, Modern Equity

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