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A Presentation to

April 2008

Presented by
Managing Director
Head of Latin America Private Equity
                    Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes

                                                                  Competitive                                                                 Growth                        Compelling Valuation

                                    Gol                    Capitalize on first-mover     Rising consumer demand for                                                           Entered at less than 3x
                                                           advantage and pent-up         air travel in a country with very                                                    EBITDA
                                                           demand                        low penetration rates
                                                                                                                                                                              Invest during sectoral and
                                                           Low-cost/low-fare model       Nearly 30% of Gol’s leisure                                                          regional dislocation,
                                                           was expected to be well-      passengers were first-time                                                           taking advantage of
                             First low-cost /low-          suited for the Brazilian      flyers                                                                               incumbent carriers’
                             fare airline in Brazil        market                                                                                                             difficulties
                                                                                         Demonstrated ability to not only
                                                                                         increase its market share, but
                                                                                         increase the overall size of the
                                                                                                                                                                   Gol & Total Market
                                                   Credit Cards in Brazil                                                                                 Revenue Passenger Kilometers (Billions)
                             80                                                          80                                                   50
                                         Transactions      # of Credit Cards      69.0   75                                                                                                                    45
                                                                                                                                                   Gol RK (Billions)   Total Market RPK (Billions)

                                                                                              # of Credit Cards (millions)
Transactions (US$ billion)

                             70                                                          70                                                                                                          40
                                                                                         65                                                                                          34

                                                                                                                             RPK (Billions)
                                                                                         60                                                   30                       28
                             50                                                          55
                                                                                         50                                                   20                                                          19
                             40                         37.1
                                                                                         45                                                                                                    14
                                      27.0                                                                                                                                      10
                             30                                                          40                                                   10                  6
                             20                                                          30                                                    0
                                      2003              2004            2005      2006                                                             2003           2004           2005           2006      2007

Grupo Providência
                                         Competitive                                    Growth             Compelling Valuation

      Providência                  Dominant market share of      Large and growing market                  Entered at 5.3x EBITDA
                                   more than 50% in all market   for non-woven products,
                                                                                                           Succession situation
                                   segments (disposable and      given its low consumption
                                                                                                           created a compelling
                                   durable applications)         and penetration rates
                                                                                                           opportunity to acquire a
                                   Significant economics of      compared to developed
                                                                                                           market leader with
                                   scale, strong customer base   countries
                                                                                                           superior financial
                                   and state-of-the-art          Growing international                     performance at an
    Leading manufacturer of
                                   technology                    player, exporting to several              attractive valuation
     non-woven fabrics in
         Latin America             One of the highest EBITDA     key markets including the
                                   margins in the industry       U.S. and other Latin
                                   worldwide                     American countries

       Historical Disposable Diapers Penetration in Brazil                               Providencia Non-Woven Volume Sold
                                                                                                    (millions tons)
40%                                                                                54
                                                    35%                                                                       51.7
35%                                                                                                             51.6
30%                                                              Tons (millions)   50
25%                                                                                48               46.9
20%                                                                                46
             15%                                                                         43.8
15%                                                                                44
10%                                                                                42
5%                                                                                 40
0%                                                                                 38
             1995                2000               2005                                 2004       2005        2006         2007

                Fertilizantes Heringer

                                                           Competitive                                  Growth                         Compelling Valuation

                          Heringer                    One of the largest                        Take advantage of                       Entered at 2x EBITDA
                                                      independent fertilizer                    growing agricultural
                                                                                                                                        Exited at 6.2x EBITDA
                                                      distributors in Brazil                    sector and fertilizer
                                                      Benefit from Brazil’s
                                                      competitive advantage in                  Increasing global
                    Leading fertilizer producer,      agribusiness                              liberalization
                     supplier and distributor in
                               Brazil                                                           Increase scale and
                                                                                                market share

                            Brazil Exports Agriculture (US$ Millions)                                            Heringer Volume Sold ('000 Tons)
                                                                                                                      and Market Share (%)
                11,000                                                                                                                                          13%
                                                                        10,390                  3,500                                                        3,300    14.0%
                                                                                                           Volume Sold ('000 Tons)      Market Share
                10,000                                                                                                                                 12%            12.0%

                                                                                                                                                                              Market Share (%)
                 9,000                                                           Volume Sold
                                                                                                                          10%           10%                           10.0%
US $ Millions

                                                                                  ('000 Tons)               9%
                                                             7,338                                                                               2,460                8.0%
                                       6,955                                                    2,500
                 7,000                             6,524                                                             2,202                                            6.0%
                                                                                                         2,044                       1,993
                 6,000      5,505                                                               2,000                                                                 4.0%

                 5,000                                                                                                                                                2.0%

                                                                                                1,500                                                                 0.0%
                            2003       2004        2005       2006       2007                            2003         2004           2005        2006        2007

AIG Value-Added

                         Operational                         Corporate         Strategic Development
                        Improvement                         Governance
                 Recruited professional CFO             Board representation   Played key role during Gol’s IPO
       Gol                                                                     process – highly successful IPO
                 Developed and participated in the      Veto rights            on both the NYSE and
                 company’s internal committees for                             BOVESPA in June 2004
                 hedging (oil and currency), fiscal,    Improved corporate
                 and compensation policies              governance

                 Led consortium in leveraged            Established Board of   Sourced and assisted in
    Providenci   buyout                                 Directors              acquisition of a company with
        a        Recruited professional CEO and         Board representation   significant strategic value
                 CFO                                    Right to designate     Played key role during
                 Established internal committees        Chairman               Providência’s IPO process –
                 for hedging, fiscal, and                                      successful IPO on the Novo
                                                        Improved corporate     Mercado segment of the
                 compensation policies                  governance             BOVESPA in July 2007
                                                        Implement management
                                                        stock option plan
                 Assisted in the feasibility analysis   Established Board of   Conducted dual-track process for
    Heringer     for the construction of a              Directors              a public listing and a strategic
                 phosphate plant                        Improved corporate     sale to maximize potential
                 Analyzed project financing             governance             returns at exit
                 sources, including international       Veto rights            Played key role during
                 bond issuances                                                Heringer’s IPO process –
                 Recruited professional CFO                                    successful IPO on the Novo
                                                                               Mercado segment of the
                 Established hedging committee
                                                                               BOVESPA in April 2007

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