Lost - The Art of War by daet


									LOST Season 6, Episode 1 “The Art of War” Written by: Shakeel Victor Previously, on Lost Scene from The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham LOCKE: “Why would you help me?” WIDMORE: [Leaning in] “Because there's a war coming, John. And if you're not back on the Island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win.” Scene – Ilana and crew, on the beach by the statue in The Incident ILANA: “Don‟t shoot.” ILANA: “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” RICHARD: “Ille qui nos omnes servabit.” Scene – Juliet trying to disarm Jughead JULIET: [Groans] “Come on! “[Sobbing] “Come on! No! Come on! Come on! Come on, you son of a bitch!” [Loud explosion, white screen] Opening Scene – Unknown men running away from perpetrators very late at night. Not sure exactly where this is taking place. They run into a warehouse, full of antiques from around the world, frantically looking for a certain object. They‟re antiques smugglers. They‟re speaking in a foreign language, which happens to be Arabic: Man No.1: “Hurry! Find it!” Man No. 2: “I‟m trying!” No. 1: “Well try a little faster!” No. 2: “Who are these people? Why do they want –“ (A loud crash is heard in the distance) No. 1: “JUST FIND IT! THEY‟RE AFTER US!” No. 2: (finally obtains the object) “I have it! Let‟s get out of here!” They exit the premises, running towards a black vehicle parked outside. Man No. 1 breaks the window. They both enter the car, hot wire the vehicle, and start to peel out. As they drive away, two men wearing ski masks and dark clothing are seen exiting the

building running towards them. One of them is armed and shoots the vehicle, but the smugglers get away. Perpetrator: “Dammit!” (Reaches for his walkie) “We lost „em. They‟re in a car headed east. We can still catch them. Don‟t lose „em!” The smugglers scream across the streets. The Cairo Tower is seen in the distance, setting this scene in Egypt. Man No. 1: “Cover it! Make sure it‟s safe! Man No. 2: (Wrapping it in a heavy cloth conceals what it is from the viewer.) The driver (Man No. 1) looks in his rear-view mirror and realizes he‟s now being chased by a white van. The driver tries desperately to chase away from the perpetrators, but they‟re bumped from behind. Man No. 2: “Make sure it‟s safe!” he tells Man No. 1. The white van hits them from behind again. The driver almost loses control of the vehicle, but maintains course. He gets distracted by Man No. 2, making sure the object is safe, but loses sight of the road and hits a median on the roadway head on. They fly across to the other side of the road and crash. They crash into a street light on the side of the road. The car is nearly totaled, and there‟s smoke coming from the engine. Man No. 1 is startled, injured and bleeding, and tries to get his bearings, and finally does. Man No. 1: (groggy) “Is it safe?” Man No. 2: (no answer) Man No. 1: “Ahmed…….Ahmed?” Man No. 2: (no answer) (He is unconscious, probably dead) Man No. 1 sees if the object is intact. Miraculously it is. He grabs it from Ahmed‟s dead hands, and in a panic, gets out of the car and tries to run away, to no avail. Perpetrator 1: “Stop right there!” The man holds the wrapped object in hand, stops in his tracks, closes his eyes, and begins to weep. Perpetrator 1, holding a firearm, is seen with a group of other people who are armed and walking towards Man No. 1. Someone else in his group flashes a light towards Man No. 1. Perpetrator 1: (grabs his walkie with his other hand) “We got „em. Meet us at the rendezvous point. Until then, stay out of sight” (puts his walkie away and holds his gun with both hands, aiming it at Man No. 1) “Now slowly turn around!” Man No. 1 doesn‟t do it at first. Perpetrator 1: “Turn around now!”

Weeping with the object in hand, he turns around and makes eye contact with his perpetrators, who he now sees are all armed and wearing ski masks and dark clothing. Perpetrator 1: “Now walk towards us. Slowly.” Man No. 1 does as he‟s told, keeping the object wrapped safely in hand as if he were carrying a child. Man No. 1, speaking in Arabic: “Please….Please don‟t do this. Please…” Perpetrator 1, towards the person who comes up next to him: “Grab it.” The rest of the perpetrators close in. One of them grabs the object from Man No. 1‟s hands. The man weeps. Perpetrator 1 walks closer towards him. Perpetrator 1: “Why were you running away from us? Who are you?” Man No. 1, now speaking English: “Please. Please don‟t. I can‟t – “ Perpetrator 1: (Puts gun to Man No. 1‟s head) : “I won‟t ask you again. Who are you? Who are you working for?” Man No. 1 starts weeping hysterically. Perpetrator 1 pulls off his mask. It‟s Bram. Bram: “He‟s hopeless.” Bram turns to another one of his crew who holds the wrapped object. Bram: “Is it really what I think it is?” The other one pulls off their mask. It‟s Ilana. Ilana: “These cowards risked their lives to protect it. What do you think?” Bram reacts with a smirk on his face. Scene 2 – Last scene from Season 6 with Jack and Co. by the Swan. Hurley tries to start up the Dharma van but the engine is shot. Hurley: “Dammit, dude.” (Gets out of the van) “Guys, van‟s not starting. We have to get out of here!” Running away from the electromagnetic chaos, they chase into the jungle. Sawyer runs in the distance. Sawyer: (yells at the others) “We gotta get Sayid!”

Kate goes back for Jack, who seems to be woozy and falling behind. Kate: “Jack!” Jack is on his knees. Hurley sees this and helps out Kate. They both help Jack up on his feet. Kate: “We have to go, Jack!” They all run away into the jungle, when suddenly a violet flashing light is seen engulfing the Island. Everyone, including all the Others and the Dharma Initiative, stop in their tracks, petrified, covering their ears and shielding their eyes from the deafening noise and blinding light. The screen goes white for 5 whole seconds. Scene 3 – A boy is heard screaming in the night, as if he was being terrified from a nightmare. He wakes up in a cold sweat. It‟s Walt. (Around 2007-08) Walt‟s aunt rushes into the room in a panic. Aunt: “Walt! What‟s the matter, baby? What‟s wrong?” Walt: (gasping, steadies himself out of his nightmare): “I‟m having those dreams again, Aunt May.” Aunt May: “Oh dear. I wish I could do something for you, baby” Aunt May is seen rubbing his back to comfort him. “But it was only a dream.” Walt: (frustrated) “No, Aunt May, it wasn‟t! Stop saying that!” Aunt May is startled, but keeps her composure. Aunt May: “Then what are they, dear?” Walt is about to speak, but suddenly, a bird flies straight towards his window and crashes on impact, startling the both of them. They both seem surprised and frightened, walking towards the window, looking down on the street from their apartment in New York, seeing a dead bird laying motionless on the sidewalk. The camera pans onto the sidewalk where the bird lays dead. - Cut scene LOST Scene 4 –

[The screen is white and hazy. Everything is blurred and a deep noise is heard coming in and out. Grayish blue shapes dance across the screen – Whoosh] Jack is seen at an airport by himself, which is later shown to be LAX. He‟s at a baggage claim, wearing a suit, looking at his watch (the watch Christian gave him, and the time is 3:16PM). He grabs what he thinks is his luggage, but someone else reaches for it, too. They bump into each other, their hands quickly touching. Jack: “Oh…sorry! Thought it was mine. Looks just like it.” Other Man: “Yeah, they all look the same I suppose. It‟s no big deal.” Jack: (looks at the luggage) “I think that‟s yours. Sorry.” Other Man: “No problem, thanks.” Jack smiles it off and surveys the conveyor belt to look for his luggage. Other Man: “So back in the real world, huh?” Jack: “Yeah. Unfortunately.” He chuckles a bit. “Hawaii was lovely, but I have work to do now.” The camera pans over to the other man, who is seen to be Jacob‟s enemy. Jacob’s Enemy: “Don‟t we all” He smiles. Jack is about to say something, but Sarah enters the scene and bumps into him. Sarah: “So, should you pick up our luggage, or are you gonna make your wife do it?” She smiles at him. Jack finds his luggage and picks it up. Jack: “No, sweetheart. I got it. That should be the last of it.” He grabs the luggage and sets it on a dolly, and says bye to Jacob‟s enemy. Jack: “Take care.” Jacob’s Enemy: (smiles) “You too, kiddo.” Jack seems taken aback at him saying that but leaves with Sarah anyways. As they walk away, Jack glances back towards baggage claim, and Jacob‟s Enemy is now gone, as if he had vanished. Jack looks startled. Sarah: “What‟s the matter, honey?” Jack: “ - Oh, it‟s nothing dear.” (He smiles) Sarah: “Ok. We better get home soon. I‟m exhausted!” Jack seems somewhat disturbed and shakes his head, but later seems to get over it and walks outside.

Scene 5 – Dharma times in 1977. Radzinsky is seen driving his Jeep into The Barracks. He parks and exits the vehicle. He is visibly angry. He busts through a door with a rifle in hand, where Roger Linus and Horace Goodspeed are seen. They‟re startled. Radzinsky: “I knew there was something up with them. I knew it all along!” Horace: “Ok. Slow down. What happened?” Radzinsky: “What happened? What – have you been sleeping this entire time? All of them - LaFleur, Kwon, Juliet, Miles, Shephard, Austen…the fat one – they ambushed us! Attacked us! They threw a bomb into the Swan site! It was chaos, Horace!” Horace: “Look, whatever that white flash in the sky was, it jammed out all our communications. I couldn‟t get Ann Arbor on the phone. We don‟t even have contact with the sub. But you heard yourself, LaFleur tipped us off on some imminent danger this Island was in.” Radzinsky: “Yeah, he was probably talking about himself. That white flash happened after they threw that damn bomb into the Swan! Who knows what the hell they did!” Horace: “Look, Stu. LaFleur was my friend. But he conned all of us, including me, into believing he had our best interest. That he was all for the security of this Island. He said we needed to evacuate all the women and children away from here. I‟m not sure why he told us of a threat if he‟s one of them.” Radzinsky: “Well all I know is that he attacked us. And then we got separated. Chang is out there, too, but we got separated. For all we know they‟re holding him hostage. They‟re all somewhere deep in the jungle by now. Hell, they‟re probably reporting everything that happened!” Roger: “They‟re definitely one of them. Shephard was helping the bastard who shot my kid get away. I can‟t just sit here while he‟s out there, Horace. I need to settle this.” They all look at each other Horace: “I‟m not in control anymore, Roger. We‟ll have to roll with what Stu wants us to do.” Radzinsky: “I say we gather everyone we got. Get all of our guns and artillery, and we get those sneaky bastards back!” (cocks his rifle) “And I say we kill as many of them as we can.” Horace and Roger look confident and agree. Radzinsky: “This is war.” Scene 6 – Desmond is seen walking from a small restaurant eating a sandwich. He‟s seen cleanshaven and with shorter hair. The camera follows him along towards a port. The viewer is lead to believe he‟s going to meet Penny and Charlie on Our Mutual Friend, but the boat he‟s walking towards is actually the Elizabeth (the boat Libby gave him in Season 2). He‟s humming a tune, which is the „Celtic Song‟ (the song he was singing while drunk in the monastery in Catch-22). He‟s then seen examining his boat, when a stranger walks towards the dock and speaks to him.

Stranger: “That‟s a lovely boat!” Desmond. “Aye. She is. It was a gift, too. Even more lovely.” He smiles. Stranger: “Whoever gave this up must either be generous, or stupid.” Desmond: (Smiles): “Well it‟s always good to appreciate the kindness of strangers, isn‟t it?” The camera pans towards the stranger, who‟s revealed to be Jacob‟s enemy. Jacob’s Enemy: (Smiles): “I‟ll say. I know someone just like that. He‟s pretty generous, too. Almost too generous...” Jacob‟s Enemy pauses for a second Jacob’s Enemy: “The Elizabeth. So that‟s the boat‟s name. What‟s yours?” Desmond: “Desmond.” He shakes the stranger‟s hand. “So….do you own a boat, too?” Jacob’s Enemy: “No. I just really appreciate them. Especially brigs. You know, old naval vessels.” Desmond: “Aye. I was actually in the army once. Royal Scots Regiment.” Jacob’s Enemy: “So what brings you to America?” Desmond: (pauses a bit before speaking) “It‟s a wee bit complicated.” (He smiles it off). Jacob reacts with a wry smile. After an awkward pause, Desmond speaks. Desmond: “So where are you from, mate?” Jacob’s Enemy: “Don‟t have a home, really. But I get around.” Desmond: “I see…So what brings you to America?” Jacob’s Enemy: “I‟m here on business.” Desmond: (jokingly) “Looking at boats all day, eh?” Jacob’s Enemy: (smiles) Desmond: “So what exactly is it that you do, then?” Jacob’s Enemy: “I‟d rather not get into that. It‟s a long story. I‟m sure it would bore you” Desmond: (smiles, lets it go) “Well, whatever floats your boat then, yeah?” (pauses) “Sorry. That was my poor excuse for a joke.”

Jacob’s Enemy: (chuckles) “No worries, pal.” Jacob’s Enemy studies the boat a little more, then turns to Desmond: “So you seem in good spirits, Desmond.” Desmond: “That‟s because I am, mate. Going on a little adventure. I needed a boat and as I arrived here, I met this lovely girl who bought me coffee. We ended up having a conversation and she told me how her husband died. She was very sad. I could see it in her eyes. Then I told her how I needed money to buy a boat. Her husband owned one but, God rest his soul, he was never able to carry out his dream of sailing across the Mediterranean. He named it after her. The Elizabeth. And like answering a prayer, she gave me this as a gift. And I have this feeling, like it‟s almost as if I were meant to have this boat. Like it was fate - that I was supposed to meet this one girl in the one perfect coffee shop right as I arrived here. I‟m sailing around the world, y‟know.” Jacob’s Enemy: “Is that so?” Desmond: “Aye. It most definitely is.” Jacob’s Enemy: “Impressive. Most impressive.” Desmond: “Oh, you don‟t have to patronize me, now.” He smiles. There‟s a pause. Desmond is seen manning the boat, inspecting it. Then Jacob‟s enemy confesses something to him. Jacob’s Enemy: “Don‟t go, Desmond.” Desmond: (startled) “I‟m sorry. What did you say?” Jacob’s Enemy: “I said not to go. What are you trying to prove in racing around the world? What are you searching for?” Desmond: (puzzled): “Wha-? Well, you‟re not my bloody father, now are you? Besides, I have my own reasons for going. What‟s it to you?” Desmond busies himself with fixing the anchor and loses eye contact for a moment with Jacob‟s enemy. Jacob’s Enemy: “I‟m going to warn you now, Desmond. If you go, you‟ll never be the same. Ever again. Whatever you‟re trying to do….You‟ll change everything.” Desmond: “Change everything? What do you mean? Who are you?” Desmond looks up again, only to see the man is now gone, as if he had vanished. Desmond looks very confused and almost scared. Scene 7 – [The white screen comes in again. Same as before, except the sound seems different somehow. The grayish blue shapes seem to become figures of some kind - Whoosh]

Dharma times in 1977. Miles and his father are seen together in the jungle. Chang is desperately injured, his arm broken. Miles is helping him walk and they both collapse near a tree, trying to catch their breath. Miles: “…That light…I hate that damn light” (Miles motions his hands towards his temples) Chang: (groans a bit and in pain) “So you‟ve been through this all before, eh?” Miles: “What? No. I mean, in the past I…or, the future?...I dunno…I‟m pretty confused right now” Chang: “Is that so?” (Chang agonizes in pain, but tries to compose himself) Miles: “Look, we gotta get you some help. Your arm‟s broken.” Chang: “Well…that may be a bit difficult given our circumstances. I‟m not sure Radzinsky or the others would like to see either of us right now.” Miles: “We can‟t just sit here. We gotta do something, Dad.” (There‟s a reaction by both of them and they lock a gaze for a couple of seconds) Chang: “So you really are my son?” Miles: (looks towards the ground and doesn‟t answer at first) Chang: (almost to himself, but said loud enough within earshot) “How is that possible?” Miles: “I‟m not sure how anything is possible on this Island.” (They both look at each other) Miles: “Look. We need to get you help. Besides, I‟m the one they‟re out to get now, not you. Is there anyone that can help you? Anyone?” Chang: “I think there may be someone that can help me. I wish I could help you, son.” – “I‟ll have to go it alone now. But you need to catch up with LaFleur and Hurley.” Miles: “That‟s if they‟re even here anymore…” Chang: (confused) “What do you mean?” Miles: (He catches himself, shaking his head): “Nevermind.” Chang: “Son. You may be an outcast now. But trust me, if I can get you off this Island, I will.” Miles: “Its okay, Dad. You already did. Remember?” (They both smile at each other and embrace) Chang: “Now go, son. I‟ll find you.” Miles: (nods, then runs off into the jungle.) (The camera follows him, and then after a little while, Miles slows down. He hears whispers surrounding him. The trees start to swiftly move and a gust of air rushes in. He starts jerking his head in quick motions, as if he‟s channeling someone or something from beyond the grave. It begins to get worse, and the whispers get louder. Miles collapses towards the ground unconscious.)

Scene 8 –

The scene is set somewhere in a New York diner. Walt is seen joking around with his friends at a table. A stranger is seen sitting by himself, watching him. Walt starts to notice this. His friends leave, and Walt tells his friends that he‟ll meet up with them later. Walt walks up to the stranger, who turns out to be Jacob‟s Enemy. Walt sits across him. Walt: “I noticed you yesterday, in the park when I was hanging with my aunt. Then the day before that, when I was playing basketball with my friends. Why are you following me? Jacob’s Enemy: (puts down his fountain drink) “You know why, Walt.” Walt: (puzzled) “How‟d you know my name? Who are you?” Jacob’s Enemy: “I can‟t tell you that. But you know what I‟m here for.” (stares Walt in the eyes) Walt: “This is about the Island. Isn‟t it?” Jacob’s Enemy: (smiles) Walt: “So what do you want from me?” Jacob’s Enemy: (leans in) “I know you want to go back, Walt. But you need to stay here with your family. Your aunt needs you.” Walt: (suspicious) “You don‟t want me to go back.” Jacob’s Enemy: “Trust me, son.” (touches Walt‟s hand, trying to assure him) Walt: (Reacts abruptly by his touch. Startled, his eyes widen. He stands up, almost talking to himself) “Mr. Locke….No….” Jacob’s Enemy: (seems surprised) Walt: (very directly) “Stop following me.” Jacob’s Enemy: (spoken almost ominously) “Look, kid. Don‟t get involved.” Walt: (frightened) “Get away from me. Get away!” Walt runs out of the diner.

Scene 9 – The scene is set in a hospital, and we see Locke in bed, looking very sad and depressed. This is shortly after the time of his paralysis. A tray a food is near his bed, barely touched. A nurse comes in with a visitor. Nurse: “Hey John. You have a visitor.” Locke: (doesn‟t answer): Nurse: (to the visitor) “I‟ll leave you two alone.” She leaves. The visitor grabs a chair, and it is revealed to be Jacob‟s Enemy. Jacob’s Enemy: “Hello, John.” Locke: (looks at him): “Who are you?” Jacob’s Enemy: “Someone who wants to help you.” Locke: “What?...Are you with the medical staff here?...I don‟t recall–“ Jacob’s Enemy: (interjects) “No, I‟m not a doctor, John.” Locke: (irritated) “Well, whoever you are, there‟s no helping me. So let me spare you the trouble of wasting your time. Door‟s right over there.” Jacob’s Enemy: (smiles) “I hear you fell out of a building. Eight stories. Somehow you survived.”

Locke: “Yeah, apparently I‟m a miracle. Well, that miracle stopped short of me being able to walk and now here I am. I‟ll never walk again. Hallelujah.” Jacob’s Enemy: “Never say never, John.” Locke: “So cut to the chase, or else I‟ll call the nurse. If you don‟t have anything to say, then just leave me be. Just leave me alone….” Jacob’s Enemy: “I just wanted to come here today, John, to tell you that you‟re not alone. That people are watching over you, here to help you every step of the way. But you have enough resources within yourself to change your attitude. You have that power in you. No one can change who you are. Only you can do that. You have to believe that you‟re special, John.” Locke: (rolls his eyes) “Oh brother. Gimme a break…” Jacob‟s Enemy seems to think about what he‟s going to say. Jacob’s Enemy: “Do you believe in destiny, John?” Locke: “Alright, I‟m calling the nurse –“ (motions to push the button) Jacob’s Enemy: “No, wait John. Just…here me out.” (reassures him) “I‟ll leave you alone.” Locke: “As a matter of fact, yes. I do believe in destiny. I believe that I‟m destined to be nothing for the rest of my life. There, you happy now? Now go!” Jacob’s Enemy: “What if I told you that you would walk again. That you had a purpose? What if that was your destiny?” Locke: (chuckles) “So you‟re a comedian. Well, that‟s nice…” Jacob’s Enemy: “No, John. I‟m absolutely serious.” Locke: “Look. I‟m just a cripple. I can‟t even dress myself or go to the bathroom without someone helping me. You know how terrible that feels? How embarrassing that is? To have no dignity? I used to have a life. But then this happened to me. Now I‟m stuck in this hospital. Stuck here eating this terrible food, going through rehab with people I can‟t stand!” (smacks his tray) “And now I‟m stuck having to be in…” - (He looks at his wheelchair, but it seems to hurt him too much to say it) - “I‟ve lost everything that meant anything to me. I have nothing.” Locke stares at Jacob‟s Enemy Locke: (trembling): “I am alone.” Jacob’s Enemy: “I‟m sorry to hear you feel that way, John.” Locke looks away. Jacob’s Enemy: “But you were wrong about something.” Locke: “Oh yeah, what‟s that?” Jacob’s Enemy: (gathers his thoughts) “In 1960, there was a man who was walking by Wiltshire railway line in England. He was drunk, depressed, and in a stupor, he collapsed right on the tracks. A train rushed by, but before this man could get away, the train ran right over him. Luckily he survived, but the train ran over his legs, severing them right below the knees. They amputated both of his legs.” (He pauses to let the story sink in) “So you wanna know what he did with himself after that?”

Locke: (looks curiously at Jacob‟s Enemy) Jacob’s Enemy: (leans in) “He climbed Mt. Everest.” Locke: (looks surprised, but somewhat restrained) Jacob’s Enemy: “His name was Norman Croucher. And he didn‟t just climb Everest. He climbed the Matterhorn. And the Alps. He was a man with a destiny. And he did this because he realized his purpose. He knew that he was special.” (He touches Locke‟s left leg) “Trust me. You have plenty of work to do.” Locke: (sarcastically): “The prophet speaks. Well, thanks for the pep talk.” Jacob’s Enemy: (in a serious tone) “You have a destiny, John. You just don‟t know it yet.” He walks out of the room. Locke remains in bed, looking somewhat puzzled. Locke: (tries to get Jacob‟s Enemy‟s attention as he leaves) “What‟s your name?” Jacob‟s Enemy keeps walking away, exiting the scene. Scene 10 – The scene picks up in 1977, where Miles fell to the ground. He is still unconscious. Several people begin to surround him. They are Others. Richard is among them. Other Woman: “He‟s one of them. Why is he out here?” Richard: (crouches next to Miles, and positions him on his back so he can see his face. It takes him a second to recall who it is) “I think he was with the ones who helped us.” Other Man: “Are you sure?” Richard: (focuses on Miles‟s face, gathers his thoughts) “Yes. I remember this man. He‟s not one of them” (He stands up.) “We need to take him with us.” Other Woman: “Where are the rest of them?” Richard: (puzzled) “I don‟t know.” They begin to pick Miles up, when galloping is heard in the distance, getting nearer and nearer. It‟s Charles Widmore riding on his horse. Widmore: “What‟s going on here, Richard?” Richard: “This man was with the ones who helped us dismantle the bomb. He‟s not with the others.” Widmore: “Are these the same people who made you decide to pummel Eloise on the head? Are they the reason for that white light? Who exactly are these people, Richard?” Richard: “Look, that was a judgment call. And a decision I absolutely do not regret. We need to protect our leaders, Charles, or did you forget that?” Charles seems to agree, although he doesn‟t seem happy to. Richard: “They were brought here, Charles. To protect this Island.” Widmore: “Well I for one am done with secrets. When this man wakes up, I will expect to get some answers.”

Widmore motions to the Others. Widmore: “Bring him up to the saddle. He‟s coming with me.” Richard: “Charles.” Widmore: (turns to Richard) Richard: “Get everyone ready. When Eloise wakes up, we‟ll need to talk to all of our people.” Widmore: “About what?” Richard: “Just do it, Charles. I‟ll explain everything when we get back to camp.” Charles rides away with Miles on the saddle into the jungle. Other Man: “What do you mean, Richard?” Other Woman: “What‟s going on?” Richard has a look of trepidation on his face. Richard: (cryptically) “We need to be ready. For them” Scene 11 – [The white screen appears again. Things are a bit different this time. The figures seem to be focusing somewhat, but not enough to know what they are. The noise seems to clarify, but not even to know what it is… - Whoosh] The scene is set in Korea in the morning. Mr. Paik is in his office filling out some paper work and one of his secretaries is in the room. (Dialogue in Korean) Mr. Paik: “Cancel my 4 o‟clock meeting, Jihay.” Secretary: (bows, then walks away) There‟s someone else in the room. It‟s the Hawaiian shirt guy that encountered Jin in the airport bathroom in Season 1, placing this scene in 2004. Mr. Paik: “I need you to be in Los Angeles from Monday to Friday. I‟m sure you‟ll be suited to deliver the message.” Hawaiian Shirt: “Absolutely, sir.” Mr. Paik: “Your plane leaves Monday afternoon. I will contact you if I need anything else.” Hawaiian Shirt: “Of course, sir.” Mr. Paik: “That is all. You may leave.” Hawaiian Shirt leaves.

The scene cuts to Mr. Paik at a golf retreat playing a hole. Apparently he cancelled his meeting to play a round. He‟s seen chipping a ball towards the green, but it lands in the bunker next to it. Mr. Paik: (curses in Korean) Cuts to a scene on the green where a younger Korean man is waiting, standing right next to Charles Widmore. Widmore: “I don‟t need a translation for that.” Translator: (laughs) Mr. Paik: (looks at his translator, seemingly mad at him) Translator: (composes himself) (in Korean) “Sorry, sir” Mr. Paik: (in Korean) “You will be if I hear you laughing again!” Widmore: “No worries, mate. He‟s just showing off now. Not quite sure what he‟s complaining about. He‟s beating me by a good stretch. I picked a bad day to be off.” Translator: (to Mr. Paik, in Korean) “Mr. Widmore says you are still playing very well, sir.” Mr. Paik: (in Korean) “I‟m not playing well enough if I can‟t beat him by at least 4 strokes.” Translator: (to Widmore): “He‟s very competitive, sir. As you well know.” Widmore: “That‟s what makes him a great businessman. Looks like I’ll owe him dinner this time.” Cut to scene where Widmore and Mr. Paik are having lunch at a dining area in the golf retreat. Translator: “So Mr. Paik believes it will be a smart business move if both of your companies explore options in India and Dubai.” Widmore: “I agree. Tell him we will discuss this further with the rest of our business associates. Set up a meeting.” Translator: (translates this to Mr. Paik. Mr. Paik nods his head in agreement.) A waiter walks by. Waiter: “Will that be all for you, gentlemen?” Widmore: “Yes.” Waiter: “Then here is your check. Thank you.” Widmore: (smiles) Widmore reaches for his wallet and puts down a credit card when a stranger comes up to him. Stranger: “Don‟t worry about it. It‟s on me today.” He grabs the receipt, quickly brushing Widmore‟s hand. Widmore looks up. The stranger is Jacob‟s Enemy, looking very clean cut and professional. Widmore: (smiles): “That‟s quite generous of you, sir. But that won‟t be necess – “

Jacob’s Enemy: “Oh please. I insist.” (Calls for the waiter and gives him a card. He takes a seat) Mr. Paik: (in Korean): “Who the hell is this?” Jacob’s Enemy: (in Korean): “Someone who‟s interested in business. Like you, Mr. Paik. „Opportunities multiply as they are seized.‟” All of them look startled. Jacob’s Enemy: (turns to Widmore): “I couldn‟t help but overhear your business interests in India and Dubai. Good relationships can become very lucrative. But I‟m sure both of you know that. Paik and Widmore Industries are highly profitable themselves, isn‟t that right?” (He smiles at them). Widmore: “So I‟m to assume you‟re willing to help somehow, Mr. - ?” Jacob’s Enemy: (interjects) “I wouldn‟t have come over hear if I didn‟t want something from you both. And especially from you, Mr. Widmore.” (He stares almost ominously at him.) “However, I also want to give you something in return.” Widmore: “And what might that be?” They all look at him. Jacob’s Enemy: “A free lunch” (He smiles). The waiter comes back with the card and a receipt. Jacob‟s Enemy signs the receipt and leaves a very generous tip. Widmore: (suspicious) “Do you have a business card? Identification?” Jacob’s Enemy: (looks for one) “I must have left them at home. My apologies.” Widmore: “So how do you expect me or my friend to contact you?” Jacob’s Enemy: “You won‟t need to.” (He smiles) “I‟ll be in touch, Mr. Widmore.” (He stands up) “Have a nice day, gentlemen.” (Bows courteously) Jacob‟s Enemy walks away. Mr. Paik: (to his translator): “What the hell did he say?” Widmore looks curiously at the amount of the tip, which is $400. Scene 12 – The scene is set in Tozeur, Tunisia. Ben is seen in a hotel room getting dressed (the same hotel he stayed at in The Shape of Things to Come). He walks outside apparently leaving the hotel to attend to some business. He walks by the clerk behind the desk. Ben: “Take care now. I‟ll be back.” Clerk: “Yes, Mr. Moriarty.” (she smiles) Ben is seen riding in a taxi, carrying a journal of some kind with him and studying it. It‟s evening time and the sun is setting. The taxi stops on a corner at Avenue Habib Bourguiba. Ben gets out of the car and walks among the crowds into a small shop in the quarter. A quick scene shot from the outside shows him talking to the cashier before he walks out, apparently purchasing a souvenir. “It‟s for my daughter” he‟s heard saying.

The next scene shows him in a restaurant/lounge in the area, apparently at the tale end of his “business”. Ben: (looks at a file) “So everything is accounted for?” Other Man: “Everything. I checked it myself.” Ben: “So I shouldn‟t be worried then?” (He says this sarcastically) Other Man: (chuckles a bit) “Very funny, Ben.” Ben: “Alright, Tom. Thanks for all your hard work.” (Hands over the file) (The camera cuts to Tom Friendly, setting this scene sometime around 2004). Tom: “Just doing my job.” (Grabs the file from Ben and starts walking away) Ben: “Tell your friend Arturo I said hello.” Tom: (turns his head halfway and smiles) “You know I won‟t.” Tom exits the scene. Cut to a scene in the bar area of the lounge, where there are a variety of patrons seated, lively but not overly noisy. Ben stays behind. He‟s now seen sitting by himself and orders a drink from the bartender. Someone walks up towards him. Stranger: “I‟m sorry, is this seat taken?” Ben: “Not at all. Please.” Stranger: “How kind. Thanks.” (Pats Ben on the shoulder) The stranger is shown to be Jacob‟s Enemy. He orders a drink. Jacob’s Enemy: (to the bartender): “I‟ll have what he‟s having. Thanks.” (Ben smiles. Jacob‟s Enemy pulls out a cigarette) – “Happen to have a light?” Ben: “I‟m sorry, I don‟t smoke.” Jacob’s Enemy: “Hold it…” (He pulls out some matches from his jacket) “Thought I had some. I hope you don‟t mind.” Ben: “Not at all. By all means.” Jacob light‟s the match and starts puffing away at his cigarette. The smoke hangs in the air. Jacob’s Enemy: “Tunisia‟s a lovely place, isn‟t it?” Ben: (smiles agreeably.) Jacob’s Enemy: “In fact, several miles from here just beyond the medina is Carthage. Or at least, what‟s left of it after so many years. It‟s just a tourist attraction now, but it must have been interesting to live during that time. Or, it would‟ve been hard, I suppose. The area went through the Punic Wars. Three wars. Can you imagine?” Ben: “You seem to know your history.” Jacob’s Enemy: “History interests me, I guess. How it always seems to end the same.” Ben: (takes a sip of his drink) Jacob’s Enemy: “Warring nations. People fighting people. And for what? Conquest? Bloodshed? Makes you wonder what human nature really is.” Ben: (smirks): “Yeah. I guess it does.” (takes another sip of his drink) Jacob’s Enemy: “I mean, imagine the soldiers on the front line. Fighting for their nation. A city-state. Just a piece of land. And there they are, taking orders from their

leaders. I‟m sure many of them never even met their rulers. They simply fought for a cause. A cause they didn‟t even question, killing and imprisoning people they‟ve never even met. All because that‟s what they were told to do.” (They both look at each other) Jacob’s Enemy: “I‟m not sure I could ever do that. Could you?” Ben: (silent at first, then shrugs it off) “I guess not.” Jacob’s Enemy: (smiles at Ben) – “Cheers, mate” They both toast. Jacob’s Enemy: (finishes his drink and puts out his cigarette) “Well, I guess I better get going.” (smiles) “Nice talking to you.” Ben: “Nice talking to you, too.” Jacob‟s Enemy exits the building. Scene 13 – Back with Ilana and crew. Driving down the streets of Cairo. Ilana is in the passenger‟s seat of the van safely holding the object, wrapped in her lap. Bram is driving and the rest of the crew are in the back. Bram: “It‟s really happening. I almost can‟t believe it‟s finally time.” Ilana: “We all need to be ready. It‟s not going to be easy. For any of us.” Bram: “It won‟t be easy. But it‟ll be worth it.” Ilana: “There‟s nothing wrong with confidence, Bram. But don‟t be foolhardy. This won‟t be a time for big egos. We don‟t want to slip into arrogance.” Bram: “So I don‟t get any brownie points for having a warrior‟s spirit, huh?” Ilana: (smiles) “That‟s why you‟re here with us, isn‟t it?” They both smile at each other. Ilana: “Every warrior needs to work with both his head and his heart. But not with too big of a head or too big of a heart.” Bram: “Right, right. Balance. There always needs to be balance.” Ilana: “Right. But don‟t get me wrong, either. I‟m as anxious as you are to finally do what we‟ve been destined to do.” Bram: “Right. That‟s why you‟re here with us, isn‟t it?” They exchange smiles again. Ilana: “He‟ll guide us, Bram. We just need to have faith.” Bram: (smirks) Scene 14 –

The scene is set in a classroom. The bell rings for recess. The camera pans to a young girl, who turns out to be Juliet. She is the same age as she was in the flashback scene in The Incident. She walks outside by herself, sitting by a school playground on a bench. She‟s quietly sobbing, when a man walks towards the bench and sits right next to her. You think it may be Jacob‟s Enemy, but this time, it‟s Jacob himself. Jacob: “What‟s wrong, sweetheart? Boys making fun of you?” Juliet: (ignoring him) Jacob: “Anything you want to confess?” Juliet: (She looks at him as if irritated, then looks away, quiet) Jacob: “Its okay, you can talk to me. I won‟t tell anyone” Juliet: “Go away, Mister! I‟m not allowed to talk to strangers. Dad tells me I shouldn‟t.” Jacob: “Your father seems like a smart man. But not all strangers mean harm, especially if they tell you who they are. My name is Jacob. What‟s yours?” Juliet: (warming up to him): “I‟m Juliet.” Jacob: “Well, Juliet. Is there anything I can do to cheer a sad girl up?” Juliet: “Can you make my parents love each other again?” Jacob: (sighs) “I wish I could, sweetheart. But I can‟t do that.” Juliet: “I just….I just wish everything could start all over again. That my mom and dad could be together and……I just wish this never happened!” (Juliet starts crying again) Jacob: “Oh, dear. I‟m sure they still love each other.” Juliet: (angrily): “Then why are they leaving each other?” Jacob: (compassionately): “Can I ask you something, Juliet?” Juliet: (Looks towards Jacob) Jacob: “Do you know what sacrifice means?” Juliet: “You mean, like giving something up?” Jacob: “Right. Like giving something up. I know you probably don‟t feel like your mom and dad love each other. But they still love you. And they still love your sister, too. And even though their giving up their marriage, they‟ll never give up on you. I‟m sure it was hard for them to tell you how they felt. But believe me, Juliet. Believe me when I say that they still love you. And someday, you‟ll give something up for someone you love, too. And then you‟ll understand what sacrifice truly means.” Juliet: “How did you know I have a sister?” Jacob: “Because I know how much you love her, too.” He smiles, wipes a tear from her cheek, and walks away. Juliet sits alone on the bench, seemingly thinking about what Jacob told her. Last Scene – Jacob is seen sitting by himself staring into the distance. He is on the Island, but not near the statue this time. He seems to be higher up on a plateau. Jacob‟s Enemy walks up towards him. They are both wearing the same garments they were wearing in The Incident. Jacob‟s Enemy sits next to him. Jacob’s Enemy: “How dramatic.” Jacob: (doesn‟t respond) Jacob’s Enemy: “You really believe it‟s going to work this time, don‟t you?” Jacob: “I have faith in them.” Jacob’s Enemy: “Just like you had faith in the others?”

Jacob: (smiles): “You‟ll see that you‟re wrong. I‟ve always known you were. But the only way you’ll know, is for you to see it for yourself.” Jacob’s Enemy: “I don‟t need to see it. But…maybe it will take you to see the failure of your own devices for you to come around eventually. Even then, I doubt you‟ll ever see clearly.” Jacob: “I guess we‟ll both have to wait and see what happens then. Unless, of course, you find that loophole.” Jacob’s Enemy: (smiles) “A pleasure, as always, Jacob.” Jacob‟s Enemy looks in the distance for a second, before walking away again. The camera pans to Jacob, and then slowly pans in the distance, where Flight 815 just crashed. Jacob is overlooking the beach where all the chaos of The Pilot episode is taking place.

The white haze begins to subside. The noise now starts to sound like a voice. Everything begins to clarify. The white haze seems to have been seen from the Point-Of-View of someone. The figures are seen to be people, and one of them is saying something, which is now clear… Voice: “……Jack?” Black screen – L O S T


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