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					                        Fast Lube Start-up Plans
                pening a new fast lube or changing a fast lube’s oper-         All information was supplied by the responding companies.
                ating plan can be a daunting task due to the large             The recent spate of oil company mergers has complicated things,
                number of plans available. Potential operators might        however. Generally, oil companies offer signage agreements to pro-
choose to operate their facilities independently, but that is only one of   spective fast lube operators. In other words, the oil company provides
the many ways in which they might opt to enter the lube industry.           signage and marketing assistance to the lube operator, and in turn the
   Among the variety of other options are franchising, licensing plans,     operator agrees to market the oil company’s product.
signage agreements and turn-key operations. In order to help our               Because of this, and because companies that oversaw some of the
readers better understand some of the options that are available to         most successful programs in the country have become part of other
them, we have assembled the following list of fast lube start-up pro-       companies during the last year, some signage programs have under-
grams. We compiled this list by contacting the top chains listed in the     gone — and continue to undergo — significant changes. That is why
National Oil & Lube News “TOPS in the Fast Lube Industry” listing           regular readers may notice changes to some of the following options.
to find out what options they offer, as well as contacting companies        Rest assured, however, that the listing below is current and up-to-
that offered other options.                                                 date.

ABC SERVICE AMERICA                                                           AMERICAʼS FAST LANE
ABC Service America offers express                                           America’s Fast Lane is a full-serve/flex-
preventative maintenance and minor                                           serve carwash, detail and oil change com-
repair services to motor vehicles                                            pany. America’s Fast Lane was founded
of all classifications, from autos to                                        in 1995 and is based in Oklahoma City,
Class 8 vehicles, including RVs and                                          Oklahoma. Fast Lane currently has two
all commercial vehicles. The com-                                            locations, and has announced the introduc-
pany is headquartered in Faribault,                                          tion of it’s franchise program.
                                                                                                      Fast lube option:
                         Fast lube option:                                                   ˝Franchise oLicense agreement
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement                                                  oSignage agreement oOther
                 oSignage agreement oOther                                                              Territory:
                             Territory:                                                   oInternational ˝National oRegional
            oInternational ˝National oRegional                                  Franchise fee: $30,000 to start up, $15,000 for conversions.
                     Franchise fee: $35,000                                          Average start-up cost: $1,543,000 to $3,992,000
 Average start-up cost: $261,500 to $430,000 plus land/building.                        Royalty percentage required: 2% to 4%
                Royalty percentage required: 6%                                                 Individual qualifications:
                    Individual qualifications:                                                   Net worth of $1,200,000;
  Net worth of $350,000 exclusive of equity in primary residence;                                    $400,000 liquid.
                majority of assets should be liquid.
                                                                                                       Support offered:
                          Support offered:                                   Training: Four-week training at national headquarters.
Training: Five-phase initial training program.                               Equipment: Counsel and supervision of purchase and installation.
Equipment: Counsel and approved list of suppliers, along with                Signage: Supply and make recommendations.
negotiation assistance.                                                      Advertising: Co-op advertising program and local advertising
Signage: Lease for primary exterior logo signage.                            assistance.
Advertising: Two percent of gross receipts contribution to market-           Site selection: Complete site evaluation and site development
ing fund to produce POS materials, advertising and promotional               assistance.
programs.                                                                    Credit cards: All major cards accepted.
Site selection: Provide guidelines and counseling.                           Customer warranty: At center level, variety of options.
Credit cards: All major cards accepted.                                      Building construction: Standard plans and construction assistance.
Customer warranty: Offered.                                                  Financial assistance plan: Third party resources available.
Building construction: Provide prototype construction plans.                 Other: Complete operational manuals and operational support for
                                                                             full service carwash, exterior carwash, detail and oil change busi-
Advantages of ABC Service America plan: ABC Service America                  nesses. Best standards in the industries.
is the only express care center designed specifically to provide
preventative maintenance service for all vehicle classes with a com-         Advantages of Americaʼs Fast Lane plan: Only oil change sys-
prehensive choice of diagnostic and express maintenance options              tem also offering the complete full-serve or flex-serve carwash and
designed to preserve a vehicle’s life and maximize its performance.          detail system. The most comprehensive operational procedures and
                                                                             support in the industries.
               For more information contact:
                      Carl Malecha                                                              For more information contact:
                     ABC Companies                                                                     DeWayne Hill
                     1-800-222-2875                                                                   (405) 844-0768                           
CASTROL NORTH AMERICA                                                    CHEVRONTEXACO
Castrol North America is focused on the independent fast lube’s
need for premium products pack-
                                                                         CHEVRON POWERBUILDER
aged with the quality service, con-
                                                                         Chevron PowerBuilder offers a
venience and knowledge opera-
                                                                         nationwide co-branded fast oil
tors need to run a successful full-
                                                                         change program. There are cur-
service fast lube facility.
                                                                         rently 500+ co-branded Chevron
                          Fast lube option:
                 oFranchise oLicense agreement
                                                                                                  Fast lube option:
                  ˝Signage agreement oOther                                              oFranchise oLicense agreement
                          Territory: N/A
                        Franchise fee: N/A                                                ˝Signage agreement ˝Other
                Royalty percentage required: None
                                                                                                     ˝National oRegional
                                                                                               Franchise fee: None
                             Support offered:
                                                                                        Royalty percentage required: None
Training: Offer comprehensive training program for fast lube tech-
nicians. BP’s computer-based Lube Tech Certification Program
                                                                                                     Support offered:
utilizes a self-study, interactive CD-ROM that assesses a techni-
                                                                         Training: Complete products and applications training is available
cian’s knowledge of lubricants, shop safety, customer service and
                                                                         with videos and manuals covering how to operate a well-run fast
handling of automotive wastes. BP's Synthetic Education Program
                                                                         lube facility, as well as hazardous materials communication and
is a one-hour, Internet-based course that reviews synthetic motor
                                                                         work place safety. A manual is provided to assist in the start-up of
oil and how to effectively trade up consumers. Castrol's Business
                                                                         the owner/operator program.
Improvement Training Series (BITS) offers lube installers a cost-
                                                                         Equipment: Operators have the option to purchase equipment
effective training solution that incorporates video-based modules
                                                                         using preferred suppliers at ChevronTexaco-negotiated rates. Filter
along with a leader's guide and a training handbook for facilitators,
                                                                         and ancillary product program.
learning guides for participants, assessments and evaluation forms,
                                                                         Signage: Standard illuminated exterior building sign valued at up to
and covers training issues that are most important to installers.
                                                                         $500 is provided free to the operator.
Equipment: Equipment loans are available for the storage and dis-
                                                                         Advertising: Cooperative advertising fund, grand opening allow-
pensing of Castrol lubricants. Castrol also maintains alliances with
                                                                         ance, point-of-sale materials, reminder card program, pre-printed
industry-leading suppliers who provide turnkey solutions.
                                                                         newspaper ads and pre-recorded radio scripts that can be custom-
Financial assistance plan: BP offers a wide range of financial
                                                                         ized are all available to the operator along with access to an in-
assistance programs.
                                                                         house agency that specializes in Chevron marketing materials.
Advertising: Promotional allowances permit customers to earn up
                                                                         Site selection: Comprehensive demographics study available.
to 100 percent of costs by featuring and promoting Castrol prod-
                                                                         Credit cards: Operators meeting minimum requirements can par-
ucts. High-impact signage, menu boards and point-of-sale support
                                                                         ticipate in the no-fee Chevron credit card program. The card allows
materials are also available.
                                                                         access to six million Chevron credit cardholders, allowing the oper-
Site selection: BP’s Business Intelligence Studies provide opera-
                                                                         ator free advertising on the monthly credit card statement.
tors with an in-depth understanding of local markets, customers
                                                                         Customer warranty: All Chevron products are warranted against
and competition. Customized reports assist with the development
                                                                         oil-related failures.
of strategic marketing plans, determining site selection and mea-
                                                                         Building construction: Architectural drawings are available upon
suring advertising effectiveness. BP also maintains alliances with
                                                                         request. Complete building blueprints are available at a nominal
industry-leading suppliers who provide turnkey building/construc-
tion solutions.
                                                                         Financial assistance plan: Financing of aboveground lubrication
Customer warranty: Castrol’s Max Pro Limited Warranty Program
                                                                         equipment is offered at attractive rates and convenient payment
protects a customer’s engine for up to 500,000 miles.
                                                                         options provided the operator meets specified requirements.
Other: Build consumer confidence and benefit from carrying Syntec
                                                                         Other: Reminder cards, local expert assistance, the selling power
full-synthetic motor oil in bulk and drums. The Sales Booster is a
                                                                         of the Chevron brand and premium Chevron products.
Mobile Synthetic Dispensing Unit that holds up to 68 gallons of oil
and eliminates the handling of bottles. The Super 30 is a proprietary
                                                                         Advantages of Chevron plan: Chevron provides a cost-effective,
dolly unit that transports 30-gallon drums of Syntec.
                                                                         competitive and easy-to-implement co-branded fast oil change pro-
                                                                         gram. We provide the people, products, promotions and programs
Advantages of Castrol plan: Castrol, a BP Lubricants brand, mar-
                                                                         to be successful for an independent installer.
kets premium lubricants and business-building programs directly
to independent lube operators, service providers, new car dealers
                                                                                           For more information contact:
and leading retailers. Castrol’s leadership brands include: Castrol
                                                                                     Greg Cooper, Lubricants Business Manager
GTX, a premium conventional motor oil; Castrol GTX High-Mileage,
                                                                                            1-800-228-3500 ext. 7171
designed for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles; Castrol GTX
Start Up, formulated to provide superior wear protection during the
critical start-up period; Castrol Syntec Blend, with an added level of           
synthetic protection; Castrol Syntec, a full-synthetic, super-premium
motor oil; as well as our range of commercial transport lubricants
and our successful Super Clean line of specialty products.               TEXACO XPRESS LUBE
                   For more information contact:                         Texaco Xpress Lube offers a fully
                        1-888-CASTROL                                    branded, nationally recognized
                                             and supported fast oil change
                                                                         program without franchise fees. It
                                                                         is one of the most comprehensive
                                                                         branded fast oil change programs in the industry.
                          Fast lube option:                                            Fast lube option:
                oFranchise o License agreement                                oFranchise oLicense agreement
                 ˝Signage agreement oOther                                     ˝Signage agreement oOther
                            Territory:                                                     Territory:
               oInternational˝National oRegional                            ˝International oNational oRegional
                       Franchise fee: None                                          Franchise fee: None
                Royalty percentage required: None                            Average start-up cost: $325,000 for
                                                                                   conventional three-bay,
                            Support offered:                                   $275,000 for modular three-bay.
Training: Comprehensive four-day course to learn the necessary               Royalty percentage required: None
skills to run a successful Texaco Xpress Lube business. Classroom
and on-site. The video (DVD or VHS) training series enables opera-                                  Support offered:
tors to set up a new hire or ongoing training program. The eight-         Training: Operational training offered and administered by CITGO
part series includes job responsibilities from greeter to lower-bay       Petroleum Corp. for managers and technician training.
technician, safety and managing people. It includes a coaches             Equipment: Equipment loan program and key vendor recommen-
guide, workbooks and certification.                                       dations.
Equipment: National account pricing on all equipment and com-             Signage: Exterior image service is provided free of charge for Type
puter POS systems.                                                        A and Type B CITGO and Featured Oil lube facilities.
Signage: Exterior sign package including the main identification          Advertising: Business development fund, grand opening allowance
sign, circle star and individually illuminated channel letter signs. A    and special promotion allowance, tie-in with CITGO national promo-
$1,000 merchandising credit is offered for banners, curb signs, inte-     tions.
rior signs and other point-of-sale merchandising materials.               Site selection: Preliminary evaluation free of charge, full demo-
Advertising: Grand opening, ongoing advertising dollars through           graphic and potential report for $200.
product co-op accruals. Newspaper ads and pre-recorded radio              Credit cards: Provide opportunity to accept CITGO credit card.
ads that can be customized are available from the ChevronTexaco           Customer warranty: Supergard Lifetime Engine Warranty for cus-
Advertising Center, an in-house agency that specializes in advertis-      tomers.
ing. National and local promotions and the TexacoHavoline/Xpress          Building construction: Preliminary conventional plans free of
Lube NASCAR show cars are available. Complete reminder card               charge, full conventional plans $500.
programs are available.                                                   Financial assistance plan: Associated with various national lend-
Site selection: Comprehensive demographic reports along with              ing programs, equipment loan program through CITGO.
local account manager assistance.                                         Other: Income statement software free of charge, filter program
Building construction: Building plans.                                    administered through Champion Laboratories.
Financial assistance plan: A variety of flexible financing plans are
offered.                                                                  Advantages of CITGO Lube plan: Franchise quality program with-
Credit cards: Access to the no-fee Chevron Credit Card program.           out associated franchise costs. Focus on providing business tools
The card allows access to six million Chevron credit cardholders,         and flexibility to build a long-term, profitable business relationship.
allowing the operator advertising on the monthly credit card state-
ments.                                                                                       For more information contact:
Customer warranty: The Havoline Engine Defender Warranty pro-                                Dave Kunkel 1-800-331-5483
gram warrants against oil-related failures and drives brand-loyal                          (wait for dial tone and press 4106)
customers to Texaco Xpress Lubes.                                                        
Other: Mentoring program enables new operators to work side by                             
side with successful Texaco Xpress Lube operators to learn how to
operate a successful business first hand.
                                                                           CONOCOPHILLIPS LUBRICANTS
Advantages of Texaco Xpress Lube plan: Branded program with-
out fees or royalties. It is comprehensive, competitive, cost-effective   ConocoPhillips Lubricants is moving to one image across the
and easy to implement. It features the resources, products, promo-        United States for its lube shop program. The company will utilize
tions, merchandising materials, advertising, software, credit card        the strengths of its four brands by their brand recognition in specific
program, training, warranty and both branded and non-branded              areas and have one look across the United States.
filter and ancillary product programs for an installer to run a suc-
cessful fast lube facility. ChevronTexaco supports a Texaco Xpress              Fast lube option:
Lube Operator Council to provide input and further the program’s                   oFranchise
success. Operators have a password protected website to get up-                oLicense agreement
to-date program, promotion and advertising information. Council            ˝Signage agreement ˝Other
meeting minutes and cut-and-paste logos and art of operator’s                       Territory:
websites are also available.                                                oInternational ˝National
                   For more information contact:                               Franchise fee: None
                       (866) 688-8890 ext. 2                                           Royalty percentage required: None

                                                                                                   Support offered:
                                                                          Training: Two-day schools, training manual and videos.
CITGO PETROLEUM CORP.                                                     Equipment: Assistance in up-front monetary support or volume
CITGO’s Fast Lube program is provided by CITGO for use by their           Signage: Lighted street and exterior building signage and interior sign
independently owned distributor base for their customers. CITGO           package.
is based in Houston, Texas and is a leading refiner, transporter and      Advertising: Co-op advertising based on purchases and grand
marketer of transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals, refined     opening promotions.
waxes, asphalt and other industrial products. CITGO currently has         Site selection: Demographics provided for specific locations for
448 fast lube locations.                                                  a small charge. Pro forma disk available to help determine profit-
ability.                                                               from step-by-step operational procedure to purchase pricing for
Credit cards: Branded credit card                                      products and services.
and programs to support the card.
Customer warranty: 100 percent                                                            For more information contact:
warranty on oil-related problems or fail-                                             Kent Feazell 1-888-945-1771 ext. 153
Building construction: Basic plans avail-                                           Julie Holderfield 1-888-945-1771 ext. 102
Advantages of ConocoPhillips
Lubricants: Highly recognized regional
brands, credit card, competitively priced
quality oil and filters, strong over-all pro-
      For more information contact:                                         MOBIL 1 LUBE EXPRESS
                                                                       Discover the Mobil 1 Lube Express
                                                                       advantage and benefit from an excit-
                                                                       ing business opportunity. Solid Mobil
                                                                       1 Lube Express marketing programs
                                                                       from ExxonMobil provide you with
                                                                       effective tools that can help you to
                                                                       generate growth and expansion.

                                                                                                Fast lube option:
                                                                                       oFranchise oLicense agreement
EXPRESS OIL CHANGE                                                                       ˝Signage agreement ˝Other
                                                                                      oInternational ˝National oRegional
Express Oil Change was founded in 1979                                                        Franchise fee: None
and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. The                                    Average start-up cost: Varies depending on site location,
Express Oil Change franchise, which cur-                                           building construction and number of bays.
rently has 150 locations, is available in the                                         Royalty percentage required: None
Southeast.                                                                 Individual qualifications: Branded Mobil 1 Lube Express.
                                                                         Account’s primary business must be oil changes and the facility
                                                                           must meet branding requirements set forth by ExxonMobil.
                           Fast lube option:
                  ˝Franchise oLicense agreement                                                      Support offered:
                    oSignage agreement oOther                          Training: ExxonMobil gives you access to a wealth of training
                                Territory:                             resources to help grow your business and increase your profitability.
                oInternational oNational   ˝Regional                   Equipment: Equipment program is available.
                      Franchise fee: $27,500                           Signage: Mobil 1 Lube Express signage is required under the pro-
                Royalty percentage required: 5%                        gram.
Individual qualifications: Successful business history, recommend      Advertising: National advertising, national consumer promotions,
                 at least $150,000 in liquid assets.                   and pre-printed newspaper ads that can be customized.
                                                                       Site selection: Resource information on companies that perform
                           Support offered:                            site evaluation services; program funding may be used to offset the
Training: Comprehensive personal training in store operations,         cost of site evaluation.
including technical training, accounting procedures, computers,        Credit cards: ExxonMobil credit card program gives customers the
inventory and labor retention.                                         convenience and flexibility of paying for service with their Exxon
Equipment: Distributor of major equipment companies to allow           or Mobil credit card or another nationally accepted credit or debit
direct purchasing from manufacturer.                                   card.
Signage: Negotiated contract for supply of all signage.                Customer warranty: Lubricants warranty.
Advertising: Your ad money is spent by you on “your” market.           Building construction: Three and four-bay blueprints developed
Site selection: Demographic study for any potential site, as well as   for pit facilities. Builder recommendation available if requested.
personal site investigation.                                           Financial assistance plan: Mobil 1 Lube Express participants can
Credit cards: Negotiated chain-wide fee for all major credit cards.    receive up-front funds.
Customer warranty: At store level; exceeds manufacturer’s war-
ranty.                                                                 Advantages of ExxonMobil plan: Mobil 1 Lube Express can help
Building construction: Signed architectural drawing, as well as        independent installers grow their businesses by enabling them to
negotiated pricing for regional contractors.                           leverage the power of the Mobil 1 brand name.
Financial assistance plan: Support with third party lenders.
Other: One-on-one support and training from corporate staff; fran-                        For more information contact:
chisees have access to all members of the team.                                                 1-800-667-6680
Advantages of Express Oil Change plan: Franchisees receive the
same advantages as corporate stores, which includes everything
                                                                                                   Support offered:
GREASE MONKEY INTERNATIONAL                                             Training: Certification for all services and positions, management
Grease Monkey International was                                         training and safety training.
founded in 1978 and is based in                                         Equipment: Supply and make suggestions.
Denver, Colorado. Grease Monkey                                         Signage: Supply and make suggestions.
currently has 241 locations. The                                        Advertising: National radio, TV and print program; reminder mail
company’s plan is available in the                                      and local advertising assistance.
United States and Mexico.                                               Site selection: Demographic studies and on-site help.
                                                                        Credit cards: Processing arrangements.
                         Fast lube option:                              Customer warranty: Through Pennzoil.
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement                           Building construction: Standard plans and advice.
                  oSignage agreement oOther                             Financial assistance plan: Pennzoil Lube Center Acceptance
                             Territory:                                 Corp.
               ˝International oNational oRegional                       Other: Proprietary point-of-sale system, national fleet accounts.
                     Franchise fee: $30,000
       Average start-up cost: $175,000 cash with a total of             Advantages of Jiffy Lube plan: Largest, most sophisticated sys-
                 $850,000 to include real estate.                       tem.
                Royalty percentage required: 5%
     Individual qualifications: $300,000 minimum net worth,                                   For more information contact:
 business experience desired but no related experience necessary.                                Jiffy Lube Development
                          Support offered:                                       
Training: Two weeks initial training in classroom and lube center,                         
and multiple yearly seminars.
Equipment: Design, purchasing and procurement.
Signage: Design, purchasing and procurement.
Advertising: Complete library of print, radio and TV ads, as well as
direct mail and database marketing with customization available.
Field marketing support to all franchisees.                              KWIK INDUSTRIES
Site selection: Complete market and site specific evaluation, lease/
purchase negotiation.                                                   Kwik Industries, Inc. was founded
Credit cards: Master agreements for all major credit cards, includ-     in 1984 and has completed more
ing national fleet program cards.                                       than 350 Kwik Kar Oil & Lube and
Customer warranty: Variety of options including third-party coverage.   Lube & Tune facilities nationally. Kwik
Building construction: Design drawings, site layout assistance and      Industries, Inc. is based in Dallas, Texas.
project management assistance.
Financial assistance plan: Third party resources available.                                         Fast lube option:
Other: Accounting, point-of-sale system, human resources and                              oFranchise ˝License agreement
business planning.                                                                         oSignage agreement oOther
Advantages of Grease Monkey plan: National franchisor not                               oInternational˝National oRegional
owned by an oil company. Focus on customer needs and services,                                   Franchise fee: $0
not oil sales.                                                                          Average start-up cost: $1,250,000
                   For more information contact:                                       Royalty percentage required: None
                 Beth Benson or Michael Brunetti                           Individual qualifications: Net worth of $150,000 to $200,000,
                 1-800-364-0352 / (303) 308-1660                                  good credit and experience dealing with people.
                                                              Support offered:
                                      Training: Complete training program with full-time trainers on staff.
                                                                        Equipment: Distribute full line of equipment.
                                                                        Signage: Provide complete signage package.
                                                                        Advertising: Co-op advertising program.
                                                                        Site selection: Selected by availability of current demographics;
                                                                        large data base of historical information.
JIFFY LUBE INTERNATIONAL                                                Credit cards: All major credit cards accepted.
                                                                        Customer warranty: Building and equipment for one year.
Jiffy Lube International Inc. was founded in                            Building construction: Primarily brick with concrete drives.
1979 and is based in Houston, Texas. The com-                           Financial assistance plan: Assist in in-house financing and third-
pany currently has 2,254 locations.                                     party financing.

                         Fast lube option:                              Advantages of Kwik Industries, Inc. plan: No franchise fees or
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement                           royalties. Owned and operated by individual owners. Enjoy high
                   oSignage agreement oOther                            rate-of-high volume stores.
               ˝International oNational oRegional                                            For more information contact:
                      Franchise fee: $35,000                                                           Ray Ellis
           Average start-up cost: $214,000 to $273,000                                             (972) 458-9761
                Royalty percentage required: 5%                                         
     Individual qualifications: Net worth of $450,000 without                           
               personal residence, $150,000 liquid.
LUBEPROʼS INTERNATIONAL                                                 business consultant.

LubePro’s International, Inc. was founded in                            Advantages of Oil Can Henryʼs plan: Results; UFOC comparisons
1978 and is based in Cherry Valley, Illinois.                           of average and median sales place Oil Can Henry’s ahead of major
LubePro’s International currently has 40 loca-                          competitors.
tions. The company’s franchise plan is available
in the Midwest.                                                                           For more information contact:
                                                                                               George Steinfurth
                         Fast lube option:                                                  1-800-765-6244 ext. 310
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement                                    
                  oSignage agreement oOther                                         
               oInternational oNational   ˝Regional
                     Franchise fee: $25,000
 Average start-up cost: $217,000 plus cost of land and building.
               Royalty percentage required: 5%
   Individual qualifications: $400,000 net worth, professional           OILSTOP, INC.
            integrity and a strong desire to succeed.
                                                                        OilStop, Inc. was founded in 1988
                          Support offered:                              and is based in Rohnert Park,
Training: Ten days training at an operating service center.             California. The company’s plan is
Equipment: Counsel and supervision of purchase and installation.        available on the West Coast.
Signage: Design.
Advertising: Requisite advertising fund through full service agency.                            Fast lube option:
Site selection: Counseling, analysis and evaluation.                                    ˝Franchise oLicense agreement
Building construction: Architectural drawings and specifications.                         oSignage agreement oOther
Advantages of LubeProʼs plan: Ten-minute drive-through oil and                        oInternational oNational   ˝Regional
lubrication center with a unique 21-point safety maintenance pro-        Franchise fee: $35,000 (new construction); $30,000 (conversion).
gram.                                                                                    Average start-up cost: $50,000
                                                                                       Royalty percentage required: 5%
                   For more information contact:                               Individual qualifications: No experience preferred.
                        Franchise Director                                                   Net worth of $1 million.
                                                                                                    Support offered:
                                                                        Training: Twelve weeks at corporate site for manager. One week
                                                                        each for up to eight staff at our corporate stores.
                                                                        Equipment: Selected equipment package. Proprietary design and
OIL CAN HENRYʼS                                                         Signage: Complete sign packages. Drawings for bids/construction.
                                                                        Advertising: Five percent ad contribution. Produced, purchased
Oil Can Henry’s was founded in 1988 and is                              and placed by franchisees.
based in Portland, Oregon. Oil Can Henry’s cur-                         Site selection: Provide site criteria and demographics. Corporation
rently has 55 locations.                                                must approve site.
                                                                        Credit cards: Provide special credit card processing with very
                         Fast lube option:                              competitive pricing. Also provide oil company card.
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement                           Customer warranty: Satisfaction guaranteed.
                  oSignage agreement oOther                             Building construction: Provide complete set of plans.
                           Territory:                                   Financial assistance plan: Help with financing with banks or Small
               oInternational˝National oRegional                        Business Administration.
                    Franchise fee: $25,000                              Other: Proprietary computer system with sales tracking, labor con-
             Real Estate Assistance Fee: $10,000                        trol, time clock, inventory, etc.
 Average start-up cost: $135,000 to $212,000 depending on size.
              Royalty percentage required: 5.5%                         Advantages of OilStop plan: High level of guest satisfaction. High
                                                                        level of business management and control. The most excellent ser-
                          Support offered:                              vice process and training materials.
Training: Five weeks prior to opening and two weeks opening sup-
port at center.                                                                           For more information contact:
Equipment: Franchisee benefits from purchase contracts negoti-                                     Gary Woo
ated with vendor.                                                                               (707) 586-2047
Signage: National contracts, standard logo and graphics.                         
Advertising: One percent advertising production fund.                                
Site selection: Orchestrate with local brokers and approve all sites.
Credit cards: All major credit cards accepted.
Customer warranty: Review all claims for accuracy and disposi-
Building construction: Turnkey operation.
Financial assistance plan: Available to qualified operators through
alliance with motor oil company.
Other: Unlimited consultation with advertising agency and franchise
                                                                     Equipment: Group discounts.
QUICKCHANGE                                                          Signage: Group discounts.
                                                                     Advertising: On staff expert with 25-plus years experience in
QuickChange was founded in 1997 and is based                         national advertising.
in Cleveland, Ohio. The program is available                         Financial assistance plan: Referrals to lenders.
nationwide and currently has 11 company-owned
facilities and four franchises. Turn-key modular                     Advantages of QuikStop Oil Change plan: Freedom from oil com-
oil change units are also available to independent                   pany obligations and associated high product costs. Experienced
operators.                                                           franchise partners in your business.

                         Fast lube option:                                              For more information contact:
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement                                            QuikStop Franchise Director
                   oSignage agreement oOther                                                   (859) 466-2251
               oInternational  ˝National oRegional
                     Franchise fee: $25,000
                 Average start-up cost: $225,000
                Royalty percentage required: 6%
        Individual qualifications: Ability to invest $250,000         R-ANELL COMMERCIAL STRUCTURES
                   and liquid assets of $75,000.
                                                                     R-Anell Commercial Structures is
                         Support offered:                            based in Denver, North Carolina and
Training: Complete training program.                                 has more than 25 years of experience
Equipment: We sell and install building and equipment.               providing manufactured buildings for
Signage: All signs are specified.                                    the fast lube industry.
Advertising: Part of our training and support.
Site selection: Help with selection and demographics.                                         Fast lube option:
Building construction: We manufacture and sell modular building                      oFranchise oLicense agreement
with state approval.                                                                  oSignage agreement ˝Other
Financial assistance plan: We can help with financing and bank-                                   Territory:
ing needs.                                                                        ˝International oNational oRegional
                                                                                           Franchise fee: None
Advantages of QuickChange plan: More than 20 years of experi-                          Average start-up cost: N/A
ence in fast lube business — 11 operating stores in the Cleveland,                  Royalty percentage required: None
Ohio area and four franchises open.                                                   Individual qualifications: N/A

                   For more information contact:                                             Support offered:
                        Tim LaGanke, Jr.                             Training: Offer comprehensive fast lube operator training program.
                         1-800-745-0863                              Equipment: Fully equipped with everything needed to operate a
                                    fast lube.
                                     Signage: Can provide and install signage for buildings upon cus-
                                                                     tomer request.
                                                                     Customer warranty: One-year warranty, expressed manufacturer’s
                                                                     warranty on equipment.
                                                                     Building construction: Complete building system.

QUIKSTOP OILUBE                                                      Advantages of R-Anell Commercial Structures plan: Complete
                                                                     building system delivered to your site equipped and ready to oper-
QuikStop Oilube is a Kentucky-based                                  ate.
fast lube franchise company with 13
stores located throughout the Midwest.                                                 For more information contact:
QuikStop was founded in 1988, and                                                              George Hough
its program is available in the Midwest                                                       1-800-951-5511
                         Fast lube option:
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement
                  oSignage agreement oOther
               oInternational oNational  ˝Regional
                   Average start-up cost: Varies                     SHELL LUBRICANTS
                      Franchise fee: $15,000
                Royalty percentage required: 4%                      Shell Lubricants offers the
Individual qualifications: Minimum $100,000 liquid assets. Strong    Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change
                            motivation.                              program, as well as a Pennzoil
                                                                     or Quaker State featured pro-
                                                                     gram. Programs are available
                         Support offered:                            nationwide to owners of free-
Training: Experts on staff with more than 50 years experience in     standing bi-level, drive-through type buildings with quick oil change
finance, operations and advertising.                                 services being their primary business.
                         Fast lube option:                               down into national marketing fund equates to 0.5 percent (or 1/2
                 oFranchise oLicense agreement                           percent of sales); the remainder is split between the ADI fund and
                  ˝Signage agreement ˝Other                              local store marketing funds. NOTE: Both the ADI fund and the LSM
                              Territory:                                 fund are used to fund advertising and marketing programs in the
               oInternational  ˝National oRegional                       store’s local market area.
                                                                         Site selection: Site must be approved, help offered with demograph-
                    Average start-up cost: N/A                           ic studies.
                         Franchise fee: N/A                              Credit cards: Accept major branded oil company card and other
                 Royalty percentage required: N/A                        major credit cards.
                          Support offered:                               Customer warranty: Warranty in place offered at all stores in the
Training: Offer technical training on product line, as well as operat-   system.
ing procedures for lube center operation.                                Building construction: Will build to suit and lease to franchisee, or
Equipment: Loaned equipment program available; product pay-              franchisee can build prototype according to provided blueprints.
back funding program, third party financing for acquisitions/ground      Financial assistance plan: Strong relationship with an SBA-
ups.                                                                     approved lender.
Signage: Signage such as “We Feature Pennzoil Products,”                 Other: Strong marketing and support, offer yearly marketing plan
“Pennzoil 10 Minute Oil Change” and “We Feature Quaker State.”           and consistent, on-going training and seminars.
Advertising: Co-op programs available, as well as a substantial          Advantages of SpeeDee plan: Comprehensive professional support
national and local market brand advertising.                             in marketing, operations and financial. Offer all support needed for
Site selection: Assist through demographic analysis, as well as          franchises to be successful.
location data on competitive businesses.
Building construction: Plans available for lube center buildings.                           For more information contact:
Financial assistance plan: Loaned equipment programs, as well                                    Franchising Dept.
as developmental assistance loans.                                                            1-800-451-7461 ext. 219
Advantages of Shell plans: Takes advantage of brand name and
the quality associated with it.

                   For more information contact:
                         David Waterman
                          (713) 546-6915                                 VALVOLINE EXPRESS CARE
                                                  The Valvoline Express Care program is one of
                                                                         the fastest growing quick lube chains in the
                                                                         country. Valvoline currently has 370 Valvoline
                                                                         Express Care locations. The company is
                                                                         based in Lexington, Kentucky.

SPEEDEE OIL CHANGE & TUNE-UP                                                                      Fast lube option:
                                                                                         oFranchise oLicense agreement
SpeeDee Oil Change & Tune-up was                                                           ˝Signage agreement ˝Other
founded in 1980 and is based in                                                                       Territory:
Madisonville, Louisiana. Their fast                                                     oInternational  ˝National oRegional
lube franchising program is avail-                                                               Franchise fee: None
able nationally and internationally.                                          Average start-up cost: Typical of “money down” needed
There are currently 170 SpeeDee Oil                                                            to open a new business.
Change & Tune-up facilities.                                                            Royalty percentage required: None
                                                                         Individual qualifications: Current fast lube operation or some retail
                         Fast lube option:                                                    or automotive experience.
                ˝Franchise oLicense agreement
                   oSignage agreement oOther                                                        Support offered:
                                Territory:                               Training: Five days of operations and marketing consultation free;
               ˝International ˝National ˝Regional                        additional days at $450 each plus expenses.
                        Franchise fee: $30,000                           Equipment: Equipment is loaned at no charge; amount of equip-
      Average start-up cost: $125,000 to $250,000 excluding              ment dollars offered is based on purchases from Valvoline.
                         land, building and site                         Signage: Leased to the operator for $1 per year; operator respon-
                           improvement costs.                            sible for maintenance and insurance.
                  Royalty percentage required: 6%                        Advertising: Marketing programs to attract customers are related
   Individual qualifications: If leasing the land and property, an       to the national advertising done by Valvoline. All purchases of
     available line of credit of $200,000 to $250,000 is needed;         Valvoline and our other brands generate marketing dollars toward
                       if buying the property, an                        these programs.
     available line of credit of $650,000 to $900,000 is needed.         Site selection: Demographics, fast lube, DIY and DIFM indices are
                                                                         available on a limited basis.
                          Support offered:                               Credit cards: Valvoline Express Care does not offer credit card, but
Training: One week management course at corporate office, two-           major credit cards accepted.
week tech training on location, mandatory quarterly training meet-       Customer warranty: A Valvoline engine warranty program can be
ings and regional tech training meetings.                                used.
Equipment: Certain types and qualities required.                         Building construction: Building plans are offered.
Signage: Standard signage required subject to zoning and planning        Financial assistance plan: Qualified applicants with at least
regulations.                                                             $100,000 in liquid assets can be offered mortgage-based lending.
Advertising: Maximum not to exceed 8 percent, currently broken
Advantages of Valvoline Express Care plan: Imaging and a name             VICTORY LANE QUICK OIL CHANGE
which indicates customers can have oil changes plus many services
done in a convenient time frame. The Valvoline Express Care name         Victory Lane Quick Oil Change, was
means quality, premium brands and trust.                                 founded in 1980 and is based
                                                                         in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The com-
                    For more information contact:                        pany currently has 39 units open and
                          1-800-622-6846                                 an additional 25 franchises sold.
                                                                                                  Fast lube option:
                                                                                         ˝Franchise oLicense agreement
                                                                                           oSignage agreement oOther
                                                                                       oInternational     ˝National oRegional
                                                                                                 Franchise Fee: $30,000
VALVOLINE INSTANT OIL CHANGE                                                          Average start-up cost: $137,000 to $149,000
                                                                                           Royalty Percentage required: 6%
Valvoline Instant Oil Change was founded in                               Individual qualifications: Net worth of $450,000 including personal
1986 and is based in Lexington, Kentucky.                                                residence, $150,000 to $200,000 liquid.
Valvoline Instant Oil Change currently has 760                                                      Support offered:
locations. The franchise is available nationally.                        Training: Comprehensive training program for single-unit owners
                                                                         and area franchise owners. Classroom, hands-on and follow-up
                          Fast lube option:                              training at franchisee’s center.
                ˝Franchise ˝License agreement                            Equipment: Discounted equipment rates.
                 ˝Signage agreement oOther                               Signage: Proprietary Victory Lane signage.
                                                                         Advertising: In-house marketing department and agency assis-
                             Territory:                                  tance.
               oInternational  ˝National oRegional                       Site Selection: Demographic site analysis and hands-on site selec-
                      Franchise fee: $30,000                             tion assistance.
          Average start-up cost: $107,750 to $984,500                    Credit Cards: Discounted rates through banking partners.
                Royalty percentage required: 6%                          Customer warranty: Offered.
        Individual qualifications: Net worth of $250,000;                Building construction: Pre-engineered buildings available for our
     $200,000 liquid; basic business and communication skills.           lube centers and carwashes, includes construction drawings and
                           Support offered:                              Financial assistance plan: Financing and leasing plans available
Training: Five weeks training in classroom or in corporate-owned         through approved suppliers/lenders.
stores and two weeks of onsite training; additional training available   Other: Comprehensive pre-engineered buildings (all equipment,
if needed.                                                               computer system and building included). All you need to do is
Equipment: $1 per year lease for lube equipment.                         hire your employees and order your inventory to open. Use buying
Signage: No interest lease for 60 months.                                power to reduce material costs through our suppliers.
Advertising: General system fund designed to build brand aware-
ness.                                                                                       For more information contact:
Site selection: In-market assistance from real estate professionals,                              Derrick Oxender
demographic and regression analysis.                                                               (734) 996-1196
Credit cards: Part of POS system.                                                     
Customer warranty: 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed program                        
helps build trust with customers.
Building construction: Building plans provided and project man-
agement assistance.
Financial assistance plan: Competitive financing through third
Other: Franchise business consultants assigned to help grow
individual’s business. Additional support provided by an assigned
marketing representative and a fleet sales representative.

Advantages of Valvoline Instant Oil Change plan: Premium                       If you offer a fast lube
brand, state-of-the-art operating system, customer service-oriented
business, no automotive experience necessary and many areas still            franchise or other type of
available to be developed.

                    For more information contact:
                                                                             start-up plan and weren’t
                     Valvoline Instant Oil Change
                                                                            listed in this guide, please
                                                                               contact Misty Dolan at
                                                                                    for inclusion in
                                                                                   next year’s list.

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