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					                          Thank You To Our Generous                                                        Thank You To Our Generous                                                   Thank You To Our Generous
                             2010 Hole Sponsors                                                               2010 Hole Sponsors                                                          2010 Hole Sponsors

115 Bourbon Street                       Kevin Casserly                          Evanston Hospital Power Plant           Kleen Air                               Murphy & Miller Inc.                            Rotating Equipment
11th Ward Democratic Party               John Cavaletto                          Evergreen Supply Company                Fred Klinger                            William Nallon                                    Specialists, LLC
200 West Monroe Engineers                 State Representative, 107th District   Exclusive Construction Services, Inc.   Ernie Kowalski                          Navy Pier Engineers and Mechanics               RRS Technologies
230 West Monroe Engineers                CBRE                                    Fanning Communications, Inc.            Kroeschell, Inc.                        Neuco, Inc.                                     Virginia A. Rugai
353 North Clark • Jones Lang LaSalle     Certified Labs                          Patrick Finnegan                        Chuck Kutnar                            Newmark Construction, Inc.                        Alderman, 19th Ward
69 West Washington Engineers             Chem-Aqua, Inc.                         Flood Brothers Disposal                 Dan Lamm                                The Northcott Family                            Sam, Joe, Josie, Joey Jr., Tony,
ABM Engineering Services                 Chester Mental Health and               Gary Forby                              Lawlor's on 111th Street                Pat O'Connor                                      Dominic, Danny and Jeff
ACS General Contractor                     Menard Correctional Centers            State Senator, 59th District           Kevin Lavin                              Alderman, 40th Ward                            Angelo "Skip" Saviano
A. Messe & Sons                          Chicago Airport Resources Enterprise    G&O Thermal Supply Co.                  Coleman LeClair                         O'Donnell's
                                                                                                                         Legacy Professionals, LLP                                                               SDI Security
Abron Industrial Supplies, Inc.          Chicago Port Council                    Bridget Gainer                                                                  Brian O’Donnell                                 Thomas Sewart
Action Mechanical, Inc.                  Choate MH & DD Center &                  Cook County Commissioner               Arthur Lehman                           Brian O'Kane
                                                                                 Agustin G. Garcia                       Richard Lesch                                                                           Peter Silvestri
Affiliated Steam Equipment Co.             Tamms Correctional Center                                                                                             Kevin O'Keefe                                     Cook County Commissioner
Brendan Ahern                            John Cleary                             John George                             Pat Levar                               Colm O'Meara
                                                                                                                           Alderman, 45th Ward                                                                   James Sexton
Air Comfort Corporation                   UIC Chief Engineer                     Glascotts Tavern                                                                Oak Brook Mechanical                              Mayor of Evergreen Park
                                         Judd Clifford                           Glavin SecuritySpecialists              Liberty Fire Equipment, Inc.
Air Products Equipment                                                                                                                                             Services, Inc.                                SIU • Local 399
                                                                                  Brian Canny                            Linc Facility Services
Airways Systems, Inc.                    Damian and Jack Cloney                                                                                                  Oak Forest Hospital Engineers                   Sloan Valve Co.
                                                                                 Global Water Technology, Inc.           LionHeart Engineering
Alert Fire Protection                    Colliers International                                                          Local No. 1 • Boilermakers Union        Olympic Process Piping, Inc.                    David Solski
All Source Industries                                                            Elizabeth Doody Gorman
                                         Columbia Pipe/Spirax Sarco               Cook County Commissioner               Local 281 U.A. Sprinklerfitters Union   One North Wacker                                Southside Tent Rental
Amalgamated Bank of Chicago              Concur Electric Co.                                                             Local 318 • IUOE                          Hines Engineers                               Spikers Bar
                                                                                 Grassy Lake Hunting Club
Anchor Mechanical, Inc.                  Connies Pizza                           Group Benefit Associates                Loyola University Chicago               P&C Mechanical                                  Robert Sroga
Applied Industrial Technologies          The Conrad Chicago Engineers            Grubb & Ellis Management Services         Local 399 Engineers                   Parkway Elevators, Inc.                         Werner Stollmayer
Atlas Sales and Rentals, Inc.            Contech Fire Detection                  The Emil J. Guidice Family              Larry Luszak                            Paschen, Nielson & Associates                   Technikote
Atomatic Mechanical Services             Control Engineering Corp                Keith Guttillo                          Marco Supply Company                    Patten Power Systems                            Toltec Mechanical, Inc.
Mary Ann Bain
Bansley and Kiener, LLP                  Maureen Connolly                        Jason Halack                            Martin Whelan                           Patten/Catepillar Power Systems                 University of Chicago Engineers
                                         Cork & Kerry                            Hard Surface Finishers                  Michael J. Masterson                                                                    UIC – Westside Afternoon
Barlow Mechanical Sales, Inc.                                                                                              Attorney at Law                       Dan Pecka
Behringer Harvard                        Corrigan Financial Services             Hardt Electric, Inc.                                                                                                              Co-Gen Engineers
                                                                                                                         MATCO                                   Jay Phillips
Benchmark Sales and                      Robert Costello                         Harrington's Catering and Deli                                                                                                  United Addison
                                         Coyne Law Offices                                                               MBB Enterprises of Chicago, Inc         Thomas Phillips
  Service of Illinois                                                            Michael Hayden                                                                                                                    Larry Hartwig, Mayor
                                          Personal Injury Attorney                                                       Michael McAuliffe                       John Powrozek                                   US Custom House
Big Muddy, Centralia & Pinkneyville                                              Hennig Gasket & Seals, Inc.               State Senator, 20th District
  Correctional Centers                   Dan Cronin                                                                                                              Matt Radtke                                       Gil Getters
                                          State Senator, 21st District           Hibernian Direct, LLC                   Kevin McClorey                          Randy Ramey
John Bilek                                                                                                                                                                                                       Louis Viverito
                                         Maggie Crotty                           Dennis Hickey                           McCormick Place - North Engineers        State Representative, 55th District              State Senator, 11th District
Blomquist & Co                                                                   SH/MH Hickey
Bobbe & Co.
                                          State Senator, 19th District                                                   McCormick Place                         Ramm Plumbing                                   Kevin Walsh
                                         Cupid Candies                             In Memory of Jack Hickey                Energy Center Engineers               Godfried Ravelingeen and Family
The Boggins Family                                                               Brian Hickey                                                                                                                    Mike Walsh
Bornquist, Inc.                          Matt Dansky                                                                     McCormick Place - Lakeside &            Chris Redden                                    Jeffrey Wasco
                                                                                   Thanks to all Local 399 Members!        Corporate Center Engineers
Mike Bost                                Tom Dart                                                                                                                Pat Redden                                      Water Tower Place Engineers
                                          Cook County Sheriff                    Tim, John and Dennis Hickey             McCormick Place
  State Representative, 115th District                                           Hogan Marren, Ltd.                                                              Reed Construction                               Westside Mechanical Services
John Bradley                             DEMCO, Inc.                                                                       South Engineers And Mechanics         The Reidy Family
                                         Bob Demma                               The Hopmans                                                                                                                     Brian Young
  State Representative, 117th District
                                                                                    Jim, Jay, Brian, Tom & Mike          McCormick Place                         Reliable Contracting
Brookfield Express Car Wash              Thomas Digan                                                                      West Building Engineers                                                               Mike Zalewski
  Bill Klump Owner                                                               Illinois Recovery Group, Inc.                                                     & Equipment Co.                                 Alderman, 23rd Ward
                                         Sean Dillion                            Intercontinental Chicago                Mike McGeehan
Buffalo Wings and Rings                                                                                                  James McLaughlin                        REM Contracting Corp.                           John P. Zielinski
                                         Mark Donovan                               O'Hare Engineers
In Loving Memory of Burt Buratto          UIC Vice Chancellor                                                            Mick McNickols                          Renaissance Chicago Hotel
Ed Burke                                                                         Interstate Batteries of Chicagoland                                               Engineering Department                        Thank You to these Members
                                         Rob, Lyn & Danny Doucet                 IYC - Harrisburg and Murphysboro        Justin McQuillan
  Alderman, 14th Ward                                                                                                                                            Retirement Solution Group                       & Friends for their support:
Butler Chemical Co.                      John Dougherty                          JLS Industries, Inc.                    Mecor, Inc.
                                         DP Systems                              Johnson Controls                        Med-Care Management                     Rex Electric & Technologies                     Jim & Matt Earley
Tom Byrne
  Cook County Judge                      Larry Dunn                              Johnson Pipe & Supply Co.               Timothy Meehan                          John Rice                                       Paul Fichtner
C.F. Taffe Plumbing Co., Inc.            Mike Dzugan                             John O. Jones                           Midway PLB and Conveyor Mechanics        Alderman, 36th Ward                            Friends for Franco
C&W Building Services, Inc.              Bill Earley                              State Senator, 54th District           Midwest Moving & Storage                Rivera Industrial Supplies, Inc.
                                         Ryan Egan                                                                                                                                                               Citizens for Kain
Café Bionda                                                                      Sean Kearney                            Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush            RJB Properties, Inc.
                                         Adam J. Elmer                                                                                                                                                           Midwest Diagnostic Management, LLC
Michael Carey                                                                    The Keaty Family                        Michael Mingey                          Robinson, Lawrence, Vandalia
                                         Emerald Insurance                       Keegan's Pub                                                                      and Graham Correctional Centers               Friends of Marsha Murphy
Carmell Charone Widmer                                                                                                   Joseph Moreno                                                                           Linda Painter
  Moss & Barr                            Emerald Mechanical                      In Memory of Frank X. Kelly               Cook County Commissioner              Kevin & John Roche                               DuPage Forest Preserve Commissioner
Michael Carmody                          EnnisKnupp & Associates                 KEM Environmental Solutions             Mike Moriarity                           In Memory of Mike Roche Sr. & Mike Roche Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dewey Perotti
Carrier & Temperature                    Environmental Systems, Inc.             Nick Kerins                             Mrs. O'Leary’s Dubliner                 Marty Roche                                       President, DuPage County Forest Preserve
  Equipment Corp.                        Joseph Esposito                         Kimball Midwest                         Patrick Murphy                          Rose Paving Company                             Citizens for Dennis Reboletti

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