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					                                                                                        CURRICULUM MAP

           7th English
Grade Level___________ Class__________________                                                                                                                                         Date 12/5/01________
                                                                                                                                                             Prepared By Jennifer Lippert_______________
 *Month or
                                                                                                                  Learning Strategies;                                                                              Model
    Time        *Objectivess; Concepts                                 Skills; Strategies                                                                                 Assessment
                                                                                                                  Resources/Methods                                                                               Academic
1st quarter                                                                                             outlining                                 final copy of written speech, oral presentation
              Writing/speaking: Environmental Speeches research, IMC skills, bibliography, note taking,KWL, peer review, internet, IMC resource material, scavenger hunt,
              Writing: Journal                                                                                 free writing,
                                                              expression, reaction, story ideas, reflecting, responding think-pair-share                    journal entries
                                                        persuasive                                    brainstorming, pre-writing, peer editing,
              Writng: Persuasive Papers- "Should Kids Hunt?", etc.. elements, proofreading, topic sentences, supporting detail, transitions                 final paper, peer interaction in group revision

                                                          vary Scary Story Contest                      webbing, modeling, writing process, computeroral presentation, final paper, rubric w/ rough draft to show peer and self-editing
              Writing/speaking: Creative/Descriptive/Narrative-sentence beginning and structure, figurative language, vivd verbs, story structure, proofreading

              Grammar: Fragment/Run-on sentences                                                          mini-lessons, writing and be able to correct it games, quizzes, tests, writing samples
                                                              To be able to recognize a fragment/run-on sentence in theirmodeling, games, puzzles, cheers

              Literature: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry                                                        literature groups, character charts, modeling, story maps,
                                                                                                                                                             CD cover project(art), chapter
                                                              story elements: setting, character, conflict, cause/effect, figurative language, sequencing, mood, theme class discussion quizzes, final test, in-class assessment of group ac

2nd quarter                                                  research, bibliography, topic sentence, transitions, outlining
              Writing: Informative papers- multi-discipline unit on holidays around the world                                                           final paper and bibliography
                                                                                                            blocking, modeling,IMC, mini-lessons, computer lab, peer review, rubrics
                                                          speaking/performing for a specific audience, oral skills of rate, etc.. peer review, practice time
              Performance: presentation of information found on holiday project- skit, interview, game show, travel show,volume, inflection, etc…
                                                                                                        brainstorming, outline,                           presentation/performance
              Writing: Journal                                                                                 free writing,
                                                              expression, reaction, story ideas, reflecting, responding think-pair-share                    journal entries
                                                                                                         Think-Pair-Share, webbing, writing process
              Writing: Expository: How to/process paper- sequence, order, specific details, transition words, topic sentences                               final paper

              Grammar: parts of speech identification                                                        interjections, conjunctions, and pronouns     quizzes, tests, written samples
                                                              noun, verb, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, puzzles, games, problem solving activities, mini-lessons, cheers,

              Literature: (fantasy) The Hobbit                                                              poetry, reading logs, literature groups, charts, collage webs, comprehension
                                                                                                                                                               maps, of events, game
                                                              elements of fantasy, prediction, story elements- characterization, plot, climax, setting, figurative language,modeling, of major events, quizzes
              Play: A Christmas Carol                                                                       perfom from a written reading
                                                              drama skills, terms, read with expression and acting out scenes and script in class

3rd quarter   Writing: Narrative/Creative- Fables             create fabel with moral, model                                                               completed fabel and rough draft
                                                                                                             modeling, reading fables, mapping, writing process
              Performance: act out written fable                                                                                                      performance of skit
                                                              oral presentation, drama, audience etiquette performance rubric- voice, movement,word choice
              Persuasive/Performance: fairy tale trials                                                      read fairy statements                         mock trial
                                                              debating skills, persuasive skills, arguments, supportivetale and analyze scenario, mock trial
                                                             parts of
              Writing: Expository (letter writing-friendly/business) letter, format, real-life application                                                   finished
                                                                                                             modeling, junk mail review, letters to editor, pen pals, letter to be mailed to a business/friend
              Writing: Journal                                                                                 free write,
                                                              expression, reaction, story ideas, reflecting, responding think-pair-share                    journal entries

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