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					                                                                      Candle Fragrance Guide – Tealights & Votives
     FRUITS & CITRUS                   Strawberry Fields – Standing in                      FLORAL                     Essence of Lavender - Simple,
                                       a field of strawberries, red, ripe and                                          pure and classic. Essential oils are
                                       ready to eat. The scent of this                                                 the essence of this soothing
Agave Nectar - Inspired by the                                                  Bird of Paradise – Luxurious
                                       succulent, fruity fragrance                                                     fragrance, which features a
succulent nectar of the agave                                                   orchids, dahlias, and lotus blossoms
                                       surrounds you.                                                                  pleasing blend of lavender and
cactus, this fruity blend layers                                                combine with citrus fruits.
                                                                                                                       hints of soft florals.
grapefruit, and papaya on a base of
                                       Strawberry Rhubarb –
vanilla.                                                                        Black Orchid – Exotic and
                                       Delicious blend of strawberries and                                             Herbal Mint – Invigorating mint
                                                                                luxurious, this scent takes its
                                       rhubarb spiked with black currant.                                              fragrance has touches of citrus,
Champagne Pear – Delicious                                                      inspiration from the rare and
                                                                                                                       spearmint leaf, bergamot, and moss
fragrance, reminiscent of the                                                   beautiful Black Orchid flower. The
delicate taste of Champagne and        Tangelo Mojito – A juicy                 result is an alluring, enticing
                                                                                                                       for an earthy appeal.
ripe pear notes added.                 combination of orange, lime and          fragrance with a rich floral flavor.
                                       spearmint capture the essence of                                                New Leaf & Aloe – A
                                       this scent, a new twist on the                                                  combination of green notes and
Cherry Orchard – An orchard                                                     Velvet Rose – The scent of
                                       classic Cuban cocktail.                                                         rose blossoms saturated with aloe
of cherries with a hint of vanilla.                                             beautiful rose petals tumbles with
                                                                                                                       vera brings the freshness of a soft
                                                                                geranium, orange and jasmine to
                                       Tuscan Vineyard – Sweet and                                                     summer breeze right into your
Coconut Cove – A tropical blend                                                 bring you a soft, fresh floral scent
                                                                                                                       living space.
                                       succulent concord grapes merge           with an updated appeal.
of pineapple and coconut.
                                       with crushed mulberry, bing
                                       cherries, and a subtle hint of warm                                             Tamboti Safari – Journey to
Country Apple – Mouthwatering                                                   White Gardenia Truffle –
                                       amber to create this mouthwatering                                              Africa where a medley of scents
delicious red apple fragrance.                                                  Gardenia merges with rose and
                                       scent.                                                                          converge to create an exotic elixir.
                                                                                jasmine to create this floral
                                                                                                                       This herbal fragrance has hints of
Grapefruit Fresh – Vibrant,                  EDIBLE & SPICY
                                                                                                                       sweet citrus and light floral notes,
sweet and bursting with juiciness,                                                                                     with touches of amber, cedarwood,
this grapefruit fragrance is a                                                       FRESH & CLEAN                     spice and patchouli.
mouthwatering treat.                   Cinnamon Sticks – Delicious,
                                       spicy cinnamon fragrance hits the        Calm Waters – Cool citrus and          Teakwood & Cardamom –
Honeydew – Dewy greens blend           spot.                                    floral nuances flow together to        Woody blend of teakwood
with honeydew and cantaloupe to                                                 create a scent that washes over you    combines with the spicy flavor of
create a naturally yummy               Coconut Milk Chocolate –                 like a gentle ocean breeze.            the queen of spices, cardamom, and
fragrance.                             Delicious and decadent, this rich                                               just a hint of vanilla and tonka
                                       blend harnesses the mesmerizing          Seaside Mist – Light, airy             bean.
Island Nectar – Freshness is           flavors of coconut, vanilla and of       fragrance with hints of water lily
captured in this crisp, invigorating   course, chocolate.                       and amber is fresh and
mix of fruits and sweet berries,                                                invigorating.
spiked with a hint of vanilla.         French Vanilla – Warm,                                                          ****ALWAYS BURN VOTIVES
                                       comforting aroma with a touch of         Sun Kissed Cotton – This               IN AN APPROPRIATE HOLDER
Mango Tangerine – Exotic               sophistication.                          delicate blend of ozone and lily,      AS PARTYLITE VOTIVES WILL
mango combines with succulent                                                   with a base of sea moss and musk,      COMPLETELY LIQUIFY AS
tangerine and juicy citrus notes for   Tonka Bean – Sweet tonka beans           merges into an off-the-clothesline     THEY BURN!!
a mouthwatering fragrance              combine with vanilla, raw sugar          fresh fragrance created especially
experience.                            cane, lemon peel and musky               for your home.
Mulberry – Sweet mulberries                                                        HERBAL & WOODSY
tumble with a delicate infusion of     Vanilla Peach – Ripe Peaches
citrus and florals.                    and warm vanilla cream combine
                                                                                Bayberry – Traditional bayberry
                                       with light jasmine notes and orange
                                                                                fragrance is subtle and fresh.
Raspberry & Thyme – Fruity             to create a dreamy fragrance.
fusion of raspberry and thyme with
cherry, apple, and mint.