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									                                 Preferred Member Credit Report Price List
                                                       The credit reports listed below are our most popular credit reports.
                                             For a complete listing of reports, please see our website at

    Credit Intelligence ( CI ) Tradeline Reports
NACM-NE CI reports can be purchased according to your company's needs via NACM-NE's website at Our pricing
schedule reflects substantial discounts for those member companies that contribute A/R information and conduct their transactions

Single Report Option (web-based availability only):
                                                       A/R Submittal Method
                                                                      Entered via
    A/R Contributor Type              None             Paper or Fax   NACM-NE
                                                                                             File                 See
       No A/R Submitted              $20.00                n/a            n/a                n/a
     Partial A/R Submittal                                                                                        our
 (min of 5 Tradelines monthly)
                                       n/a               $11.00          $9.00               n/a

  Full A/R Submittal (monthly)         n/a                 n/a            n/a              $7.00               website

Discounted Prepaid Option (web-based availability only):                                                           at
                                       Volume Discounts by Number of
                                           Prepaid Reports Purchased                             
                                        25                           50
    A/R Contributor Type            Contract $          Unit Cost      Contract $         Unit Cost               for
       No A/R Submitted             $475.00              $19.00        $925.00             $18.50
     Partial A/R Submittal                                                                                     sample
                                    $220.00               $8.80        $430.00              $8.60
 (min of 5 Tradelines monthly)
  Full A/R Submittal (monthly)      $170.00               $6.80        $330.00              $6.60
                                                 100                                150
    A/R Contributor Type            Contract $          Unit Cost      Contract $         Unit Cost
       No A/R Submitted            $1,750.00             $17.50       $2,400.00            $16.00
     Partial A/R Submittal
                                    $820.00               $8.20       $1,200.00             $8.00
 (min of 5 Tradelines monthly)
  Full A/R Submittal (monthly)      $620.00               $6.20        $900.00              $6.00 ( OCS )
 NACM-NE has partnered with OCS to provide our members consumer based information needed to make
 an informed credit decision on a commercial transaction. OCS reports can assist in evaluating the
 credit risk associated with proprietorships and partnerships, as well as personal guaranties.

         Consumer Report Products                       Unit Price        Consumer Report Products                      Unit Price
                  TransUnion                              $6.00                      Tri-Bureau
                    Equifax                               $6.00              (all 3 bureaus - Blended)
                                                                                     Tri-Bureau                          $20.00
                 Experian/TRW                             $9.50
                                                                                (Scored & Blended)
                                         Many more OCS reports are available.
                                    See our website for a complete listing of reports

       e8e8e7ca-cc68-4fd9-bdd0-88ace5be5500.xls                              Effective 1/27/04. Prices are subject to change.
     Dun & Bradstreet ( DNB ) Reports
Purchasing Option 1: Purchase reports as you need them with no upfront financial commitment
Pricing below is for our most popular DNB reports purchased individually on the "one-off plan" via the NACM-NE website. This purchasing option is for
companies that generally purchase $200.00 or less of reports monthly. DNB offers recommended reports based upon the credit risk involved in the
particular transaction.

 Risk Level / Order                                                                                                                        Single Report
                                                                    Report / Description
      Amount                                                                                                                                  Option
                          Detailed Payment Info
      Low Risk                                                                                                                                 $19.00
                          Provides Payment details (trade lines) on how a company has been paying as reported to D&B.
                          Credit Profile w/ Rating and Paydex Trends
   Order Size of          Shows company's Credit Payment Summary, current 12 month trend, and Industry Average Payments.
   $3,000 or less         Suit, Lien, Judgment Info
                          Shows suit, lien, judgment, and bankruptcy details.
                          Credit Check Report
   Medium Risk            Provides basic information on a company including (when available) the D&B Rating,                                   $41.00
                          D&B PAYDEX ® Score and payment activity summary, special events and indicator of
                          open public filings in D&B's information base. Also provides a history indicator.
                          Payment Analysis Report (PAR)
                          Provides an in-depth historical analysis of a company's payment performance. Shows how a
                          company paid its bills within the past year as reported to D&B. He Industry PAYDEX ® shows                           $44.00
                          how other companies in the same industry paid their bills. Also provides information on the
                          average bank balances, as well as information on any suits, liens or judgments that may be
   Orders from            present. Includes D&B PAYDEX Score and 90 Day D&B PAYDEX Score.
 $3,001 to $8,000         Credit Scoring Report
                          Predicts the likelihood of a company paying in a delinquent manner (90+ days past terms)
                          during the next 12 months based on the information in D&B's file. Uses statistical models.                           $47.00
                          Assists in accepting or rejecting accounts, adjusting terms or credit limits, or conducting a
                          more extensive review based on the report D&B provides.
                          Includes company's relative ranking among other businesses in the D&B database.
                          Business Information Report (BIR)
                          Helps you perform critical analysis of a business' operations, profitability and stability. Helps
      High Risk           evaluate medium-to-higher risk decisions. Contains in-depth information that can include:                            $74.00
                          financial statements and payment performance data to help you make daily credit decisions,
                          plan sales calls and discover business opportunities.
  Orders Greater          Comprehensive Report
   than $8,000            An informative, in-depth evaluation of a company's financial stability.                                             $105.00
                          Provides data helpful in predicting a company's potential financial stress.

Option 2: Monthly Discount Plan                                                   Option 3: Annual Discount Plan
The Monthly Discount Plan (MDP) offers customers a                                The Annual Discount Plan (ADP) is a program designed for large volume
flexible, “pay-as-you-go” option with a monthly service fee.                      customers. Members make an up-front dollar commitment for purchases in
It combines the buying power of volume purchases with                             the up-coming year and pay an annual fee. The total commitment
the flexibility of monthly payments. Discounts are based                          determines the discount rate. Discounts apply to all purchases of at least
on monthly purchases and can vary from month to month.                            $1,000/year and range from 12% to 41%.
Discounts apply to all purchases greater than
$200.00/month and range from 6.5% to 32.5%.

 Qualifying Monthly       Discount                                                                                            Discount
 Purchases @ List          Earned        Discount Band                               Annual Upfront $ Commitment               Earned      Discount Band
     $200 - $279            6.50%                1                                           $1,000 - $1,759                  12.00%               1
     $280 - $369           13.50%                2                                           $1,760 - $2,669                  18.70%               2
    $370 - $3,729          28.70%                3                                           $2,670 - $4,499                  38.00%               3
   $3,730 - $9,349         29.20%                4                                          $4,500 - $26,669                  38.50%               4
  $9,350 - $37,399         29.80%                5                                          $26,670 - $66,209                 39.00%               5
 $37,400 - $199,999        31.00%                6                                         $66,210 - $260,119                 40.00%               6
      $200,000+            32.50%                7                                       $260,120 - $1,999,999                41.00%               7
                                                                                              $2,000,000+                     Custom     Pricing

        e8e8e7ca-cc68-4fd9-bdd0-88ace5be5500.xls                                              Effective 1/27/04. Prices are subject to change.

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