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Interactive Guide 6-2 ~ by Connie Swiderski

Teachers see iPods as educational tool
Quote from the article:
Using little more than an iPod and a school computer, Gagliolo and her students have been
making podcasts — online radio shows that can be downloaded to an iPod or other portable
MP3 player. Avidly discussing their favorite iPod colors and models while they made
recordings of their poems and book reports the other day, the fifth-graders bubbled with ideas
for future subjects.

"We could read parts of books, to show why we like them. We could do interviews. If there's a
field trip, we could make a recording of it and post it," said Mohamed El-Sayed, 10. "Kids
anywhere will like to hear about us."

New Tools Blogs, Podcasts and Virtual Classrooms - New York Times
Quote from the article:
"In building this product weekly, the kids are incredibly motivated to read, research, write, and
they're telling me they can't wait to get to school," Mr. Sprankle said in an interview for the June
9 episode of "Connect Learning," another podcast (not affiliated with his school). "You can't
just fake it with this show. You've got to own it."

Tell Me a Story - 912005 - School Library Journal
Quote from the article:
"Among the hottest trends going, podcasting lets users download audio files from the Web,
store them on digital music devices, and play them at one’s leisure. Commercial outfits and
chatty bloggers alike are podcasting, and so are progressive educators, like Chauncey, who are
beginning to adopt the communication tool to captivate their students."

Podcasting Craze Comes to K-12 Schools -
Quote from the article:
"Educators are starting to see how podcasting can help hone students’ vocabulary, writing,
editing, public speaking, and presentation skills, said Dan J. Schmit, an instructional-technology
specialist at the University of Nebraska’s college of education. Students can also learn skills that
will be valuable in the working world, such as communication, time management, and problem-
solving, he said."
Listen to Dan Schmit the author of "KidCast: Podcasting in the
Classroom." (Also has a book by the same name.)
For more information from Dan Schmit

Podcasting in Education
Quote from the article:
Podcasting enables educators to use music and recorded audio to enhance learning. The addition
of photos and video to podcasting allows educators to add a wide range of visual content to their
teaching and address even more learning styles.

Professor In Your Pocket
Quoted from the article:
Now course casting lets college students skip classes and download lectures onto their iPods.
Biology rocks! But some parents just don't understand.
The general media has recognized that Podcasting is taking off in education. According to
many, podcasting will be around for a very long time, as part of a new trend in the internet,
where the user is in control of and creator of its content. Educators can bring their students into
this new wave in technology very simply with very little added software/hardware that your
average school already has.

Podcasting: Working Examples
Listed below are some of the examples of student/class podcasts from around the world. I invite
you to take a listen to some of them. As you listen take note of the subject headings and topics
they use, evidence of student research, writing, creativity and quality of oral communication. In
general can you see or hear where the curriculum links are in the podcasts? You will also note
the level of technological expertise put into some of the websites that host the podcasts. Some
are filled with explanations and rich content, while others are direct and simple.

Radio WillowWeb

Willowcast #12

Radio Sandaig

01.Room 208 PODCAST!

Mills Murfee Podcasts

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The Downs FM
British, provides “Show Player” window.

September Newsletter

Grandview Library Third Grade

Grandview Library Storytelling


Room 613 Talk

Ace Kids (Australia)

Room 208

Integrated Technology Podcasts

Speak Up! Elementary Student Podcasts
Writer’s Workshop (not recorded well)

Audio Broadcasting - Middle school students share what their views on poetry via Podcasts.
Links to audio files

Speaking of History – 8th Grade American History

4th Cast - Fourth grade monthly news cast.

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iPods in the Classroom

Learning in Hand: Podcasting
Bring free audio and video content into the classroom—and post content for others to listen to!

Our City Podcast is an audio program for kids and by kids. Students from around the
globe are invited to submit a recording all about the city they live in (with the help of their
teachers or parents).

Lesson Plans
We’ve provided a collection of educator-created lesson plans for you to use as idea starters for
using iPod in your classroom. These wonderful examples come from educators like you, who
are using iPod to enhance their curricula and student performance.

Internet Radio Project exists to provide youth with an accessible internet radio
broadcast opportunity. Support is provided most directly to K-12 and after-school programs, and
secondarily, to independent youth producers. Emphasis is placed upon linking groups of youth
producers to radio station mentors, who can provide advice and media literacy guidance.

Recording Romeo
Music recording software allows students to 'podcast' their study of Shakespeare.

Kidcast: Podcasting in the Classroom

Sharing podcast ideas in the curriculum

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