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					“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant                    [p 190]                                 1

Study Guide Grade 9 English                                 ________________________
           [KEEP this study guide for the whole unit – worth points at the end of the unit.]

Literary Terms: exposition; characterization; complication; symbol; irony

1. Why is Mme. Loisel unhappy when she receives an invitation to an evening

2. How are Mme. Loisel’s dreams realized at the party?


3. At what point does she become aware that the necklace is gone?


4. What excuse does she give her friend for not returning the necklace


5. What does she finally learn about the necklace?


6. The first 6 paragraphs of the story tell about the life Madame Loisel wishes to
   lead and the life she really leads. What details bring out this contrast?

   _________________            ___________________                   ___________________

   _________________            ___________________                   ___________________

7. Mme. Loisel wishes to have an expensive dress for the reception.

   7a. How does her husband react to her wish? _____________________

   7b. What does this incident reveal about the values of Mme. Loisel and of her
“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant        [p 190]                             2

8a. What reason does Mme Loisel give for needing a jewel to go with her dress?

8b. Do you think her concern is reasonable or foolish? _____________

8c. Why does she choose the necklace rather than any of the other pieces of
    jewelry? ___________________

9a. At the reception, what incident shows the contrast between Mme. Loisel’s
   apparent situation in life and her true situation?

9b. What incident contrasts her values with her husband’s values?

9c. After the Loisels leave to go home, what incident suggests a return to her
   true life?

10a. What actions do the Loisels take to replace the necklace?


10b. What qualities of character are revealed by these actions?


10c. Why do you think they do not tell Mme Forestier that they have lost the

11a. How does Mme. Loisel’s character change as a result of the hardships she
   has to endure?

11b. Do you think her values change? Give reasons.

“The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant        [p 190]                         3

12a. “The Necklace” is famous for its surprise ending. How does the surprise
   drive home the story’s theme – the underlying idea about true and false

12b. What does the necklace symbolize? _________________________

13a. What is the author’s attitude toward Mathilde Loisel?


13b. Does his attitude toward her change by the end of the story? Give reasons.