Chengdu New Energy International Summit September 27 30 2010 New Energies new opportunities The future of Energy is decided in Chengdu World Expert by fla46398


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									       Chengdu New Energy International Summit
        September 27-30 2010

         New Energies, new opportunities
      The future of Energy is decided in Chengdu
          World Experts, International Companies,
                      Global Institutions
         in a fair and a B2B focused on developing
                       a cleaner future

China-Spain Renewable Energy Promotion Centre


The development of new energies has been globally recognized as the necessary
way to economic revival, competitiveness accumulation and carbon release re-
duction. In the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (Dec. 2009, Co-
penhagen), Chinese State Council declared its quantitative objective: the unit
GDP-carbon dioxide release ratio will be reduced by 40%~45% till the year of
2020 compared with 2005, promising a new planning on China’s new energy in-
dustry. The next five years will witness unprecedented opportunities in this in-

It’s expected that over 20 Chinese high-rank governmental officials, 300 ex-
perts, more than 400 business executives, delegates from 500 new energy en-
terprises and an audience of about 40 thousand will attend the event, exchang-
ing views under the theme of “New Energies, New Opportunities”, where up-
dated market information, elaborately-built cooperation platforms and robust
policy support will be available.

According to Mr. Li Junfeng, Secretary of Chinese Renewable Energy Industries
Association (CREIA): “The new energy development in Chengdu and Shuangliu
shall attach importance to whole China and the world.”


Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province and its population is 10 million. The
city of Chengdu is a place of charm due to its profound culture, and also a place
of opportunities thanks to the fast development.

Splendid shows at the banquet will offer the guests present a glimpse of the pro-
foundness of the local culture and history in Chengdu.
Sept. 28:

   Opening Ceremony
   Theme Forum on New Energies New Opportunities
   Lunch
   Entrepreneur Forum
   China-ASEAN Seminar on the technological application of New Energy and
     Renewable Energy
   Chengdu-Brandenburg Forum on New Energy & Environmental Technologies
     and Investment
   Wind Energy Technological and Industrial Developing Forum
   Nuclear Power Technological and Industrial Developing Forum
   Welcome Banquet
Sept. 29:

   Promotion of Chengdu New Energy functional zone and Signing Ceremony

            China-Spain B2B meeting on New Energy

   Forum on the Development of Photovoltaic Technologies and Industries
   Forum on the Development of Solar thermal Technologies and Industries
   Lunch
   Smart Grid Industry Development Forum
   Investment & Financing Forum
   Visit to the National New Energy High-tech Industry Base of Chengdu, Si-
  chuan, and the National New Energy Machinery & High-tech Industrialization
  Base of Chengdu: Shuangliu Southwestern Airport City Economic Development
   Reception dinner
China-Spain Promotion Center for Renewable Energies
No 6, Beiertiao, Zhongguancun

For futher information:

China: CRES - Ms. Yan Liu
       Tel. +86 10 8254 7223/Fax. +86 10 8254 7220

España: CSETI – Ms. Esperanza Galan
        Telf. +34 91 5987336 / +34 664740541

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