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Radford High School Class of 1960 Newsletter October 2008- Updated

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									                                     Radford High School Class of 1960
                               Newsletter October 2008- Updated February 2009

This newsletter started out to answer a question that I have been asked by a number of classmates, “Whatever happened to so-and-so?”
As time marches on, our classmates continue to move around. Others have passed on, and I would ask for a moment of silent prayer
(in your own fashion) in their memory. I’ve compiled a new class roster that I sent out separately, and this is an attempt to give a little
detail to peoples’ activity. This newsletter is also posted on the Class of 1960 website hosted by Gary Nuibe and his wife, Lynne.
See address of the website at the end of this letter.

If any of you have new information on any of our classmates, please send it Doug Kinley.

I began the newsletter last year with a summary by Leon Laquihon of the Radford Jubilee held to commemorate the first 50 years
of our alma mater(Radford began in 1957 as students transferred over from Pearl harbor Intermediate (fondly known as PHI, not
to be confused with Pearl Harbor Elementary from our wee years).

This year I begin by saying that plans are beginning for a 50th reunion. Doug Kinley is polling classmates for a preference, a copy
of his email is attached to this newsletter

CHRISTA (AHLO) PAULSON moved to California and raised a family (all the kids now live in Missouri). She lives in San Diego,
and is interested in attending the next reunion. She did say she was going to Maui for vacation in July 2007.

BOO-D ALAPAG ’61, made it to the 50th Jubilee of Radford, and looks good, and Leon reports that Boo-D and Melveen performed
at the event. He has recently been undergoing cancer treatment. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

DAVID AH LOO is reported deceased.

We have no information on FLORENCE AKINA’S whereabouts.

We have no information on MICHAEL ALEXANDER’S whereabouts.

BEN ALEJO is reported deceased.

We have an address and phone number for NORMAN ARAKAKI, but he has not made contact with us.

ELAINE ASATO is reported deceased.

We have no information on FRANCES ASHCRAFT’S whereabouts.

LAVERNE (BAJADALI) CLEMENT is now living in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, but our last email address for her is no longer valid.

BILL BARKLEY now lives in Washington State with his wife, WHA SUN. Bill suffered a serious heart attack in January 2004 and
retired from teaching.

MILES BARNETT now lives in Crestwood, Missouri with his wife, CAROL.

JIM BARROW attended UH and Tulane Law School in New Orleans before he met his wife, JEANNETTE…two boys and 26 years
later…. After 28 years in the Air Force as a JAG (lawyer to those who don’t watch television), he retired as a colonel and went to
work for the Louisiana Supreme Court. He followed his wife’s career to Walla Walla, Washington and was last reported as
Administrative Director of a large Oregon county.

ARTHUR BENEDICTO joined the Army after high school and served in Vietnam. He now lives in Sacramento, California.

BILL BERRIGAN is reported deceased.

BOB BIMSON is the son of the then Aiea Methodist minister. Bob was instrumental in organizing the Aiea Methodist Youth group
that included a number in our class. Bob left Hawaii at end our sophomore year when his parents were reassigned to the mainland.
He now lives in Napa California, spends vacations in Hawaii, and reports on the whereabouts of other classmates.
Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008
RIC BLACKSTEN is living in Northern Virginia. I received a very nice note from him regarding the dedication of the Coach
Velasco plaque, Ric’s memories of him and Ric’s own experiences at Radford.

SHERRY (BLOOM) GONSALVES is reported living in Waipahu.


We have an address for ROBIN BRADLEY in Monroe, WA. See the Class Roster..

We have no information on DIANE BRYANT’S whereabouts.

JAN (BULLARD) DOAK recently retired from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD. CAROL SIMONSEN
CALDWELL reports that Jan has undergone several medical procedures. Jan, our prayers continue with you.

We have no information on JOANNIE BURN’S whereabouts.

We have no information on CAROL BUXBAUM’S whereabouts.

SWEETIE (CABLAY) MOFFATT is a successful businesswoman in her own right. Sweetie owned her own stylish dress shop in
Kaimuki……is passionate about and donates a great deal of volunteer time to the Make A Wish foundation, collects antique silver and
still dances an extraordinary hula. Sweetie is computer illiterate (therefore no email address)…but she makes up for it by staying in


RUSS CARPIO is married to CAROLYN and now living in Vancouver, Washington.

LORETTA CARRISON now lives in Myrtle Beach, SC. She lives near Amy Merz Johnson.

BILL CARVALHO is reported deceased.

ALLAN CHAMIZO is now living in Honolulu.

RAY CHOY is now living in Kaneohe.

BEV (CHU) KINLEY and her husband, DOUG, have recently retired to Mobile, Alabama (see new class roster).

HARRY CLAGG and his wife, Dorothy now living in Prineville, Oregon. However, they have purchased a second home in
Barnstable, MA, the family home. The restoration is taking most of their free time.

DWIGHT COLLEY attended UH and received a PhD in Psychology. He worked for the Secret Service, Chief Psychologist for the
Virginia Penal System, and is now in private practice. Dwight and his wife KIM (and two sons) live in Charlottesville, Virginia.

We have no information on VIVIAN CONCEPCION’S whereabouts.

We have no information on JOYCE COTTLE’S whereabouts.

We have no information on PATSY CRANE’S whereabouts.

LINDA (CRIST) SCHOLL attended the University of Texas and married RUSTY SCHOLL, a Navy pilot. Linda has been teaching
since 1966. She and Rusty retired to Lincoln, TX.

LOUIS “SPARKY” CRUSE attended the 2005 reunion and lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

JUDY CUALES reportedly died of cancer.

JUDY (CURTIS) GRAY married John Gray soon after high school and moved with her husband to Texas. She is last known to live
in Louisiana.
Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008

GARY DAVERSO and his wife TRUDY now live in Dana Point, California. It is reported that the classmates who lived on Hickam
have begun their own reunion. Perhaps someone will forward the details.

JUNE (DEAN) BOYD attended Radford in 1958-59 but then transferred to Long Beach Poly because of her father’s Navy career
(sound familiar?). Since contacting us through the Radford website, she and her husband, Skip, have visited Rodney and Jody
Sandobal. June is listed in the Class Roster.

ROGER DEBEBAR now lives in Mililani.

We have no information on the whereabouts of SHERRON DEITZ.

JACKIE (DE SILVA) KING married, moved to New England and worked at the University of Maine. That email address is no
longer valid, so she may have retired. Does anyone have a new email address?

GERRI (DILLINGER) BROOKING has lived near Atlanta with her husband, ROGER, in a small southern town for over thirty
years and raised five children. Gerri and I have carried on a conversation for many years. She is being treated for a recurrence of a
brain tumor. Gerri, our prayers for a healthy recovery go out to you.

MICHAEL DISTAJO is reported deceased.

DIANNA (DONALDSON) ODEGAARD was last reported living in Cape May, NJ and has found her old picture album so she can
associate names to faces. I do it with the yearbooks that I still have. After the ‘60s in San Francisco, she moved to Alaska for 12
years, on to Hong Kong as a head chef, and now a similar job on the Jersey shore. She has been living in Costa Rica for the last
several years with her boyfriend. She owns a hotel there, and extends an invitation to everyone to visit her. I mentioned that I would
pass the word in the newsletter if she gave me the details.

HAROLD ENANORIA now lives in Honolulu. According to BOO-D ALAPAG, Harold still has a band.

ERNEST ENGANO is married presently living in Norwalk, California. He and his wife previously lived in Las Vegas and are
planning to return there.

SANDY (ERICKSON) MOBERG, a student at Pearl Harbor Intermediate and Radford High School from 1956-58, was recently
found by Rodney & Jody Sandobal. See the Class Roster.

CLYDE ERLEY now living in Olympia, Washington.

We have no information on the whereabouts of TAUMOLOTO FA’APOULI.

We have no information on ANITA FELIMER.

GEORGE FERGE is now reported to live in Kane’ohe. He attended the 2005 reunion and also Lucy’s memorial service. I’m not
sure the address on the Class Roster is updated, but someone of the Reunion Committee has his correct address.

ANDREW FERMAHIN retired recently after a career in the Army. He now lives in Honolulu and practices alternative medicine.
Several classmates have tried to contact him with no results. Does anyone have new contact information?

MELVIN FERREIRA attended Reunion 2000 with his wife, PATRICIA. Melvin now works for the State of Alaska, and lives in
Clear, Alaska.

We have no information on the whereabouts of JOAN FERRON.

VALERIE (FLAU) CARTER is a recent addition to our class roster. She has a number of children and four grandchildren….a
particular interest of mine these days, as I have recently been blessed with a first grandchild. Valerie now lives in Galt, California.
Her contact information is on the updated class roster.

STEVE FLEMING retired from Xerox Corporation and moved to New York City for a while and then on to Waikiki. CATHY
TENNANT NYFELER and I last saw him in June, 2003 when we were back for Radford graduation.
Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008

CAROL SIMONSEN CALDWELL found WAYNE FLENNIKEN in Goliad, Texas…..for you who are not from Texas, that is
almost as sacred as The Alamo. He was a state trooper for several years before getting married. He now ranches in the area and has
raised three boys. He asked about Mike Walker, and by now they may have linked up.

LEONARD FRAMPTON- reported to have enlisted in the Army, served in England where he met a girl and married. SUE MANN
WHEELER has recently corresponded with him. Sue reports that Leonard remains in England married to Diane. He recently retired
and he and Diane are enjoying life.

JAN (FRANZWA) TRENT has moved and is now living in Salem, Oregon. (see new roster).

EDDITE FUJIMOTO reportedly lives in Pearl City.

ANN FUJINAGA is reported deceased.

LARRY GALOLA retired as a Hearing/Decision Review Officer with the US Dept of Veterans Affairs in 2001. He volunteers that
he will help classmates with assistance on VA disability issues. He keeps in contact with Radford happenings through his sister-in-
law, SYLVIAN YOU….and reported on the Radford 50th Jubilee.

We have no information on the whereabouts of SHARLENE GANOTISE.

PATRICK GARDNER is another classmate who has been “found” by Carol Simonsen Caldwell. He was at Radford 1958-1960, but
left for Virginia before graduation. He now lives in The Netherlands where he has his own technical representative business. He is in
the process of obtaining dual citizenship, and looks forward to a 50th Reunion.

STEVE GERONA is reported deceased.

GEORGIA (GONTERMAN) WADE married BILL WADE and was last reported living in the Davis, California area.

TRUDY (GONZADO) VIOLA married in 1961 and lives in Clermont, Florida. She is searching for ANITA FELIMER who was
her maid of honor and was last known living in Maryland.

FRED GOODWIN arrived at Pearl Harbor Intermediate at the end of the 7th grade, attended Radford in 1957-58. He left in May
1958, the end of his/our sophomore year. He was briefly stationed with the Coast Guard on Sand Island in 1962 and retired from the
service after 29 years. He now lives with his wife, Martha, in Port Angeles, WA.

STEVE GRAHOVAC- We have no information on Steve’s whereabouts.

We have no information BETTY GREEN.

NORBERT GRILL is busy traveling back and forth to Hawaii from Carlsbad, California. Seems he and LINDA (QUISON)
FLYNN own rental property in Honolulu and Norbert oversees repairs. They have recently retired to Oceanside, CA…see addresses.

MARGIE HENRY BOWEN reports that KASSIE (GROOMS) THOMPSON passed away in 1993. Her brother, Edward, lives in
Menlo Park, CA.

MARION (HAAS) MARTIN is a college librarian in Las Vegas at the same college where her husband is a professor. Marion and
her family have lived in Las Vegas for the last thirty years. She has two children and 7 grandchildren. She took an 8-day cruise of the
islands several years ago.

NELLIE HAMPSHIRE- We have no information on Nellie’s whereabouts.

BARBARA (HARI) FUJIMOTO was last known to live in Pearl City, but the address is unconfirmed.

TERRY (HARMS) SMITH is married and now lives in Vacaville, California.

WILLIAM HARRIS worked for GTE Space Systems and now lives in Salinas, CA.

Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008
RICHARD HARRISON- Attended Radford in 1957-58, so some of you old timers may remember him. Like Kathy (Low) Harvey
he transferred to Leilehua and then back to the mainland. He retired in 2002 and has begun a new career as an artist, living in Kailua-
Kona. His contact information is in the Class Roster.

Margie Henry Bowen reported that JAMES HARVEY has passed away.

We have no information on the whereabouts of WESLEY HATHAWAY.

MARGIE HENRY BOWEN lives in Inglewood, CA, and has returned to visit Radford in the last year. She is looking for Jean Hill,
a classmate and friend when they lived in San Diego as children. Margie passed on HL Henry’s ’61 address in Long Beach, CA.

We have no information on the whereabouts of SUE HENSON.

JONNIE (HETRICK) FINAN died of cancer in 1999. She was living in the San Diego area near her daughter.

We have no information on the whereabouts of MICHAEL HIATT.

JOHN HIDARO is reported deceased. LARRY GALOLA found this out while attending the 50th Jubilee, and I received an email
from SHERIANNE FRANKS BOREN that John died of cancer in November 2006.

We have no information on the whereabouts of VICTORIA HIGASHI.

We have no information on the whereabouts of JEAN HILL.

We have no information on the whereabouts of RITA HINES.

PAUL HIRATA lives in Aiea and works as an architect. He is interested in receiving information on the 50th

PAT(TIE) (HOUSTON) QUANDT and her husband, Leon live in Springfield, IL, but now have a second house in Florida. Pattie,
REEVES, and PAM HOYT BUTLER just concluded a reunion of Radford Regents at Karen’s in Williamsburg, VA. Pattie also
reports that the Radford cheerleading squad has won the last two state championships and won the 2007 World Cheerleading
Championship in the Small Varsity Division. For those in the Dallas area, the squad will compete at the NCA National
Championships in Dallas over the Christmas holidays.

We have no information on the whereabouts of ANDREA HOWE.

DOUG HOWELL and his wife, Mary, have recently moved to Colorado.

PAM (HOYT) BUTLER has joined the Radford Regent Reunion group that recently met in Williamsburg, VA. Pam lives in the San
Diego area, but was away during the most recent fires. She is watching after her mother and is close enough for granddaughter

PAUL HULGAN lives outside San Antonio, Texas near where ROY SHEETZ lives. Paul retired from the Air Force in 1991 and
now is a civilian employee at Randolph AFB.

ROSEMARIE (IERENEO) ANDERSON died soon after the 2005 reunion. We enjoyed a great time, and our prayers go out to the

LUCY (IKEDA) MOLLOY returned to Hawaii and lived in a condo overlooking Ala Moana Park. Lucy’s husband, Mark, died of
cancer in 2004. Lucy, herself, succumbed to cancer in 2006. A very touching memorial service was attended by a number of
classmates and friends.

We have no information of JACKIE JENNINGS’ whereabouts.

PAT (JOLLY) BOGUE lives in the Boston area and works for the Christian Science Church.

Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008
LIN JONES has lived in Houston, Texas for the most of the time since Radford. He has already made contact with JACK SVAHN.
We have Lin’s contact information on the updated class roster.

ELROD KANOA lives in San Diego.

RICHARD KANOHO lives in Aiea and last was reported working for Sears. ALBERT SALVADOR ‘61 has been in contact with

CLAIRE (KAUAHI) CARVEIRO lives on Kauai. The email address I have is no longer valid. Does anyone have a new one?

JANE KING- We have no information on Jane’s whereabouts, but Carol Caldwell is trying to find her.

RODNEY KINILAU couldn’t make the reunion in September 2001, but he has been spotted by JACK PADUA around the Aiea

DOUG KINLEY and his wife, BEV CHU KINLEY, have recently moved upon retirement. See the Class roster for their new
address and phone number.

We have no information on the whereabouts of CAROLE KREUTTER.

LINDA (KUBA) SHARER and her husband, BRUCE, attended Reunion 2000. Bruce has since died, and Linda lives in the
Sacramento, California area.

DONNA (LANG) EVANS is registered at the Classmates website, but we have heard nothing from her. If any of you were close to
her, you might want to drop her a note.

LEON LAQUIHON retired from the Air Force in 2005. He is now teaching at Leeward College P/T working with the HS school
kids that drop out and are trying to get their GED to go on to college. His last note was a combination of cheering on the Rainbow
Warriors….sorry Lee, but June Jones is now in Dallas….and enjoying the December weather in Hawaii. He also keeps us updated on
Radford’s academic and athletic achievements.

SANDRA LATHIM- We have no information on Sandy’s whereabouts.

TERRY LAWRENCE left Radford after our junior year. He eventually became a dentist and practiced in the San Diego area.
Recently, he moved to the Phoenix area, and has a condo in Kona.

NICK LAYBON entered the Army after high school and eventually moved to the Chicago area. He moved to Iowa and worked for
the state until his recent retirement. He’s been helping his daughter on their farm in Wisconsin….some retirement! He does get in a
lot of golf and Nick and his wife, LEE, attended Reunion 2000.

We have no information on the whereabouts of AGRIPINA LAYCO.

We have no information on the whereabouts of HELEN LEACH.

DAVID LEEDY attended Radford from 1956 through 1958 and graduated from McLean High School in Virginia. He retired in 1987
as a Lt. Colonel after twenty years in the Army. He now has his own telecommunications services business in Jacksonville, FL.

We have no information on the whereabouts of LARRY LIMA.

After graduation, SANDY (LIND) EBERTOWSKI attended school with STEVE FLEMING and BOO-D ALAPAG in Los
Angeles. She retired from IBM and move with her husband, DENNIS, to Grand Junction, Colorado. Sandy is near family and is busy
with garden clubs and other social activities. Dennis is in “hunter’s heaven” in Western Colorado……and takes advantage of it.

EUGENIA (LOPEZ) STENDER lives in Aiea and works in the Food Services Division of Kamehameha Schools.

ED LOSURE passed away in 2003 from cancer.
Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008

KATHY (LOW) HARVEY attended Radford in her junior year, but went on to graduate at Leilehua. She married a man from
Montana who is with United Airlines and has lived in the Bay area for over thirty years.

We have no information on the whereabouts of CLAIRE MAEMOTO.

SUE (MANN) WHEELER attended college in Michigan and now lives in California. She has recently made contact with CAROL
SIMONSEN CALDWELL. She has exchanged correspondence with LEONARD FRAMPTON who is still in England..

We have no information on the whereabouts of JERRY MANNING.

SANDY MASLIN was last seen in the Glendale, California area by LOUIS CRUSE in the early 1960s. If anyone has other
information, please let us know.

BARBARA (MAY) CROSS attended our 2000 reunion, but died of cancer several years ago.

BEV (MAY) DEAL has joined the ranks of classmates who have returned to Hawaii to live. She is now living in Lapahoehoe.

We have no information on the whereabouts of CARLIN MCHENRY.

JAMES MCKINZIE is registered at the website. However, he has not responded to emails to him. Anyone who in
interested in contacting him, might do it through the Classmates site.

We have a new address for PAT MADEIROS CHAVEZ, thanks to Sandy Webb Kekua.

ADAM MEDRANO died in July. He was a retired commercial driving instructor for Leeward College.

We have no information on the whereabouts of LYNELL MELLON.

AMY (MERZ) JOHNSTON moved to Illinois with her family after graduation, went to nursing school, joined the Army, got
married, got out of the Army, had a son, got divorced, went back to school for a Bachelor Degree in Nursing, joined the Army again,
retired from the Army in 1995…and retired again from the state last year. Amy sounds in great spirits and is actively contacting

JUDITH (MEYER) SCHOENROCK was unable to attend Reunion 2000 because of cancer treatment. She and her husband live in
Parker, Colorado. They have a time-share in Las Vegas and were hoping the reunion would be there. Regardless, I hope she can join
us in Hawaii.

JUDY MIDLER was killed in a pedestrian accident in New York City in the 1960s.

We have no information on the whereabouts of PAUL MITCHELL.

We have no information on the whereabouts of VICTOR MOLETA.

THERESA (MOORE) NOBLE and her husband, Hal, continue to make their home in north central West Virginia. She works part-
time and pursues hobbies of needlework and painting. They are active in their church, have four children and eleven grandchildren.

EMMETT MOSSMAN is reported to have died.

CLIFFORD MUKAI attended the 2005 reunion. See the Class roster.

WAYNE NAKAMOTO reportedly lives in Pearl City.

FRANKLIN NAKAMURA was last reported living in Honolulu. However, his last address is not correct. Does anyone have any
new information?

We have no information on the whereabouts of VICTOR NAKASHIMA.

Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008
CAROL NAKATA was living in Aiea, but recent mail has been returned. Does anyone know of her whereabouts?

DENNIS NAKAYAMA is reported deceased.

PETER NAZARCHYK is reported deceased.

PAT (NEBEKER) FOWERS attended Church College and BYU with NANCY (ROONEY) SAMS. She married JERRY
FOWERS, settled down in the Salt Lake City area and raised a family. She attended Reunion 2000 and the “Former Regents”
BUTLER, and KAREN (RASMUSSEN) PEIFER (see the other notes). Pat was still working at a doctor’s office in her last note to

NARCISO NELMEDA lives in Pearl City.

We have no information on the whereabouts of RONALD NISHIDA.

BOB BIMSON reports that RAY NITTA is living in Kekaha, and is an outstanding artist. He taught woodworking at Berkeley High
School for many years. He is now active in the art community on Kauai.

SALLY (NORMAN) McCLARTY left Hawaii at the end of our junior year when her father was transferred to Little Rock,
Arkansas. Sally graduated from the University of Arkansas. After traveling all over the world as an Army brat and after a stint with
American Airlines, she returned to Arkansas, settled down and raised a family. She and her husband now live in Newport.

GARY NUIBE attended the 2000 and 2005 reunions with his wife, LYNNE. They live in Camarillo, California, and he (really
Lynne, I suspect) is the webmaster of the Class of 1960 website. See Links, below.

JIM & CATHY (TENNANT) NYFELER have finally settled down in the Dallas area. This time, the only change in address is to
the email.

We have no information on the whereabouts of CARMEN OBLERO.

RODNEY OKA lives in Aiea.

FLORENCE (OKASODA) TAOGOSHI attended Reunion 2000 and lives in Aiea.

SHIRLEY (OMURA) YEE lives in Honolulu.

NAOMI ONO is reported deceased. This was confirmed by SYLVIAN YOU.

GENE ORNDORFF died within the last two years. Several classmates attended the funeral. Barbara ALLEN ORNDORFF, Class
of 1962, his wife, has asked to stay in touch with the class doings, and I am happy to oblige. Those of you in Houston may know
Barbara, and she lives in the area.

We have no information on the whereabouts of CLARENCE ORTIZ.

We have no information on the whereabouts of KENNETH ORTIZ.

We have no information on the whereabouts of MELVIN OSHIMA.

SUSAN (OUCHI) YOZA lives in Honolulu.

JOHN PACHECO retired after a career in Civil Service at Pearl Harbor where he worked with NOEL KEOHO ‘61. He is now
living in Honolulu with his wife, Lorna, and is very active with his church.

JACK PADUA is a successful businessman in Hawaii and operates his own painting company. ELLEN PELISSERO says it is
harder to get Jack’s time than reservations at California’s famed French Laundry restaurant…which is precisely two years. Jack lives
in Foster Village, right across Salt Lake Boulevard from Radford. He’s proudest of his grandson…..I’m beginning to understand why.

Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008
CINDY PARKER reportedly went to UNC to college, but no current information is available.

STEPHANIE PATTERSON- We have no information on Stephanie’s whereabouts.

MIKE PEI is head of production for the Honolulu Advertiser…..he’s the guy in charge of all the machines, works overnight,
particularly on election night. Loves to travel, avid Asian art collector and recently won the Hawaii state tennis championship for men
in our age group.

MARY (PELLERIN) SNIFFEN was last known living in Honolulu.

CARL PEREZ was living on the Big Island, but his latest address is in Aiea.

NANCY (PERRY) ORTIZ is the bedrock of the Puerto Rican community in Hawaii. She hosts a weekly salsa radio program,
promotes Hispanic culture, and works to help the Spanish-speaking immigrant community in Hawaii. As an independent producer,
she produces several Latin shows each year. Nancy and her husband, JOHN, are also a driving force in organizing our reunions.

We have no recent information on the whereabouts of YVONNE (PESTANA) SILVA.

After 47 years of “not wanting to be found” DAVID PFEIFER was seen by ELLEN ROBINSON PELISSERO on Maui last year.
They were both attending a charity meeting. Ellen introduced herself and David suggested that they meet after the meeting; at the
conclusion of the meeting, David had disappeared again! A co-worker of Ellen said that David sold his Kahului Shell station, made a
bundle, retired, and regularly volunteers around Maui.

SHARON (PHILLIPS) MARICH couldn’t make it to the 2000 Reunion, but she and her family did vacation in Hawaii in 2000.
Sherri attended UH with NOEL SUTHERLAND before she married Mike Marich and moved to New England.

BONNIE (QUIBON) COLLIER has not been heard from by this editor.

LINDA (QUISON) FLYNN has retired to Oceanside, California with NORBERT GRILL.

ELEANOR RACOMA- We have no information on Eleanor’s whereabouts.

KAREN (RASMUSSSEN) PEIFER left Radford after our junior year and graduated in Maryland. She and her husband, Mike, have
just retired and resettled to Williamsburg after living in the DC area all these years. Their recent reunion of the Radford Regents
SANDERS BOWLING was hosted by PAM HOYT BUTLER in San Diego. 2009 will be back in Springfield, IL, and 2010 will be
held in conjunction with the Radford class reunion in Hawaii.

MARTIN RECHSTEINER graduated from UC Berkley and spent a number of years in Europe. He is presently on the faculty of the
University of Utah and lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, VICENCA.

WALLACE REINHARDT- We have no information on Wallace’s whereabouts.

We have no information on SUE ROBERTSON’S whereabouts.

PADUA a great deal of thanks for her continued efforts in organizing our various reunions. After college, Ellen moved to Los
Angeles and was involved in the radio and music industries. Her parents stayed on Maui, and over time, she missed the islands too
much. She returned and has been instrumental in Aloha Week festivities, numerous PBS specials, and Maui politics. She has
returned to Maui where she works for the commission restoring Kahoolawe.

JAIME ROLDAN attended the 40th reunion in September 2000. He hasn’t changed a bit. Still looks the same…and still dances up a

NANCY (ROONEY) SAMS and PAT (NEBEKER) FOWERS attended Church College and BYU together before Nancy returned
to Ohio. Nancy lives with her husband, DON, on a farm in southern Ohio, and deals with maintenance of such a property as well as
raising assorted cats, dogs and other animals. Nancy was a breeder of Golden Doodles, a poodle and Golden Retriever mix, but has
retired for that. She is also recovering from a broken hip. Nancy, our prayers continue with you.
Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008

We have no information on the whereabouts of BLANCHE SAITO.

We have no information on the whereabouts of JEAN SAITO.

NAOMI SAKAI- We have no information on Naomi’s whereabouts.

BERTOLDO SALBOSA lives in Pearl City and is a field service engineer on medical equipment.

SANDY (SANBORN) CHAROS has spent the last 30 years working for Anheuser-Busch as an Accounting Manger in the San Diego
area. and has two grandchildren living close to her. Like a number of us, she has recently retired and will find out how retirement life
works out. She is looking for information on Frances Ashcroft and Rita Hines.

BETH (SANDERS) BOWLING reported that Karen Rasmussen Peifer hosted the regularly scheduled reunion of Radford Regents at
her home in Williamsburg in October. Nancy Tiller Reeves from Georgia, Pat Nebeker Fowers from Utah, Pam Hoyt Butler from
California, Pattie Houston Quandt from Illinois, and Beth from down the road in Portsmouth, VA attended.

RALPH SANDOBAL was able to attend our reunion in 2000. He and RODNEY haven’t changed.

RODNEY SANDOBAL and his wife, JODY, attended Reunion 2000. They now live in Everett, Washington, the same town as
PAUL SIBERT. JUNE DEAN…. who attended Radford in her sophomore and junior years and the Sandobols have recently met up
with each other. Rodney sent along a new email address.

DAVID SANDSTROM and his wife, LORETTA, live in the Denver area.

GEORGE SASAKI lives in Aiea. BOB BIMSON reports that George and his son live in the house he grew up in and cares for
George’s mother. George runs Image Art, a portrait photography studio in Aiea. He has been nominated for several Hokus for his
work on CD covers in Hawaiian recording artists.

JON SEAVEY is reported to have died of cancer.

The daughter of CARMEN (SECHRIST) MORISCH sent along an update. Carmen died in 2006 in Yuma, AZ; her husband passed
away six months previously. She was laid to rest at Diamond Head Memorial Park.

JUDY (SEIJI) MONTGOMERY lives with her husband, STEVE, in Reynolds, Georgia. I just had an interesting conversation with
her and got caught up on thirty years of history. She has run into GERRI DILLINGER BROOKING and has just retired from 30
years of teaching, and is interested in keeping in touch with other classmates. Lucy, Judy said she has pictures of Judy Midler from
elementary and middle school that could have been used in the TV special.

FRED SERSAIN- We have no information on Fred’s whereabouts, although rumor has it that he changed his name.

ROY SHEETZ left after our junior year and graduated from W&L High School in Arlington, Virginia. He went on to Texas A&M
and made a career in the Air Force. He now lives in the San Antonio area.

HARIETT SHIPLEY- We have no information on Hariett’s whereabouts.

FRED SHISHEDO lives in Ewa Beach and married AILEEN KAWAMOTO ’62.

PAUL SIBERT and his wife, LORI, attended Reunion 2000. He has retired and they have moved to Ocala, Florida. See the Class
Roster for new address.

CAROL (SIMONSEN) CALDWELL is my “people finder”. She has tracked down Richard Gardner and Wayne Flenniken in the
past few months….and looking for more. I know she has been in contact with a dozen or so classmates, and she and DOUG
KINLEY are talking about a mini-reunion in the near future. Carol, you continue to be jewel!

We have no information on the whereabouts of MARIETTA SMITH.

BILL SMITH is reported to have served as a fireman in Hawai’i and now lives on the Big Island. We have had no contact with Bill.
Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008

PAT SNIFFEN was located by ELLEN PELISSERO when they were both attending a security meeting on Maui. Pat was on the
mainland for twenty-plus years but came to Maui 18 years ago. He now is the Branch Administrator for the Maui Sheriff’s Office.

BILL SPENCER lives in the Phoenix area and has been in contact with CAROL SIMONSEN CLADWELL. She passed along an
email address for him.

LOREN SPROUSE was last seen by LOUIS CRUSE in Burbank, California in the early 1960s. Louis believes that Loren worked
for Hughes Aerospace at the time.

MARTY (MARTHA STOCKING) BRADSHAW has lived most of her life since high school in Aransas Pass, Texas and operates a
successful real estate company.

ANNETTE SUGUI is registered at, but emails to her at that location are not answered. Does anyone have any

NOEL SUTHERLAND and her husband since 1981, JIM CONTI, lived in Colorado and then near Amarillo, Texas. He was a
nuclear safety engineer for the Dept. of Energy. They are now retired and have returned to Wahiawa to live.

JOHN “JACK” SVAHN attended the University of Washington after high school. He received his law degree and served in the
Reagan administrations in California and Washington. He and his wife, JILL, recently moved to Reno, NV, but maintain a condo on
Kent Island, MD.

VAVALA TAEU- We have no information on Vavala’s whereabouts.

CHARLES TAKAHASHI is reported deceased.

We have no information on VE’A TAUAESE’S whereabouts.

ANN (TEGGE) PENNER lives in Riverside, California near several of her children. She remarried in 2001 and still lives in
Riverside, CA.

FRANKLIN TEJERO served in the Merchant Marine and now lives in the Los Angeles area. The email address I have is no longer
valid. Does anyone have a new one?

CATHY (TENNANT) NYFELER and JIM married in 1961…she certainly is the BETTER half…and proceeded to travel around
the world more that she ever did when her father was in the Navy. She is an expert on how to survive in the “garden spots” of the
world such as Tehran, Kuwait, and Kabul. They now live in the Dallas area.

CARMELLA (THOMAS) WEINTRAUB is a designer in silk and creates someof the most extraordinary silk scarves…many with
an oriental or tropical theme which she attributes to her upbringing in Hawai’i. Carmella and her husband, JOE WEINTRAUB who
is a psychologist, have several children and live in Santa Cruz, California.

CAROLYN (THOMPSON) CARDEN now lives in Colorado Springs.

NANCY (TILLER) REEVES has lived throughout the south since her Radford days and has raised a family. She has helped
organize the subsequent Regent reunions, and recently moved to Rome, GA.

STANLEY TOCHIKI is living in Mililani. We have a new address and email for him and he is interested in the 45th reunion to be
held in Hawaii.

THYRA (TOM) ABRAHAM lives in Corona, California.

GERALDINE (TORADO) ALFAFARA lives in Cypress, California.

We have no information on ABRAHAM TOTTEN’S whereabouts.

Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008
FORREST DENNIS TYREE lives in Bellevue, Washington.

BILL UESUGI retired from the state of California in June, his wife the same month. They still lives in the Bay area.

RALPH UYENTEN still lives in Aiea and sends his regards to all.

JAIME VIDAL lives in San Bruno, California, near BILL UESUGI. Unfortunately, Jaime couldn’t make the Reunion 2000, but
wanted to pass on his regards to NORBERT GRILL. He and Norbert first attended Farrington before transferring to Radford.

We have no information on KARL (BUDDY) VIGIL’S whereabouts.

We have no information on CARL WADE’S whereabouts.

RENE (MAPLES) GARVIN sent along a note from MIKE WALKER’S wife. He joined the Navy after college and spent a career
with the DEA. He retired in Albuquerque. He and his wife, Issie, were looking forward to a relaxing retirement, but his life was cut
short from cancer.

We have no information on JOHN WALL’S whereabouts.

We have no information on SANDY WANN’S whereabouts.

BRENDA (WATSON) SCHOLIN and her husband retired to Georgetown, Texas after a successful real estate career in Austin.

SHARON WATSON lives in the San Diego area and recently retired from San Diego State University.

DANNY WEDDLE lives in the Kansas City area with his wife, JAN. He is semi-retired and works as a jobs coach for special needs
kids…very rewarding and fun.

We have no information on the whereabouts of ALBERT WHITE.

GARY WILCOX is reported deceased.

THOMAS YAMAUCHI is living in Aiea.

RUTH (YANAGISAKO) HICKMAN lives in Mililani and attended Reunion 2000. She sent along a new email…and a report of
rain and wind storms on Oahu last December.

WILLIAM YANO is living in Ewa Beach.

THOMAS YIN lives in Waianae.


CHARLES YOSHIMURA lives in Waipahu.

SYLVIAN YOU retired after 25+ years as a teacher at Athens Elementary School in Waipahu. She now lives in Honolulu.

50TH REUNION- There has been much conversation during and since our last reunion on where to meet in 2010. I know that several
of you hope for the reunion to be held in Las Vegas. No decision has been made, and Doug Kinley is circulating a questionnaire.
Contact him at:
         Doug Kinley
         217 Berwyn Dr. W.
         Mobile, AL 36608
         251 219-4757

Radford High School Class of 1960
Newsletter 2008





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******If anyone has additional information that you want to include in the next edition of this newsletter, please send it on to Doug
Kinley. Also, if anyone has any information on classmates who have not been found, please send that on also.



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