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					An Inspiring Exercise
   English 098: English Fundamentals
         Instructor: Karl Sherlock
   Discuss What Inspires You
Form groups of four and take fifteen minutes to complete the
following tasks:

   One person at a time, describe the last time you were personally inspired. Be
   specific about the event that led you to feel that way. Your source of inspiration can
   be a person, a book you read, a film you saw, an experience you had, etc.

   Next, discuss how this has influenced you in the short- or long-term. What have you
   been inspired to do, think, change, etc.?

   When everyone has talked, discuss what “inspiration” is. Agree on one general
   definition, and select three abstract words that help to define “inspiration” more

   Be prepared to illustrate each of three words with the details (or whole stories) that
   were used by your group to describe their last inspirational experiences.
          An Inspiring Image?
Examine the following image. Do not look for further information
 about it until you have assessed whether or not it inspires you.

              Click the thumb to go on-line for a larger image.
                         The Message
Once you have evaluated your own initial responses to the image,
                 listen to this NPR interview.

                                         Click HERE.

  Based upon the facts that come to light in this interview, what is your reaction? Is it the
                    same or different from before? Why, or why not?

 Which is the most important for this photo’s affect on us, the child in the photo, the photo,
    itself as a work of journalism, or the photographer and his reaction to this? Why?

                                   Additional information:
           The Assignment
Visit your next writing assignment on-line, PARAGRAPHING
                       ASSIGNMENT #3
                     The Homework
                      FOR THE NEXT CLASS MEETING
                       Prepare a reading of both essays,
                "Joe Davis: A Cool Man," Beth Johnson (649)
"A Drunken Ride, a Tragic Aftermath," Theresa Conroy and Christine M. Johnson

                              BRING YOUR BOOK
                   John Langan, English Skills With Readings
                  (or bring xerox copies of both these essays)

         Come prepared to discuss their intended inspirational content.

          Also come with your questions about the next assignment.

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