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Northern California Girls Softball Association


									Northern California Girls Softball Association
                                            Minutes of monthly league meeting
            November 14, 2007 7:00 pm; Mills Middle School, Rancho Cordova
In attendance:
Board of Directors:

 President                                          Rod Borba                            X
 Division Representative - 16u & 14u                Frank Travis
 Division Representative - 12u                      Ryan Gill
 Division Representative - 10u & 8u                 Teresa Brown
 Commissioner                                       Penne & John Sleuter
 Assistant Commissioner/ winterball                 Brett Magorian
 Umpire in Chief                                    Phil Perkins                         X
 Treasurer                                          Rod Borba                            X
 Secretary                                          Rich Lozano                          X

American River          X    Gold Country                 X
Antelope-Highlands           Lincoln                      X
Carmichael              X    Nevada County                X
Colfax                       Placerville
Davis                   X    Pocket                       X
Del Campo               X    Natomas
Dixon                        Rancho Cordova
Five Cities/Colfax      X    Rocklin                      X
Foothill                     Sacramento                   X
Elk Grove               X    Sunrise                      X
Foresthill                   Woodland                     X

Meeting called to order by Rod Borba at 7:10 PM
14 Leagues were present at roll call, a quorum was called.

Minutes: The Minutes for the October 10, 2007 meeting were distributed and considered.
Woodland motioned for approval, seconded by Rocklin…approve unanimously.

Additions to Agenda: None

Guest Presenters: None

GSSA Representative(s): Bill Gubel [GSSA UIC] for Jeff Dubchnasky [GSSA Commissioner]

GSSA Report

Bill reported that the National Meeting was held in Kentucky last month. This year was not a year
in rotation for GSSA to bid for youth tournaments. At the end of December the Western Regional
meeting will be held in Irvine. There should be some developments and information for Jeff to
provide from this meeting. This includes Regions 13, 14 and 15.
Bill reminded everyone that the Olympic Team is coming to the Sacramento Softball Complex on
May 19, 2008. Sacramento ASA members (Norcal member leagues) will be able to get tickets at
a discounted rate. The full price of tickets has not yet been determined but, it will be somewhere
in the area of $25 each. The event will include a batting practice demonstration, an autograph
session and one game against the Sacramento Area All Stars. Tickets will be available to
leagues beginning January 1, 2008. If you are interested in assisting as a volunteer, please feel
free to contact Jeff.

Bill stated that he really would like to see the league UIC’s become trainers of their own league
umpires. He said there will be several opportunities for UIC train the trainer seminars this spring.
There was a discussion about having an Umpire In Chief clinic (3 hour block) at the Rec. Ball
                    th    th
Conference Jan 5 & 6

Dates set up for clinics are as follows:

Regional Clinic in Fairfield, CA 01/19/08 …Rules Clinic
ASA National School in Dublin, CA 02/15/08 – 02/17/08
Youth Umpire Clinic at La Sierra Community center 02/23/08

Elk Grove will bring a date for a south Norcal Umpire Training to the next meeting.

All Umpire Training dates and locations can be found on the GSSA web site at

UIC Report
Phil reiterated Bill Gubel's position on training umpires and UIC’s. He also added that Rocklin will
be hosting two umpire clinics this year as follows:

03/02/08..Indoor Clinic 3:30PM – 6:00 PM (Tentative)
03/09/08..Field Clinic1:30PM – 4:00PM at Lone Tree Park.

Again… All Umpire Training dates and locations can be found on the GSSA web site at

President Report / Treasurer Report – Rod Borba

Rod distributed the monthly financial statement. It looks like Winterball will be in the “Black” this
year. There was enough money made at the gate to cover the cost over runs from the
Lollapalooza Tournament. Brett and Cortney are out of town on vacation so the final numbers
could not be run.

Rod stated that it looks like we will have to increase the dues for member leagues’ membership
fees for this year. The fees have not been raised since 1999. Rod stated we may have to raise
the fees $100 per league this year. Rod asked Leagues to take the idea back to their Boards for

Pocket stated they would like the increase to include a flat fee per league plus $1 per player. Elk
grove objected. More discussion on this topic will take place next meeting.

Rod stated that Five cities and Colfax are going to be requesting a merger. Rod said that many
leagues are losing volunteers and this merger concept will probably be more common as we
move forward because leagues are loosing players and volunteers. Steve hall from Colfax
presented the rationale for the merger. Rod asked Steve to put together a formal proposal for
boundaries and bring it to the next meeting. There would have to be a vote of approval from
Norcal and another approval from Jeff Dubchnasky (GSSA Commissioner).
Rod further stated that he met with a group from Natomas girls Softball who were considering
moving to Little League girls Softball. Rod stated he told them that Little League does not provide
a robust program like ASA/Norcal and told them he would like to further meet with them to assist
in the discussions. The reason they are considering a merger with the existing little League
organization is that they doe not have the volunteers the once had. Rod said there was one
gentleman in particular present at the meeting who was willing to help keep the league going.

Road asked Nevada County to make a report on the status of their league. It was reported that
they have a full Board and Jennifer Ulatowski id the President. Their field situation is good as
they are working with the local high school for fields. They are in good shape and their new web
site is .
Commissioner Report – Penne Sleuter
No Report

Winterball Report- Rod Borba

Rod mentioned the following and discussion was held on each:

8U Winterball rules need to be decided
Possible increase in Winterball umpire fees to $30 / game.
There were issues with teams adding players that did not play in the Lollapalooza
Tournament…This was an issue that has to be addressed for next year.

New Business:
No Report

Old Business:
No Report

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:50PM.

The next meeting will be on December 12, 2007.

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