; Last Minute Guide for Vacations to Roseville
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Last Minute Guide for Vacations to Roseville


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 Last Minute Guide for Vacations to Roseville                                                                         OWNE
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Check out our free interactive Roseville vacation guide and discover Roseville's biggest attractions, best       enquiries! - En
restaurants and much more. If you've visited Roseville before tell us your vacation tips and help other
travellers enjoy great vacations in Roseville.
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    ROSEVILLE LOCAL HISTORY                                                                                      Paradise
 The rolling hills and grasslands of what is today South Placer County, was home to the Maidu Indians
 for more than 500 years, before the discovery of gold in 1849. In 1864, track-laying crews pushed
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 eastwards from Sacremento across the plains to build the nations first intercontinental railroad. On the
 site of present-day Roseville, the rail of the Central Pacific, intersected with the California line and this
 place became known as the Junction. A small freight and passenger centre, called Roseville,
 developed from this.

 For the next couple of years, Roseville remained a small railroad shipping point, but in 1908, the
 railroad roundhouse and repair facilities moved here and almost overnight, the small, quiet village grew
 into a bustling town. It has continued to develop until it became Placer County's largest and most
 important city.

    ROSEVILLE ATTRACTIONS                                                       Add your favourite attraction

 The Maidu Interpretive Centre and Historic Site - Guided tours of an ancient Nisenan ( southern
 Maidu) village site, featuring over 300 bedrock mortars, petroglyphs (rock art) and evidence of

http://www.travel-library.com/holidays/north_america/usa/california/roseville/                                     10/7/2005
Roseville Vacations - Last Minute Guide for Vacations to Roseville                                          Page 2 of 3

 thousands of years of occupation of the Maidu Indians can be experienced. Whether you enjoy the
 educational programme, hike the nature trail or enjoy the cultural demostrations, this site offers a
 balance of nature and the ancient wisdom of an ancient culture.

 Roseville Telephone Museum - Filled with over 100 years of telephone history and technology, the
 museum offers vistors a look at how their grandparents communciated and how technology has
 enhanced the ways of communication.

 Carneige Museum - Housed in Roseville's first permanent library, it was constructed in 1912 by
 Lincoln-made brick, Rocklin-granite and Roseville's labour. The museum provides a historical walking
 tour of historic Roseville and has exhibits, photographs and stories of Roseville's past.

   ROSEVILLE RESTAURANTS                                                   Add your favourite restaurant

 A dash of Panache - 217 Vernon Str. It is a dynamic establishment that involves a variety of friendship
 services that include, Women's Brunches, Lunches and Teas at the Friendship Café and the Family
 Icecream and Refreshment Parlour serving homemade icecream, coffee beverages, smoothies and
 baked goods.

 Saigon Bistro - 701 Sunrise Ave. Offering authentic Vietnamese and Thai food adventure with the
 flavours of the Far East. Some menu items include bird nest seafood, egg rolls or spring rolls, noodle
 soup and orange chicken.

 Roundhouse Deli - 604 Church Str. Locally owned and operated serving delicious sandwiches and
 salads using fresh ingredients daily. Hot sandwiches include chicken, melts, dips, Carne Asada to cold
 sandwiches of fish, BLT, tuna or build your own sandwich.

   ROSEVILLE PARKS & GARDENS                                           Add your favourite park & garden

 Cambria Park - this three acre neighbourhood park includes two separate children's play areas, two
 half-basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, open informal play areas and a walkway trail around the
 perimeter of the park.

 James A Hall Park - this five acre park includes a two acre Oak woodland preserve area. It has a
 picnic area, play equipment and a large open, informal playing area, or just enjoy a stroll amongst the


                       Fairfield Inn Roseville Galleria Mall Taylor Road
        Rating: 4      Best Western Roseville Inn
                       Courtyard by Marriott Taylor Rd
                       Extended StayAmerica
                       Fairfield Inn by Marriott
                       Heritage Inn
                       Hilton Garden Inn
                       Larkspur Landing
                       Residence Inn by Marriott
                       Courtyard by Marriott Creekside Ridge Court
                       Homewood Suites
                       Oakwood at Rosemeade
                       Oakwood Roseville
                       Oxford Suites

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   ROSEVILLE USEFUL WEBSITES                                                Recommend a useful website

 www.roseville.ca.us - the city's official website.

http://www.travel-library.com/holidays/north_america/usa/california/roseville/                               10/7/2005
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