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 l a Is ....                       The Motivating Young Minds Series

CIN SESSION!   By Vincent T. “Mr. Speaker” Edwards
   Take your students on a journey
                                                              Partial Client List
   beyond the books ... help them reach their                  * Amos P. Godby High School
   desitination of success! With the all-new Motivating         * C. K. Steele Middle School
   Minds Series Vincent T. Edwards (motivational and            * Florida A & M University
   inspirational speaker) will motivate your students             Developmental Research
   with real-world scenarios, modern commentary and             * James S. Rickards High
   inspirational direction that will last them a life time.      School
   Give your students access to educational keys that           * Oasis Enrichment Academy
   will unlock their dreams and aspirations and open the        * R.Frank Nims Middle School
   doors to educational achievernent and career success.        * Sakkara Youth Institute
   From high school seniors to middle school students,          * Swift Creek Middle School
   Edwards has something for everyone - even teachers           * Young Black Male Discovery
   and administrators!

                            “Mr. Edwards engaged individual students to
                            participate with him as he presented certain points.
                            By using personal experiences, students were able
                            to get a vivid picture of the importance of striving
                            in spite of adversity.”

                            Carolyn Dixon
                            Assistant Principal
                            James S. Rickards High School

“If you desire your youth to achieve more, and to excel to greater heights, I would highly recommend
   that you contract with Vincent T. Edwards to visit your organization and deliver a knowledge-
         packed and memorable motivational presentation. The investment is well worth it.”

                              L. Stoney Ferrell-Program Coordinator
                                 Youth Crime Prevention Program
                                  Tallahassee Urban League, Inc.

                Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, Columnist,
                                Professional Keynote Speaker

                                     Booking Information:
                                 Williams Management, Inc.
                                     Phone | 850.671.3900
                              Email |

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