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									FY 2011 Strategic Social Media Plan
                          July 13, 2010
             WTT Social Media Strategies

1. Facilitate/Encourage

  Influence travel decisions in social
  channels by communicating various
  aspects of Wyoming – Forever West by
  facilitating and encouraging the exchange
  of information among consumers, media
  and influencers about reasons to visit, and
  things to see and do.
             WTT Social Media Strategies

2. Engage/Provide

  Become a “trusted” voice in social
  channels engaging consumers, media,
  residents and influencers in discussion by
  providing answers to questions and
  directing them to additional information
  they need to plan their visits.
            WTT Social Media Strategies

3. Push/Feed

  Highlight special offers/deals, featured
  events and “articles of interest” by
  originating and feeding information into
  social channels and directing consumers,
  media and influencers to more content on
             WTT Social Media Strategies

4. Monitor/Assess

  Continue to monitor key metrics (volume,
  intensity, channel and sentiment) across
  various social media channels using
  periodic audits to assess progress and
  determine new directions.
                                   Plan Overview

1.  Low-hanging Fruit
  Recommendations that can be executed immediately

2.  Key Objectives
  Core program recommendations

3.  Promotions
  Partner- or campaign-specific recommendations

4.  Facebook & Twitter
  Specific recommendations for enhancing Facebook
  and Twitter properties

5.  Long-term
  Recommendations beyond December 2010
                                        Plan Timeline

                                          Oct –   Jan –
                     July   Aug   Sep
                                          Dec     June

Low-hanging Fruit

Key Objectives


Facebook & Twitter

                                     Low-hanging Fruit

1.  Expand usage of links in social media
    channels and posts to drive traffic to and other marketing
    registration sites (e.g., e-newsletter)
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism
     a.  Whenever possible, add WTT and partner links to every post
     b.  Always try to add a WTT-specific link, but remember that
         accurate and helpful information is best. Be a resource, first
         and foremost!
     c.  Begin building a comprehensive link database – categorized by
         topic (e.g., traveling with kids, Yellowstone lodging
         recommendations, etc.) – for easy link inclusions
     d. Encourage partners to include WTT-specific links in their posts
         and to share a list of topic-specific links with WTT
     e.  Use consistent link shortener (e.g. Bitly or HootSuite’s
         shortener) for tracking purposes
                                     Low-hanging Fruit

2.  Develop a tourism-specific section on
     a.  Develop copy for site, including subheads and links to WTT
         and other third-party sites

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Weaver
     a.  Register as an approved Wikipedia contributor and submit
         new tourism-specific content
     b.  Set a calendar reminder to check Wikipedia on a monthly
         basis to ensure content is always accurate and relevant
     c.  As new content is developed and events take place, update
         section with fresh links, content and news
                                     Low-hanging Fruit

3.  Post announcements of new campaigns,
    brochures or photos on all social media
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart/Weaver
     a.  Whenever a new brochure or advertising campaign is
         unveiled, share photos or content via social media sites
     b.  Encourage those travelers who submitted their stories and
         are profiled to share news about the new brochures via their
         own personal social media channels
     c.  Encourage partners, especially if they’re included in the
         campaign or brochure, to share the news via their own
         personal social media channels
     d. For brochures, be sure to include links to information about
         how to obtain a copy
                                       Low-hanging Fruit

4.  Merge Facebook properties into single
    corporate page
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism
     a. = personal profile
     b. = corporate page
     c.  Conduct a quick audit of both properties to determine
         specific differences and evaluate what needs to be moved
         from personal profile to corporate page
     d. Develop a tourism-specific HTML tab and designate as first-
         sight preference (not required before merger takes place)
     e.  Set an official merger date and begin mentioning it regularly
         on personal profile during two weeks leading up to merger.
         Be sure to include link to corporate page to help drive traffic
         and fan membership.
     f.  Host a daily “fan drive” contest to help build momentum for
         new “post-merger” property (contest could simply include
         daily trivia challenges and a partner giveaway)
                                    Low-hanging Fruit

4.  Merge Facebook properties into single
    corporate page (cont’d)
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism
     g.  One week prior to official merger date, send a message to
         friends of personal profile page and alert them of upcoming
         merger. Be sure to include link to corporate page.
     h.  On official merger date, send another message to friends
         alerting them of the merger; post news on personal profile
         wall as well
     i.  On day of official merger, post a “Welcome Friends” wall
         post on corporate page
     j.  For two to three weeks following merger, check back on
         personal profile page for any friend activity. Respond back
         to each post letting friends know that personal page will
         soon be deactivated and to visit corporate page.
     k.  Deactivate personal profile three to four weeks
         after merger
                                       Low-hanging Fruit

5.  Update YouTube channels with current
     a.  Upload videos
     b.  If available, upload old TV spots that have a “retro” feel
         to them

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism
     a.  Upload videos from Mike, but be mindful of quality
     b.  Via other social media channels, encourage travelers to
         view WTT videos and to upload their own travel videos to
         WTT YouTube site
     c.  Purchase a Flip cam and begin filming and uploading “Day
         in the Life” content (e.g., day in the life of a cowboy, day in
         the life of a park ranger). Encourage partners to do the
     d.  Film Wyoming tourism events (e.g., rodeos, parades) and
         post to YouTube site
                                               Low-hanging Fruit

                      Facilitate/ Engage/        Push/     Monitor/ Hours
                      Encourage Provide          Feed      Assess Estimate

                                                                           1-2 hrs/
1) Expand Links                                                          week

                                                                       12 hrs up
2) Wikipedia                                                         front + 3/

3) Brochures                                                             6/month

4) Merge Facebook                                                   25-35 flat

                                                                       12-18 up
5) Update YouTube                                                   front + 6/

   Note: Hours estimates are based on execution by person with a general
   understanding of social media
               Key Objectives (Core Activities)
1.  Define brand voice and stay true to that
    voice across all social media channels
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart/Weaver
     a.  Develop a personality profile for WTT’s social media voice,
         including tone, purpose and general personality traits
     b.  In order to help ensure consistency across all social media
         channels, develop a brand standards guide for social media
         with examples of tone and content type for each social
         medium; distribute brand standards guide to all WTT social
         media and marketing staff
     c.  Conduct regular audits of social media channels to ensure
         brand consistency
               Key Objectives (Core Activities)
2.  Engage with travel information seekers
    through forum and blog discussions
     a.  Identify relevant forums – including industry-specific ones –
         and regularly engage in the discussions

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Weaver/Barnhart
     a.  Working with Weaver, expand blog activity by identifying
         and reaching out to audience-specific influencers (e.g.,
         mommy bloggers, amateur photographers, travel writers)
         and inviting them to be guest bloggers
     b.  Working with Weaver, develop a blog editorial calendar to
         ensure coordination with Weaver content, guest bloggers,
         event-related posts and other general posts
     c.  Beef up WTT’s blogroll with links to audience-specific blogs
     d.  Working with Barnhart and Weaver, conduct regular blog
         searches and engage with bloggers and blog readers
         as appropriate
               Key Objectives (Core Activities)
3.  Be socially active with deals, specials and
    other relevant activities and promotions
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart
     a.  “Socialize” all specials, promos and marketing events (e.g.,
         new marketing campaign) by tweeting about them,
         mentioning them on Facebook, posting associated videos
         on YouTube and blogging about them; encourage fans and
         followers to do the same
     b.  Create a specific “Deals” HTML tab on Facebook
     c.  Conduct outreach to all travel and industry-specific
         bloggers highlighting special deals and marketing
     d.  Work with industry partners to develop specials and deals
     e.  In order to help manage the process, develop a promo
         window calendar with accompanying online content (e.g.,
         tweets, blog posts, wall posts, etc.)
                Key Objectives (Core Activities)
4.  Leverage Film Office assets to generate
    awareness and contest participation
     a.  Conduct audit of social media activities for competitor state
         film offices

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart
     a.  Post all relevant Film Office content to YouTube, Facebook
         and other social mediums
     b.  Highlight Film Office activities across all WTT social media
         i.    Host a Film Office trivia day each week on Facebook and
               Twitter (e.g., What 1970’s sci-fi was filmed in Wyoming?)
     c.  Reach out to film-specific bloggers and invite them to be
         guest bloggers and/or to add content to WTT social media
               Key Objectives (Core Activities)
5.  Identify and engage popular international
    tour groups via social media
     a.  Identify relevant groups and organizations for WTT to
         engage with through social media (consult with James
         Scoon for input and recommendations)

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart
     a.  Like/follow all relevant tour groups (e.g., Rocky Mountain
         Travel, American Tour and Travel)
     b.  Engage with groups online, monitor Wyoming-related
         discussions and act as a resource whenever possible
                      Key Objectives (Core Activities)
                       Facilitate/   Engage/       Push/     Monitor/     Hours
                       Encourage     Provide       Feed      Assess      Estimate

                                                                         25-35 up
1) Define Voice                          
                                                                         front + 1/

                                                                        8 up front +
2) Forums & Blogs                                                       25-35/

                                                                        12 up front
3) Socialize Deals                                                     (tab) + 12/

                                                                        12 up front
4) Film Office                                                        + 6/month

                                                                        6 up front +
5) International                                                        6/month

     Note: Hours estimates are based on execution by person with a general
     understanding of social media
1.  Partner with TripAdvisor or Fodor’s to host
    a WTT-branded forum or contest
     a.  Reach out to TripAdvisor and Fodor’s to gather information
         and cost for program(s)
     b.  Help WTT cross promote program on all social media
     c.  Manage program as part of 2011 spring online initiatives
2.  Host “One More Day in Wyoming” campaign
    to highlight one-day excursions and
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart
     a.  Conduct a Facebook and Twitter poll asking followers and
         fans to name their favorite one-day excursions
     b.  Develop a “One More Day in Wyoming” HTML tab for
     c.  Work with industry partners to develop specials, giveaways
         and contests (WTT)
     d.  Develop a one-month campaign calendar that plots social
         media activities for each week
         i.    Blog post highlighting top five one-day excursions
         ii.  #TravelTuesday Twitter trivia contests
         iii.  Guest blog post highlighting specific activity (e.g., fly-fishing
               Green River Lakes)
3.  Develop a “Beyond the Parks” social media
    campaign encouraging visitors to explore
    areas outside national parks
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart
     a.  Conduct a Facebook and Twitter poll asking followers and
         fans to name their favorite Wyoming destination outside of
         main park attractions (i.e., Wyoming’s best kept secret)
     b.  Work with industry partners to develop specials, giveaways
         and contests (WTT)
     c.  Develop an online event calendar that highlights events not
         related to the parks (e.g., rodeos, concerts, festivals); this
         calendar could be included on a branded HTML tab
     d.  Plan a series of blog posts that highlight Wyoming’s best
         kept secrets (e.g., Green River Lakes, Pinedale, Cody
         Rodeo, etc.)
                        Facilitate/ Engage/         Push/      Monitor/       Hours
                        Encourage Provide           Feed       Assess        Estimate

1) Forum Partnership                                                      50-75 flat

2) One More Day                                                            50-75 flat

3) Beyond the Parks                                                        50-75 flat

     Note: Hours estimates are based on execution by person with a general
     understanding of social media
                                    Facebook & Twitter
1.  Conduct a friends/followers audit on
    Facebook and Twitter to gauge brand
    awareness and identify target customers
     a.  Conduct a Facebook and Twitter poll asking followers and
         fans to share some basic info about themselves (e.g., where
         they live, how often they visit Wyoming, marital status, etc.)
     b.  Following audit, utilize current research to help form a
         complete profile of target customer
     c.  Leverage current social media research to determine the
         best venues for interacting with target customer
                                      Facebook & Twitter
2.  Enhance Facebook page with HTML tabs
    that cater to specific interests, activities
    and events
     a.  Develop a tab calendar to ensure that the Facebook page
         never has more than two specialized HTML tabs (i.e., If the
         “Deals” tab will always be active, make a point to switch out
         the content of the second tab on a monthly basis)
     b.  Specific tab examples could include:
         i.    Roadtrips: Use images and info from roadtrip micro-site
         ii.   Amateur Photography: Host an amateur photo contest, post
               pictures and invite photographers to submit info about their
               favorite shooting location in Wyoming
         iii.  Cheyenne Frontier Days: In the weeks leading up to the event,
               post event schedule, ticket info and pictures from last year’s
               event; WTT could also host a contest for free tickets/lodging.
               During the event, post live coverage and photos.
                                      Facebook & Twitter
3.  Enhance Facebook page and Twitter profile
    engagement level with regular polls,
    discussions, wall posts and responses
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart
     a.  Develop a Facebook and Twitter calendar (Facebook
         calendar could include tab calendar info as well) to help
         organize activities and ensure a consistent level of fan/
         follower engagement. The calendar could include:
         i.    Weekly poll topics and questions
         ii.  Weekly discussion topics
         iii.  Weekly participation in #TravelTuesday discussions on Twitter
         iv.  Recommended quotas for weekly interactions (e.g., wall
               posts, tweets, responses to wall posts, photo uploads, etc.)
               and designated owners for each activity
     b.  Develop a tweet/wall post bank with 50+ evergreen posts so
         WTT can easily cut and paste or schedule evergreen posts
         ahead of time (using a program like Hootsuite) so WTT won’t
         have to try and fit it in during busy weeks
                                             Facebook & Twitter
                       Facilitate/   Engage/       Push/     Monitor/     Hours
                       Encourage     Provide       Feed      Assess      Estimate

1) Audit                                                               25-35 flat

2) Facebook Tabs                                                          month

3) Up Engagement                                                          month

     Note: Hours estimates are based on execution by person with a general
     understanding of social media
1.  Work with industry partners to develop
    social media campaigns that cross promote
    destinations, attractions and events
     a.  Conduct Social Media 101 sessions at industry events (e.g.,
         Marketing Outlook Forum and Governor’s conference)
     b.  Develop a “Quick Start Social Media Guide” to help partners
         start their own social media programs
     c.  Work with Sweetwater and Carbon to integrate efforts

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism
     a.  Conduct proactive outreach to partners via e-mail asking
         for information about attractions, events and specials to
         promote through social media
     b.  Inform partners about WTT social media properties and
         plan; encourage them to become a fan/follower and to
         engage whenever possible
2.  Use Destination Marketing Specialists
    (industry) and consumers to provide first-
    hand recommendations and travel tips
     a.  Work with Leslie and Kristin to get Destination Marketing
         Specialists involved in social media activities
     b.  Meet with interested industry partners at Marketing
         Outlook forum

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism
     a.  Send out consumer inquiries via Facebook and Twitter to
         gain first-hand tips and content
     b.  Develop a “travel ambassador” program and leverage
         repeat travelers who have special first-hand knowledge
         about a specific area or activity; encourage these
         ambassadors to become engaged in social media
         discussions or invite them to be guest bloggers
3.  Conduct regular audits to benchmark and
    track progress of social media activities
     a.  Develop audit calendar (six-month intervals recommended)
         and stick to recommended timing
     b.  Develop comprehensive set of metrics for measuring
         success of social media activities. Example metrics include:
         i.      Goal of Facebook fanbase growth at 10 percent per month
         ii.     25 percent minimum Twitter follower growth by end of Q2
         iii.    All social media platforms up to brand standards by end of Q2
         iv.     Minimum of 10 interactions per week on Facebook
         v.      Goal of at least five Twitter posts per week
         vi.     All post responses posted within 24 hours
     c.  Conduct first audit in October/November 2010 and present
         findings at Governor’s conference

   Wyoming Travel & Tourism
     a.  Share results with industry partners
4.  Explore mobile messaging campaign
   Wyoming Travel & Tourism/Barnhart/CRG
     a.  Work with CRG to ensure Wyoming sites are all mobile-
         friendly (i.e., easy to view on mobile devices)
     b.  Work with CRG to explore possible text message portal and/
         or smartphone application that could enable travelers to
         upload specific travel or traffic tips directly from
         mobile device
     c.  Research how other states and industry partners are using
         mobile marketing to reach target audiences
     d.  Explore a hyperlocal app partnership, such as check-in
         promotions at Wyoming tourist attractions on Gowalla, Yelp
         or Foursquare
     e.  Integrate text message component into larger marketing
         campaigns as appropriate
                        Facilitate/   Engage/       Push/     Monitor/        Hours
                        Encourage     Provide       Feed      Assess         Estimate

                                                                             50-70 hrs
1) Cross Promote                                                             flat

                                                                              25-35 up
2) First-hand Content                                                      front + 6/

                                                                             18 up front
3) Progress Audits                                                          (metrics) +
                                                                             175/6 mos

4) Explore Mobile                                                         20-30 flat

     Note: Hours estimates are based on execution by person with a general
     understanding of social media

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