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                           WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF A CLAIM

To make sure your claim is not denied for lack of documentation, improper handling, or time
barred; you must follow certain steps. The following documents are necessary in order to file a

   1. Copy of the ocean bill of lading or airway bill. If the claim is for general average or a
      total loss of the shipment, we must have the original bill of lading or airway bill.

   2. Complete copies of all the commercial invoices for the entire shipment. Make sure
      copies are legible.
   3. Copies of the Delivery receipts. If the shipment arrived damaged, make sure your client
      does not sign a clean receipt. Your client must note exceptions on the delivery receipt.
      Failing to do so could result in slowing down the settling process or even denial of the
   4. A claim statement. The claim statement is a letter from your client explaining exactly
      what happened, when it happened, how much they are claiming and a list of what is
      missing, damaged etc.

   5. Claim against carrier must be filed immediately upon notice of claim. This is a letter to
      the carrier holding them responsible for the loss, damage, theft, etc. Failure to file
      written notice with carrier can result in denial of the claim. Attached please find a
      sample Claim Against Carrier letter for your ready reference.

   6. If this is an import claim, copies of the consumption entry must be provided.

   7. Packing list. If no packing list exists, then state so in your letter when submitting your

   8. Survey report. Settling agents around the world for your insurance company may be
      listed on the back of the original certificate of insurance. Your client must contact the
      appropriate company listed on the back of the certificate. If no company is listed, or
      there is no listing for a particular area, please call our office and we will provide you
      with the name and telephone number of the local surveyor. Failure to have a survey
      report completed will result in denial of the claim.

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