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					                       Sydney Region

    Sydney Region
Computer Coordinators Day
      Term 3, 2005
                                                           Sydney Region

Wrap Up of Term 2, 2005 CC Day

Term 3 2005 Technology Update

Questions on Notice
MS Office Tips and Tricks
Using the DET Portal to Access in-School Servers
Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning – (K-6 Day)
MS Office Group Policies – (High School Day)
The Earth According to Google

Industry Presentations:

       NetGear – Wireless Networking in Schools
       ASI demonstrating- Mimio – Portable Electronic Whiteboards
                                                                        Sydney Region

                  Wrap up of Term 2, 2005
High School Transition Projects: In Term 3, Sydney Region schools will be
standardising the way year 6 transition data is collected and electronically transferred
to each high school.

Office Tips and Tricks: This session covers both Mac and Windows versions

A Closer look at the ASI Standard Operating Environment:

Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning: A regular session which highlights useful
websites, Sydney Region ICT projects and often free software to assist teachers to
integrate ICT into T&L

Options for Recycling and Re-Using computers

Eduweb Service Pack 1: A quick look at the new EduWeb tools

Industry Presentations:

Deep Freeze
Click View - Digital Video Delivery for Schools.
                                                         Sydney Region

                 Term 3, 2005 Technology Update
Sydney Region ICT initiatives
Sydney Region IT support positions-update
Deep freeze update
Recycling update
T4L update – Semester 2 2005 rollout in Sydney Region
New DET Information Technology CIO
OASIS News- OASIS Servers to be replaced
Windows 98 Listed as end of Life
Apple VLA
Memorandum to all staff: DN/05/00301, Suspicious email
                                                                 Sydney Region

                  Sydney Region ICT initiatives-1-
Sydney Region IT Website:
Sydney Region IT support positions-update
Four appointments have been made:
Robert Pucillo
Perrie Franks
Andrew McLean
Mark Dahdah
The current planning is for two more positions this year with the remainder

The total complement of ICT support positions for schools in Sydney Region
will be 11, plus the existing four Technology Advisers, plus two Web Services
positions and the new ICT Consultant, Lena Arena
                                                                    Sydney Region

                  Sydney Region ICT initiatives-2-
Deep Freeze update
This product was demonstrated during the Term 2 2005 CC days.
Information is available form the Internet at:

Or on the Sydney Region site ( Intranet only)

Click on Support, then under Other Services select Technology
The side menu on the left of the screen has a link to the Deep Freeze page which
contains details and access to the order form.

440 licenses sold to schools as part of this initiative to date.
                                                                       Sydney Region

                   Sydney Region ICT initiatives-3-
Computer recycling update
Sydney Region Schools are encouraged to utilise the procedures as set out on our
Intranet site to make possible the reuse and recycling of your surplus computer
To access this information, visit the Sydney region website at

Click on Support, then under Other Services select Technology
The side menu on the left of the screen has a link to the Recycling page which
contains information and instructions.

Useful links
This organisation has provided this service in Sydney Region (Windows systems
only). All items for pickup must be intact.
All inclusive computer pickup and recycling fee is $95.00
Printer Cartridge recycling
                                                                    Sydney Region

                  Sydney Region ICT initiatives-4-
STEMS in Sydney Region

In Term 3, STEMS was demonstrated to all Sydney Region Primary
Principals groups

All groups saw benefits and agreed that STEMS should be run in all
schools in Sydney Region

The data collection form has been finalised and can be used immediately

The STEMS software has been released as of Week 7 Term 3 and data
entry for year 6 students only must be finalised by week 5 Term 4
     Software download:
     User Manual for K-6 Schools:
     Self-Paced Training: - on the Instructions page

Full details to be emailed to each school on Friday
                                                                         Sydney Region

                   Sydney Region ICT initiatives-5-

GProtect, is designed to be installed on your Gproxy server. This software will
automatically backup data from any server... Windows, Novell, and OASIS and soon
to be released Apple OSX. It does not rely on user-intervention, it does not rely on
tapes copies all data in a school on a 10 day incremental cycle, equivalent to a 10
tape rotation. It then has the added ability of archiving this data OFFSITE to the DET
(Sydney Region will introduce this in Terms 3 and 4 2005).

Details on GProtect are available here:
                                                                     Sydney Region

                   T4L – Semester 2 2005 rollout in Sydney Region
The ASI and Apple schedules are yet to determined
Once your installation date is confirmed please advise the sender of the email as soon
as possible if a variation is required.
Meetings are to be held with providers to discuss the rollout. The evaluations
completed by schools will form part of the discussions (30% of schools completed an




              40                                                 1
              20                                                 4

                   1   2   3   4     5   6      7   8   9
                                                                       Sydney Region

                  New CIO to manage IT system overhaul
Stephen Wilson, the chief information officer and vice president of information for Asia
Pacific, Japan and Latin America for Janssen-Cilag (a division of Johnson & Johnson)
had been appointed to the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO).

"[Mr Wilson] brings to this role a proven, successful track record in a range of areas
including managing major IT implementations in a very large, complex organisation,
development and management of systems to support the business, and consolidation
of business systems across countries," a DET spokesman said.

The department is deep in preparations for the massive project, known as the Learning
Management and Business Reform (LMBR) program, which will replace its finance,
payroll and human resources applications, and its ageing OASIS school management
system, which is expected to go to tender in a year's time.

The LMBR program is temporarily being overseen by DET general manager of finance
Ken Dixon, who served as acting CIO while a replacement for Mr Edgecumbe was

From the Financial Review: Aug 11
                                                                         Sydney Region

                    OASIS News- OASIS Servers to be replaced
A $7M Project has been announced to replace all OASIS servers in 2200+ public

A request for tender will be issued for the supply and installation of new server
hardware and transfer of all existing OASIS data from the existing servers. The new
servers will still run the current version of OASIS, however the version of the Netware
Operating System on the server will be upgraded from 4.11 to 6.5.

This project is in place due to the growing failures of existing hardware, CD ROM drives
and tape backup units in the now six year old OASIS servers which were originally
supplied during the 1999 OASIS Y2K project.

There will be no tape backup in the new OASIS servers as data will be backed up
centrally across the DET WAN. K1 and K2 backups will however continue as normal.

This is an interim solution until the $155M DET Learning Management and Business
Reform program is finalised over the next four years.
                                                                  Sydney Region

                  No More support for Windows 98

Microsoft have listed Windows 98 as end of Life.
From 2006, Sydney Region IT Support will not provide support for Windows 98.
We will provide support to migrate workstations from 98 to Windows 2000 or XP
   (If specifications are OK – minimum 128MB RAM required)
                                                                  Sydney Region

                  Apple Volume License Agreement (VLA)-1-
A VLA has been signed with Apple Australia.

This VLA allows some Apple Workstations/Notebooks and Servers to be upgraded to
OS-X 10.4.

The agreement covers:
Any Apple Computer provided under the Technology For Learning (T4L) Program
Any Apple Computer provided under the Computers in Schools Program (CISP) in
2002 and 2003.

It does not cover:
Any School Purchased Apple Computer,
Any Apple Computer provided under CISP prior to 2002 (i.e. 1997 – 2001),
Any Apple Computers won by or donated to schools.
                                                                      Sydney Region

                  Apple Volume License Agreement (VLA)-2-
OS-X 10.4 requires the following minimum specifications:

Apple desktop/notebook or server with PowerPC, G3, G4 or G5 processor, (G4 or
better recommended)
Built-in firewire port,
DVD drive for installation,
256 Mb RAM (Minimum – 512 Mb recommended),
At least 3 Gb of available hard disk space – recommended minimum size of hard
drive is 10 Gb to provide space for applications and data.

To assist you with identification of computers, these WebPages give you details of
Macintosh models and the dates they were available.

Software Sales – Apple Volume License Agreement Page -
Apple Website – Details of Specifications regarding Macintosh Computers -
                                            Sydney Region

Memorandum to all staff: DN/05/00301, Suspicious email
                                      Sydney Region

             Sydney Region
        Computer Coordinators Day
• Invoices for the 3 days held so far in 2005
will be sent to each school in early Term 4
• A single bill will cover all three days and
all participants sent from any one school @
$20 per person, per day
• In early Term 4, 2006 a single bill will be
sent to cover Terms 4, 1, 2 and 3
• Prompt payment will be appreciated as we
are currently in the red.
                            Sydney Region

     Sydney Region
Computer Coordinators Day



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