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									                              ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT

        THIS ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT (this “Agreement”), dated as of
        ___, 20          (the "Effective Date") is entered into by and among
                (“Seller A”), and                                      (“Seller B”),each a “Selling
Entity” and collectively, the “Selling Entities”), and
        (“Purchaser,”) and with the Selling Entities, each, a “Party,” and collectively, “Parties”),
with respect to the following matters:


       A.      Each of the Selling Entities is in the business of ___________(each, a “Business”
and collectively, the “Businesses”).

        B.     The Selling Entities, and each of them, desires to sell and assign, and Purchaser
desires to purchase and assume, the Purchased Assets and the Assumed Liabilities (each as
defined below).

       NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing recitals and the premises and
mutual terms, conditions and agreements set forth herein, and for other good and valuable
consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, the Parties,
intending to be legally bound, hereby agree as follows:


    1.1. Certain Defined Terms. As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have
the following meanings:

        “Action” shall mean any claim, action, suit, arbitration, inquiry, proceeding or
investigation by or before any Governmental Authority.

        “Affiliate” shall mean, with respect to any specified Person, any other Person that
directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls, is controlled by, or is under
common control with, such specified Person.

        “Affiliated Group” shall mean any affiliated group within the meaning of Section 1504(a)
of the Code.

       “Agreement” shall mean this Asset Purchase Agreement by and among Selling Entities
and Purchaser (including the Schedules and Exhibits).

      “Assumed Contracts” shall mean the Contracts of the Selling Entities specified on
Schedule A.
       “Business Day” shall mean any day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or other day on
which banks are required or authorized by law to be closed in the County of Los Angeles,

       “Code” shall mean the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

       “Continuing Employees” shall mean those Persons set forth on Schedule B.

       “Continuing Employees Employment Agreements” shall mean those certain employment
agreements to be entered into by and between the Continuing Employees and Purchaser at the
Closing, substantially in form as Exhibit B.

        “Exchange Act” shall mean the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and the
rules and regulations promulgated thereunder.

       “Excluded Assets” shall mean:


               (b)    all of each Selling Entity’s claims, causes of action, choses in action,
       rights of recovery and rights of set-off of any kind, to the extent that such claims relate to
       the Excluded Assets.

        “GAAP” shall mean United States generally accepted accounting principles and practices
as in effect from time to time.

       “Governmental Authority” shall mean any federal, state or local or any foreign
government, political subdivision thereof, governmental, regulatory or administrative authority,
agency or commission or any court, tribunal or judicial body.

       “Governmental Order” shall mean any order, writ, injunction, decree, stipulation,
determination or award entered by or with any Governmental Authority.

         “Intellectual Property” of a Person shall mean all intangible properties owned by that
Person or in which that Person has any interest (including the right to use by license or
otherwise), and includes, without limitation: (a) all registered and unregistered trademarks,
service marks, trade names, trade dress, logos, corporate names, slogans and commercial
symbols, all applications therefor, and all associated goodwill; (b) all domain names and URL’s,
and all websites and the “look and feel” of all such websites (including, without limitation, each
such website’s particular typefaces, color schemes, themes and the like); (c) all statutory,
common law and registered copyrights, all applications therefor and all associated goodwill;
(d) all patents and patent applications, all associated technical information, shop rights, know-
how, trade secrets, processes, operating, maintenance and other manuals, drawings and
specifications, process flow diagrams and related data, and all associated goodwill; (e) all
software developed for a Person pursuant to an agreement between such Person and the software
designer designating the software a “work made for hire” or assigning ownership rights to such
software to such Person, all software developed by an employee of a Person, and all

documentation thereof, (including all electronic data processing systems and program
specifications, functional specifications, source and object codes, algorithms, architecture, input
data, report layouts and format, record file layouts, diagrams, narrative descriptions and flow
charts) (collectively, the “owned software,”) and all “off the shelf” software purchased in retail
transactions (collectively the “licensed software”); (f) all other mask works, moral rights,
inventions, discoveries, improvements, processes, formulae (secret or otherwise), data, drawings,
specifications, trade secrets, confidential information, financial, marketing and business data,
pricing and cost models and information, business and marketing plans, operating procedures,
customer and supplier lists, and knowledge of customer preferences and buying practices; (g) all
drawings, records, books or other tangible media embodying the foregoing; (h) all rights to
obtain and rights to register patents, trademarks and copyrights; and (i) all rights to sue or
recover and retain damages and costs and attorneys fees for present and past infringement of any
of the foregoing.

        “Knowledge” shall mean (a) with respect to Purchaser, the actual knowledge of each of
the executive officers, directors and key employees of Purchaser, and (b) with respect to the
Selling Entities, the actual knowledge of each Selling Entity, each of the executive officers,
directors and key employees of such Selling Entity, and the knowledge that each Selling Entity
and each of such executive officers, directors and key employees of such Selling Entity would
have acquired upon diligent inquiry.

       “Law” shall mean any statute, law, ordinance, regulation or rule of any Governmental
Authority, including without limitation, environmental laws.

      “Liabilities” shall mean any and all liabilities and obligations, whether accrued, absolute,
known, unknown, contingent, matured or unmatured.

        “Lien” shall mean any security interest, easement, mortgage, charge, lease, lien, claim,
option, pledge, agreement, limitation in voting rights, restriction on transfer (other than as
imposed by federal and state securities Laws), or other encumbrance of any kind or nature

       “Loss” or “Losses” shall mean any and all Liabilities, losses, damages, claims, costs and
expenses, interest, awards, judgments, penalties and amounts paid in settlement (including
reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) actually suffered or incurred by such Party.

       “Material Adverse Effect” shall mean any material adverse effect on the Business, results
of operations or financial condition of the Selling Entities taken as a whole.

       “Non-Competition Agreements” shall mean those certain non-competition and non-
disclosure agreements to be entered into by and between each of the Selling Entities and
Purchaser at the Closing, substantially in form as Exhibit A.

        “Person” shall mean any individual, partnership, firm, corporation, association, trust,
estate, unincorporated organization, joint venture, limited liability company or other entity.

        “Purchased Assets” shall mean, except to the extent included in the Excluded Assets, all
of the Business, goodwill, assets, properties and rights of every nature, kind and description,

whether tangible or intangible, real, personal or mixed, wherever located and whether or not
carried or reflected on the books and records of each Selling Entity, which are owned by such
Selling Entity or in which such Selling Entity has any interest (including the right to use),
including, but not limited to the following:

               (a)     the Assumed Contracts of such Selling Entity;

               (b)     all Tangible Personal Property of such Selling Entity;

               (c)     all Intellectual Property of such Selling Entity;

               (d)     all transferable licenses and permits of such Selling Entity;

               (e)     all books and records of such Selling Entity;

               (f)     all rights of such Selling Entity under express or implied warranties from
       the suppliers and vendors of such Selling Entity with respect to the Purchased Assets, to
       the extent assignable;

               (g)    all of such Selling Entity’s claims, causes of action, choses in action,
       rights of recovery and rights of set-off of any kind with respect to the Purchased Assets;

               (h)    all of such Selling Entity’s right to receive mail and other
       communications, including, without limitation, all telephone and facsimile numbers and
       electronic mail addresses of such Selling Entity;

               (i)     all certifications and approvals from all certifying agencies issued to such
       Selling Entity and all of such Selling Entity’s rights to all data and records held by
       certifying agencies;

               (j)     all goodwill of such Selling Entity’s Business as a going concern; and

               (k)    all other properties, tangible and intangible, related to such Selling
       Entity’s Business not otherwise referred to above which are owned by such Selling Entity
       or in which such Selling Entity has any interest.

              Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary contained herein or
       elsewhere, the Purchased Assets shall not include the Excluded Assets.

       “Purchase Price” shall mean the Purchase Price

        “Retained Liabilities” shall mean all Liabilities and obligations of Selling Entities which
are not Assumed Liabilities, including, without limitation, all Liabilities and obligations referred
to in Section 2.3(b).

       “Rights” shall mean any rights, title, interest or benefit of whatever kind or nature.

        “Tangible Personal Property” of a Person shall mean all machinery, equipment, furniture,
trade fixtures, computers, supplies, spare parts or tools and other tangible personal property

owned by that Person, leased by that Person or in which that Person has any other interest
(including the right to use).

        “Taxes” shall mean federal, state, county, local, foreign and other taxes (including,
without limitation, income, profits, premium, estimated, excise, sales, use, occupancy, gross
receipts, franchise, ad valorem, severance, capital levy, production, transfer, withholding,
employment and payroll related, and property taxes, import duties and other governmental
charges and assessments), including interest, additions to tax or interest, and penalties with
respect thereto.

        “Taxing Authority” shall mean any Governmental Authority exercising Tax regulatory

       “Tax Return” shall mean any return or report of Taxes due, any claims for refund of
Taxes paid, any information return with respect to Taxes, or any other similar report, statement,
declaration, or document required to be filed under the Code or other Tax Law, including any
attachments, exhibits, or other materials submitted with any of the foregoing, and including any
amendments to any of the foregoing.

        “Transfer Taxes” shall mean all Taxes (other than Taxes measured on or by net income)
incurred or imposed by reason of the transfer of the Purchased Assets to Purchaser pursuant to
this Agreement regardless of upon whom such Taxes are levied or imposed by law, including
sales and use taxes, real property transfer taxes, excise taxes, and stamp, documentary, filing,
recording, permit, license, registration, or authorization duties or fees (including penalties and
interest in respect of any of the foregoing).

    1.2. Other Defined Terms. In addition to those terms defined above, the following terms
shall have the respective meanings given thereto in the Sections indicated below:

               Term                                          Section

               Assumed Liabilities                           2.3(a)
               Cause                                         5.9
               Closing                                       2.8
               Closing Date                                  2.8
               Commercially Reasonable Efforts               5.1(b)
               Confidential Information                      5.11
               Contract                                      3.7
               Employment Agreements                         5.8
               Employee Benefit Arrangements                 3.7(c)
               ERISA                                         3.8(h)
               Financial Statements                          3.6
               Indemnified Party                             6.3
               Indemnifying Party                            6.3
               Purchase Price                                2.4
               Purchaser                                     Preamble
               Receivables                                   3.7(a)

               Records                                         5.5(b)
               Reference Balance Sheet                         3.6
               Restricted Period                               5.10(a)
               Selling Entities                                Preamble
               Trade Names and Marks                           5.12

    1.3. Other Interpretive Provisions. References in this Agreement to “Articles,”
“Sections,” “Schedules” and “Exhibits” shall be to the Articles, Sections, Schedules and Exhibits
of this Agreement, unless otherwise specifically provided; all Schedules and Exhibits to this
Agreement are incorporated herein by reference; any of the terms defined in this Agreement and
any pronoun may, unless the context otherwise requires, be used in the singular or the plural and
in any gender or neuter depending on the reference; the words “herein”, “hereof” and
“hereunder” and words of similar import, when used in this Agreement, shall refer to this
Agreement as a whole and not to any particular provision of this Agreement; the word
“including” when used in this Agreement shall mean “including without limitation”; and except
as otherwise specified in this Agreement, all references in this Agreement (a) to any agreement,
document, certificate or other written instrument shall be a reference to such agreement,
document, certificate or instrument, in each case together with all exhibits, schedules,
attachments and appendices thereto, and as amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise
modified from time to time in accordance with the terms thereof; and (b) to any Law, statute or
regulation shall be deemed references to such Law, statute or regulation as the same may be
supplemented, amended, consolidated, superseded or modified from time to time.

                                            ARTICLE II
                           PRICE; CLOSING

    2.1. Purchased Assets. Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and
in reliance upon the representations and warranties of the Selling Entities and Purchaser herein
set forth, at the Closing, the Selling Entities shall sell, transfer, convey, assign and deliver to
Purchaser, by bills of sale, assignments and other instruments satisfactory to Purchaser and its
counsel (collectively, the “Transfer Documents”), and Purchaser shall purchase from the Selling
Entities, all of the Selling Entities’ right, title and interest, as of the Closing Date, in and to the
Purchased Assets.

    2.2. Title to Purchased Assets. The Purchased Assets shall be conveyed to Purchaser
hereunder free and clear of all liabilities, obligations and Liens, excepting only the Assumed

   2.3.    Assumption of Liabilities.

       (a)     As further consideration for the purchase and sale of the Purchased Assets,
Purchaser shall, from and after the Closing Date, assume, perform, discharge and pay when due
those obligations and liabilities arising from or relating solely to Purchaser’s ownership and
operation of the Purchased Assets after the Closing Date (the “Assumed Liabilities”).

        (b)      Except for the Assumed Liabilities, Purchaser shall not assume or be liable for
any liabilities or obligations of any Selling Entity, direct or indirect, fixed, contingent or
otherwise, known or unknown, which exist at the Closing Date or which arise thereafter as a
result of any act, omission or circumstance taking place prior to the Closing Date. Furthermore,
notwithstanding anything to the contrary stated in this Section 2.3(b), Purchaser shall not assume
or be liable for any of the following liabilities or obligations:

              (i)      any Selling Entity’s liabilities or obligations under any Contract of any
   Selling Entity which is not an Assumed Contract or under any Assumed Contract to the
   extent such liabilities or obligations arose prior to the Closing Date;

              (ii)    any and all of any Selling Entity’s accounts payable or any and all of any
   Selling Entity’s notes payable;

              (iii) any Tax imposed on any Selling Entity (including with limitation, all
   franchise Taxes and Transfer Taxes);

                 (iv)   any litigation matters (whether pending or threatened);

               (v)    any of any Selling Entity’s liabilities or obligations of any nature to any
   past or present shareholder of any Selling Entity; and/or

                 (vi)   any liabilities or obligations of any shareholder of any Selling Entity of
   any nature.

   2.4. Purchase Price. The aggregate purchase price for the Purchased Assets (the
“Purchase Price”) shall be $                          (the “Transaction Amount”), payable in the
form of                       shares, subject to adjustment as set forth below (the “Transaction
Shares”), of Purchaser’s common stock (the “Common Stock”), at an agreed valuation of $
                per share of Common Stock, payable as follows:

        (a)     On the Closing Date, Purchaser shall deliver to the Selling Entities share
certificates evidencing the Transaction Shares, with the allocation of such Transaction Shares
among the several Selling Entities as set forth on Schedule 2.4(a).

       (b)       (adjustment)

    2.5. Transfer Taxes. All Transfer Taxes, if any, arising out of the sale of the Purchased
Assets hereunder shall be paid by the Selling Entities, which shall also duly and timely file all
Tax Returns in connection with such Transfer Taxes. Selling Entities shall give a copy of each
such Tax Return to Purchaser for its review with sufficient time for comments prior to filing, and
shall give Purchaser a copy of such Tax Return as filed, together with proof of payment of the
Tax shown thereon, promptly after filing.

    2.6. Allocation of Purchase Price. The Selling Entities and Purchaser agree that the
Purchase Price shall be allocated to, and the payments deemed paid for, the Purchased Assets in
accordance with Schedule 2.6. The Selling Entities and Purchaser agree that they shall report the
allocation of the Purchase Price in a manner entirely consistent with this Section 2.6 and

Schedule 2.6 in all Tax Returns and forms (including without limitation, Forms 8594 filed with
the Selling Entities’ and Purchaser’s respective federal income Tax Returns for the taxable year
that includes the Closing Date) and in the course of any tax audit, tax review or tax litigation
relating hereto unless otherwise required under applicable law. Selling Entities and Purchaser
shall cooperate with each other to prepare the Forms 8594 in the manner required by this Section
2.6 and Selling Entities and Purchaser shall each deliver to the other a copy of the Form 8594
that it files with its respective federal income Tax Return.

    2.7. Closing. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions hereof, the closing of the
transactions contemplated by this ARTICLE II (the “Closing”) shall be held at
                               , at 10:00 a.m., local time on the second (2nd) Business Day
following the satisfaction or waiver of all conditions to the obligations of the Parties set forth in
ARTICLE VII (other than conditions which are not capable of being satisfied until the Closing
Date), or at such other place or at such other time as Selling Entities and Purchaser may mutually
agree upon in writing (the date on which the Closing takes place being the “Closing Date”).

    2.8. Closing Deliveries by Selling Entities. At the Closing, Selling Entities shall deliver,
or cause to be delivered, to Purchaser, the following:

       (a)     a receipt for the Transaction Shares;

        (b)     the Transfer Documents, fully executed by each Selling Entity and Shareholders,
to the extent party thereto;

       (c)     the Employment Agreements, fully executed by the parties thereto; and

        (d)    the certificates required to be delivered pursuant to Section 7.2(a) and Section
7.2(b) hereof.

   2.9. Closing Deliveries by Purchaser. At the Closing, Purchaser shall deliver to Selling
Entities or their designated recipients:

       (a)     the Transaction Shares;

       (b)     Transfer Documents fully executed by Purchaser, to the extent party thereto; and

       (c)     the certificate required to be delivered pursuant to Section 7.1(a) hereof.

                                           ARTICLE III
                          REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES
                                 OF SELLING ENTITIES

       Selling Entities, jointly and severally, hereby represents and warrants to Purchaser as

    3.1. Authority and Enforceability. Each Selling Entity has all requisite corporate power
and authority to execute and deliver this Agreement and the Transfer Documents and perform its
obligations hereunder. The execution and delivery by Selling Entities of this Agreement and the

performance by each Selling Entity of its obligations hereunder have been duly authorized by all
requisite action on the part of such Selling Entity. This Agreement has been duly executed and
delivered by such Selling Entity and, assuming due authorization, execution and delivery by
Purchaser, constitutes the legal, valid and binding agreement of such Selling Entity, enforceable
against such Selling Entity in accordance with its terms, subject to the effects of bankruptcy,
insolvency, fraudulent conveyance, reorganization, moratorium and other similar Laws relating
to or affecting creditors’ rights generally and general equitable principles (whether considered in
a proceeding in equity or at law).

    3.2. Non-Contravention; Third Party Consents. Except as set forth in Schedule 3.2, the
execution, delivery and performance by Selling Entities of this Agreement and the Transfer
Documents do not and will not (a) violate, conflict with or result in the breach of any provision
of the articles of incorporation, bylaws or other charter documents of any Selling Entity, (b)
conflict with or violate any Law or Governmental Order applicable to any Selling Entity or any
of their assets, (c) conflict with, result in any breach of, constitute a default (or event which with
the giving of notice or lapse of time, or both, would become a default) under, or give to others
any rights of termination, amendment or acceleration of, or result in the creation of any Lien or
other encumbrance on the Purchased Assets pursuant to, any note, bond, mortgage or indenture,
contract, agreement, lease, license, permit or franchise to which any Selling Entity is a party or
by which any of its assets is bound or affected, or (d) requires the consent of any third party
under any note, bond, mortgage or indenture, contract, agreement, lease, license, permit or
franchise to which any Selling Entity is a party or by which any of their assets are bound or

    3.3. Governmental Consents. The execution, delivery and performance by Selling Entities
of this Agreement do not and will not require any consent, approval, authorization or other order
of, action by, filing with or notification to any Governmental Authority.

     3.4. Organization. Each Selling Entity is a corporation duly incorporated, validly existing
and in good standing under the laws 
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