Animal Nutrition Major minerals

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					Major minerals
1. Calcium (Ca)
2. Phosphorus (P)           MEMORIZE
3. Sodium (Na)
4. Chlorine (Cl)               THESE
5. Potassium (K)
6. Sulfur (S) -- Smaller Degree
7. Magnesium (Mg) -- Smaller Degree
Minor or trace minerals

1.Iron (Fe)               7. Molybdenum (Mo)
2.Copper (Cu)             8. Selenium (Se)
3.Zinc (Zn)               9. Silicon (Si)
4.Iodine (I)              10. Fluorine (F)
5.Cobalt (Co)             11. Chromium (Cr)
6. Manganese (Mn)
   (Note: The calcium-phosphorus ratio in the
    feed must be kept between 1:1 to 3:1 for
    proper utilization of both minerals.)

2.Broken bones
3.Slow growth
4.Milk fever
 1. Lameness
 2.Stiffness of joints
 3. Lowered appetite
 4.Reduced rate of gain
 5. Breeding problems
 1.Lack of appetite
 2.Unthrifty appearance

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 1. Reduced growth
 2.Lowered reproduction
 3. Eating soil
   1.   Slow growth
   2.   Reduced feed consumption
   3.   Muscle weakness
   4.   Diarrhea

   Eat a banana or a potato
 Unthriftiness
 Anemia

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 1. Hairless pig
 2.Goiter (enlarged thyroid gland)
 3. Weak young and stillbirths
 1. Muscle spasms and
 2.Hyperirritability
 fat soluble
 converted from carotene
 Slow growth
 Night blindness
 Poor reproductive efficiency
 Rough hair coat
 fat soluble
 depends on ultraviolet light
  for synthesis
 Necessary for assimilation of
  calcium and phosphorus
 Aids in skeletal development
 Rickets--Bone

 Swelling of
 Fat soluble
 Necessary for reproduction
Stiffening of muscles
  (Note: This is called white muscle
  disease in cattle.)
 fat soluble
 utilized to form the enzyme
 synthesized in rumen and
  monogastric intestinal tract
 Necessary for blood clotting
 Deficiency usually only occurs
  in Poultry.
 Hemorrhaging
 Helps in the release of energy
 from foods
 Helps form red blood cells
 Helps break down protein into
  usable form for the body
 Helps form red blood cells
 Essential in the formation of
 Aids in iron absorption
 Helps form substances between
  the body cells in teeth, bones
  and soft tissue
 Aids in healing
Loss of appetite
b.               Loose teeth
c.               Swollen and bleeding gums

           •Loss of appetite
           •Loose teeth
           •Swollen and bleeding gums
   Deficiencies of certain amino acids will cause
    huge altering deficiencies in animals. A
    balanced ration should include all of these
    amino acids.