Digital Photo Frame Quick Guide

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       7 Inch Widescreen Display - DF710

         Quick Start Guide
Chapter 1:Before Using the DF710

Packing List:Open the package and verify that the contents include the following:
                1.   Digital Photo Frame
                2.   AC to DC 5V Adapter
                3.   Slim Remote Controller
                4.   User’s Manual
Button Descriptions:
                                Buttons On the backside of DF710
       Button                 Instruction                                  Functions

                                                  1. Power on the Digital Photo Frame
                       Power Button
                                                  2. Power off the Digital Photo Frame

                                                  1.    4-way directional selector
                       5-Ways Control Button      2.    SET to choose entries or options
                       (Direction and SET keys)   3.    3. SET for play / stop the slideshow (after selecting the
                                                        media type)

                       Menu Button                1. Select the memory type.

                       Return Button              1.Return to the previous menu

Slot Descriptions:

                Right side view                                           Bottom View

Number                    Functions                    Number                      Functions
   1      USB Connector (For flash drive)                5       Mini USB Connector (For connect to PC)
   2      CF Memory Card Slot                            6       Power Adapter Input
   3      SD/MMS/MS/XD Memory Card Slot
                                                   2                                    DF710 User Guide
 4       3.5” Earphone Jack

Chapter 2:DF710 Specifications

       Display: 7-Inch wide TFT LCD; 480x234 resolution; 16:9 aspect ratio
       Audio Function:Built-in Earphone Jack and speakers (1.5W )
       USB Interface: USB 2.0 Host & Device
       Supported Memory Cards:Secure Digital (SD) / Multimedia Card (MMC) / Memory Stick (MS),MS-Pro /
        Compact Flash (CF) / XD
       Supported Media formats
             Photo: JPEG / BMP
             Audio: MP3 / WMA / WAV
             Video: MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 /MPEG-4
       Automatic rotation according to frame’s orientation
       Slim type remote control
       Power Adapter DC5V / 2A
       Certificate:CE / FCC / VCCI / BSMI

Chapter 3:Start Using the DF710

  1. Insert the memory card(s) into the matching memory card slot or insert the USB flash drive to the USB port
      on the DF710’s right side (facing DF710).
  2. Place the DF710 on a flat surface. Connect the AC adapter to the DPF and a power outlet, then power on
      the frame.
  3. On the main menu, press the “Menu” key to select the media source.
  4. Use the direction keys to select the media mode. Press the “SET” key to enter the preview list.
  5. Use the direction keys to select the folder, and select the file that you want to play. Press the “SET” key to
      open the file and begin playback.
  6. While playing the files, pres the “Return” key to return to the preview mode. Press the “Menu” key to return
      to the main menu.
  7. From the main menu, use the direction keys to select the Setup icon and press the “SET” key to return to the
      main menu.

                                                        3                                   DF710 User Guide
Chapter 4:Setup Menu

  Please use the direction keys to select the setup icon from the main menu and press the
  “SET” key to enter the setup menu. The available options and descriptions are listed below:


         Effect:Sets the transition effects for photo playback. The DF710 provides 8 different
               effects. You can also disable the effects by selecting OFF.

         Frequency:Sets the display time for you images. You can set the time to 10 sec, 30
               sec, 1 min, and 1 hour.

             You can adjust the value for the below options:

            Brightness

            Contrast

            Hue

            Saturation

            Sharpness
             The value for these options can be adjusted from 0 to 100.

             You can set the date and time of day for you DF710. You can also set the alarm’s
         auto power on / off times.

            Date
            Alarm
            Time
            Auto Power On
            Auto Power Off


         OSD Language:The DF710 supports 8 languages. Set your preferred language here.

         Default:Restore all the settings to the factory default settings.

         S/W Version:Displays the firmware version installed on your DF710.
                                               4                             DF710 User Guide