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                    Date and time TBD – Please check back

              **Hear about On-Line Registration – Open April 15th**

                                **Meet our Coaches**

We are scheduling a Pre-Season Parents-Only Meeting. Details will be posted here
shortly. Please take the time to attend the meeting, learn about our upcoming summer
season, meet our coaches, and find out how you can lend your time, talents, and
enthusiasm to our team.

COACHES: We are very fortunate to have Matt Keaney return as head coach and Dan
Nichols return as an assistant coach for the 2009 season. We are very excited to round
out the assistant coaching staff with Lauren Bryan and Quyen Nichols. Our coaches
come to Vienna Woods with a variety of swimming and coaching experiences.

   •     Matt Keaney returns to us with a wealth of swimming and coaching
         experience. Growing up, he swam for the Wakefield Chapel and York Swim
         Teams. He is a graduate of James Madison University where he was a swim
         team captain as well as the winner of several swimming awards. Matt has past
         coaching experience with Wakefield Chapel and Vienna Aquatic, and is
         currently coaching for York. We welcome Matt back as our Head Coach for the
         2009 swim season.
   •     Dan Nichols is a former swimmer for Vienna Woods. Dan just finished his
         sophomore year at the University of Chicago, where he is a member of the swim
         team. Dan is a past Oakton High School swimmer, and he swam for many years
         for the Potomac Marlins. He has previously coached in the Vienna Woods Mini
         Stars and winter swim programs. We welcome Dan back as our Assistant
   •     Lauren Bryan is a former swimmer for Vienna Woods. Lauren just finished
         her junior year at the University of South Carolina. Lauren swam for Bishop
         O’Connell High School, and she swam for the USS swim club Machine.
         Lauren has coached for Vienna Woods in both the Mini Stars and winter swim
         programs. We are pleased to welcome Lauren as our assistant coach.
   •     Quyen Nichols is a recent former swimmer for Vienna Woods, graduating last
         year with the prestigious Roy H. Fisk Award. Quyen just finished his freshman
         year at the University of Virginia. He was a swimmer for Oakton High School,
         and for the USS swim club the Potomac Marlins. Quyen has coached for both
         the Mini Stars and winter swim programs for Vienna Woods. We are pleased to
         welcome Quyen as an assistant coach this year.

REGISTRATION: Will be online this year. Starting April 15th, go to the Vienna
Woods web site, click on Swim, and then follow the instructions for online
registration. You will have the opportunity to purchase VW spirit wear at the same
time. Registration opens April 15th, your child must be registered before they start
practicing with the team. All registrations must be completed by June 6th.

VOLUNTEERS: Volunteering for the swim team is a great way to meet people, and it is
fun! We are fortunate to be hosting divisionals this year, so we are asking that each
family sign up for at least six Team Volunteer Activities. Instructions will be provided
when you register for the team. The opportunities are varied; officiating, social, team
support services; different days of the week and times of the day. You will be contacted
by the activity coordinator as the summer approaches. Thank you in advance for your
help this summer!

ELIGIBILITY: 6 and Under: Swimmers age 6 and under will be registered for the
Mini-Stars, unless they have participated in a winter swim team program. To be in the
Mini-Stars program, a child must be able to swim across the width of the pool in the
4-foot section, without the aid of a person or device, and they must be ready and
able to participate in the hour long session. All Mini-Star registrants will be evaluated
during the initial days of the program to ensure that they meet the standard. Parents of
registrants who cannot swim the required distance are encouraged to sign their children
up for swim lessons. Full refunds will be made for any child who is unable to complete
the minimum requirements. Upon parental request, a child may be re-evaluated for
inclusion in the Mini-Stars later in the season. Fees will not be prorated. Depending on
ability, Mini-Star swimmers may be invited to attend the daily swim team practices. With
a coach's permission, a Mini-Star may swim in NVSL meets. Mini-Stars are considered
swim team members and participate in the July 25th Team Awards ceremony. Ages 7
and Over are automatically registered for daily swim team practices. To be eligible for
daily practice, a child must be able to swim 25 meters (the width of the pool at the diving
end) without the aid of a person or device and have the ability to complete a one-hour
practice. Swimmers 8 and under who are unable to complete the distance may be placed
in the Mini-Stars program or a full refund will be made. A swimmer may be reevaluated
at any time during the season.

OFFICIALS: You, too, should be an official! Our team is in need of more certified
NVSL officials including referees, starters, stroke & turn judges, and take-off judges.
Please consider volunteering for one of these positions. The NVSL provides all needed
training, times and dates in the table below. For more information on officiating or
training clinics, please feel free to contact David Schultz, our Officials' Coordinator, or
our team reps.
 Date                                   DESCRIPTION
         Referee and Starter Clinic/ New Starter --"NVSL University" Clinic at Falls
May 30
         Church HS (8:00 a.m.)
May 30 Clerk of Course----"NVSL University" Clinic at Falls Church HS (9:00 a.m.)
May 30 Table Worker----"NVSL University" Clinic at Falls Church HS (9:00 a.m.)
       Announcer & Head Timer Clinics------"NVSL University" Clinic at Falls
May 30
       Church HS (11:00 a.m.)
 June 6 Stroke and Turn (8:00 a.m.) Location: TBD
June 14 Referee/Starter (9:30 a.m.) Location: TBD
June 14 Stroke and Turn (9:30 a.m.) Location: TBD
June 17 Stroke and Turn (7:00 p.m.) Location: TBD

Other Important Items:

   •     Swim Suit: Our team suit for boys and girls is the TYR Sunfire. This is the same
         suit as last year. Prices:

         Male Jammer $29
         Male Brief $23
         Female $44

         We are scheduling dates for Aardvark to come to the pool with the suits for
         purchase. Information on dates on times will be posted shortly. Suits may also
         be purchased at the Aardvark swim shop at the same team discount price.
         (Aardvark is located at 14221-A Willard Rd. Suite 1050 Chantilly, Va 20151;
         703 631-6045)
   •     Social activities: Each week during the five-week season, we will have an
         activity for the whole team. Activities in the past have included bowling,
         movies, a craft day, making posters, and a pasta potluck dinner for the whole
         family. Watch for info in the weekly newsletter available Fridays at the front
         desk. We are hoping to plan some NEW events for the summer. Any ideas?
         Please let us know!

Practice Schedule

                    Practice Schedule for Swim Team (7 & Over)

Prior to FCPS
                      Ages 7 to 10           5:00-6:00 p.m.         Mon- Fri

                      Ages 11 to 18          4:00-5:00 p.m.         Mon-Fri
After FCPS closes:      Ages 13 to 18         7:00 - 8:15 a.m.        Mon-Fri

                        Ages 9 to 12          8:15 - 9:15 a.m.        Mon-Fri

                        8 & Under             9:00-10:00 a.m.         Mon-Fri

                                    Afternoon Clinics

                        Ages 7 to 10          4:00-5:00 p.m.          (Mon-Weds)

                        Ages 11 to 18         5:00-6:00 p.m.          (Mon-Weds)

                      Practice Schedule for Mini-Stars (6 & Under)

June 22 - July 20       Ages 6 & Under        8:30-9:30 a.m.          (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Meet Schedules

  A-Meets (all meets are Saturday at 9         B-Meets (all meets are Monday at 6:30
                 a.m.)                                         p.m.)

 Date                   Teams                  Date                   Teams

June                                          June
           South Run at VW                              at Vienna Aquatic
20                                            22

June                                          June
           VW at Dunn Loring                            at Lakevale
27                                            29

July 4     VW at Crosspointe                  July 6    at Cardinal Hill

           Wakefield Chapel at VW             July13    Dunn Loring at VW

July                                          July
           VW at Highlands Swim                         Shouse Village at VW
18                                            20

This year Vienna Woods will be participating with five other Division 3 teams at the
Saturday morning "A" meets. We will be swimming with South Run, Dunn Loring,
Crosspointe, Wakefield Chapel, and Highlands Swim. Monday evening "B" meets are
scheduled with local pools as part of the NVSL developmental program.

         Other meets (participation to be determined by coaches, time cuts, etc.):
July 8               Divisional Relays at Wakefield Chapel (Wed p.m.)

July 15              All-Star Relays at Springboard Pool (Wed p.m.)

July 20              IM/Fly Carnival at Lee-Graham (Mon p.m.)

July 25              Individual Divisional Meet at Vienna Woods (Sat a.m.)

Aug 1                Individual All-Stars at TBD (Sat a.m.)

                                 Other important dates:

                                             Parents' Meeting TBD

June 6               Due date for registration forms

Monday, May 19       First day of practice

                        Try on & order new team suits at VW dates and time TBD

June 13              Time Trials at VW for all swimmers (Sat 9 a.m.)

June 22              First day of Mini-Stars practice

July 9               Team Pictures (Thurs 8 a.m. - All Team Members)

July 25              Team Party & Awards (Sat p.m.)

We cannot stress enough how important it is to let the coaches know in writing as much
in advance as possible if a swimmer will not be present at a swim meet. Most of you
know at the beginning of the summer if you are going on vacation, attending a camp, etc.,
so PLEASE give this information to the coaches at the start of the season. Thanks!

SWIM TEAM REPS: Team Representatives are here to help you learn about the Vienna
Woods Swim Team and the events throughout the summer season. Please feel free to
contact them with any questions or concerns.

    TEAM              CONTACT                TELEPHONE          E MAIL ADDRESS

         A        Lindsay Throm              703 281-5273   lthrom@cox.net

         A        Kellie Owens               703 938-1816   Bullwinder@aol.com
    B        Shannon Sieff     703 281-7901   sseiff@verizon.net

    B        Chrissy Smith     703 289-1230   chrisysmith@cox.net

Mini Stars   Maureen Plombon   703 273-4148   msplombon@erols.com