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December 2005

Free to get and free to keep

Expanding your world of opportunities: MTN Banking brings you a card like no

MTN Banking was the first to launch a true mobile banking solution, which
allows millions of cellphone users in the country to open a bank account without
having to go into a bank. Now they are offering those same cellphone users a
card like no other.

MTN Banking has developed a card, which reduces the boundaries between
rich and poor whilst being totally mobile and fully functional. This card, powered
by MasterCardTM International provides all the benefits of a MasterCardTM.

"Not only is it free to get, it is also free to keep, with no annual fees and no lost
card protection fee like other cards," says MTN Banking CEO Jenny Hoffman.

"This is the result of the unparalleled security features surrounding the card
which ensures that it cannot be used without the card holder knowing about it -
whether it is through Internet or other purchases," explains Hoffman.

"In terms of Internet purchases, this card is only active on the Internet for 15-
minute intervals when activated by the cardholder for a particular purchase."

In essence the cardholder is the only person in control of the use of the card.
The card is de-activated by being turned off, also via the cellphone or by a
transaction. The customer confirms the transaction details sent to his phone by
sending back his PIN number via his cellphone, he can then switch off the card,
activating only for his next purchase.

This means that, unlike any other card on the market, the customer has total
control, 24/7. "Only one transaction is authorized at the till with your signature
and you can limit that transaction size.

"The card is one of the most secure available to consumers and this security is
enhanced as the subscriber has regained control of the transaction activity,"
explains Hoffman.

In this way consumers can spend exactly what they want, wherever they want
as long as there is money available in their MobileMoney account. Whilst the
card can be used wherever the MasterCard logo is displayed; it can also be
used at any ATM in the country.
Getting this payments card has never been easier. It is available to all MTN
Banking customers, irrespective of their credit history. So, those who have not
been able to access credit in the past can now begin to build a transaction
history which can be used as a basis to apply for credit from anywhere.

"You can now provide your suppliers or local spaza shop with statements faxed
from your phone proving that you have a transaction history, which also goes a
long way to showing that you are worthy of credit," says Jenny Hoffman, CEO
of MTN Banking.

"This is critical if people are truly going to be able to access affordable financial
services which forms part of commitments made in terms of the financial
services black economic empowerment charter.

So what else can this card do? Aside from doing withdrawals, purchases on the
Internet it can also deposit cash at any Standard Bank AutoBank or Branch as
well as at all EasyPay pay-points using the bar code or EasyPay number
printed on the back of the card.

The latest offering by MTN Banking comes within two months of the business
launch into the financial services market. MTN Banking is a joint venture
between Standard Bank and MTN. Any MTN customer can get the card at any
Standard Bank or certified MTN service center or dealer.

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